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Stable Stolen & my horses were in them

Sally and Tasha Bentley arrived at their field to find a complete disaster, the horses stables had been stolen over night and the horses were in them! As if that wasn't enough, their 5 year old horse Michael became severely ill. The trauma this family have gone through only a week ago has been horrific, but Sally is still brave enough to share her story so that we can all be aware to prevent it from happening again to you. You can donate to Sallys just giving page here:...


Dr Rosemary Waring: Gut Dysfunction

Dr Rosemary Waring is a toxicologist interested in gut dysfunction and endocrine disruption. Rosemary is currently using metabonomics to investigate the effects of diet on the gut microbiome in man and horses. We discuss Equine Gut Dysfunction and how enzymes help, plus a new product called EquiNectar which is based on groundbreaking microbiome research, improving equine health and performance through enhanced digestion. Dr Rosemary Waring is a Director of 'Tharos' and an observer on the...


The Horse Shrink

Patrick Gracey 'The Horse Shrink' shares stories of loading horses and how he helps hundreds of equestrians and horses with his techniques. Patrick discusses why Pressure and Release should be Ask and Release, why you shouldn't be using a whip, how to load a horse that struggles, foals, youngsters and handling, and why Patrick is one of the best horsemen... because he's experienced abuse. You can follow Patrick and see his videos on his facebook page: @TheHorseShrink Join in the...


Caroline Harris: Educating your horse at home

Caroline Harris, 3* Eventer, joins Amy Frost to chat about training and educating your horse at home. Caroline has a long string of 15 horses from youngsters right up to current 3* competitive horses and she shares her training tips from groundwork, school work, how to use hacking for fitness, along with other advice, all on the #HorseHour Podcast. Join in the conversation on Twitter 8pm-9pm GMT just use #HorseHour in your tweets. Follow us @HorseHour on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and...


Sir Lee Pearson: There's No Excuse

Sir Lee Pearson is the most incredible man. You won't believe his journey to becoming an 11 time Paralympic Gold Medalist. In September, Lee is travelling to Tryon to the World Equestrian Games representing GB like he has done so many times in his career spanning 20 Years. The fight to take the 'Dis' out of Dis-ability has been a long road and you will hear Lee share stories of the strength of his mum and how and why Lee has become one of the most inspiring sports men ever! Together we can...


FIRE RISK: Are you prepared?

Jim Green, Founder of BARTA and Tactical Advisor for Hampshire Fire and Rescue joins Amy to discuss what to do if your field or yard catches fire. Key points to Prepare for a fire or emergency, what to include in your Action Plan if you were to have a fire, keeping your horses safe and evacuation advice. Jim shares his experience with tips on how to Prevent a fire and what you should be looking for in terms of safety when choosing a livery yard to keep your horse. This and more on the...


Ideal Saddles Advice

James Hitchin from Ideal Saddle Company joins Amy Frost to discuss saddles, advice, tips, along with the history of leather and saddle making. James has over 25 years experience as a saddler and he shares his experience. How does the saddle effect horse welfare. They also talk about Ideal's Ambassador, GB Dressage Rider Hayley Watson-Greaves and her success with her superstar horse Squeak, plus you could win an Ideal Saddle Girth. All on the #HorseHour Podcast. Join in the conversation on...


ROR, Elderley Horses & all issues in between

Matilda Baker has such a love of horses and, her journey is based on the problems and issues her horses have come with. Matilda has taken on horses with back issues, sweet itch, elderley horses needing care, rearers, buckers and bolters, and carried them through the hard times to retraining a racehorse to showjump. It's not always about the end goal... it's the journey in between. Hear Matilda's story on the #HorseHour Podcast. Join in the conversation on Twitter 8pm-9pm BST just use...


Juggling Life with Horses

Sandie Robertson is an Equestrian Confidence Coach, Performance Coach, Amazon Best-Selling Author, Presenter and Columnist. Sandie shares her own personal experiences of overcoming her own riding trauma's which led to her hugely successful career as a coach. Confidence is something most of us lack, with the daily pressures of family life, work, business, horses and our own mental pressures, it's ok to give yourself a break every now again. But the guilt takes over! We discuss the issues we...


Natasha Baker MBE

Natasha Baker MBE: Five time Paralympic Equestrian Champion & Five time European Champion. Natasha had always dreamt of winning a Paralympic gold medal from the age of ten, then in 2012 her dream came true when she took to the podium at the Paralympic Games in London winning Gold! Followed by another Gold in the Freestyle event two days later, setting another Paralympic record. Natasha became just one of only 25 British Paralympians to be awarded an MBE by the Queen. Now Natasha is focused...


Horses and Commercials

Charlotte Wolfenden and her team at Adam and Eve create all the emotional Lloyds Bank adverts. The latest commercial includes 30 black wild horses running along a beach, greeted by their perfect partner. No tack, no bridles, free running! Charlotte shares how they came up with the concept, witnessing the relationship and bond we have with our beloved horses, understanding the power and strength of a horse and the impact horses have had in our history. Charlotte and her team showcase the...


Sam Hutton: International Showjumper

Sam Hutton is an International Showjumper. He is currently away competing in his first Internationals this year, in Slovakia for Individuals and at Linz in the Team Nations Cup representing Great Britain. Sam shares some advice on training young horses for showjumping, what he looks for in a showjumping horse, breeding, foals and worries with newborns. Plus has Amy convinced Sam to love Dressage? Find out on the #HorseHour Podcast. Follow Sam Hutton: @Hutton_Sam Join in the conversation on...


Inside World Horse Welfare

A combination of interviews from Inside World Horse Welfare, Glenda Spooner Farm in Somerset. Amy chats to Christine, Chartered Physiotherapist at World Horse Welfare, about rehabilitation, strength and balance in horses; Claire, the World Horse Welfare Manager to hear about the 2000 cases they investigate each year and how we can help; And World Horse Welfare Lead Vet Anna Hammond. Anna shares her role within the team and some of the stories/issues of the ponies she treats. All on the...


Harriet Nuttall on Showjumping

British Showjumper Harriet Nuttall won the Queens Cup at Hickstead last year, competed for GB in the Nations Cup in Dublin, has nailed the Hickstead Derby Bank and has recently returned from the Sunshine Tour where she finished 3rd in Grand Prix. Harriet shares experiences of producing her young horses to top level, learning from her coach Nick Skelton, why she would never take part in the Puissance again, the one pole down curse and how to get over it, why she was never cut out to be a race...


Boyd Exell: Driving World Champion

Boyd Exell, Four times World Champion, shares his story of passion and love for horses and carriage driving. Boyds ethos is 'BE DRIVEN. BE DISTINCTIVE. BE SPIRITED' is in everything he does from training to competing and you can hear this as he shares life stories and childhood memories. Boyd, a true champion, talks to us while he is driving his team, preparing and training for the next show; Royal Windsor Horse Show and lets us into some of his training techniques along with a bit of...


Hayley Watson-Greaves: GB Grand Prix Dressage Rider

Hayley Watson-Greaves is a GB International Grand Prix Dressage Rider, who has trained her own horses from youngsters right up to Grand Prix. Hayley's superstar horse is Rubin's night and she shares stories of training, competing, advice on Canter Pirouettes, how to get the lift, finding the extended trot, training at home and she shares some experiences of dealing with horse 'moments' during competitions. Plus we hear about Hayleys younger horses who will be future dressage stars. All on...


Burton & The Budweiser Clydesdales

Burton Westbrook is the Budweiser Clydesdale Handler, based at the New Hampshire Training Centre. Burton, his team and hitch of Clydesdales travel the US showcasing the stunning breed. A little piece of history that has been carried through to 2018, Burton's story is truly fascinating. He has helped breed and rear the Clydesdales, he has taken part in the world renowned Budweiser commercials, has trained, driven and looked after the Clydesdales for over 37 years. The heritage and passion for...


Gobi Gallop: Endurance in Mongolia

Julie Veloo is the Vice President of the Veloo Foundation and Gobi Gallop Chief. The Gobi Gallop is held every June and consists of 700 km in 10 days of riding! It is the longest annual charity horseback ride on the planet and the main fundraiser for Veloo Foundation's children of the Peak Sanctuary Project. Julie only learned to ride 6 years ago when she moved to Mongolia, this is when she started the Gobi Gallop to help the children in the Garbage Hills. Hear Julie's story on the...


Big Star Breeding, Stallions & AI

Tullis Matson, Founder of Stallion AI Services explains about the science behind AI breeding. Nick Skeltons Big Star is based at Stallion AI, he shares plans for Big Stars Breeding Programme and how you could purchase a Big Star Foal. Tullis shares his story of how Stallion AI began, from a humble farming background to growing one of the most successful AI businesses in world. Tullis has set his sights on expanding his work with rare breeds, including camels! All on the #HorseHour...


NEF 18: Equine Emergency Rescue; Managing Risk

Guest Speaker: Jim Green (Animal Rescue Tactical Advisor, Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service; Director and co-founder, British Animal Rescue and Trauma Care Association) The National Equine Forum (NEF) is the only equine conference of its kind in the UK, free from any specific equine sector affiliation, bias or commercial influence. Recognised in the horse world as an outstanding annual event this exceptional conference brings together influential members of the equine industry, experts and...