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2/2/20 MWS: 'Faith Greater than Fear' - Gen. 22

Faith Greater than Fear - Gen. 22 Support the show (


2/2/20 EWS: 'Leaving the Table Hungry' - Joh. 13

2/2/20 EWS: 'Leaving the Table Hungry' - Joh. 13 Support the show (


1/27/20 MWS: 'What is Church? - pt. 4 of 4' - Eph. 5

4 of 4 in the series 'What is Church?' Support the show (


1/19/20 EWS: 'Surviving the Storm' - Gen. 6

Surviving the Storm - Gen. 6 Support the show (


1/19/20 MWS: 'What is Church? - pt. 3' - Mat. 7

Part 3 of 4 part series examining the Failure and the Focus of the church Support the show (


1/5/20 EWS: 'Prophets & Portions' - I Kin. 22

As we look into 1st Kings 22, we see the divided Kingdom of Israel & Judah (under the leadership of Kings Ahab & Jehoshaphat respectively) uniting for the cause of taking back Ramoth-gilead from the Syrian kingdom. In this story, we take a look at the prophets that that gave council unto these two kings regarding their proposed siege that day. On one hand, you have the prophets of Baal, and on the other the prophet of God. We examine their contrasting advice & the results of what advice...


1/12/20 MWS: 'What is Church? - pt. 2 (The Foe)' - 1 Pet

In the first message of the series titled ‘What is Church?’, we looked at the Formation, the Foundation & the Function of the Church – the Body of Christ… and if that’s all there were, this question of ‘What is Church’ would be fairly simple & straightforward. However, as Paul Harvey would point out – there’s more to the story. In today’s message we address a subject that is not spoken of often enough. Today we look at the great deceiver, the ‘father of lies’, our great adversary the Devil...


12/22/19 MWS: 'The Meaning of Christmas' - Luk. 2

Many people have many differing idea’s as to the meaning of Christmas. Many would place special focus on the food, or on gifts, or on some tubby make-believe elf. Many Christians will rightly place special focus on it being the time to which we celebrate the birth of Jesus. Well today we’re going to look at the true Meaning of Christmas – because Christmas doesn’t mean really any of those things… Christmas actually means so much more. I pray you join us for the message...


12/22/19 EWS: 'Comparing the Birth Jesus Experienced with the Birth that He Offers' - Luk. 2; Joh. 3

The birth of Jesus Christ is a watershed moment in the history of mankind. Emanuel – God with us! So during Christmas we take time to remember and reflect about what that birth 2,000 years ago in Bethlehem meant. But upon pondering that, my mind began to meditate on another birth. There’s another birth that the bible speaks of that is of utmost importance as well – it’s the new birth in Christ Jesus. Join us today we compare the birth that Jesus Experienced with the birth that He...


12/29/19 MWS: 'Do You See the New in You?' - 2 Cor.

I believe this message is of utmost importance – so much so that if I had one message that I could broadcast to every church in America, it’s hard to think of one that I’d prefer over this one. No because I preached it well or anything, but because of the content. This message speaks of the Biblical Principle of evidential fruit. You see churches across America today are filled with people who may have had a confession, a confirmation or an experience, but they’ve never truly been born...


12/29/19 EWS: 'The Psalmist's Plea from 'He'' - Psa. 119

Psalms is a wonderful book. It amazes me how God can weave together the timely instruction and necessary wisdom through such beautiful language. Today we examine a small portion of the longest chapter in Scripture in Psalms 119. We examine the prayer of the Psalmist. What it is that he longed for, what it is that he sought, what he struggled with in this message titled ‘The Psalmist’s Plea from ‘He’’ Support the show (


12/31/19 EWS: 'Looking Unto Jesus' - Heb. 12 - New Years Eve. Svc.

In this New Years Eve message we seek to reflect back upon the past and consider the future through the perspective of Hebrews 12:2 Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith; who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God. I pray you join us today and consider your past, present and future while ‘Looking unto Jesus’ as our measure Support the show...


1/5/20 MWS: 'What is Church - pt. 1' - Mat. 16

This message is the beginning of a series of messages Titled ‘What is Church?’. I think this is an important series simply because there’s so many different idea’s as to what the church is, the purpose of the church, priorities of the church and so much more. In this first message we examine three things: The Formation of the Church – how it all started, The Foundation of the Church – and how it’s different from other entities, and finally the Function of the Church – what the Biblical...


12/15/19 AM: 'Increasing Faith: The Education of Zacharias' - Luk. 1

In Luke ch. 17, we see the disciples of Christ ask an interesting thing. They say to Jesus ‘Increase our Faith’. In our study today of Luke 1, we’re going to see just exactly how Faith increases in the child of God. In today’s Scripture, we see the story of Zacharias – the father of John the Baptist, one of the greatest men of God to walk upon the face of the earth – and how His faith grew stronger in what God not only can do, but WILL! Support the show...


12/8/19 AM: 'Protecting the Word' - Mat. 2

In the message titled ‘Abiding in the Vine’, we examined Jesus’ statements in John 15 in light of the truth found in John 1 that Jesus is THE WORD. In today’s message, we examine God’s charge unto Joseph to Protect the Word found in Matthew 2. The truth is, the Word of God is under attack, and has been since the dawn of time – and we Christians need to identify & protect God’s Holy Word from destruction. I pray you open your heart to the message. * Some of the introduction to this...


12/8/19 PM: 'Winning' - 2Tim

There’s a great question in the minds of men, that many put forth, and that is: ‘What is the meaning of life?’ or ‘What’s life all about?’. Well friend, to me the answer is simple, and that is ‘to fulfill God’s purpose for my life’. This is of course easy to specify, but in the flesh it’s harder to accomplish. - But until you recognize that your purpose is not to fulfill, YOUR desires, but to fulfill HIS plan, you’ll never accomplish your true purpose. So how does one ‘Win’ this race...


12/1/19 PM: 'Paul's Prayer to the Philippians' - Phi. 1

In this message we examine the church at Philippi. Now Paul gives us four chapters in a letter directed toward this church and along with what the book of Acts tells us, we have a good understanding about the characteristics of this church. So what did Paul want for this church? What is it Paul desired for this church? The answer I believe is found in the first chapter, where Paul speaks of his prayer for them. Join us today for the message titled ‘Paul’s Prayer for the...


12/1/19 AM: 'The Process of Healing' - Mat. 3-4

Today’s message is a straightforward message. There’s nothing that really surprising, no twists or obscure comparisons or illustrations – just a simple, straightforward message of truth found in the Word of God. The title of today’s message is called ‘The Process of Healing’. Not physical healing, but how one gets healed Spiritually – what takes place for that to happen… And let me just say, if there’s anything that the world – and especially our country needs today, is Spiritual...


11/24/19 PM: 'Thanks I Know and Am Thankful For' - I Chr. 16

In the wonderful words of the great Christian Hymn ‘Count Your Blessings’ and in the Spirit of Thanksgiving, we present unto you this message titled: ‘Thing’s I Know and Am Thankful For’. Let me just take a moment to testify that God is SO GOOD! He’s certainly been good to me! I believe there are two types of people: Those who’ve been blessed by God and know it and those who’ve been blessed by God and don’t. Why don’t you right now take a moment before the message begins and just give...


11/24/19 AM: 'Abiding in the Vine' - John. 15

If there’s one thing that I think most – if not all – Christians can agree on is that the Word of God is of utmost importance. Think about it – if not for the Word of God, how would we know that ‘God so loved the World that He Gave His Only Begotten Son that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have Everlasting Life'? As Christians, we know that the Word of God is important, so therefore, we need to make it preeminent in our lives! I pray you allow the Word of God in today’s...