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#70 SideDick Eddie & Steve Flye

He's back by popular demand and doesn't need an introduction. Steve Flye cruises thru to the GPS studio to catch up and get stupid high thanks to The RealMoon Rocks and Travelling High Concentrates. Knowledge gets dropped on whats the difference between a pisa and a Mexican. And since we're all strip club DJs we let you know how active it is there, and how often we gotta drop a motha fucker thats acting outta line. And Find out what happens when the strip club securities are lames!!!...


#69 SideDick Eddie & StonerRob

Oh shit episode #69 is for one dirty motha fucker the one and only Stoner Rob. He cruises over to the GPS studio, and fuck the name says it all we get damm motha fucken stoned. Thanks to The Real Moon Rocks and Travelling High Concentrates for supplying us with that good good. But this shit like always got weird quick. Stoner rob tells you about the time he punked some one in a restroom. While I tell you about the time I came up on some lesbians Raiders jacket. He also tells us what he...


#68 SideDick Eddie & Ezone & Inkedmom777

Take a fucken sit for #68 we had the Travelling High Concentrate Ceo Inkedmom777 cruise thru to the GPS studio. And at the same damm time Ezone dropped by shit. A couple blunts, and dabs later shit starts to get weird. We let you know how its like to have a circumised dick in detail. SideDick drops knowledge on what entails on working at a strip club and what exactly is your damm job. Ezone and I let you know how our first threesome went down..... Comment, Download, Follow, Subscribe,...


#67 SideDick Eddie & MikeLikesStuff

#67 like the Super Sport Chevy Impala you guys ain't ready! The homie, the navy vet, the glass blower MikeLikesStuff cruise over to the GPS studio with some Goodies from H1 Extracts and shit gets weird. Mike lets us now about his Motorcycle accident and how he was a paraplegic for a cool min. SideDick Eddie drops scientific knowledge on why dirt pussy smells like fish. We explain the the steps you gotta take before sleeping with a stripper, and find out what happens when you date a female...


#66 Sidedick Eddie & Irina Skaya

For #66 GPS got the crazy Russian comic Irina Skaya and she doesn't fuck around just like Putin fuckers!! The Real Moonrocks and the Pacificos get the party started and shit starts to get weird real quick like usual. Irina Skala drops knowledge about living in Russian and how crazy it is down there and she explains why Russians are tough in general. Sidekick lets you know what he would do if a pornstar walked in to his life. And find out how my first experience at planned parenthood...


#65 SideDick Eddie & Ezone & Ayoo Toppy

For episode #65 it was an overcast type of day it was foggy as fuck at the GPS studio. You know all that means is that Ezone from Breal-Tv cruises over with his homie Ayoo Toppy and they get to rolling, blunt after blunt the whole entire time and shit gets weird like usual. We thank Ezone for coming thru and hooking us up with a spot on Breal-Tv's THE SMOKEBOX shit was unreal. During that time the beef from back in the day between Breal from Cypress Hill and Ice Cube get explained to what...


SideDick Eddie & Brian RedBan & Jason Rouse

First time going live for epsiode #64 at the NOHO comedy festival!! We weren't fucking around!!! We had motha fucken Brian Red Ban and the infamous Jason Raous on for this epsiode. The crowd wasn't ready for us no fucken way! Red Ban lets us know about his experience on Joe Rogan's podcast and how shit was ran. He also lets out a crazy secret about when he dated a stripper and I hit him back up with another deep dark secret. Listen to find out the nasty shit that happened to me back in the...


#63 SideDick Eddie & Jackie & Bert

We're back hoodrat and here to tell you where the fuck we have been for the past two weeks on epsiode #63. For this one we had two female super GPS fans Jessica and Bert cruise thru and the usual goes down. The Real Moonrocks and the Pacifcos started to make shit weird like always. We talk about the midget stripper, who performed at Eddies birthday bash at House of Eden. The ziggys 420 show and the Breal Green Thumb Experience show get talked about, and the story about the stripper that I...


#62 SideDick Eddie & Matt Robertson & Hoobs

Show me your HOOBS for episode #62. Fuck this one was weird i don't know what The Real Moonrocks did to us but it was straight Tin Fold Hat podcast status all conspiracy talk. Matt Robertson and Hoobs the best glass blowers in the game, invited us to there studio and you know shit went down! They dropped knowledge on the Las Vegas shooting, Trump pissing on prostitutes allegedly, the Sandy Hook conspiracy. Lets just say it goes as deep as Area 51, Twin Towers, the moon landing and shit...


#61 SideDick Eddie & Baldacci the Beast & Shady

This episode was no joke! For #61 we got a returning guest Shady with the homie Baldacci the Beast The Face of LA you motha fuckers know him! The Real MoonRocks showed up like always and put us right in our place, shit started to get weird. Baldacci lets us know about how it was being locked up and how it is to get a tattoos while in there. I let you know about the riot that happened at the strip club this past weekend while outta the country. Just knowledge gets dropped on what it is to...


SideDick Eddie & Mercy

Have some MERCY for episode #58 of GPS!! It was no joke the Kurupt Moon rocks got to us, the Pacificos evened us out but shit still got weird. Mercy Montelongo my model homie girl cruises thru and tells us some crazy stories about her tough up bringing. Sidekick Eddie lets his rants out and both of us let you know how the BREAL-TV Smokebox was. By the way you find out who run away and which one of us did a hit and run..... Comment, Download, Follow, Subscribe #TakeashowerSantaAnaPowr...


#57 SideDick & Ezone

When Ezone from BREAL-TV cruises over to the GPS studio its an overcast type of day, blunt after blunt, joint after joint shit gets weird like usual. SideDick Eddie gets mad when he finds out its illegal that you CAN'T get head in a couple states in the U.S.A. We Find out that all of us have been drugged by someone else in the past. Knowledge gets dropped on the Aztec culture, on medicated food and the 2nd amendment. Find out where I stand on AR-15.... Comment, Download, Follow, Subscribe...


#56 SideDick Eddie & Gilbert

#56 ain't like every other GPS episode and probably not gonna have another one like this. Its a double threat and you will know what I mean if you listen up fuckers! But for this episode Gilbert from The Kickback Podcast LA cruises thru with them craft beers. Them 8% craft shit and the Kurupt MoonRocks got to us and made shit weird at the GPS studio. Talk about getting kicked out and kicking bitches out! How cocaine is like weed theres different stains out there of that shit too. SideDick...


#55 SideDick Eddie & Steve Flye & Technical Foul Raw

Double GPS celebrity special for #55, so we heard you guys asking for Technical Foul Raw and Steve Flye so got them together for this motha fucken one!!! Guess what though they weren't ready!! They hadn't heard we were sponsored by The Real Kurrupt Moonrocks and didn't know what was in stored for them. Steve Flyee talks how white people handle fetishes and working with handicap strippers. Unexpectedly Technical Foul Raw drops some mean knowledge about the homeless riverbed in Anaheim Cal,...


SideDick Eddie & Rubensito

Old school old school middle school old school for #54 a childhood homie Rubensito cruises thru to the GPS studios and he wasn't expecting how we get down here. The Real Kurupt MoonRocks and the Pacificos did there job like always and shit got weird. Rubensito tells us about the crazy accident he went though, and stories from when me and him lived in a garage get brought up. SideDick Eddie gets down with his weekly rant! And shit gets explained why we lagged in on last weeks episode....


GPS#53 Mixdown

For episode #53 we keep it tight and personal at the G.P.S studios for this one just SideDick Eddie, Xavier and I. You know the recipe a couple Pacificos some of The Real Kurupt Moonrocks and shit gets weird. Shit gets explains how Storage Wars, American Pickers killed my weekend hustle. Knowledge gets dropped on how strippers deal with there family situation and how they "prepare" for the future. And I Perosnally let you know why Cocaine should be legal and explain what a Whorchata really...


#52 SideDick Eddie & Vanessa Johnston

#52 SideDick Eddie & Vanessa Johnston by George Perez


#50 SideDick Eddie & MegaMan6980

#50 SideDick Eddie & MegaMan6980 by George Perez


#14 SideDick Eddie & Ras_Dude

For episode #14 for the lost unreleased deleted one we got Ras_dude from BRealTV back to back for this one. SideDick Eddie and Ras_dude the Alley Christ don't fuck around and down an eighth of shrooms, I stick to the usual a couple Pacificos and pack some bowls of the Real Kurupts Moonrocks and shit gets weird. SideDick Eddie talks about an ex-cowoker John GETS NO PUSSY GUNTHER how he stank so bad and how they dealt with it. The myth of La Llorona gets explained, alien and ghost theories...


#49 SideDick & Ras_Dude

OH SHIT Ras_Dude from Brealtv cruises through to the GPS studio for episode #49. This Alley Christ aint no joke, he comes thru with some major wax for the dabs, pulls out some shrooms for him and SideDick and you know what to expect shit gets weird. Ras_dude tells us how it was to grow up in Guam, about his first Vegas trip which was on acid and explains to us what exactly are his Alley reviews and how shit goes down while recording them..... Comment, Download, Subscribe, Rate, Follow Take...