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Empowering Entrepreneurs to Kick Ass in Life & Biz

Empowering Entrepreneurs to Kick Ass in Life & Biz
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Empowering Entrepreneurs to Kick Ass in Life & Biz






016 – Survival Guide of tools and resources we use DAILY to kick ass in life and biz!

HAVE YOU EVER WONDERED WHAT ARE THE "SECRET TOOLS" THAT HELP OTHERS STAY ORGANIZED, BE MORE EFFICIENT, RUN A HOME + BIZ, AND NOT LOSE THEIR FLIPPING MIND!?! WELL, IT'S THE QUESTION WE GET QUITE OFTEN, SO IN THIS EPISODE WE SHARE THE TOOLS AND RESOURCES THAT WE USE ON A DAILY BASIS TO KEEP OUR FIRES BURNING! It might look like we have it all together... well, usually not, haha... but for the most part we are becoming a well-oiled machine with our biz partnership and utilizing some effective...


015 – The Emotional Rollercoaster and Fires of Life, Love, and Biz!

THE FIRES OF LIFE! IT'S AN EMOTIONAL ROLLERCOASTER! HOT MESS TO SUCCESS COULD NOT BE MORE TRUE THAN THE CURRENT EVENTS OF LAURA'S LIFE AND SEASON ONE OF OUR AWESOME ON-FIRE PODCAST! Tune in to hear all the hot messes that happened during season one of our podcast and the hot messes of life. Yes, life. It's wild, it's hot, and it's the reality of mompreneurs everywhere! As much as we would all like to bury our heads in the sand sometimes, we can't. We must rise up and make shit happen. It's...


014 – Are MEN Damaging Your Career or Life? WTH! Amanda hashes out this hot topic!

WHAT THE WHAT!? ARE MEN DAMAGING YOUR CAREER OR LIFE? THIS IS A HOT, HOT, HOT TOPIC AND AMANDA DIGS DEEP INTO THE BALANCE BETWEEN MEN AND WOMEN. COMMUNICATION SUCKING IN YOUR LIFE? IT SEEMS TO BE AN EPIDEMIC WITH SO MANY! Dig in with Amanda and hear her ideas and thoughts on how MEN impact our lives as moms and entrepreneurs. Is it damaging? Are we enabling ourselves or others? How can we be better? This is a hot topic and Amanda share tons of golden nuggets as she unpacks the reality of...


013 – Rise Up! Laura’s Heart to Heart… Tears… Fears… plus, Bonus Organizational Tips!

RISE UP! HEAR LAURA'S JOURNEY ON RISING UP! LISTEN TO THE SONG HERE! LAURA SHARES HER TEARS AND TOPS IT OFF WITH 50 FUN ORGANIZATIONAL TIPS TO GIVE SOME STRUCTURE TO OUR HOT MESS MOMPRENEUR LIVES! Laura and Amanda each decided to do a solo episode. Laura wanted to have a heart to heart with moms! Life is crazy! It's non-stop Go, Go, Go!! Hear Laura's tips on routines, structure, and organization as she also shares her TEARS and FEARS. This episode is hot, hot, hot, and raw and real and...


012 – Discover Your Purpose & Become a Mother Hustler of Success!

YOU WANT SUCCESS... YOU'VE TRIED ALL THE MARKETING... YOUR FAMILY IS ROLLING THEIR EYES AT YOU AND YOUR "MAKE MONEY" ADVENTURES... NOW WHAT?? HOW DO YOU REALLY HAVE SUCCESS? WHAT DOES IT TAKE? WHAT'S THE NEXT STEP? Amanda and I share our decades of experience and life and biz lessons with you. We know what it takes to have success. We are not going to sugar coat it, we are sick of the bull that others try to promise you. It's just that, total BS! Hold on... because this episode is insane...


011 – Not so “Happily Ever After”… Find the Keys to Unlock the Prison of Your Mind…

SHE FOLLOWED ALL THE RULES! SHE WENT TO COLLEGE, GOT A JOB, AND DID NOT EXPERIENCE THE 'HAPPILY EVER AFTER'... HEAR HER JOURNEY FROM HOT MESS TO SUCCESS AS SHE NEARLY LOST HER HOME, LONGED FOR HER FATHER'S LOVE, and SO MUCH MORE! We all long to feel loved. We want life to be simple. We want to enjoy success. We want to be happy. We want to live the "Happily Ever After"... and then we realize WHAT the WHAT!?!! Life is a freaking mess and we get angry, we cry, we tell the devil to "F-off"!...


010 – The Fire of an Entrepreneur from Kids to Adults!

WHEN DID THE ENTREPRENEURIAL SPIRIT STEAL YOU HEART? HEAR AMANDA AND LAURA SHARE THEIR JOURNEYS AND HOW TO KEEP THE FIRE BURNING SO YOU CAN ENJOY HOT SUCCESS! This episode is HOT! Amanda and Laura share their journey as entrepreneurs with hot tips and ideas for mompreneurs and more! There is straight FIRE in the soul of entrepreneurs and it's fun to learn how to keep that fire burning. Appreciation vs Expectation. How you treat others is so powerful. How can your smile change a person's day?...


009 – Mother of 8 with a financial hot mess & only $6 shares her secrets to success working from home

Imagine living in a trailer, only $6 in your bank account, and 8 kids to feed! What would you do? Financial Hot Mess to Success! Hear today's guest share her story of being a wife and mom to 8 kids. Going from a financial hot mess to a work from home success. She shares great parenting hot tips, financial hot tips, and so much more! If you're ready to hear how to be a great mom, build an online business, and become financially responsible, listen in on today's episode. Joy Packard has a...


008 – Laura’s Crying Mess… Her Current Hot Mess Life Events

WTH?! LAURA'S CURRENT HOT MESS. THE REALITY OF DIVORCE, CHANGE, ADJUSTING TO LAST MINUTE CHANGES. TEARS AND MORE TEARS! How do you take action when you have tears rolling down your face? How do you get through the hot messes of life when you feel like everything is crumbling down around you? Listen in to hear Laura's current hot messes and how she is embracing the change. Change is scary. Change is not easy. But... it will all be okay. Embrace Peace. Take Action. Go for it. You got this...


007 – FBI shocker! Hot Model Moving Across Country & Now Amazon Rockstar!

THE FBI IS KNOCKING AT YOUR DOOR, YOU'RE A YOUNG MODEL AND MOM AND NOW YOUR HUSBAND IS BEING DEPORTED! Just when you thought life could not get any crazier or a bigger hot mess, you'll hear the story of our guest as she is a young model, shocked by the FBI at her door, and now she's an Amazon rockstar. Life was not easy for her, but she was an action taker and will share her secrets to success with you today! Hear how Tammy has worked through MANY hot messes in life and is now sharing her...


006 – Curiosity vs Judgement + Meaningful Connections for Introverts and More!

CAN YOU BE CURIOUS and NOT JUDGE? PLUS MEANINGFUL CONNECTIONS (FOR INTROVERTS, TOO)! Seriously, how many times have you looked at life, a person, or a thing and passed judgment? It's crazy that if you change that judgemental thought to curiosity you have now reverted your mind to thoughts that are on purpose and you can level up your thinking. Curiosity and judgment can not be activated at the same time. It's so cool to experience, listen in as Laura & Amand hash out these real-life...


005 – Depression to Frickin’ Awesome

CLINICAL DEPRESSION TURNED INTO FRICKIN' AWESOME LIFE & BIZ Getting out of bed seemed impossible. The weight of life was just too heavy. Today’s guest shares how she suffered in silence, crying, and hoping it would all just go back to “normal”. Hear how she identified and overcame clinical depression to truly be FICKIN' AWESOME in life and business! Alissa Daire Nelson, of Daire Success Coaching, will share HOT TIPS on Shame, Guilt, Judgement, and Jealousy. Hear how she believes a bleeding...


004 – Addiction Deep Dive & The Next Right Step Challenge

ADDICTION DEEP DIVE + THE NEXT RIGHT STEP CHALLENGE Join us today as we take a deeper dive into the serious topics that we discussed with our amazing guest on Episode 003, Teri Johnson. Alcohol addiction is a horrible disease, and it impacts the lives of so many people. If you are dealing with this personally, or with someone you love, it is important to know, you are not alone! Along with the personal insights that we share on this topic, we also expand into how to leave indecision behind...


003 – Overcoming Alcohol Addiction + 6 M’s to Success

ADDICTION to SURRENDER to SUCCESS Imagine yourself hitting rock bottom, on the verge of death, your life is spiraling out of control and your only option is to surrender. Today’s guest shares how she walked away from her business and left her family and kids behind to surrender to God and overcome her alcohol addiction. She’s now turned her trials into triumphs! Hear her share the raw and real details of how she made TWO life-changing decisions while in treatment that has forever impacted...


002 – Meet Laura Host

MEET HOT MESS TO SUCCESS CO-HOST LAURA HOST Listen in as Laura shares some of her hot messes in life and why she is so passionate about empowering entrepreneurs. Most would look at Laura's life and wonder, 'how does she do it all', and now you will get an inside sneak peek into her hot mess life that is always leading to success. SUBSCRIBE Apple | Google | Spotify | Stitcher | iHeart HOT TIPS Laura shares how she has struggled for 20+ years with her health 20+ years on the entrepreneur...


001 : Meet Amanda Balcazar

MEET HOT MESS TO SUCCESS CO-HOST AMANDA BALCAZAR Listen in as Amanda shares their rollercoaster of being a multi-million dollar e-commerce entrepreneur on Amazon and now launching their own brand online. She is an inspiration to many and humbly shares her trials and triumphs. Hear how her hot messes have shaped her to be the mother hustler she is today! SUBSCRIBE Apple | Google | Spotify| Stitcher | iHeart HOT TIPS Amanda shares their Amazon e-commerce successes and struggles Hear how they...


000 – What is Hot Mess to Success?

WHAT IS HOT MESS TO SUCCESS? Amanda and Laura are excited to share their vision for Hot Mess to Success. SPOILER ALERT... it's so much more than just a podcast! Hear their vision and see how you can be a part of their big vision on empowering entrepreneurs to kick ass in life and business! SUBSCRIBE Apple | Google | Spotify | Stitcher | iHeart HOT TIPS What's in it for YOU our listeners! Hear the hot messes that Amanda and Laura have been through to inspire them to put together this podcast!...