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God's Grace flows from His Word




Episode 59 – 1520 Year in Review

1520 is a year of suspense. The pope renews his calls for Luther to be silenced. Luther publishes some of his most significant books in his lifetime. Emperor Charles V is crowned at Aachen. This episode reviews Luther’s major literary works. We also follow the activities of Rome that lead up Luther’s excommunication. Beer Break […]


Episode 58 – Augsburg Confession Articles 22-28

This episode concludes the conversation on the Augsburg Confession that had been presented at the Diet of Augsburg on June 25, 1530. We focus on the disputed articles, 22-28, and the events that take place between June 25, 1530 and April 15, 1531. Sound quality is a little mixed in this episode because Evan Gaertner […]

Episode 57 – Augsburg Confession Articles 1-21

Part One of the Augsburg Confession is Philip Melanchthon’s attempt to show that the Lutheran church is in continuity with the historic Christian faith and more importantly in alignment with the teaching of the Scriptures. This document is meant not to cause division but to show the basis for unity in the church. This episode […]

Episode 56 – Introduction to the Augsburg Confession

In this episode Mike Yagley and Evan Gaertner introduce the Augsburg Confession. The beginning of the episode is a timeline leading up to June 25, 1530. This date is a major turning point in the identity of Reformation as something other than a schismatic movement that is breaking apart the holy Christian church. You can […]


Episode 55 – Luther’s Letter “Whether one may flee from a deadly plague”

1527 Martin Luther writes to Breslau after they requested guidance on the responsibilities people have to stay in a city that experiences a deadly plague. Luther’s open letter “Whether one may flee from a deadly plague” provides a theological response to the common tension we will face between self-preservation and care for another person that […]


Episode 54 – Close of Ten Commandments

In this episode we conclude our discussion of the Ten Commandments and Luther’s exposition in the Large Catechism. The audio is not as good because we recorded in a different room than usual.

Episode 53 – 8th Commandment Part 1

We begin our discussion of Martin Luther’s Explanation to the 8th Commandment, “You shall not give false testimony against your neighbor.” The Beer Break features Kickstand Brewing Co.’s CENTER STAGE AMBER ABV – 5.9% IBU – 29. Toasty malt character, medium body with a dry finish. Always a crowd pleaser.


Episode 52 – Seventh Commandment

Discussion of Martin Luther’s explanation of the seventh commandment, “You shall not steal,” in the Large Catechism. Beer Break features Enigma by Tapistry Brewing in Bridgeman, MI.


Episode 51 – The Sixth Commandment

Evan Gaertner and Mike Yagley have a conversation about Dr. Martin Luther’s Large Catechism explanation of the sixth commandment, “You shall not commit adultery.” Beer Break From Jackie O’s Brewery in Athens Georgia we feature during our beer break Jackie O’s Lost Marbles.


Episode 50 – The Fifth Commandment

You shall not murder. In this episode Mike and Evan discuss how Martin Luther explains the fifth commandment in the Large Catechism. Beer Break This episode features Tsingtao Beer. It is the most popular exported beer from China but it was recently overtaken in the domestic market by Snow Beer. The Tsingtao Beer we drank […]


Episode 49 4th Commandment Part 3

Mike Yagley and Evan Gaertner finish the discussion of how the Large Catechism explains the Fourth Commandment. Beer Break Salted Caramel Porter from Pigeon Hill Brewing Company What starts as a traditional porter takes a turn once caramel and salt are added to this brew. The use of chocolate malt even gives it flavors of […]


Episode 48 – 4th Commandment Part 2

Second episode focusing on the 4th Commandment, “Honor your father and your mother.” Our discussion circles around the issue of authority, trust, and spheres of influence in our lives. When we place ourselves under the authority of another person, we humble ourselves and trust in God’s ordering of society. Beer Break Oberon by Bell’s Brewery […]


Episode 47 -4th Commandment Part 1

We begin our discussion of the fourth commandment explanation by Martin Luther in the Large Catechism. Beer Break Griffin Claw Brewing Company on Eton Road in Birmingham, Michigan. El Rojo Red Ale ABV: 6.5 IBU: 25 A bronze medal winning El Rojo Red Ale has a malty, roasted flavor profile. Entered in competition as an […]


Episode 46 – 3rd Commandment

Mike and Evan have a discussion about the 3rd Commandment and Martin Luther’s explanations in the Large Catechism. In Christ we find our holy rest, so it is in receiving Christ the day is holy. Remember the Sabbath Day by keeping it holy. Beer Break This episode features the Petoskey Brewing Company and their beer […]


Episode 45 – 2nd Commandment

Discussion of the Second Commandment in the Large Catechism. Beer Break – Breakfast Stout from Founder’s Brewery.


Episode 44 – Large Catechism 1st Commandment

This episode includes the end of our discussion on the preface and our conversation about Martin Luther’s Large Catechism First Commandment. Beer Break Bell’s Official A year-round offering of a sumptuous hazy ipa from this great Kalamazoo, Michigan, brewery. This beer is great for those who love hops and prefer a wheat beer.


Episode 43 – Finishing the Preface to the Large Catechism

In this episode we finish our examination of Martin Luther’s preface (the long one and the short one) to the Large Catechism. Beer Break Grand Rabbits from Black Rock Brewery in Marquette, Michigan, is our featured beer. This cream ale is a delicious beer that sparkles with the waters of Lake Superior. Check out the […]


Episode 42 – Large Catechism Preface Part 2

This podcast episode continues a new format for Grace on Tap. We provide a running commentary of the Large Catechism as we read it together. This episode nearly concludes our discussion of the preface. You can download the version we are using and follow along with our commentary: The Large Catechism was written by Martin […]


Episode 41 – Commentary on the Preface to the Large Catechism Part 1

This podcast episode begins a new format for Grace on Tap. In this episode and the next several we will provide a running commentary of the Large Catechism as we read it together. You can download the version we are using and follow along with our commentary: In this episode we get through the first […]


Episode 40 – Saxon Visitations

When Luther and the other Reformers visited the common peasants in Electoral Saxony, they were shocked and deeply dismayed. Their problems were numerable, running from administrative issues to serious theological gaps. Most concerning, the majority of the common people had no idea of the most basic principles of the faith. Luther’s visits to Electoral Saxony […]