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EP064: Tuttii Fruittii London – Why Two Clown Hair Sculptors are Challenging the Norm

Tuttii Fruittii London is not your conventional hair salon! Owners Tuttii Fruitti and Toni Tits passion of Clown and Hair artistry have come together to bring the local community of Deptford, South East London a unique space that is more than a salon. In a space that's promoting self empowerment and creative freedom through identity expression, today we're going to learn more on why these two clown hair sculptors are challenging the norm. Tuttii and Toni's hairdressing story is filled with...


EP063: Anna Cofone – What it Really Takes to Become a Session Stylist

Anna Cofone is on the show today, and she's about to lay down the realities on what it takes to become a session stylist. If you're considering entering into this high-octane, fast moving and competitive side of the industry, I know that this episode with Anna will be one of the best listens you'll have to working as a session stylist, EVER! Anna is at the top of the game right now when it comes to being a leading session stylist, but this didn't just happen overnight for her. It has been...


EP062: Kaye Sotomi – Why Chop-Chop is Disrupting Hair Salon Services

Kaye Sotomi is a massively successful businessman and the co-founder of Chop-Chop. Being someone who's from outside the hair industry, I'm excited by how Kaye's fresh perspective to the industry has enabled him to create a new concept thats disrupting hair salon services and digital business. Today we're sitting down with Kaye to chat about Chop-Chop's unique concept. We'll learn about how it's infused connectivity and mobility into it's ethos, why their team of seasoned-professionals are...


EP061: David Barnett – The Secret to Taking a Salon Business to 7 Figures

Is it possible to take your salon to become a 7 figures business with a team of multiple stylists earning over 6 figures? You bet it is! Today we're talking to leading Salon Coach, David Barnett – former co-owner with his wife Nicole of Brush Salon in California, where in 5 years they grew their business to be taking 7 figures! And in this awesome episode he's going to be sharing how you too can achieve a highly profitable business either as a stylist or salon. David and Nicole sold Brush...


EP060: Joey Power – Showcasing the Young Guns of Hair (Edition 5)

After introducing a young mens hairdresser to the stage of HairClubLive's #OpenChairNight Autumn tour 2017, I knew right then a new industry star was born. In Edition 5 of Showcasing the Young Guns of Hair – a series dedicated to putting the spotlight on the rising stars of the hair and barbering industry – I'm buzzing to introduce you all to that young mens hairdresser: Joey Power, co-owner and creative director of Eighty8 barber shop. Not taking the conventional route in to the industry,...


EP059: Phil Smith – From a Multi-Salon Owner to Owning a Product Haircare Range

I'm joined in this episode by award-winning hairdresser and businessman, Phil Smith – the proud owner of Be Gorgeous product haircare range and Smith Salon England. Today Phil is going to share with you the realities of what it's like to being the owner of 28 Toni & Guy global salons and a hairdresser at the top of their game – warts and all! An open and honest guy, I really enjoyed Phil's candid conversation of his story in hairdressing. As someone who consistently pushing forward Phil...


EP058: Naomi Scroggins – Why you need to find your niche to become an influencer

Creating a unique niche, story and voice could set you apart to become an influencer within the hairdressing space. Curious to know more, then I can't recommend highly enough listening in to todays episode. Because joining me to shed light on this fascinating subject, is one of the most respected and leading PR's and Consultant's from the hair and beauty industry - Naomi Scroggins of Headonic PR. Working with top session and industry talent, Naomi knows a thing or two when it comes to...


EP057: Tegan Robertson – Showcasing The Young Guns of Hair (Edition 4)

Becoming a newly qualified hairstylist is a BIG deal! But becoming a new qualified hairstylist at one of the hottest salon names in hairdressing right now, is an even BIGGER deal! To share this moment I've Tegan Robertson aka 'The Totally Tropical Dream Queen' on the show today, who has recently done just that – successfully completing her training apprenticeship under the guidance of leading hairdresser, Sophia Hilton at 'Not Another Salon'. A perfect role model for young people starting...


EP056: John Spanton – Being Creative Colour Director for Trevor Sorbie International

John Spanton is the Creative Colour Director and Technical Education for Trevor Sorbie International. But what does it take to hold a position of this prestige and importance? Well, this exactly what we're about to find out in today's podcast. John role means he’s the leading creative force behind the colour output for the world renowned Trevor Sorbie Artistic Team and their growing number of International Salons. With his down to earth attitude and strong work ethic have rewarded him with...


EP055: Alan Beak – What Makes a Great Barber

Alan Beak is a truly great barber, but what makes a great barber? With the barbering and mens grooming industry at an all-time high, it's never been so popular to be a barber. So if you're an aspiring barber, you need to stand out and rise above the rest of the crowd. Thats why I'm delighted to be joined by someone who is one of the most respected barbers across the globe – Alan Beak, co-owner with his brother Reece of Ruger Barber, and he's about to share with you on what makes a great...


EP054: Hair By Adam – Showcasing the Young Guns of Hair (Edition 3)

At just 15 years of age, Adam Winwood aka Hair by Adam is smashing it on Instagram with his beautiful hair updos! Part of a new generation of hairdressings social media sensations, Adam has been creating both a massive following and generating bags of likes on his @hairbyadam Instagram page. In today's Showcasing the Young Guns of Hair (Edition 3) episode we're going to learn how Adam has become the social media star that he is, and why he's being labelled as the next Patrick Cameron. Adam...


EP053: Errol Douglas – The Man, The Myth, The Legend… Errol’s Story!

Errol Douglas MBE is industry gold, FACT!! One of hairdressings most loved and respected names, Errol's journey from growing up on the tough streets of London's East End, to being presented with an MBE by HM The Queen in 2008 is truly an epic one! Today I'm honoured to be in the company of this inspirational man and to hear in his own words his untold story. Globally recognised as an ultimate artisan within the hairdressing industry, Errol is renowned for his stunning photographic, session...


EP052: Magdalena Jacobs – A Fashion Stylist

This is a first for the How To Cut It Podcast series! An interview with a Fashion Stylist! Joining me for this conversation is Magdalena Jacobs – a leading London based Fashion Stylist, to learn more on what this role involves and the importance it plays when it comes to clothes styling for both hairdressing photoshoots and shows. Magdalena's journey to becoming a Fashion Stylist began after leaving her native Poland to pursue her dream of becoming a Fashion Stylist. London was to be her...


EP051: Michelle Thompson – A Lesson in Afro, Curl & Textured Hairdressing

Todays guest is an expert in all things Afro, Curl and Texture. Her name is Michelle Thompson, a multi award winning hairdresser, who's widely regarded as one the most talented textured hairstylist in Europe! Michelle's here to talk about her story and give us fantastic insights into the diverse hair type of Afro, Curl and Textured hairdressing. Today we're talking all about Afro, Curl and Textured hair, but also how you could learn to become equipped in providing this niche service to a...


EP050: Dom Lehane – How To Cut It & HairClubLive … The Story So Far!

YAY! Many of you regular listeners will know that todays show is the 50th episode of the How To Cut It Podcast . So to celebrate this landmark occasion I've got something different for you. I'm literally handing my hosts chair and microphone over to hair educator and good industry friend of mine James Atkinson to interview, me, Dom Lehane! Creative Director at North Laine Hair Co, Brighton, I got to know James when he became a pioneer performer of HairClubLive's #OpenChairNight. A big fan...


EP049: Lacey Hunter Felton – Hunter Collective; A Unique Co-working Salon, Studio & Event Space

I'm a huge fan of how hairdressings new breeds are ripping up the rule book to how we approach the way we work as beauty professionals, and this weeks guest is no exception to this. That's why in today's episode I'm delighted to chat with Lacey Hunter Felton, co-founder & owner of Hunter Collective: a unique co-working space for freelance beauty and fashion professionals. Lacey has been working on the Hunter Collective concept since 2016. Lacey is a passionate hairdresser who is working...


EP048: Emil McMahon – How to Up Your Online & Social Media Game

I'm thrilled to bring on to the podcast Emil The Caretaker aka Emil McMahon to talk about upping you social media and online game in hairdressing. In this episode, Emil's offering up guidance about the ever changing landscape of social platforms and how you can maximise your effectiveness without having to spend a small fortune. Being a leading business consultant, educator and caretaker of social media management, Emil offers a wealth of experience when it comes to educating hairdressers,...


EP047: Anthony Mascolo: A conversation with one of the world’s best known and influential hairdressers

Who do you regard to be some of the world's best known and influential hairdressers? I'm glad you asked! Because today I'm in conversation with someone I regard to be one of these hairdressers, the incredible Anthony Mascolo. Revered for his hairdressing excellence, innovating and continually adapting to change, Anthony Mascolo is an icon to generations of hairdressers – including myself! Ever since the moment I decided to embark on a career in hairdressing Anthony has long been one of my...


EP046: Alex Barron Hough – Behind The Lens with TIGI’s Creative Production Director

The truth of the matter is ... Finding a great hair photographer is essential, since it can make the difference between capturing fantastic images of your hair work, or utter crud that does more damage than good to your hair brand. That's why I'm delighted to have London based Photographer and TIGI's Creative Production Director Alex Barron Hough join me for today's episode. Together with hairdressing icon Anthony Mascolo, Alex produces and shoots all TIGI collections and brand shoots...


EP045: Leah Hayden Cassidy – Showcasing the Young Guns of Hair (Edition 2)

In Edition 2 of Showcasing the Young Guns of Hair – a series dedicated to putting the spotlight on hairdressings and barbering's most exciting and innovative rising stars – I'm excited to introduce you all to International Platform Artist and men's hair specialiast Leah Hayden Cassidy. Leah is a new generation of stars making a name for themselves within the global barbering scene. Being a female role model in the predominately male dominated barbering industry, you can't help but notice...