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A Podcast About the TV Show Home Improvement


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A Podcast About the TV Show Home Improvement




Fear of Flying

This Week on Home Improvement… Tim and Jill are so happy that Mark has finally found a hobby in making model airplanes, but when Tim takes him to an aeronautic museum, Mark gets the need, the need for speed… and wants to take flying lessons. Jill is adamantly against this because she believes small planes […]


The Vasectomy One

This Week on Home Improvement… When Jill Taylor (Patricia Richardson) discovers one of her 40something friends got pregnant – even though she was using the same form of birth control Tim (Tim Allen) and Jill use – she suggests that Tim get a vasectomy. Tim, predictably, doesn’t love this idea, and after some heavy razzing […]


Tanks for the Memories

This Week on Home Improvement… On Tool Time during the Salute to the Armed Forces, Tim is officially invited to a California military base to drive a tank. When he tells Jill, she’s incredibly excited – for Tim to drive a tank? No. For her to drive a tank. As an army brat it’s something […]


High School Confidential

This Week on Home Improvement… After Randy receives detention, his teacher informs Tim and Jill that he believes Randy is not being engaged enough with the current curriculum, and wants to enroll him in advanced placement courses. This, of course, means that he will be in high school with Brad. This week on Grunt Work: […]


Oh, Brother

This Week on Home Improvement… When Tim’s brother Marty loses his job, Tim offers him some work helping to rebuild the set of Tool Time. However, as soon as they begin to work together, petty tensions begin to boil. Meanwhile, Randy gets a haircut, Brad gets a new girlfriend, and Mark grows ten inches. This […]


I’m Listening… Frasier Bonus Episode (Patreon Sampler)

This is a previously published episode from Grunt Work: Nights. If you want to support the show, head over to our Patreon where you can gain access to this and all of our other episodes for as little as $1. We will return to new episodes soon. This week on Grunt Work… Baby, we hear the […]


The Santa Clause (Re-Broadcast)

This is a previously published episode. We will return to new episodes soon. Ching-Ching-Ching! It’s those jingle bells (or so Truman says with his sound effects) indicating that it’s time for us to cover The Santa Clause! Tune-in for our in-depth breakdown of the beloved Christmas film that launched Tim Allen as a massive movie […]


Bigfoot: The Unforgettable Encounter – Bonus Episode!

Plot Synopsis When Bigfoot – or A bigfoot, depending on who you ask – is sighted outside a small mountain town, an evil billionaire offers a one million dollar reward for Bigfoot’s capture, dead or alive. A media circus ensues as swarms of hunters arrive to search the woods for the creature, as well as […]


Magic Island – Bonus Episode!

Plot Synopsis Jack, a frustrated 13-year old, is introduced to a magic book that transports him to an island filled with pirates, buccaneers, hidden treasure, sand sharks, mermaids and pizza trees! Along the way, will he learn a lesson? Nope! But we go along anyway. Why? Because we’ve made a commitment to you. This week […]


Twas the Flight Before Christmas

This Week on Home Improvement… It’s Christmas Eve, and Tim (Tim Allen) and Al (Richard Karn) are flying to a nearby town for the day to lead an elf parade. But when Al’s mother keeps blowing up his beeper with messages and invites herself to the romantic New Year’s he had planned, Eileen has had […]


That’s My Momma

This Week on Home Improvement… When Tim’s mom comes to town, he begins to learn things about her that surprises him – like she’s lonely in their childhood home; she recently took a trip to Ireland and kissed the Blarney Stone; and that even at her age, she can still get it. However, when she tries […]


Doctor in the House

This Week on Home Improvement… When Tim Taylor (Tim Allen) finds out he’s getting an honorary PhD from Western Michigan University, he’s thrilled. Jill (Patricia Richardson), who’s burning the midnight oil to get a graduate degree, and Wilson (Earl Hindman), who toiled hard to get his PhD, are significantly less excited. But Tim’s gloating comes […]


Chicago Hope

This Week on Home Improvement… Tim is obsessed over developing new ideas to pitch to an affiliate with the hopes of acquiring a time slot in Chicago. But this has put a cramp in his and Jill’s love life, as they haven’t had sexy times in a month. To help rectify this, they agree to […]


Room Without a View

This Week on Home Improvement… When Mark (Taran Noah Smith) and Randy (Jonathan Taylor Thomas) can’t stop fighting, Tim (Tim Allen) decides to build Randy a new bedroom in the basement as a Tool Time special. Randy is psyched to get his own bachelor pad downstairs – until his first night down there, when he’s […]


The Look

This Week on Home Improvement… When Bud Harper offers Tim the chance to buy season tickets to the Pistons, he can’t pass up the chance, even though it means laying down $4,000 without consulting Jill. This, understandably, upsets Jill who suddenly transforms into the fabled unreasoning housewife monster who is capable of turning a man […]


Let Them Eat Cake

This Week on Home Improvement… Tim (Tim Allen), Al (Richard Karn) and Jill (Patricia Richardson) reluctantly attend the cable awards on Halloween night, in spite of the fact that Cooking With Irma wins everything every year. With Mark (Taran Noah Smith) sick at home and no babysitter available, they ask Brad (Zachary Ty Bryan) and […]


Advise and Repent

This Week on Home Improvement… Jill comes home with an A on her recent psychology test and a confident bounce in her step, so when she encounters Burt, the father of Randy’s girlfriend, who explains that his wife drives him nuts when her parents are in town, Jill suggests that maybe his wife has never […]


Jill’s Surprise Party

Tim Taylor (Tim Allen) has called together all of Jill’s friends and relatives to throw her a surprise 39th birthday party – but when Jill (Patricia Richardson) takes off on an impromptu trip to Dayton to retrieve a childhood piano just before the party’s set to begin, Tim has to try and keep all the […]


Her Cheatin’ Mind

When Tim finds out that Jill is in a book club with another man, his jealousy ignites. This is made worse by the fact that his friends claim that they would never let their wives be friends with another man. To keep tabs on her, Tim decided to read Madam Bovary, and join their book […]


The Last Temptation of Tim

Tim Taylor (Tim Allen) and Al Borland (Richard Karn) are nervous when Binford is bought by a new investor, who they fear will want to cancel Tool Time. When Tim meets with Bud Harper (Charles Robinson), the new owner, Bud explains that he loves Tool Time and wants to take it national – but only […]