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#78 SideDick Eddie & Pizza Guy & Tommy Bzzt

#78 isn't the typical George Perez podcast like always, for this one we got two motha fucken guest today. Evander the usual Pizza guy shows up with some extra time on his hands and we put this fucker on the mic. The Pizza guy tells us crazy ass stories about dropping pizza off at cocaine parties, hoes that forget about ordering pizza ect... But just a heads up mid podcast Pizza guy had to leave, so thats when Tommy Ceo of BZZT Collective replaces him and he lets us know about how he...


SideDick Eddie & Richard Villa

Q-vo Paisas its episode #77 and my homie Richard Villa a Mexican/English Comic cruises thru to the GPS studio and chops it up with us. Our sponsors loosen him up real quick, and he starts letting us know how living in Compton back in the late 80's was, "when drive bys were in". Stories on driving unlicensed gets brought up, SideDick tells us about spitting game at young bitches. Stay tuned till the end to find whats the difference between day time strippers and night time strippers........


#76 SideDick Eddie & Tony A Da Wizard

Go find episode #76 of GPS in the crates for this one. Tony-A "The Wizard"cruises thru to the studio to let us know about his new documentary coming out. A Mixtape pioneer, a Dj, a producer, a documentarian from the city of Wilmington he ain't no joke my Boiii. Tony-A goes back in time to the late 80's and lets us know how he got started selling his underground mixetapes at the Roadium Swapmeet in Southern California. Which it paved the road for Rap in the West Coast for artist like NWA,...


#75 SideDick Eddie & Jeff First Class Canna Ceo

Episode #75 we flying high First Class Canna high!!! Orange High School homie Jeff cruises thru to the GPS studio and we go back in time, thanks to our sponsors for helping out with that too. Jeff lets us know how, and why he started his first cannabis company First Class Canna. He also drops knowledge on the legal ways of opening a cannabis company in Cali. Stay tuned to find out how racist my foot high school coach was back in the day and how low-key that I'm a miracle baby.........


#40 SideDick Eddie & HoobsGlass & Matt Robertson & FlavorsByEzone

Its a pack house at the GPS studio for episode #40 no joke! Had some BIG cats chilling with us tonight. Had Hoobsglass and Matt Robertson glass blowing artist and honestly thats an understatement. Check there Instgrams if you doubt me it impressive what they can do with glass. And like always shit gets weird, a fridge full of beers, weed by FlavorsByEzone and shit it gets interesting. Moon and flat earth conspiracies get brought up, knowledge gets drop on the illuminati glass and they talk...


#39 SideDick Eddie & Mimiz

Way back in the day Homegirl Naomi cruise thru over to the GPS studios, on this wonderful motha fucken Monday!! Its Episode #39 on George Perez Stories and like usual we got a 24 pack of Pacifcos a couple of blunts SideDick rolled up. Catch the tutorial on Instagram and Pericsope. But like shit here it always gets weird and crazy! SideDick Eddie get political and explains why he low-key supports trump. Naomi and George drop knowledge on what exactly a Paisa is. Lets not mentions the RANT...


#38 SideDick Eddie

On this Motha Fuck Columbus Monday night we keep it tight and personal right after the Dodgers sweep, its just SideDick Eddie and I here at the GPS studio. SideDick handles the blunt rolling I cruise thru with a 24 of Pacificos and shit gets weird like always. The movie "The 4th Kind" gets brought up basically alien talking. SideDick explains how big Nike Jordan's are in the scene and of course 2nd base got brought up and how they ended up on bar rescue catch the episode on SPIKETV........


#37 Jack Jr & Rene Garcia & SideDick Eddie

Episode #37 its a double threat at the GPS studio tonight, we got @jackjrcomic and @itsrenegarcia tonight. I didnt think they were gonna come this hard on a Monday night. @jackjrcomic shows up with a 12 pack of pacifico for us and a Makers Mark whiskey bottle and shit gets weird. SideDick starts with the dabbs and Jackjr and Renee get start off with shots. SideDick tells us how he gets kicked out of Disneyland, and the 2018 Ford Branco gets brought up, and they get asked the famous...


#36 SideDick Eddie

Episode number #36 is just SideDick Eddie and I at the GPS studios. And of couse a 12 pack of Pacificos gets put down a pack of Swissers gets rolled up and shit gets a little tight and personal on this one since its just us. I let you know the first time I did coke with my baby mamas family. The time Killer our dog was tripping out on coke at Lil George Jr 21st birthday bash. Basically SideDick and I ask each other questions and for all the hoochies with the loose coochie we drop some...


#35 SideDick Eddie & FlavorsByEzone

BREALTV....... Yes BREALTV shows up to the GPS studios for episode #35 with @FlavorsByEzone. Everything that was expected happened, @FlavorsByEzone host on "Dr. GreenThrumb" and "We Don't Smoke The Same Show" showed up to our studio with a Pound of WEED and shit got deep, deeper then usually. Fuck we got a Pound of weed what else is expected, SideDick Eddie and @FlavorsByEzone go deep on wax/dab talk like scientific shit I was completely out of it. Shit about three some gets talked about...


#34 SideDick Eddie & Martin Moreno & Hooter Moreno

Double special guest combo today at the GPS studios for episode #34. Comedians Martin Moreno & Hooter Moreno, hosts of YO YO YO podcast cruise thru and help us dent a 24 of Pacifico's!! Really really quick by the way SideDIck Eddie's first stand up performance gets judged. Martin Moreno the Guru, Reiki Master, drops knowledge as expected on religion, coaching baseball in the hood and doing PCP. Both Martin & Hooter get asked the homeless question tune in to find out the answer...........


#33 SideDick Eddie & Danny Dangerous

Danny Dangerous the sound engineer/stage manager at the comedy store, bass player of the Cold Blue Rebels and fan of the show, cruises over to the GPS studios for episode #33. Eddie and I go deep with this new bong Heavy Hitters blessed us shout out to them!! But after a couple of bowls shit gets weird, Danny lets us know how drugs in the 80s were, the way crystal meth impacted South San Diego how crazy it was to make it in a band in Hollywood back in the day. Some knowledge on how to pace...


#32 SideDick Eddie & Artie Perez

MY FUCKEN PRIMO ARTIE PEREZ cruise thru to Cypress to the GPS studio for episode #32 and shit starts off a bit different. Artie Perez comes thru with some Ballast Point Grapefruit Sculpin IPAs and GOD DAMMM they were strong!!!! Blunts gets lit like usual and shit starts to get weird!! Of course the Conor Mayweather fight gets brought up, we ask him what he thinks about Ink Masters and SideDick Eddie drops knowledge on how to stream anything.... when i say anything i mean ANYTHING!!!!...


#31 SideDick Eddie & Rodrigo Torres

Episode #31 here at the GPS studio and like always I got a special guest to cruise thru down to my hood of Orange County. Rodrigo Torres a comedy homie, host of YEA MAN!!, and co-host of WHATS UP FOOL podcast comes down to chill and burn a couple of precious blunts with Eddie and I and shit gets weird like always. Rodrigo drops knowledge on how rats populate and how they invade buildings. SideDick Eddie tells us the full story on strippers fighting over chicken at his club over the...


#30 SideDick Eddie & Thia Rivera

The Big Three One Oh!!!!! Its number 30 at the GPS studios and all I can say is you gotta listen to this Motha Fucker!!! Its my homeboy the comedian Thai Rivera host of the podcast UNBOTHERED. He cruises thru the studio on a random Monday night and runs right into two fat precious blunts SideDick Eddie rolled up. And holy fuck maybe it was a blunt to many we get deep, Thai Rivera explains to us how Las Vegas prostitution works. And Low-key I explain throughtout the podcast how to hit the...


#29 SideDick Eddie & Sam Butler

Sam Butler a Texan comedian cruises over all the way from El Paso to the GPS studio for episode #29. You know how it gets down here at GPS. Had 2 precious blunts that SideDick rolled up and had finished those motha fuckers before hittin the record button so you know shit got weird quick. Sam explains to us the Texas Castle Law and how you can stay strapped in Texas at all times, he also explain to us how violent its right across the border with as many 38,000 deaths in 2010. Finally it gets...


#28 SideDick Eddie

SideDick Eddie is back for #28 at the GPS studio and what else can you except from that mothafucker, he comes thru with his rig and ends up dabbed the fuck out!! Infamous Aj's birthday bash get brought up and how that was a shit show overall, some how it gets figured out that chicks ain't bringing fine friends around anymore. Some construction knowledge gets dropped and how i get paid for a paving side job by fucking someones girlfriend find out who's..... Comment, Download, Subscribe...


#27 Yoshi Obayashi

Not surprised that #27 on George Perez Stories with Yoshi Obayashi is the longest episode out yet. What else can you expect when I bring over an old homie Yoshi a Porn DVD producer with over 800+ titles under his belt, also casted for The Jimmy Kimmel Show and The Man Show and not to mention a stand up comedian, who did Last Comic Standing and Comics Without Borders. And like Usual shit goes deep after I lit up a blunt, we talk about the drug problem in the U.S.A. and how Europe handles it...


#26 Side Dick Eddie & Technical Foul Raw

Its his third time appearance to the GPS studio.... Guess who Technical Foul Raw shows up and isn't here to fuck around. We start off with a 12 pack of Pacificos a couple blunts just like usual and shit gets weird. I end up telling a craigslist hooker story, Raw talks about the time he gets down at 2nd base, he some how drops some unique knowledge on Coyotes and find out what the fuck is the difference between a HOODRAT and a HOODBAT.... Download, Comment, Subscribe...


#25 Felipe Esparza & SideDick Eddie

WHAT'S UP FOOL? ITS NUMBER 25!!! This week at the GPS studio we got Felipe Esparaza from Last Comic Standing, his special on Netflix "They're Not Going to Laugh at You" and the host of his podcast "Whats Up Fool?" And like usual were 3 blunts deep into this motha fucker and we figure out we should start podcasting and find out what Felipe Eparaza does when he's on speed. GPS studio puts it down some knowledge on why you should wear a condom.... no matter what and you get to find out what a...