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A breakdown and recap of recent grappling events for sport Jiu-jitsu, Judo, sumo and other grappling events.

A breakdown and recap of recent grappling events for sport Jiu-jitsu, Judo, sumo and other grappling events.
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A breakdown and recap of recent grappling events for sport Jiu-jitsu, Judo, sumo and other grappling events.




#62 Abu Dhabi King of Mats/ Grand Slam, Third Coast Grappling, recaps F2W 97, IBJJF 2019 Euros F2W 98 Preview

This week we get back to our standard schedule we kick the show off with some news, the biggest news being that Gordon Ryan and Andre Galvao had beef on the Internet, and Caio Terra also decided to throw his hat in the ring. To top it all off a match originally slated to 50,000 dollars moved up to 300,000 dollars and Andre said 1 million or bust. After that we get into non-speculative news with Fight to Win announcing F2W Judo superfights were pumped about that. Then talk about the rumor...


Bonus Show #2 It's Lonely At the Top What it Takes to be an Outlier, Best Superfight Ruleset

On this Bonus show Maine and Emil talk about what it takes to be an outlier, the level one step above that of elite competitor. The criteria for domination and who the biggest outlier athletes to ever put a Gi on are in the modern era of sport BJJ. We talk about the biggest and baddest men to ever win an IBJJF world title in the Gi. Then after that we switch gear and talk about our favorite rule sets for professional superfight organizations. The pros and cons of each rule set, then talk...


#61 Previews of Third Coast Grappling, F2W 97, UAEJJF Grand Slam Abu Dhabi, and King of Mats

On this weeks show Maine and Emil get into previews of the weeks upcoming events, this show is a bit shorter than normal as the BJJ professional events tend to be less frequent during the holidays. We preview the Third Coast Grappling in Texas. Fight to Win 97 in Sacramento California, UAEJJF Grand Slam Abu Dhabi, and the 2019 Abu Dhabi King of Mats. Recorded 1-3-2019


#60 FloGrappling Awards 2018, F2W Awards, and New Years Resolutions

In this year-end recap show we have Maine, Josh and Emil in a first ever 3 mic show. Then we get into some news and promotions then year end point totals for IBJJF for the Gi. Followed by a run through of the 2018 FloGrappling Awards, while sharing our thoughts on the selections. In a shocking turn of events we don’t agree with all the nominations. After that we get into discussion of the 2018 Fight to Win payouts, the organization has once again paid out over 1 Million dollars that’s...


#59 Top 10 BJJ Matches of 2018, Top Submissions, and Top Moments of 2018

On this special end of the year/ holiday show we recap the entire year in just under an hour taking a look at the top 10 matches of 2018, as well as hand full of highlight reel submissions from 2018. We also talk about some watershed moments from this year. Then to top it all off Maine and Emil talk about their best and worst grappling moments of 2018. Overall it was a great year for the show and network, and we are looking forward to 2019, with hopefully a better way to cover major events...


#58 Recap 2018 IBJJF No Gi Worlds Recap

This week on the show Maine and Ryan Stark break down and that is a term being used loosely this week the 2018 IBJJF No Gi worlds, a championship given special recognition on non ADCC years. This event was really tough to cover, not goanna lie. Maine blew his knee out this weekend, was super sick as well. Flo shows 12 mats at a time, and then the finals, its really really hard to recap the event with any fullness within 24 hours after the event ends. We did out best this week. This show is...


#57 Recaps Polaris 8, EBI 18, F2W 96, Onnit 10, Preview IBJJF No Gi worlds 2018

On this weeks show Maine and Emil recap Polaris Pro 8, headlined by Craig Jones Vs Keenan Cornelius. We talked about the entire main card including Vagner Rocha Vs Benson Henderson. After that we move into the Eddie Bravo Invitational 18, where we saw the Female strawweights compete for a shot at the inaugural 115 title. Then we recapped Onnit Invitational 10 and the 135, and 205 pound tournaments and superfights. Then we rounded out the recaps with Fight to Win 96 in Fresno. In the previews...


#56 Recaps Finishers 7, F2W 95, Previews Onnit 10, EBI 18, Polaris 8, F2W 96, Toro Cup 12

On this weeks show we have a two-part episode all in one, we start the show with returning host Josh Weinstock talking about his recent promotion to Black Belt. Then we get into news and boy is there a lot of it. John Danaher and Gordon Ryan have DVD’s coming out, and people once again have beef with Gordon, tons of competitors, and commentators were promoted to black belt over the weekend. ADCC cancelled the Asian and Oceanic trials in Kazakhstan a week out, and people are rightfully upset;...


#55 Recap GrappleFest 3, Previews of Finishers Sub Only 7, F2W 95, Men of War 4

On this weeks show Maine and Emil talk BJJ news (and lack there of) then get into an exciting recap of GrappleFest 3, in what looked to be the comfiest venue available for a professional grappling event. We talk about the title match between Ross Nichols, and Gianni Grippo. Then get into recapping the big guys in Dan Straus, Vs Mateus Diniz. Plus even more exciting matches. After that we jump into previews taking a look at the 125 pound 16 man tournament for Finishers Sub Only 7, and the...


#54 Recaps of KOTM 4, F2W 94, Gamblers Invitational 1, Preview of GrappleFest 3

On this weeks show Maine and Emil kick the news section off with a recap of the most recent shit talking in grappling and a reminder of where BJJ comes from. Prompted by Keenan’s, Cyborg, and Gordon Ryan’s recent comments. Then we have big news, with the announcement of Josh Weinstock upcoming Black Belt Promotion. After that we get into the breakdown of the weekends events. We recap King of the Mat Grappling Championship 4, The Kings Crown, in an exciting open weight showcase, really great...


#53.5 Preview Segment for F2W 94, KOTM 4, and Gamblers Invitational 1. Special guest host Matt Saucier (Skype)

We try something different out and learn from our mistakes. In this somewhat abbreviated half episode of the Grappling Rewind we preview Fight to Win 94, King of The Mat 4, and Gamblers Invitational 1 (perviously Sapateiro Invitational 18). We remote record special guest host Matt Saucier, for the first time on the show and have some audio issues with the recording. A big reason as to why this is coming out as a separate recording, as opposed to the normal sound quality on the...


#53 Recap KASAI Pro 4, F2W 93, Upcoming Events KOTM 4, Gamblers Invitational 1, F2W 94

On this weeks episode of the show we recap KASAI Pro 4 in New York and talk about the loaded 145-pound bracket. We talk about all the superfights, Mateus, and his north south choke. We also get into various stylistic matchups in the bracket and how strange brackets get when someone is injured in the first round. After that we talk about Fight to Win 93, and some exciting title defenses, Submissions of the night and fights of the night. Then we had an audio issue and were unable to get the...


#52 Recap of ADCC 1st North American Trial, Spyder, F2W 92, Preview Kasai Pro 4, Sub Spectrum 6, F2W 93.

On this week we recap the first ADCC North American Trials the east coast trials. After that we look at the current divisions for ADCC 2019. The we get into a recap of Spyder Korea Finals, and look at the over 76 kg and under 76 kg division, as well as the superfights on the card. After all that we recap F2W 92 in Denver Colorado. Then we move into the previews section of the show taking a look in depth at Kasai Pro 4 the 145 pound men’s tournament as well as the main card superfights and...


#51 Recaps SAGC 7, F2W 91, Preview ADCC North American Trials, F2W 92, Spyder

On this weeks show Maine and Emil talk about doing commentary over the weekend for Submission Arena Grappling Competition (SAGC) 7. Then redact much of the shit we have talked over the years about event commentary. We recap the entire event, talk about the title matches, the SAGC endurance format, and event rule set. We also briefly recap Fight to Win 91 in New Jersey, the highlight matches from that event, and some other events that happened over the weekend. After all that we move into the...


#50 Recaps of Black Belt CBD Invitational, F2W 90, Previews of SAGC and F2W 91

On this weeks show Maine and Emil talk about their experience going to Fight to Win 90 live in Philly. Watching guys like JT Torres, Baret Yoshida, Kristian Woodmansee, David Porter and John Battle was a blast. We talk about that stand out performances from the event, and how friendly the entire BJJ community is. After that we get into the inaugural Black Belt CBD Invitational, where we saw three divisions and a superfight between Frank Mir and Forrest Griffin. Each bracket paid out 30,000...


#49 Recaps of F2W 89, 88, and Grappling Industries Sydney Superfight, Preview of F2W 90, Black Belt CBD Invitational

On this weeks show Maine talks about his experience at this weekends Shane Jamil Hill Taylor seminar, and how much better a current Black Belt 2018 IBJJF World Champion is than himself. After that we get into some superfight new and matchups being announced. The we get into Fight to Win 89 in Miami where we talk about how hard it is to beat Vagner Rocha in Miami, along with the rest of this action packed card, from the kids to the purple belts and black belts, we also talk about Maggie...


#48 Recaps of Quintet 3, ADCC Euro Trials, WSOG 2, F2W 88, IBJJF LA Pro, Preview of F2W 89

On this weeks show we have a huge recap of Quintet 3, for the first United States Quintet event has run. The event featured Gordon Ryan, Nicky Ryan, Craig Jones, Uriah Faber and more. Team 10th Planet, Team Polaris, Team Sakuraba, and Team Alpha Male brought the heat in one of the most action packed events of the entire year. We break down every tournament and team battle match, and every superfight on the card. We talk about the news that has blasted every social media feed; in Khabib...


#47 Recaps of EBI 17, F2W 87, Rise 5, Previews of Quintet 3 F2W 88, and more

On this weeks show we recap the action at Fight to Win 87 in Dallas Texas. Talk about the fights of the night, and the title fights on the card. We recap the action at Rise Submission Invitational 5 in New York. We talk about various blackbelt promotions in the news section of the show. The get into Eddie Bravo Invitational 17 the 185 pound Combat Jiu Jitsu event. Maine and Emil recap the tournament and superfights and give our thoughts on the event going all CJJ for future events. After all...


#46 Recaps SUBVERSIV, UAE King of Mats, UAE Grand Slam, Sumo, Previews of Rise 5, EBI 17 CJJ, and F2W 87

On this weeks show we recaps of SUBVERSIV by F2W along with some F2W superfights talk about the various Team Lloyd Irvine competitors CSW, Carlson Gracie and 10th Planet teams in what was in fact not really a Qunitet style event. We apparently butcher Craig Jones. Then we get into the UAE JJF Grand Slam event in LA, then UAEJJF King of Mats event where we saw the return or Eberth Santos to his true terrifying form. Then we get into King of the Mats 3 briefly. After all that we recap the end...


#45 Recaps of GrappleFest2, Onnit Invitational 9, IBJJF Nogi Pans, F2W 86, Sumo, Preview of SUBVERSIV, King of Mats 3

This week is a massive show we recaps of GrappleFest2 with Craig Jones vs Matheus Diniz and tons of other superfights. Then we get into the Onnit Invitational 9 where we look at Frank Vs. Ricky Lule, PJ Barch and Keith Krikorian and the rest of the 170, and 155-pound brackets. We talk about Gordon F Ryan III 2018 IBJJF No-Gi Pans domination in New York this weekend. Plus Maine learns how to pronounce New York names from Emil. Then we get into the recap of F2W 86 in Seattle Washington, and...