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EP081: Frazer Wallace – Revisiting the Young Guns of Hair… 1 Year On!

To be British Hairdressings Newcomer of the Year 2017, teaching at the L'Oreal Academy and being part of The Fellowship for British Hairdressings FAME Team. These were the 3 goals that Frazer Wallace set himself for the year ahead when I brought him on to the show in November 2017 for the very first episode of Showcasing the Young Guns of Hair (Edition 1). A series dedicated to putting the spotlight on todays rising stars of the hair industry, we follow a group of young up and coming British...


EP080: Karoliina Saunders (KSHD) – Why a Salon Owner is Employing and ‘NOT’ Renting Chair Space

This week we're talking about hair salons employing versus renting chair space for self employed hairstylists. Joining me today for this hot – and sometimes controversial – topic is Karoliina Saunders, owner of Karoliina Saunders Hair Design in the market town of Highworth on the edge of the Cotswolds, UK. Like so many of my guests, I first got to know Karoliina when she rocked up to perform at a HairClubLive #OpenChairNight in 2015. I now regard her as a good industry friend and someone...


EP079: Ben Brown (Bbeducation) – How Ben Created a Niche as an Independent Hair Educator

Ben Brown is a successful independent hair educator. In just one year Ben has gone from being a salon owner to becoming a full-time and in-demand hair educator, with him delivering his Bbeducation to salons around the UK and overseas. Today he'll explain how he got started as an educator and the many exciting opportunities that is now coming his way. I hear many people say to me that they want to be a hair educator, but how many really understands what it takes? Do they understand the...


EP078: Philip Bell (Ishoka Hair) – The Story to Becoming a Salon Owner & Hall of Fame Hairstylist

My guest today is Philip Bell, a Hall of Fame hairstylist and founding member to one of Scotlands most respected hair salons, Ishoka Hair and Beauty in Aberdeen. Today Philip is going to share his wealth of experience to being a successful salon co-owner – the story behind his multi-awards and top tips to help you achieve success, too. Lets dive in! Ever since Philip first won the Scottish Hairdresser of the Year title in 1998, I've been a big fan of Philip and the Ishoka brand. With...


EP077: Sally Brooks – What It Means to be the Current British Hairdresser of the Year

Today you're in for a treat – we're about to know what it means to be the current British Hairdresser of the Year. I'm joined by one of the most exciting hairdressers of our generation and the 2017 British Hairdresser of the Year, Sally Brooks. Today you'll learn all about the story of how Sally's dedication and commitment to her profession has led her to the ultimate accolade in hairdressing, and what this massive responsibility now means to her. With more than 25 years’ experience, Sally...


EP076: Tom Chapman – From Salon Owner to an Educator, Platform Artist, Public Speaker and Author

You don't have to be a salon owner! Yep, that's right because I'm joined today by previous guest of the HTCI Podcast, Tom Chapman, The Lions Barber Collective founder and the now award winning barber, author, public speaker, global ambassador and international educator who has come away from being a salon owner since we last spoke back in Episode 20. With new doors of opportunity opening themselves to Tom, he is social proof that if you don't strive to being a salon owner then there are many...


EP075: Cos Sakkas – An Interview with TONI&GUY’s International Artistic Director

Throughout my hairdressing career the TONI&GUY artistic team has been my number one go-to when it comes to the latest hair trends and inspiration. That's why I'm seriously excited to have an interview with their International Artistic Director and Head of Education, Cos Sakkas. Recently receiving his first nomination for British Hairdresser of the Year 2018, I've so much I want to talk to Cos about today, and I know you're going to love hearing this, too! Cos's story in hairdressing is a...


EP074: Dale Herne & Angelo Vallillo – How DNA Artspace is Creating a New Movement in Hair

I love talking to those who are challenging hairdressing convention with a fresh approach. And that is exactly what I'll be doing in todays episode. We're talking to Dale Herne and Angelo Vallillo – two top hairdressers who've paired together to create a new movement in hair: DNA Artspace. The multi-award winning Dale and Angelo have a fantastic pedigree in the hair industry. Teaching all over the world, along with working on many high profile shoots, these good friends took the plunge to...


EP073: Ben Russell – Why a Successful UK Hairstylist Made the Move to Work in Australia

If you have ever, or are considering taking your hairdressing career to a completely new country, then todays episode is a must listen.I'm joined by Ben Russell, a successful London based hairstylist, who one day decided to pack he's bags and travel off to Australia to work with one of it's leading hairdressers, Frank Apostolopoulos. On winning the London L’Oreal Colour Trophy 2015 and becoming a British Hairdressing Awards finalist, Ben's industry profile within British hairdressing was...


EP072: Emma Bavin – How the Hair Industry is Looking to Attract More Young people

Right now the hair industry has a crisis on it's hands. We're not attracting enough young people into it! A problem that effects all of us involved within it, what are we all doing to help address this crisis? That's why I've got Emma Bavin with me today, who's gone about challenging excatly this crisis by creating the amazing Choose Hair initiative. A specialist in recruitment services for the hair industry, Emma launched the Choose Hair initiative in 2017 as a not-for-profit campaign to...


EP071: Andrew Barton – Creating Inspirational, Motivational and Empowering Training (ABLE)

The quality of training a student receives is crucial for them having a successful and fulfilling career in the hair industry. That's why I've invited Andrew Barton back on to the show today. We're about to dive into the ABLE (Andrew Barton London Education) training programme thats been created by Andrew, and which is all about being inspirational, motivational and empowering for both students and training providers alike. One of the UK's most celebrated hairdressing names, Andrew is...


EP070: Robert Eaton – What it Takes to Become One of the UK’s Most Respected Hair Stylists

If you know anything about British hairdressing, then you'll know that Robert Eaton has become one of it's most respected hair stylists. So how has Robert rapidly risen to gain this status, and by doing so outside the hairdressing capital of London?? That's the story I've got for you today, and I've got Robert on the show to tell us all about it. Robert’s career started in 1996 when he joined his father, Russell Eaton, in the family’s Barnsley salon as an apprentice and he's never looked...


EP069: Edoardo Paludo – The Life of a Experimental Hair Colourist

Today's special guest is internationally recognised experimental colourist Edoardo Paludo.In this episode we're going to be talking about his journey from his time as Creative Technical Director at Trevor Sorbie, and how a move from London to South America led him to collaborate with a leading hair brand in creating a colour range for it. Never one to stand still, Edoardo is continually challenging himself as a hair colourist. This can be seen with his latest Wonderful Confusion collection....


EP068: Alan Austin-Smith – How to be a Fantastic Hairdresser

My guest today is one of the most motivational coaches and speakers you'll ever come across in the hair industry. I'm sitting down for a conversation with Alan Austin-Smith, who is the co-founder of The Fantastic Hairdresser – an educational programme that offers a unique range of courses, business coaching and programmes for the hair industry. Alan's philosophy is – "50% of what makes someone ‘fantastic’ at their job - has nothing to do with their job. It’s the other stuff that makes the...


EP067: Dr Sharon Wong – How to Get Ahead of Hair Loss

Hair loss from any cause is deeply traumatising for many people. Coping with hair loss is made even more challenging by confusing terminology, misleading information and a general lack of empathy towards its psychological impact. That's why I'm really pleased to be joined by Dr Sharon Wong, a leading Consultant Dermatologist who's going to get us ahead with hair loss. She's going to be sharing her expertise on hair loss, what's the best way for hairdressers to deal with clients suffering...


EP066: Sophia Hilton – An Interview with a Hairdressing Superstar

Today I have a very special guest: Sophia Hilton owner of Not Another Salon, Not Another Academy, and Not Another Social! An originator, influencer, creator, entrepreneur, giver, and a huge global following of superfans has turned Sophia into a hairdressing superstar. And in today's episode I'm super-buzzed and honoured to be bringing this very special lady back on to the show to hear whats been going down in her world since we last spoke back in Episode 006. Believe me, you really won't to...


EP065: Tony Le-Britton – Creating Awesome Hair Photography

Creating awesome hair photography isn't easy, but get it right and it could be game changer for your hairdressing career! Before you go off shooting that next photoshoot of yours, there are many factors that you need to consider, like retouching your photos and why you may need to take a fresh themed approach to your hair collections. This is why I've invited multi-award winning photographer Tony Le-Britton onto the show today. We're about to dive into a valuable lesson on hair photography,...


EP064: Tuttii Fruittii London – Why Two Clown Hair Sculptors are Challenging the NORM!!

Tuttii Fruittii London is not your conventional hair salon! Owners Tuttii Fruitti and Toni Tits passion of Clown and Hair artistry have come together to bring the local community of Deptford, South East London a unique space that is more than a salon. In a space that's promoting self empowerment and creative freedom through identity expression, today we're going to learn more on why these two clown hair sculptors are challenging the NORM!. Tuttii and Toni's hairdressing story is filled with...


EP063: Anna Cofone – What it Really Takes to Become a Session Stylist

Anna Cofone is on the show today, and she's about to lay down the realities on what it takes to become a session stylist. If you're considering entering into this high-octane, fast moving and competitive side of the industry, I know that this episode with Anna will be one of the best listens you'll have to working as a session stylist, EVER! Anna is at the top of the game right now when it comes to being a leading session stylist, but this didn't just happen overnight for her. It has been...


EP062: Kaye Sotomi – Why Chop-Chop is Disrupting Hair Salon Services

Kaye Sotomi is a massively successful businessman and the co-founder of Chop-Chop. Being someone who's from outside the hair industry, I'm excited by how Kaye's fresh perspective to the industry has enabled him to create a new concept thats disrupting hair salon services and digital business. Today we're sitting down with Kaye to chat about Chop-Chop's unique concept. We'll learn about how it's infused connectivity and mobility into it's ethos, why their team of seasoned-professionals are...