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Showing The World How DC Rocks

Showing The World How DC Rocks


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Showing The World How DC Rocks




Podcast for June 25th, 2020

Paul livestreams more mashup DJing, while Tony has the floor pulled out from under him. Tracklisting: The Frontier – It’s You [single] Golden Browne – Get Down [single] Babbling April – Narcissism [Days of Retreat] The Southern Ocean – Friday Night [single] Continuals – Privacy [Three Songs from Exile] Stripmall Ballads – What Will We […]


Podcast for June 9th, 2020 feat. Ardamus & Cecily

We turned this week’s show over to rapper Ardamus and soulful songwriter Cecily to pick the songs and reflect on life. Tracklisting: Cecily – Hope [Songs of Love and Freedom] Ardamus & Height Keech – Too Close To Danger [Astro Blocks] Fertile Ground – Black Is [Black Is….] RNLification – Starving Artist [Build A Better […]


Podcast for May 22nd, 2020

Tony adds a new dessert to his life, while Paul further develops his livestream DJing. Tracklisting: Black Masala – Afterglow [single] Frass Green – The Band Is Breaking Up [Death of Pop] Makeup Girl – My Time [single] Smoke King – Paper Bag [single] Scott Grim – New Old Flame [single] Jon Camp Trio – […]


Podcast for May 7th, 2020

Paul recounts a helicopter ride, while Tony binge-watches a dystopian TV series. Tracklisting: Flowerbomb – Sorry [single] Raw Poetic & Damu the Fudgemunk – Nappy Heads [Moment of Change] Yes Vacancy – Heavy Now [single] Jasmine Gillison – Concrete [single] The Sweater Set – Being Alone [Fly On The Wall] Anthony Pirog – The Shape […]


Podcast for April 23rd, 2020

Tony throws back to Windows 95 pinball, while Paul figures out how to set up a DJ livestream. Tracklisting: Smokin on Planes – Interspecies Love [single] Brushes – Mars & Me [Mars & Me] Griefcat – Marseille [Griefcat] Kromanauts feat. Kool Keith – Heavyweight Building [DJ single] Big Like Bear – Dancing in the Rain […]


Podcast for April 10th, 2020

Hear our recap of the 2020 DC Web Fest, where Hometown Sounds was honored with a Local Heroes Award! Tracklisting: Bad Moves – Party With the Kids Who Wanna Party With You [Untenable] Blue Streak – Damaged [Damaged b/w Raleigh (demo)] Lotion Princess – Think of Me [single] Martin Royle – Pop Bottles: A pop […]


Podcast for March 26th, 2020

Hometown Sounds is podcasting from home! Tony researches swimwear, while Paul rounds up online board games to play remotely. Tracklisting: Beauty Pill – Pardon Our Dust [Please Advise] The Screamies – ReduxReduxRedux [Disco Fixins] Nicole Saphos Band – Can’t Get Along [Takoma Sessions] Hannah Jaye and the Hideaways – New Frames [Hannah Jaye and the […]


Podcast for March 11th, 2020

Paul and Tony fret about the coronavirus’s impact on the DC music scene. Tracklisting: Ardamus – Astro Blocks [Astro Blocks] Modern Trap – Irish Goodbye [single] Seán Barna – Eastern Junk Dancing [single] Flo Petite – Blue [single] Hailu Mergia – Abichu Nega Nega [Yene Mircha] The Escape Artist – Solaris [Wildbright] Subscribe to the […]


Podcast for February 28th, 2020

Tony asks a deep question of Philip Glass, and Paul reveals a superpower. Tracklisting: chicx guapx – whoops [chicx guapx] A. Mazz – Moonlight, Moonlight [All Night Grad Party] Tosser – Bent Out [Total Restraint] Sweet Something – No Surprises Here [single] 2DCAT – The One [Delaware Is Burning] Coriky – Clean Kill [Coriky] Subscribe […]


Podcast for February 13th, 2020

Paul & Tony discuss nuclear waste, MTV animation showcases and the #DCmusic du jour. Tracklisting: Echelon the Seeker – 16 [single] Knovo – Fake [single] Rorie – Dance [Valley in the Mirror] Catscan! – Context Clues [Yucca Mountain] Liquid TV – I Just Want to Be Cool [A Violet World] Too Free – ATM [Love […]


Podcast for January 31st, 2020

Tony sees a classic David Bowie album performed live, while Paul attends a deafening company holiday party. Tracklisting: Light Beams – Sacred Scales [Self Help] Time Is Fire – We Declare [In Pieces] The North Country – Future Humans [single] Tim Hicks x The Dirty Church – BNARD [Bullets] Wicked Sycamore – Break the Barrel […]


Podcast for January 16th, 2020

Tony brightens up his apartment, and Paul plugs his preferred source of chill out music. Tracklisting: Thievery Corporation – Lebanese Blonde (Symphonik Version) [single] Born Dad – IDC [single] Priest Da Nomad – Food [The Manhood Project] Eli Lev – Walking Away [Deep South] Poppy Patica – Theo [State of Nothing] Red Medicine – Cheap […]


Podcast for January 2nd, 2020

Happy New Year, #DCmusic fans! Paul goes vegan for January, while Tony tries to see a movie in the theater. Tracklisting: Origami Angel – 24 Hour Drive-Thru [Somewhere City] Odd Mojo – Sunday, Monday [single] Soft Punch – Brother, Sister [Brother, Sister b/w Get Well] Bacchae – Leave Town [Pleasure Vision] Magazine Beach – Trainwreck […]


Holiday Podcast for December 19th, 2019

It’s our annual holiday #DCmusic episode, spreading Tony’s special holiday cheer to the DMV and beyond! Tracklisting: Maryjo Mattea – War on Christmas [single] Hiphopmcdougal – Party Up the Chimney [single] Dennis Kane & Q – Christmas Will Be Just Another Lonely Day [DK & Q Xmas Music] The Caribbean – Christmastime Is Here [single] […]


Podcast for December 5th, 2019

Tony visits the best of Nextdoor, while Paul recounts a high school musical play. Tracklisting: Heavy Breathing – Gonna Get You [C.P.R.] Kokayi – St. Fed UP [HUBRI$] Brassie – Should’ve Warned You [The Airstream EP] Stray Fossa – It’s Nothing [single] Mister Goblin – Calendar Dogs [Is Path Warm?] Domingues & Kane – Instilled […]


Podcast for November 14th, 2019

Paul reveals his DC Dream Day, while Tony weatherproofs his back door. Tracklisting: Stranger in the Alps – The Days are Over Sooner (But The Light Is Better) [The Days Are Over Sooner] Sand Tiger – Summer Routine [single] My New Mixtape – Bang Spark [Fall 2059] Frankin Gotham – We Were Dumb [single] Warm […]


Podcast for October 31st, 2019

Paul & Tony recap spooky Halloween fun! And play the best new #DCmusic, of course. Tracklisting: hiphopmcdougal – Trick or Treat [single] Incredible Change – Stealing by Finding [single] Kev Brown & J Scienide – Buck Rogers [Drum Machine Cassette Tape] allthebestkids – Falling Out the Mind [Have Mental Breakdowns] Landon-Philip – Inside [single] Jason […]


Podcast for October 17th, 2019

Are Krispy Kreme flavored Jelly Bellys any good? How many cameras does Paul’s new phone have? Is a hot dog a sandwich? Find out! Tracklisting: Middle Kid – Queen of Rockledge [Queen of Rockledge] Silent Old Mtns. – People [single] The Make-Up – I Am Penatgon [Save Yourself] Suzy Callahan – Karen (Country Version) [single] […]


Podcast for October 3rd, 2019

Paul removes his public info from creepy websites, while Tony investigates the offerings at a popular convenience store. Tracklisting: Ducts – Do Have Be (DHAAFH) [Songs] Emperor Plum – To Be My Shadow [Several Dozen Hundred EP] Peanut Butter – Asteroid Negotiations [Don’t Stop] Birds For Eyes – Ten Years [single] DMV Kars – Fukumeen […]


Podcast for September 19th, 2019

Paul reveals another early influence on his obsession of DC music, while Tony does some friendly internet investigations. Tracklisting: Washington Social Club – Dance This Out [single] The OSYX – Six Feet Under [The OSYX] The Duskwhales – Hold Back Love [Take It Back] Purple Hurt – Black Star [single] Child Ivory – Until It’s […]