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The podcast episodes from (excludes regular posts).






GitMinutes #46: Jeff King from Git-Merge 2017

Link to mp3 Listen to the episode on YouTube In this final episode of GitMinutes, we talk to Jeff “Peff” King at Git-Merge 2017. We talk about how Git itself changes to tackle the needs of companies and users as Git has to scale more and more. We also talk about how protection of the trademark Git will happen in the future. Unfortunately, my interview with Peff got cut slightly short because of technical difficulties. Since this is probably the last GitMinutes episode ever,...


GitMinutes #45: Edward Thomson from Git-Merge 2017

Link to mp3 Listen to the episode on YouTube In this episode, we talk to Edward Thomson about his experience at Git Merge 2017. Note that Edward now has his own Git podcast together with Martin Woodward: All Things Git, which I can heartily recommend!


GitMinutes #44: Josh Triplett on Git-Series

Link to mp3 Listen to the episode on YouTube This is GitMinutes episode 44, with another interview from the Git Merge conference in 2017: Josh Triplett is the author of git-series, which is a really cool command line tool for evolving patch series in Git.


GitMinutes #43: Johannes Schindelin on Contributing to Git

Link to mp3 Listen to the episode on YouTube In this episode we talk to Git contributor and maintainer of Git for Windows, Johannes Schindelin. He has a lot of thoughts and ideas on development, community and code reviews, especially in open source and especially in the development of Git itself. We talk to Johannes about the difficulties of contributing to Git itself, and tools that could make the experience more user friendly, like for example public-inbox, which is both a...


GitMinutes #42: Erik from Atlassian on Clone Bundles

Link to mp3 Listen to the episode on YouTube In this episode I’m talking to Erik van Zeist. He’s a developer from Atlassian BitBucket, and at Git Merge this year, he shared some interesting experiments they have been making using clone bundles, which is a technique from Mercurial that will dramatically improve performance of repository cloning. Now they have also started experimenting with doing clone bundles with Git. Erik on twitterarticle about clone bundlesMozilla on Mercurial...


GitMinutes #41: Stefan Beller and J. Wyman (Git Merge 2017)

We are (temporarily) back after a long hiatus! What triggers this action is Git Merge 2017 that took place in Brussels back in February. This is the first of multiple episodes from the conference. Link to mp3 Listen to the episode on YouTube First up is Stefan Beller of Google. He is a Git core contributor who has recently been picking up git-submodules to bring them back into shape. We'll hear about his current work on that. It's not the first time Stefan is on the podcast, back in 2015...


GitMinutes #40: Git Merge 2016

Christian Couder went to Git Merge 2016 and recorded some interviews there for the podcast. Link to mp3 Listen to the episode on YouTube Here are the interviewees from the conference, all in this one episode: Roberto Tyley, The Guardian Karen Sijbrandij, TrainTool Lars Schneider, Autodesk Sytse 'Sid' Sijbrandij, GitLab Tim Pettersen, Atlassian Michael Haggerty, GitHub Job van der Voort, GitLab Carlos Martín Nieto, GitHub


GitMinutes #39: Git Merge 2015 Part 5

This is the fifth and final episode from Git-Merge 2015! Link to mp3 Listen to the episode on YouTube Alexandra Tritz BlaBlaCarTwitterGitHubLast time we talked about submodules on GitMinutes, ep. 11 Rick Olson GitHubHomepageBuilding a Git Extension with First Principles (his Git LFS talk at the conference)released support for LFS in the BFG repo cleaner Jeff "Peff" King GitHubHomepageGit + SFC Status UpdateWilhelm Bierbaum's talk about Git at...


GitMinutes #38: Git Merge 2015 Part 4

This is the fourth part from our trip to Git-Merge 2015! Link to mp3 Listen to the episode on YouTube Roberto Tyley TwitterGoogle+GitHubThe BFG Repo CleanerGit Large File Storage (Git LFS)BFG supporting LFS early releaseProutThe Git LFS talk at the conference by Rick OlsonGitMinutes #06: Roberto Tyley on Rewriting HistoryDuring the conference, there was a lot of discussion regarding how the Git project could attract more users by allowing GitHub-style pull requests into their...


GitMinutes #37: Git Merge 2015 Part 3

This is the third part from our trip to Git-Merge 2015! Link to mp3 Listen to the episode on YouTube Stefan Beller Google+Robert van Haaren TwitterGitHubTeaching People Git, Emma Jane Hogbin Westby Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason (dev blog)Test Anything Protocol Episode outline: 00:00:00 Intro 00:02:39 Stefan Beller 00:10:03 Intro 00:15:17 Robert van Haaren 00:18:44 Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason 00:41:27 Outro


GitMinutes #36: Git Merge 2015 Part 2

This is the second part from our trip to Git-Merge 2015! Since we published part one, the recorded talks from the conference are now online at Link to mp3 Listen to the episode on YouTube Arthur Schreiber GitHubHomepageRugged Junio Hamano BlogGoogle+Git at GoogleGitHub's new large file support Vicent Marti GitHubTwitterVicent's talk at the previous Git-Merge conference Outline 00:00:00 Intro 00:01:54 Arthur Schreiber 00:06:04 Junio Hamano 00:10:19 Vicent...


GitMinutes #35: Git Merge 2015 Part 1

In this episode we talk to various people at Git-Merge 2015! This is the first of a total of 5 parts from the conference. Link to mp3 Listen to the episode on YouTube In this part we talk to: Matthieu Moy, about Google Summer of Code projects Homepage, GitHub Christian Couder, about Git Rev News Homepage Carlos Martín Nieto, about libgit2 GitHub Twitter Outline: 00:00:00 Welcome, intro 00:03:25 Matthieu Moy 00:05:33 Second part with Matthieu, about GSoC 00:11:03...


GitMinutes #34: Tim Caswell on js-git

In this episode we talk to Tim Caswell. He is the creator of js-git, alongside a lot of other really interesting projects. Link to mp3 Listen to the episode on YouTube Links: Google+GitHubTwitterhomepagehowtonode.orgjs-gitTeditwebappChrome appThe latest Tedit demowheatyryeLuvitDiscussion on incorporating js-git in nodeOS/npmgit-html5TailorGoogle's dev kit chrome appNW.jsScott Hanselman interviewed Paul Betts about Atom Shell More background material about Tim: In-depth...


GitMinutes #33: Thom Parkin on Mastering Git

In this episode we talk to Thom Parkin about his new video course on mastering Git, and other things interesting for those who want to improve their Git skills. Link to mp3 Listen to the episode on YouTube Links GithubTwitterSitepointGit Fundamentals bookLearnable: Introduction to Nitrous.ionitrous.ioScreenHeroBeegitMastering GitGet Thom's "Mastering Git" Video Tutorial for 50% off, on the Packt Publishing website if you use the Discount Code GITMASTER2015. This offer will only...


GitMinutes #32: Adam Spiers on git-deps

In this episode we talk to Adam Spiers about git-deps, a tool he made for analyzing dependencies between commits. Link to mp3 Listen to the episode on YouTube Links TwitterGitHubAdam's blog (posts tagged git)git-depsThe history of TLA, GNU Arch (Wikipedia)git-check-ignoreStackOverflow question that inspired check-ignore git-deps issues/enhancements mentioned allow integration with other git web frontendsdetect whether commit A depends on commit Bpatch theory from darcs (and...


GitMinutes #31: Mary Rose Cook on Gitlet

In this episode we talk to Mary Rose Cook about her recent experimental implementation of Git in JavaScript: Gitlet. We also talk about all kinds of things around understanding Git, and teaching it. Link to mp3 Listen to the episode on YouTube Mary's homepageGitHubTwitterMary's speech to new Hacker-SchoolersGitletGitlet annotated source codeLearn Git Branching (interactive in the browser)Try Git on try.github.ioDoccoUngit Here's a rough outline of questions asked: 00:00:46...


GitMinutes #30: Luca Milanesio on Gerrit Code Review

This is GitMinutes episode 30 where I’m talking to Luca Milanesio, a seasoned Gerrit contributor, and the co-founder of GerritForge. Link to mp3 Listen to the episode on YouTube You may know Gerrit as being the code-review tool that powers some of the largest open source projects out there today, like Android, Chrome and the Eclipse foundation. It’s used by big companies like Google, Sony, Ericsson and many others. It’s a very powerful tool where you can push up your suggested changes and...


GitMinutes #29: James Moger on GitBlit

In this episode, we talk to James Moger, the author of GitBlit, an open-source Java-powered Git repository manager. Link to mp3 This episode of GitMinutes is sponsored by DigitalOcean. Sign up using the promo-code GITMINUTES10 to receive 10$ worth of credit. Want to see how you can run GitBlit on your own DigitalOcean droplet? There's a screencast for that: See how to set up GitBlit on DigitalOcean Links: James on Google+GitBlit homepageTwitterGoogle+GitBlit mailing list/forumThings we...


GitMinutes #28: Johannes Schindelin on Git for Windows

In this episode we talk to Johannes Schindelin from the msysgit project, a tool used for building Git for Windows. Link to mp3 Johannes is a mathematician with a degree in genetics. In his day job, he supports biologists with image processing and analysis. He is involved in a number of Open Source projects and he co-maintains Git for Windows with Sebastian Schuberth, Pat Thoyts and Erik Faye-Lund. He is from Germany, but currently lives in the Mid-West of the US. Note: We briefly...


GitMinutes #27: Stefan Saasen from Atlassian

In this episode I’m talking to Stefan Saasen from Atlassian. We focus mainly on Stash, which is their on-premise Git repository manager, but we’ll also touch on their other products to see how they all work together. Link to mp3 Stefan is the development lead for Atlassian Stash. He has worked on Atlassian Confluence, later with the OnDemand authentication system and finally on Stash, their Git hosting solution. He’s responsible for migrating the Confluence team from Subversion to Git, as...