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Representation: Disability

The Ghouls are joined by guest Pascale of Liberty Resources to talk about how people with disabilities have been treated in horror. I think you can see there's a trend in that the answer has been not very well. We talk films Hush and A Quiet Place to discuss the right and wrong way to portray deafness on screen. --- Support this podcast:


Representation: Midsommar

The ghouls have a special episode featuring guests Marina and Pascale, tackling the film Midsommar and the many ways in which it let us down, specifically involving the many marginalized communities it abuses for its subpar plot. For more on why you should also be more critical of the media you indulge in - tune in! --- Support this podcast:


Representation: Mental Illness

Ghouls are talking representation and this week we're talking to our friend and Kat's co-worker, Marina about how mental illness is shown in horror. History has been unkind to the mental illness community but we have had some victories. We talk about a win, the film Babadook which has done a great job of this! Stay tuned later this week to hear about a film that the Ghouls feel did a very bad job of portraying mental illness, Midsommar (spoilers!). --- Support this podcast:...


Representation: LGBTQIA

Ghouls are talking about LGBTQIA representation in horror with the amazingly talented singer/songwriter/musician/beautifulhuman Jacqueline Constance. Ghouls learn about the Hayes Code, queer horror (both real and on screen) and talk about the indie horror film, What Keeps You Alive. --- Support this podcast:


Representation: Latinx

Continuing our dive into the incredible lack of representation in horror the Ghouls are tackling Latinx representation with their friend Sergio Galeano. Gabe has many choice words on the subject and her love for Guillermo Del Toro while her and Sergio bond over their Latinx-American upbringing. They watched La Llorona and Culture Shock (part of Hulu's Into the Dark series). --- Support this podcast:


Representation: Black Women

The Ghouls are tackling a new topic for their representation series and we've invited our friend, Ariel Taylor, a media professional and educator at PhillyCAM. We talk about Black Women in horror, the importance of representation in front of and behind the camera and why it MATTERS. Tune in as we absolutely roast the 2019 film, Ma featuring Octavia Spencer (who did this to you?). SPOILERS abound! --- Support this podcast:


Representation: Sex Workers

First episode in the Ghouls Representation in Horror series and we're talking with Léa Van der Tak about sex work, the real life horrors and one of our new favorite horror films, CAM. The Ghouls also talk about the docu-series, Hot Girls Wanted: Turned On to discuss some of the challenges of juggling your online persona and your real life you. --- Support this podcast:


Apocalypse: Zombies LIVE SHOW

The Ghouls were ALIVE for the Philadelphia Podcast Festival. Listen to the Ghouls charm the pants off their audience and inform them about what zombies really mean, how they can really happen in real life and talk about the beloved zombie flick, 28 Days Later. We also have some fun playing some games with our audience. --- Support this podcast:


Apocalypse: Cosmic

Wrapping up our Apocalypse series with the most depressing scenario we could think of - the cosmic apocalypse and the honest truth that we mean nothing. The Ghouls are talking about how the universe can kill us, how we've only been here a moment and how the end is nigh! We watched Lars Von Trier's Melancholia to really get into the mood and to top it off, watched The Universe TV Show's episode on the Cosmic Apocalypse. --- Support this podcast:


Interview w/Ashlee Blackwell

Special interview along with radio show Pulling Focus host Gretjen Clausing where we talk with Ashlee Blackwell, horror movie expert and founder of the website, Graveyard Shift Sisters. She is the co-writer and co-producer of Horror Noire: A History of Black Horror. We talk to her about represention in horror, black films/directors/actors and the unique approach to telling our stories through genres like horror. If you're in the area - catch the screening on Friday, July 26th and the Q&A...


Apocalypse: Digital

The Ghouls get technical, talking about Singularity, Multiplicity and Artificial Intelligence. Are we already deep in the digital apocalypse? Are Asimov's 3 laws a big ol lie? We watched I, Robot and we talk (SPOILERS) for the new Child's Play featuring an AI Chucky and Netflix's I Am Mother (SPOILERS). --- Support this podcast:


Apocalypse: Ecological

This week the Ghouls are talking about the good, green Earth and how we're destroying it leading it to inevitably strike back with natural disasters and resource depletion. We talk the films Soylent Green (It's people!) and The Day After Tomorrow (which turns out was actually today). Is Climate Change real? What does NASA have to say? Was M. Night Shyamalan right when he made a film about the trees killing us?! --- Support this podcast:


Apocalypse: Nuclear

Its the end of the world and we are telling you all about it. This week the Ghouls are tackling the nuclear holocaust - including information on Chernobyl, Hiroshima and the real-life lack of fail safes our own government had when handling the big bombs. We watched Chernobyl (HBO) and the classic Kubrik fun-time apocalyptic romp, Dr. Strangelove or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb. --- Support this podcast:


Apocalypse: Viral

cough cough This week, Ghouls are exploring the Viral Apocalypse. What happens when you don't wash your hands, board planes and touch everything in your way, GWYNETH PALTROW?! We talk the scary, pandemic film, Contagion and the quarantine show, Containment. Tune in to find out how viruses spread, whats the deal with vaccines and how YOU can prevent the next epidemic. --- Support this podcast:


Foreign Horror: Italy

The Ghouls finish their foreign exploring by stopping over in Italy. The Ghouls dive deep into Italy's history with the genre and talk Giallo, Argento and Bava (both of them). We watched Blood & Black Lace and Demons! --- Support this podcast:


Foreign Horror: Korea

We continue our Foreign Horror series by diving into Korean horror. They Ghouls are talking Korea's history with war and censorship and the effects thats had on their media. As well as the films, the brutal film I Saw the Devil and the long but worth it film The Wailing. We learned a thing or two about real gore and how culture can impact media in such a good good way. --- Support this podcast:


Foreign Horror: France

Bonjour! The Ghouls continue their travels on to France to explore the New French Extremity films that have transformed the body gore genre and are undoubtedly the intellectual twin to America's Torture Porn craze. We explore France's history and where their horrors come from (spoilers - it's war). We watched the films Raw, High Tension and Martyrs so we could get the full picture. --- Support this podcast:


Foreign Horror: Japan

The ghouls are going on an adventure, first stop - Japan! We discuss the history of Japanese lore featuring oni, yurei and more. And we dive into the birth of the beloved horror film genre - J Horror. We watched the classic film Ju-On: the Grudge, Gabe's new fave found footage film Noroi: The Curse and the hilariously serious Sadako Vs. Kayako which both respects and teases the classics we love. Check us out on iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify, and Google Play!! Rate, Subscribe, Comment. You know...


Isolation: Space

We are closing out our Isolation series with Space Isolation. The Ghouls discuss what happens to you and your body in space, why it's hella dangerous and why no one should ever put Gabe in space. We watched Gravity and the short animated film, Helping Hand - part of the Love, Death and Robots Netflix series. Check us out on iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify, and Google Play!! Rate, Subscribe, Comment. You know the drill. --- Support this podcast:


Isolation: Wilderness

We continue to be trapped places all alone, this time we're outside in the wilderness. The Ghouls are talking their own camping experiences, the real terrors of the woods and that bears are actually our friends. We watched the film, Backcountry and play the Long Dark. Check us out on iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify, and Google Play!! Rate, Subscribe, Comment. You know the drill. --- Support this podcast: