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Episode 35: Paca Pride with David!

Paca Pride Guest Ranch is a campground, demonstration farm, and fabulous place to relax! Plus, they have a yurt! You can enjoy the surrounding nature, great company of the owners, and the ranch’s inhabitants; alpacas, chickens, and a very handsome llama named Mucho. David is passionate about creating an excellent environment for human guests and the creatures he cares for. It’s a fabulous ranch and a very nice place run by very nice people.


Episode 34: Harry Potter with Cindy!

Did you know that the Harry Potter series has been out for over 20 years? For Potter nerds like me and my cousin Cindy, it feels like just yesterday. We geek out about our favorite HP characters and moments. We cover the books, the midnight release parties, the movies, the theme parks, and the conventions! If you’re a PotterHead, then you will love this episode!


Episode 33: Riot Games with Yichao

Have you ever wondered how characters and stories are created for video games? Wonder no more! Yichao is a storywriter and a character builder for League of Legends. Yichao has had a diverse writing career. He’s tackled everything from plays to sitcoms to a stadium show. What’s next? Listen to find out!


Episode 32: The Madonna Inn with Amanda!

Amanda Rich is the artistic director of the incredible and sensational Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo, California. We discuss the unique designs of the fabulous guest rooms, the pink theme throughout the inn and its restaurants, and the famous pink champagne cake. For me, this place is heaven on earth! Enjoy a voyage into the Madonna Inn!


Episode 31: Sourdough with Cynthia!

Cynthia Lair wrote a cookbook all about sourdough bread! It’s called Sourdough on the Rise. (Named for pun reasons.) There is so much to know about yeast and those “friendly, loving bacteria” (as Cynthia puts it). Welcome to a new season of “Hi! I Think You’re Nice!” with this delicious and interesting episode.


Bonus Episode: Late Night Musical Improv with Elaine!

As you may have heard with Writing Musicals with Elaine!, Elaine Pechacek is a talented musician and composer. Near the end of our interview (around 12:30am), we decided to write some songs. Instead, we improvised a couple of songs from suggestions we got live from Facebook!


Bonus Episode: Nerding Out with Sarahs!

During our original recording of Singing with Sarah!, Sarah shared that she LOVES Pokemon Go. Yes, she is an outstanding singer and performs with Voctave and Disney’s Voices of Liberty. Plus! She’s always on the look-out for Pikachu. Pokemon Go brings her ever so much joy! Then, when Sarah asked me about my favorite fantasy power metal band, Gloryhammer, it was all I could do to keep recording and not stop everything to play “Unicorn Invasion of Dundee” or “Angus McFife.” I highly recommend...

Episode 30: Writing Musicals with Elaine!

Elaine started writing the occasional song every now again. Over time, her interest and passion grew. She has now written and co-written full blown musicals! Listen as Elaine speaks about the gift of music and creativity. Get ready for a journey! Added bonus! Elaine sent me never before published rehearsal tracks to share with you! This is a Hi! I Think You’re Nice! exclusive! Track 1) “Don’t Take For Granted” -Sung by Elaine Pechacek -From SEASONS by Katie Hammond and Elaine Pechacek Track...

Episode 29: Florida Aquarium with Thom!

There are a lot of interesting creatures to learn about at the Florida Aquarium! Thom is a gameshow host, a storyteller, and occasionally he sees penguins walk by his dressing room. You know, usual job stuff. From sharks and octopuses (*not octopi), to polyps and leafy sea dragons, we cover a lot of fascinating underwater creatures. Bonus! Thom wrote adorable songs for his underwater coworkers! They’re called, Aquatunes and they are super clever and catchy. Sing along! I did!


Episode 28: Singing with Sarah!

Sarah is an accomplished vocalist who sings professionally with Walt Disney World’s Voices of Liberty and the incredible a cappella group, Voctave. Sarah shares her journey with singing and generously sings a few refrains. From Bjork to jingles, this episode has a lot of merry musical moments.


Episode 27: Gatorland with John!

Gatorland is a 70 year old institution and it’s an ever changing, ever evolving place that celebrates one of Florida’s most plentiful and fascinating creatures, alligators. However! There is a whole lot more to Gatorland than just alligators. They have a lot of interesting animals and unique, thrilling shows such as the Gator Jumparoo. (The Gator Jumparoo is to Gatorland as Hamilton is to Broadway.) The fine folks at Gatorland also rescue alligators and teach the public about alligator...


Episode 26: Cosplay and Dragon Con with Meghan!

Meghan Moroney is no stranger to costumes and character work. She has been a professional actor for a long time! She works at Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, various regional theaters and has a Broadway credit to her name. Suffice it to say, Meghan enjoys embodying different characters. Meghan is also a self proclaimed and celebrated geek! With all of her powers combined, she truly enjoys cosplay and participating at Dragon Con (and other conventions).


Episode 25: Opera with Eric!

Eric is an opera enthusiast! He has also directed and performed in them. Eric shares the wild stories opera tell, the music that drives the characters, and the trope of the doomed soprano.


Episode 24: Dinosaurs with Ryan!

Ryan knows his stuff and is excited to share it! He has been on a paleontologist dig site, he’s a guide at Dinosaur World, and he has a few dinosaur news bombshells to drop on ya. (Or at least it was big news to me!)


Episode 23: The Rockettes with Joy!

In this episode, Joy fondly recalls her days as a Rockette and living as a New York dancer. She also chats about her life long love of tap dance. Plus! A super delightful story of when she got to dance with Gregory Hines!

Episode 22: Classic Rock (and beyond) with Joe!

From Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin to Talking Heads and B.B. King, this episode covers a lot of outstanding musicians. How did Joe’s interest in Rod Stewart lead him to Sam Cooke? Will Joe and I get into a fight about the vocal stylings of Robert Plant? Why did my grandma come up a few times in our conversion about rock music? Listen and find out!


Episode 21: Moving with Michael!

In this episode, we dive into Michael’s educational and career path which is the driving force of his constant motion. We chat about the highlights of living in New York City, a dramatic airport banana pudding incident, and we really hash it out about Pizza Hut.


Special Episode: Lucca the Perfect Pekingese

Saying goodbye to a cherished pet is incredibly heartbreaking. In this week's episode, I tell nice and funny stories about my little Lucca. It reminds me of all the joy we shared (oh the bacon we ate!) and makes me grateful for the 14 years we had together.


Episode 20: Storytelling with Kent!

Kent is an award winning storyteller and a storytelling coach. Authenticity, presence, and honesty are key for any great story. Join us on this storytelling journey!


Episode 19: Libraries with Laurel!

Laurel doesn't claim to be an expert in libraries, but she sure does know a lot about them! From the various professional services they can provide, to the fun stuff they offer! Books, audio books, movie borrowing, rehearsal rooms, resume assistance, and so much more!