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A Podcast consisting of 4 guys on a mythical journey to discover the pinnacle of movie experiences -- the good bad movie!

A Podcast consisting of 4 guys on a mythical journey to discover the pinnacle of movie experiences -- the good bad movie!
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A Podcast consisting of 4 guys on a mythical journey to discover the pinnacle of movie experiences -- the good bad movie!




Episode 58: Rat Race

This week, the gang watch a refreshingly fun film from 2001 named Rat Race. But do not fret, fellow listener, as many tangent are embarked on in this podcast adventure - such as how many billionaires there were in 2001, whether it's cheaper to shop at Lowes or K-Mart, and the extreme price fluctuation of Audible audio-books. Hamish also has a medicine ball that he uses as a drum.


Episode 57: Die Another Day

So, we forgot we'd already done a Bond film, so we Die(d) Another Day. We talk about who our favourite Bond-girl is, who our favourite Bond is, whether taking hard drugs and the Limitless pill counteract one another, and we come to a definitive answer about what the best Bond One-liner is. We also get a call from our mate Luke to organise a splish-splash and John seems to be stealing everyone's Hello Fresh discount codes. If yours isn't working, direct your rage at him.


Episode 56: Peppermint / The Unraveling of Hamish's Mind / Hammy's Sex Tips

This week, Hamish's mind breaks into many small pieces - and everyone else is absorbed into his insanity. As usual, a plethora of topics are discussed, such as Anime, our ideal celebrity wives and Jon Hamm's penis. But mostly John and James listen to Hamish arguing with himself, and struggle to comprehend what is going on.


Episode 55: Bird Box

After the dust of Christmas and New Years had settled, there was only one movie on the lips of the masses - Bird Box. There was some kind of challenge involved - none of us know what that means - so right up our alley. What follows is a discussion of the "Bird Box Rules", how babies would commit suicide, Trump needing to wear a diaper, who would win out of Batman and Daredevil, Jaws: The Revenge and James' plethora of clothes. New Year - New Good Bad Movies? Nah


Episode 54: Final Score (Intoxicated Edition)

This week, our podcast heroes deep dive into the Die-Hard-in-a-football-stadium-but-with-Bautista masterpiece - FINAL SCORE. They analyse the films thematic nuances with microscopic precision - pulverising the films cell walls like the Nutri-Bullet. This episode was a one-take, meaning nothing was left on the cutting room floor. So if you hear anything offensive - please direct your complaint to James Frost-Innes.


Episode 53: Venom

This week, the gang watch VENOMMMM, a film about an alien Symbiote obtained by Sony for the big screen - and Tom Hardy shows up at some point as well. The question of whether you can have a Venom movie without Spiderman is answered (NO), and the question of how many times you can can take the piss out of the Venom Eminem song is also answered (the answer is infinite).


Episode 52: Camp Death III in 2D! (and Pablo EscoBear)

This week, the gang are given an exclusive screener by a Canadian filmmaker. The film does not fall into their usual wheelhouse, and comes very close to snapping their minds into pieces. As such, Hamish is very sorry for some of the things he said. They also discuss the legend of Pablo EscoBear - the brown bear that ate 40kg of Cocaine.


Episode 51: Blue Brothers 2000

This week, energy is low as the gang watched 1998's Blues Brothers 2000. We name and shame the person who chose this movie, and then embark on a journey of tangents and belly slapping. We do not recommend nor condone the watching of this terrible sequel. Just watch the songs on YouTube for the love of god.


Episode 50: The Meg

This week, we watched The Meg - it does relatively little chomping. We also try to keep it really professional, mainly by imitating professional podcasts and advertising companies we hear in professional podcasts.


Episode 49: Jurassic World - Fallen Kingdom

This week, the gang watch the new Jurassic World movie. They are bamboozled by the latest entry in the never-ending series, and also pitch their own insane ideas about where the franchise could go. Please Hollywood, at this point just go all in with the craziness. If you would like a treatment for Mad Max: Dino Road, please get in touch.


Bonus Episode: Jurassic Park (Again)

After road-tripping down to Canberra and attending Tim's wedding, the gang came back to their apartment somewhat intoxicated and watched Jurassic Park. This much loved classic, combined with alcohol, was a spicy combination, and proved to be all too much for James' stomach.


Episode 48: USS Indianapolis - Men Of Courage

With Tim back in town for the weekend, The Gang have a reunion with an old friend - Nicolas Cage. What follows is a discussion of Cage ratings, old school cartoons, shark espionage drama and the debut of our new segment - Silmarillion OR Bible.


Good Bad Movies: The Madness Awakens

Audio of the trailer advertising Good Bad Movies' return in 2017, created because John was jobless and very bored.. Video is also here:


Episode 47: From Paris With Love

This week, we discuss From Paris With Love. It's not a good movie folks. On a lighter note, they investigate and discuss what the female suicide bomber in the film might receive upon arrival to heaven. Spoiler alert - it's not 72 virgins. They also discuss their favourite bad movie lines and blame James for this terrible pick.


Episode 46: Life (2017)

This week, the gang watch an expensive knock-off of Alien. Tim joins to discuss the film, and before long James is forced to defend his position on The Fifth Element whilst being attacked for appearing to enjoy it. James also has an idea about meeting up with Brisbane listeners - but we shoot that down too.


Episode 45: Kirk Cameron's Saving Christmas (Eggnog Edition)

It's the festive season, so the gang watch one of the worst Christmas movies ever made with the help of some Eggnog. Things get weird quicker than usual this time around as many strange sexual things are discussed - such as whether James would ever bang a Dinosaur in heaven. Our dashing podcast heroes eventually uncover the true meaning of Christmas thanks to Kirk Cameron - turns out everything is Jesus, we should buy material things, and Santa murdered non-believers. Merry Christmas!


Episode 44: Knightriders & Justice League

This week we discuss an obscure movie from 1981 called Knightriders that Hamish chose having only seen the trailer. A debate ensues as to whether its any good (it's not), and then Hammy tells the group about the new DCEU™ sequel team-up movie, Justice League™. Other hysterically bad movies are discussed, such as The Berlin Syndrome, and The Circle -- a genre-defining movie about a social media company cult.


Episode 43: The Return of the Living Dead & Transformers - The Last Knight

In this episode, the original trio betray Tim in a move reminiscent of Game of Thrones, or that whole K. Rudd / Gillard thing. They discuss a classic 1985 zombie movie, the most recent experimental Michael Bay Transformers movie, and a range of other topics - like God, or what movies God would like, or what type of porn God would like, and the high likelihood of it involving horses in 4 dimensions.


Episode 42: The Mummy (2017)

The gang discuss the reboot and expanded universe setup of the remake of The Mummy. But this time it has Tom Cruise instead of Brendan Fraser and this time it's a pile of turd. They discuss the fast paced, 16% on rotten tomatoes acclaimed thrill ride and marvel at its well defined characters (Tom Cruise as Tom Cruise, plus Jennifer), frightening villain (2 eyeballed woman with tattoos) and breathtaking actions scenes (plane crash, forgot the rest).


Episode 41: The Punisher & Punisher: War Zone

The gang discuss The Punisher with Tom Jane, and Punisher - War Zone with that other guy, plus Newman / Nedry. They also discuss Spiderman Homecoming, Baby Driver, and an awkward cinema experience.