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A Podcast consisting of 4 guys on a mythical journey to discover the pinnacle of movie experiences -- the good bad movie!

A Podcast consisting of 4 guys on a mythical journey to discover the pinnacle of movie experiences -- the good bad movie!
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A Podcast consisting of 4 guys on a mythical journey to discover the pinnacle of movie experiences -- the good bad movie!




Episode 53: Venom

This week, the gang watch VENOMMMM, a film about an alien Symbiote obtained by Sony for the big screen - and Tom Hardy shows up at some point as well. The question of whether you can have a Venom movie without Spiderman is answered (NO), and the question of how many times you can can take the piss out of the Venom Eminem song is also answered (the answer is infinite).


Episode 52: Camp Death III in 2D! (and Pablo EscoBear)

This week, the gang are given an exclusive screener by a Canadian filmmaker. The film does not fall into their usual wheelhouse, and comes very close to snapping their minds into pieces. As such, Hamish is very sorry for some of the things he said. They also discuss the legend of Pablo EscoBear - the brown bear that ate 40kg of Cocaine.


Episode 26: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

This week, the group delve uncharacteristically deep into the most controversial Indiana Jones movie, 'analysing' the film from beginning prairie dogs scene to end inter-dimensional aliens. We try to be as fair to the movie as possible, but there is much hatred within Hamish, and it seems the film broke his brain into several pieces. Tune in after the credits for our exclusive interview with George Lucas, who tells us about his favourite scene in the movie.


Episode 25: Reign Of Fire (And Independence Day 2 Hype)

This week, we watched Reign Of Fire, a post-apocalyptic dragon movie that apparently faded into obscurity the day after it's release. We delve deep into the movie, and try to talk sense into Frosty as he questions the most obscure things. We also discuss the Independence Day 2 trailer and get hyped, quote Willem Dafoe's Green Goblin, and discuss (/ SPOIL) The Witch, which everyone should see immediately.


Episode 24: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Duchess

In this episode, we do our best to make sense of the diarrhoea that is Snyder's latest bowel explosion. And like Snyder, we too created an incomprehensible mess, but at least we managed to reduce it down to 35 minutes. On top of this, John completely Snyder'd his audio, and is extremely sorry.


Episode 23: The Pest

In this episode, we immediately regret our choice of film. Despite this, we delve surprisingly deep into a forgettable, unfunny, racist and painfully 90's comedy with one of the most bizarre plots in cinema history. We also hear a few short tales of Hamish's life, including but not limited to: dressing up as a Teletubby, enraging a man dressed as the Joker, as well as information regarding his bowel movements.


Episode 22: The Ridiculous Six

The return of Good Bad Movies is finally here! In this episode, we watched the most watched film on Netflix of all time. You guessed it - The Ridiculous Six! It's even got fart jokes! And Rob Schneider! We also discuss the latest Star Wars film and get real white and nerdy, as well as chime in about some other films we've watched of late. The take away message for this episode is that Adam Sandler is truly on point these days and deserves more roles.


Episode 21: Our Favourite Movies (Pt. 3)

The final installment to our series of special episode. No, we didn't make a cash grab and split this into two with the first part being a bit shit and the second having no story just explosions. You can thank us later. Movies included: Star Wars, Song of the Sea, Dead Poets Society, American Psycho and Calvalry.


Episode 20: Our Favourite Movies (Pt. 2)

Part 2 of our special episode series about our favourite movies. Movies included are: American Pop, Whiplash, Children of Men, Valhalla Rising, and Big Fish. Bonus content: Lengthy ramblings about the Star Wars trailers (NO SPOLIERS!)


Episode 19: Our Favourite Movies (Pt. 1)

Instead of us constantly moaning about bad movies, we decided to talk about some good ones - namely 5 of our favourites! We spoke for so long we've split this monster into 3 episodes. Movies include: High Fidelity, Glengarry Glen Ross, Boogie Nights, Scott Pilgrim Vs the World and There Will Be Blood.


Episode 18: Spectre

A couple of weeks ago we saw Bond 24 - Spectre. We tried very hard to like it. None of us did. James got so bored in the cinema he asked facebook for help... At least Moonraker had space laser battles.


Episode 17: Man Of Steel

Man of Steel. Stop invincible son! Superman Vs General Zod Vs Metropolis. Metropolis loses. Zod dies. Superman gets a job. The end.


Episode 16: Pixels

We finally dip our toes into the toxic pool that is modern day Adam Sandler with his newest film - Pixels. No one much liked it. Hamish got distracted by the colours. He then had a fight with John. Sometimes even our love for shit films isn't strong enough...


Episode 15: Big Game

This week we watched Big Game. Samuel L Jackson as the President of 'murrica. Terrorists plot to kill him. Young hunter has to protect him. What more could you ask for? A better movie? Is that too much?


Episode 14: Planet of the Apes (2001)

In this episode, the group delve into the Tim Burton remake of Planet of the Apes - the one you probably don't remember exists. The group soon move onto other topics, such as how legitimate 'based on true events' horror films are, and how a multi-racial foursome would play out in the film. Things get a bit sombre and serious towards the end as the group mourn the loss of Australia's Minister for Women and Prime Minister, Tony Abbot, after Malcolm Turnbull basically executed order 66.


Episode 13: Movie 43

In this weeks episode, we watch one of the worst films ever created. You might remember it as the one where Chris Pratt explodes into poop. We attempt to grade them per sketch, but basically crash and burn and move on to discuss what we thought were more interesting topics, like fossils and Rex Hunt Fishing.


Episode 12: Dinosaur Island

This week, the trio are back to discuss the B-Grade film, Dinosaur Island. As usual, a plethora of topics are discussed, such as Jedi's using their powers for sex, actors looking like James' ex-girlfriend, the pure wonder of Willem Dafoe as the Green Goblin, and Hamish confusing a hypothetical scenario with time travel. Mostly we are just thankful that Hamish didn't run away this time.


Episode 11: Fantastic Four (2015)

This week, there is a betrayal in the group as one of them literally runs away after seeing Fantastic Four. The latest reboot of the popular Marvel series is discussed and universally hated, and speculation ensues as to what the porn parody of the film would be like, and whether it would be called Fantastic Whore. We also once again thank the two elderly ladies in England who like the photo of James' desk. Stick around for the stinger after the credits (It's like a Marvel film, get it)?!?


Episode 10: Premium Rush

This episode, the trio watch Michael Shannon's insanity unfold as he chases a bike messenger through the streets of New York. Additionally, Hamish makes his intentions to derail the podcast much more apparent this week, and we briefly discuss the new Marvel film: Ant-Man. Here, we question the science of shrinking technology and discuss our hatred for the row of man-children that sat in front of us.


Episode 9: Terminator Genysis

This week, the gang discuss the Terminator prequel / sequel / alternate timeline / re-imagining / reboot: Terminator Genysis. Little of the movie is enjoyed, and the majority of the film causes simultaneous confusion and aggression. Various sequel ideas are discussed, such as a romantic Terminator spin off involving the now lonesome robot villains of T2 and T3.