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#78 SideDick Eddie & Pizza Guy & Tommy Bzzt

#78 isn't the typical George Perez podcast like always, for this one we got two motha fucken guest today. Evander the usual Pizza guy shows up with some extra time on his hands and we put this fucker on the mic. The Pizza guy tells us crazy ass stories about dropping pizza off at cocaine parties, hoes that forget about ordering pizza ect... But just a heads up mid podcast Pizza guy had to leave, so thats when Tommy Ceo of BZZT Collective replaces him and he lets us know about how he started...


SideDick Eddie & Richard Villa

Q-vo Paisas its episode #77 and my homie Richard Villa a Mexican/English Comic cruises thru to the GPS studio and chops it up with us. Our sponsors loosen him up real quick, and he starts letting us know how living in Compton back in the late 80's was, "when drive bys were in". Stories on driving unlicensed gets brought up, SideDick tells us about spitting game at young bitches. Stay tuned till the end to find whats the difference between day time strippers and night time strippers........


#76 SideDick Eddie & Tony A Da Wizard

Go find episode #76 of GPS in the crates for this one. Tony-A "The Wizard"cruises thru to the studio to let us know about his new documentary coming out. A Mixtape pioneer, a Dj, a producer, a documentarian from the city of Wilmington he ain't no joke my Boiii. Tony-A goes back in time to the late 80's and lets us know how he got started selling his underground mixetapes at the Roadium Swapmeet in Southern California. Which it paved the road for Rap in the West Coast for artist like NWA,...


#75 SideDick Eddie & Jeff First Class Canna Ceo

Episode #75 we flying high First Class Canna high!!! Orange High School homie Jeff cruises thru to the GPS studio and we go back in time, thanks to our sponsors for helping out with that too. Jeff lets us know how, and why he started his first cannabis company First Class Canna. He also drops knowledge on the legal ways of opening a cannabis company in Cali. Stay tuned to find out how racist my foot high school coach was back in the day and how low-key that I'm a miracle baby.........


#74 SideDick Eddie & Manny_G_Paz

We go south of the border with episode #74 with my long time homie Manny a Tijuana resident. He lived, party and was locked up right over the border. Shit gets weird quick thanks to our sponsors though. Manny lets you know how it was being locked up in the Tijuana Prison La Mesa for 3 years. How he got tatted in there, how grub time works, lets just say he drops useful knowledge in case you catch a case down there. But stay tune till the end to find out how he got off from attempted...


#73 SideDick Eddie & E-Zone

GPS resident E-zone shows up to the studio for episode #73 and he bought the future of dabbin with him. He gets us fucked up with some portable rig called the HoneyBager and thanks to our sponsors for hooking us up with goodies again. Shit got weird quick like it always does E-Zone talks about the ghost experience they had at the Flamingo Casino there last time in Vegas, Comedy Store gets brought up on how everyone assumes its hunted. E-Zone also drops knowledge on the future of smoking with...


#72 SideDick Eddie & J-Stomp

60 espiodes later and he's finally fucken back on, Stomper is here for #72. Shit got real weird quick thanks to travelling concentrates and The real moon rocks and BZZT for the special goodies! Stomper lets you know all about this uncle the godfather of Chicano art, and how he got away with wearing locs thru out highschool. Knowledge gets dropped on how you get food in prison and eating pussy the right!! Dont miss the Rules of fucking married hoes the right way!! #takeashowerorangepower...


#71 SideDIck Eddie & Big Citric

BIG Episode for number 71 since we got the BIG and bad BIG Citric who cruise thru down to the GPS studio. You know shit got weird real quick since the homie brought a bunch of Exotic Prerolls from his weed collective BBZT. Big Citric goes back in time and tells us about the time he was considered one of the Toyota Corolla Bandits back in the 90's. SideDick Eddie talks about how his Dick reacted to the 711's rhino dick pills. Find out what you should do when the Sancho is knocking at the door...


#70 SideDick Eddie & Steve Flye

He's back by popular demand and doesn't need an introduction. Steve Flye cruises thru to the GPS studio to catch up and get stupid high thanks to The RealMoon Rocks and Travelling High Concentrates. Knowledge gets dropped on whats the difference between a pisa and a Mexican. And since we're all strip club DJs we let you know how active it is there, and how often we gotta drop a motha fucker thats acting outta line. And Find out what happens when the strip club securities are lames!!!...


#69 SideDick Eddie & StonerRob

Oh shit episode #69 is for one dirty motha fucker the one and only Stoner Rob. He cruises over to the GPS studio, and fuck the name says it all we get damm motha fucken stoned. Thanks to The Real Moon Rocks and Travelling High Concentrates for supplying us with that good good. But this shit like always got weird quick. Stoner rob tells you about the time he punked some one in a restroom. While I tell you about the time I came up on some lesbians Raiders jacket. He also tells us what he does...


#68 SideDick Eddie & Ezone & Inkedmom777

Take a fucken sit for #68 we had the Travelling High Concentrate Ceo Inkedmom777 cruise thru to the GPS studio. And at the same damm time Ezone dropped by shit. A couple blunts, and dabs later shit starts to get weird. We let you know how its like to have a circumised dick in detail. SideDick drops knowledge on what entails on working at a strip club and what exactly is your damm job. Ezone and I let you know how our first threesome went down..... Comment, Download, Follow, Subscribe,...


#67 SideDick Eddie & MikeLikesStuff

#67 like the Super Sport Chevy Impala you guys ain't ready! The homie, the navy vet, the glass blower MikeLikesStuff cruise over to the GPS studio with some Goodies from H1 Extracts and shit gets weird. Mike lets us now about his Motorcycle accident and how he was a paraplegic for a cool min. SideDick Eddie drops scientific knowledge on why dirt pussy smells like fish. We explain the the steps you gotta take before sleeping with a stripper, and find out what happens when you date a female...


#66 Sidedick Eddie & Irina Skaya

For #66 GPS got the crazy Russian comic Irina Skaya and she doesn't fuck around just like Putin fuckers!! The Real Moonrocks and the Pacificos get the party started and shit starts to get weird real quick like usual. Irina Skala drops knowledge about living in Russian and how crazy it is down there and she explains why Russians are tough in general. Sidekick lets you know what he would do if a pornstar walked in to his life. And find out how my first experience at planned parenthood...


#65 SideDick Eddie & Ezone & Ayoo Toppy

For episode #65 it was an overcast type of day it was foggy as fuck at the GPS studio. You know all that means is that Ezone from Breal-Tv cruises over with his homie Ayoo Toppy and they get to rolling, blunt after blunt the whole entire time and shit gets weird like usual. We thank Ezone for coming thru and hooking us up with a spot on Breal-Tv's THE SMOKEBOX shit was unreal. During that time the beef from back in the day between Breal from Cypress Hill and Ice Cube get explained to what...


SideDick Eddie & Brian RedBan & Jason Rouse

First time going live for epsiode #64 at the NOHO comedy festival!! We weren't fucking around!!! We had motha fucken Brian Red Ban and the infamous Jason Raous on for this epsiode. The crowd wasn't ready for us no fucken way! Red Ban lets us know about his experience on Joe Rogan's podcast and how shit was ran. He also lets out a crazy secret about when he dated a stripper and I hit him back up with another deep dark secret. Listen to find out the nasty shit that happened to me back in the...


#63 SideDick Eddie & Jackie & Bert

We're back hoodrat and here to tell you where the fuck we have been for the past two weeks on epsiode #63. For this one we had two female super GPS fans Jessica and Bert cruise thru and the usual goes down. The Real Moonrocks and the Pacifcos started to make shit weird like always. We talk about the midget stripper, who performed at Eddies birthday bash at House of Eden. The ziggys 420 show and the Breal Green Thumb Experience show get talked about, and the story about the stripper that I...


#62 SideDick Eddie & Matt Robertson & Hoobs

Show me your HOOBS for episode #62. Fuck this one was weird i don't know what The Real Moonrocks did to us but it was straight Tin Fold Hat podcast status all conspiracy talk. Matt Robertson and Hoobs the best glass blowers in the game, invited us to there studio and you know shit went down! They dropped knowledge on the Las Vegas shooting, Trump pissing on prostitutes allegedly, the Sandy Hook conspiracy. Lets just say it goes as deep as Area 51, Twin Towers, the moon landing and shit even...


#61 SideDick Eddie & Baldacci the Beast & Shady

This episode was no joke! For #61 we got a returning guest Shady with the homie Baldacci the Beast The Face of LA you motha fuckers know him! The Real MoonRocks showed up like always and put us right in our place, shit started to get weird. Baldacci lets us know about how it was being locked up and how it is to get a tattoos while in there. I let you know about the riot that happened at the strip club this past weekend while outta the country. Just knowledge gets dropped on what it is to do...


#60 SideDick Eddie & Eddie From Crime City Films

This is Epsiode 60 and people didn't think I'd make it to #35 but I'm here fuckers! This time around my homie Eddie Paton cruises thru to the studio a Film director from Crime City Films that fucker with everyone in the game. You name it he's been part of it. But you know us shit started to get weird we talk about getting scam and scamming people on Offer up and craigslist. SideDick tells the story we saved that stripper from her Pimp. And find out how I feel when someone bitches about being...


#59 SideDick Eddie & Curious Entertainment

I'm George Perez and I got Curious Entertainment, the creators of Funk Fest, at the GPS studio this week. Joe-Daddy and George from Curious cruise through after their Brunch Cruise in Santa Ana this weekend and they do the Maniac Monday with us this week. We get down some Models and Pacificos and shit gets weird. They drop knowledge on the entertainment side of the business and how it got started. George from Curious Entertainment lets us know what it took to start his company and explains...