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Lori Torres - Diligence and Vetting are Critical! Especially in the Early Stages of Building Your Company

“Chaos is inherent in all compounded things. Strive on with diligence.” -Buddha Invest the time to really get to know the people you are going to hire. Especially in the beginning stages of your company. Be picky! Your companies success hinges on your ability to hire people who will help push the car uphill. Do not let your need to hire override the fit for both parties. Show highlights: Experience hiring at the early stagesHiring challenges as you growProvide solutions for hiring...


Erin Wilson: The Power of Feedback in Your interview Process Stops Ghosting and Glass Door Fears

Don’t underestimate the power of giving and receiving feedback in the interview process. Feedback helps your company improve your hiring process and it provides a positive “candidate experience” for the interviewee! “Feedback is the breakfast of champions.” – Ken Blanchard (one minute manager books) Show highlights: The Whys’ of interview feedbackGiving & receiving feedbackProvide the tools to create feedback channels into your Interview processYou must first have an interview process


J.C. Ruffalo: Team Chemistry Either Attracts or Repels Investors, Customers and Top Talent

Today we are talking about the chemistry of your team! Look, you can have the greatest product in the world but without a strong team chemistry, your company will ultimately fail. “Skills are Cheap. Chemistry is expensive” ― Mal Pancoast Show highlights: Why chemistry is so importantHow to Monitor your team chemistryWhat to do to encourage or change the chemistryElements of good team chemistry Constructive Chemistry*Good chemistry, Your brains produce more Oxytocin, which is the...


Hank Levine: Gamifying Your Entire Organization - Accounting Needs to Have Fun Too!

“The Game gives you a Purpose. The Real Game is, to Find a Purpose.” ― Vineet Raj Kapoor According to Wikipedia, Gamification is the application of game-design elements and game principles in non-game contexts. Gamification commonly employs gamedesign elements to improve user engagement, organizational productivity, employee recruitment and evaluation, and more. We are all used to being gamefied. In fact, our lives have been programmed to do things based on reward. Everything from our...


Dane Petchul: College Debt Is Hindering Your Ability To Attract The Best Talent!

Student loan debt is certainly a major issue and yet it is not often addressed in the hiring process. Some would argue that the overwhelming pressure to start paying back the loan often results in a person making the wrong career decision out of necessity. Companies could do more to alleviate some of that pain by targeting talent out of their specific industry and creating benefits or incentives to help with this burden. Show highlights: The effect student loans have on career choicesHow...


Anita Kanti: Abolish the Resume!

Fact: A majority of the most talented people have terrible resumes. Why? Because they are busy getting making things happen! Companies miss out on great people because they never make it past the resume screen. Automating the process and screening for buzzwords is just not an effective tool for finding the right people for your business. We are in the people business when we recruit. So, pick up the phone and judge based on your conversation and not the resume. Show highlights: Positive...


Brenda Diederichs: Public Sector Versus Private Sector - Startups!

We put on the gloves in an epic showdown of today’s episode, to settle the differences and find out the better career option. The 3 rounds for the undisputed championship: Round 1: Brenda - bashes up the logic behind joining a startupRound 2: Rick - negatives of the public sectorRound 3: Each counter the punches from their opponentRound 1: Why do you think it is silly to work for a startup? No career securityLack of stabilityRound 2: Cons of working for the public sector (federal,...


Meredith Fish: Transforming Your Leaders Into Talent Magnets

As an Entrepreneur or business leader, it is crucial in this market, to brand yourself to attract talented people! One company is developing their managers to become thought leaders and influencers. A fantastic example of how your company can increase engagement and retention. Making your company safe from guys like me! The highlights of the show: Format: identify a problem and provide solutions Your journey @ AlteryxWhy it is important to brand yourself as a hiring managerHow to make...


Mark James: Losing Great Hires? Preparing for Your Interview is the Key to Winning the War on Talent!

Today’s show is all about Preparation! Preparation is the first step in conducting an effective Interview. Both interviewer and interviewee parties need to be prepared. Just showing up without an idea of where you are going is the quickest way to lose an opportunity. An Interview without Preparation is really just PreparationH! In this episode we stressed the importance of preparation and how it needs to happen: Why is it important to prepare for an interview? Interviewee


Event Interview: Maryam Rofougaran From Octane OC’s Technology Innovation Forum

Maryam Rofougaran, Co-CEO/COO & Founder, Movandi Panel member on the topic of the Anatomy of Success.


Nicole Arvizu: Human Resources VS. Recruiting. Who Will Come Out Victorious

We are putting on the gloves in an epic showdown today. Answering the age-old question of Why we can’t just get along. 3 rounds for the undisputed Podcast championship: Round 1: What Human Resources dislikes about Talent AcquisitionRound 2: Recruiting issues with HRRound 3: Solutions to get the two working togetherNicole Arvizu is the Chief Human Resources & Compliance Officer for MeriCal, Inc. She is a very progressive and disruptive HR leader! Nicole is a change Agent who joined...


Special Episode: Paul Pickle From Octane OC’s Technology Innovation Forum Event

Paul Pickle, Former President & COO, of Microsemi & MC of Octane OC’s 2018 Technology Innovation Forum


Special Episode: Ryan Permeh From Octane Technology Innovation Forum Event

Ryan Permeh, Co-Founder & Chief Scientist of Cylance.


Tom Chaparro: How To Pick The Best Search Partner For You And Your Company.

Picking the right recruiter partner is not easy. Today’s episode is all about the different options available and how to find a search firm who has your company’s best interest at heart. Start by establishing the following: Defining & understanding your company - values, culture, & plan Expectations of your team, company goals, needsHow to evaluate a search firm and chose the one that best fits with your organizationTom Chaparro is the Executive Vice President and General Manager of The...


Lynn Taylor: Is It Possible To Transform Underperformers Into A-Players Just By Changing Seats? Spoiler Alert……Yes!

On Average 20% of your company provides 80% of your value. Which poses the following questions that we covered on today’s show: Lynn Taylor is the President and CEO of Taylor Protocols, Inc. He is a business optimization expert in the areas of human capital, C-level performance, executive coaching and organization design. Lynn is a creator of the Core Values Index (CVI), the only assessment to identify the unchanging human characteristics that dictate future job performance and [...]


Ron Herrera: Benefits Strategy For Attraction And Retention. Thoughtfully Crafted To The Demographic Of Who Your Company Is Attracting.

Is your benefits strategy the right one to land great people? Highlights discussed on the show: How Benefits drive RetentionEffective vs. Ineffective benefitsHow Benefits can help land TalentRon Herrera is Vice President of Consulting Services with the Precept Group, a national employee benefits consulting firm and insurance brokerage. Precept offers a variety of services including health and welfare consulting, health management programs, benefits administration and technology,...


Richard Franzi:Unintended Consequences Of A Poor Hiring Process.

Bad hires are the negative effect of a unstructured hiring practice and will manifest itself in the performance of your company. So how do you minimize the risk of bad hires? A hiring structure needs to be in place to drastically increase the chances of making a great hire. Insights from today’s guest, Rick Franzi shared that implementing the SECURE Model, as the frame of your hiring process will promote successful hires and growth for your business: S stands for slow down the...


Ville Houttu: Maximizing Transparency And Trust. This Bold Step Thrust One Company Toward Massive Success!

True transparency maximizes trust and enables a company to thrive! Vincit promotes proactive leadership and a bottom up leadership approach. The results: a rediculously successful business with no attrition and incredible engagement and productivity. Ville Houttu is the Founder and CEO of Vincit California, Inc. Previously, he helped to take it public in Nasdaq First North marketplace. After the IPO, Ville moved to California to start Vincit’s local subsidiary. During the first year of...


Chris Steely: Unconscious Bias And How To Eliminate It From The Hiring Process.

We all have unconcious bias. It is important to recognize and identify them, especially in the workplace. When we acknowledge these biases, then they can be eliminated in the interview process, creating smarter hires for your business: Seek to understand - “Organizational conversation”Job descriptions - perception and gendered words -”build and create”Blind resume review - omit the nameAccomplishment focusStructure InterviewsValue fitDiversity goals


Nick Livingston: Improving Communication For The Interview Process Will Increase The Likelihood Of Making A Great Hire!

Insights on Proper Interview Communication and the ways to incorporate them effectively for the Hiring Process: What are the broken issues in the Interview communicationFix the crucial areas - challenges between the Recruiter, Hiring Manager, and IntervieweeUtilize Solutions and Tools that are available to enhance communication and overall candidate experience: videos, phone, chatbots, etc.Nick Livingston is CEO of Honeit Software. He has been scaling recruiting teams and companies in San...