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Going through the Retirement Door Successfully

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Going through the Retirement Door Successfully

Eating in the retirement takes on a whole new meaning. The days of eating whatever you want are long gone - or should be. Health issues come into play, not to mention overall wellness and energy levels.


Going through the Retirement Door Successfully - Boredom in Retirement

Studies show that the #1 Worry in Retirement is Boredom. Certainly issues such as Money and Health and Relationships are all critical issues, they are, hopefully, only temporary situations. But boredom can set in fairly soon after retirement and unless radical measures are taken, then having a lack of meaningful activities (part-time work, grandchildren, golf, gardening, etc) can become over-powering. The sense of losing self-worth and self-fulfillment become the drivers of retirement...


Going through the Retirement Door Successfully - Memory Loss

One of the most upsetting features of getting older is memory loss. Some people get worried about forgetting everyday things and get frustrated with themselves. Yet it is usually nothing more than a normal part of the aging process. The secret is to learn how to handle memory loss rather than fight it. In every conversation between retirees the lack of memory will inevitably pop up every time. Some people laugh it off, some don't care, some don't notice it, while many are concerned. The...


Going through the Retirement Door Successfully - Sleep in Retirement

One of the most difficult aspects of life in retirement is not being able to sleep properly. We have much more time on our hands these days and probably we are not as tired at the end of the day as we were when working. some people can handle sleep deprivation well - they catch up by having a nap in the afternoon for example. But many people find difficulty with poor sleep patterns both in terms of sluggishness during the day and frustration overnight when every hour on the clock is...


Going through the Retirement Door Successfully - Money in Retirement

The retirement years can be lots of fun or lots of boredom and heartache. Lifestyle and relationships all have a part to play but unless your financial picture is clear and sustainable your retirement years can be a serious challenge. It is CRITICAL that you forecast your retirement income and expenses well before the date of retirement, to allow adjustments to be made if necessary. Because if you have miscalculated, when you go through the retirement door, you can't turn around and fix...


Going through the Retirement Door Successfully - Retirement Happiness

People, both those approaching retirement and those already in retirement find that the words Retirement Happiness are the most used words in their conversations when discussing retirement issues. Yet ask 10 people to define "Retirement Happiness" and the chances are that you'll get 10 different opinions. There is no one-size-fits-all when it come to achieving happiness in the retirement years. We may dream of having long lie-ins when we retire or even taking the occasional nap in the...


Going through the Retirement Door Successfully - Challenges in Retirement

Retirement is a journey which must be planned and managed to get the most out of the rest of your life. When your parents or grandparents retired, the standard view of retirement was that you were getting close to the "end of the line". The notion that after retirement, death was next on the list, and if it came soon after retirement, people weren't particularly surprised. It was the natural order of life back then. Times have changed. Over 10,000 people turn 65 every single day in the...