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From hilarious and wacky to dark and disturbing, history has a lot of fascinating topics worth discussing. Join us as we delve in to a new historical topic each episode!


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From hilarious and wacky to dark and disturbing, history has a lot of fascinating topics worth discussing. Join us as we delve in to a new historical topic each episode!




4.8: Consumption Assumptions

FINALLY! This episode has been a long time in the making. When one views massive, defunct sanitoriums like Waverly Hills, they're often associated with mad scientists performing torturous experiments and angry spirits in the afterlife. That is not, however, the case. Join us as we talk about tuberculosis and why the sanitorium movement was necessary. Also stick around for a history of Waverly Hills Sanitorium followed by a new segment that we like to call The Paranormal Fanny Pack. We'll...


4.7: Death By Rock And Roll

Rock and Roll is a musical genre near and dear to the Idiots. Do you know what actually happened the day the music died? Maybe you heard some 'rumors' about Fleetwood Mac, and you'd like us to clear them up for you! Join us as we talk about the 27 club, the white lighter theory, and some urban legends and tragedies in the music world. Support the show


4.6: They Chose Violence - The Molly Maguires and The Battle of Blair Mountain

Have you ever heard of the Molly Maguires? What about the Battle of Blair Mountain? Strikes, unfair wages, and raging tempers caused war to break out in the coalfields. One thing is for certain: these folks woke up and chose violence. Come and learn some dark history as the Idiots discuss these two (pretty much) wars. Support the show


4.5: Things You Can Never Un-know

You wanted dark and terrifying, and we delivered! Mature content warning: the topics discussed in this episode are disturbing and graphic! Join us as we learn about the injustice of the Junko Furuta case, how Edison was a complete jerk, and why you should never take a break during an exorcism. Can Tessa retain her title as the Queen of Dark? Or will Josh or Ty usurp her and take the crown for themselves? Find out in this grim and gory episode! Support the show


4.4: Rabbits All The Way Down (Treasures and Secrets)

Ever hear of Jonathan Swift's silver mines? What about hidden golden rabbits and clues within picture books? What about Colonel Benjamin Caudill's gold, or the ultimate quest for Atari glory? Join us as we tell you about some pretty neat treasure hunts and quests throughout time, and maybe even give you a little spoiler as to where we think some of these treasures are hiding! Support the show


4.3: Beauty in Bravery - Strong Italian Women (Feat. Jennifer Anton)

Let us take you a few steps back in history to Italy under fascism, and the thumb of Mussolini. Come and listen to the stories of bold women like Nina, whom lived through death, war, loss, and great love, and her mother Adelasia (El Capitan), who was one of the greatest midwives Fonzaso, Italy ever saw. The Idiots take a little stop along the way to tell you about fascism, communism, and socialism, and what it was like to be a woman in a time not very friendly to women. In celebration of...


4.2: Love Your Libraries

Ever wonder about the history of libraries? Throughout history, there have been some great libraries, great librarians, and great philanthropists that paved the way for library services worldwide. The Great Library at Alexandria was an ancient wonder of the world, but was destroyed in a fire.... wasn't it?? Andrew Carnegie donated a literal fortune to open public libraries throughout the world. Brave women used to brave the Appalachian landscapes on horseback or mule in order to deliver...


4.1: Not So Silent Nights

Crime doesn't take off on holidays! Listen as Josh and Tessa tell you about some murder cases that happened around the holidays; definitely no silent nights for these unfortunate folks. Also, Tyrell makes him return, and of course hilarity ensues! Support the show


3.7: Miracle Babies and Cautionary Tales

Did you know that historic Coney Island was once home to a sideshow exhibit of premature infants in life-saving incubators? Ever hear of the Dionne quintuplets, who were conceived and born against all odds before fertility treatments were a thing? The survival of these little ones is nothing short of a miracle, and also a pretty entertaining (and in one case, sad) story. Join Tessa as she ventures solo into the past and tells you all about Dr. Martin Couney and his sideshow babies, and the...


3.6: Feuding, Fighting and (Not So) Fun Times

Kentucky is full of rowdy folks that love to start feuds! Come join us for this episode as we tell you a little about some not-so-famous feuds in American History! From slicking to stealing pocket watches to cartoonish chases through the Appalachians, this episode has got it all (or at least enough to keep you well entertained)! Support the show


3.5: Come Life, Shaker Life

Have you ever heard of the Shakers? Lots of people have, though they tend to only remember one thing: they denied themselves 'pleasures of the flesh'. The Shakers were so much more than that one belief, however. Come listen as we tell you all about our recent visit to Pleasant Hill Shaker Village, the history of the Shakers, their beliefs, their music, and more. Music from Early Shaker Spirituals, sung by members of The United Society of Shakers, Sabbathday Lake, Maine. Support the show


3.4: The Cure-All and Quackery

Humans have come up with some odd ways to cure whatever it is that ails you! From bleeding you in order to cure blood loss, poking around in your noggin with an ice pick, and painting you teeth with radioactive chemicals (but they were so attractive when the GLOWED!), we bring you some of the oddest and most disturbing. Come laugh (and cringe) with us as we discuss the worst cures ever. Support the show


3.3: Zeus on the Loose!

Come and join us as we dive into Greek Mythology and discover Hera's anger problem, Zeus's loose morals, and exactly what a Titanomachy is! We discuss the Titan War, Greek love stories, and try to explain how Zeus got a mortal woman pregnant while disguised as a swan. What more could you want?! Support the show


3.2: Pandemic Panic!

The outbreak of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) isn't the first time the human race has had a pandemic on their hands; smallpox, Spanish flu, the black plague to name a few. Join us as we discuss some of the pandemics humanity has encountered in the past, and listen as a special guest physician tells us all about COVID-19, what TO do and what NOT to do. Support the show


3.1: The Goodest of Boys - Heroic Animals

Animals have a long history of being absolutely heroic. Whether transporting medicine in order to save lives, boosting troop morale in the trenches, or even taking down a machine gun nest single-handed (single-pawed?), animals have saved the day time and time again. Come learn about the doggos, goats, bears, and even ducks that saved the lives of their humans. Support the show


2.19: Distractions, Trivia, and Season Finales!

Join us as we play a rousing game of Truth or Myth, get a little distracted, and find out whether or not George Washington actually had wooden teeth (plus lots more)! Support the show


Episode 2.18: The Weird Side of Thanksgiving

Did you know that Thanksgiving used to look exactly like Halloween? Ever hear of a man who could eat enough food for 15 men, but still remain hungry? Join us as we discuss the weird side of Thanksgiving! Ragamuffins, gluttony, and a whole lot of mispronounced words! Support the show


Episode 2.17: Sometimes Truth is Scarier Than Fiction

Haunted dolls, haunted chairs of death, paranormal happenings, Ed and Lorraine Warren, and more spooky stuff on this Halloween episode! Support the show


Episode 2.16: Weird History!

On this episode, we're looking at some strange events from history, like the Dyatlov Pass Incident! Join us as we talk about disappearances, UFOs, cannibalism and more! Support the show


Episode 2.15: Dumb History Round 2!

We are back again on this episode with some of the weirdest and dumbest events in history! Join us as we talk about things from awful miscommunications, to more run ins with the terrifying rabbit! Support the show