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How to Manage Entrepreneurial Stress

Have you ever felt the following? Blood boiling… Knots in your shoulders and neck… Taking deep breaths… Pulling your own hair… Lashing out on others… These are all actions we perform when we are under stress. A lot of us deal with stress differently and we aren’t here to tell you we have figured out the secret formula to deal with stress because let’s be honest, there probably isn’t a secret formula out there. But, what we are here to discuss is practical ways we have learned to...


Being Bullied and Depressed Leads to Becoming a Reality TV Star and Celebrity Trainer with Jason Rosell

Have you ever wondered what the life of a reality TV star is like? Literally the day to day life, the emotions, the struggles, the highs, etc. What’s interesting is a lot of people think they have it easy and say things like “I wish I had their life.” But, we don’t know how green the grass is until we A) have lived in it or B) talk to someone that has lived in it. So, we took the latter and had the privilege to have an amazing conversation with reality TV star and celebrity trainer,...


Coming to the US with $150 and a Dream to End Obesity with Daniel Nyiri

Imagine this… You come to America from Hungary with $150 in your pocket, you’re an ex professional hockey player who got injured, and you’ve had multiple jobs such as: • A personal trainer • Waiter • Bartender • Model • Coached kids with hockey Pretty wild right? Well, we want you to meet Daniel Nyiri! Daniel has what we call “guts.” He also has an incredible and inspiring story and an enormous mission to end obesity and muscle atrophy for astronauts in NASA. He’s also an...


How to Get a Live Event Up in 29 Days with Mike Arce

Question for you…Do you think its possible to get a live event up in 29 days? Now picture this… You decide to host a live event. You first want it to be small and get about 20 people to attend. But then, you end up getting 89 registrations, close to 20 awesome speakers, and you only have 29 days to do this. Would you think it’s possible? Well, our friend, and mentor, Mike Arce, put together a 2-day fitness studio business conference with his amazing team in just 29 days! We were so...


The Latest and Most Effective Instagram Tips with Ortal Levitan

From the 1990’s-2000’s, social media was just beginning to come around. Platforms such as, Myspace, Facebook, blogging, Instant messaging, etc. Now if we look back from the 2010’s until today, social media has really taken off and changed the world. Facebook has grown like crazy, YouTube is a monster itself, twitter emerged, LinkedIn, Snapchat, etc. But the one social media platform that is really causing disruption and changing the game, is Instagram. Everyone these days has an...


The Importance of Staying in Your Lane as a Coach

Quick Story: If we travel back a decade ago when we first started coaching, we made a ton of mistakes, one of the huge mistakes was not staying in our lanes to serve our clients more. We would try to be personal trainers, try to be bodybuilding coaches, try to be powerlifting coaches, and try to be online fitness coaches, all at the same time. We were in so many lanes and trying to wear so many different hats that we were selling our clients short and not doubling down on a couple of...


How Boxing Can Enhance your Mind, Body, Soul, and Lifestyle with Marcelo Crudele

We live in a society where people love to talk. They say “I know this person, that person” Or “I can introduce you to this person” 90% of these people that say these kinds of things all the time are just “talkers.” We like what the founder and executive trainer of CMC Pro Boxing says, “Less Talk More Action.” Because anyone can talk, but not a lot of people take action in life. We just had this amazing conversation with Marcelo Crudele, the founder and executive trainer of CMC Pro...


How to Be a Giver NOT a Taker in Life with Bruce Cardenas

A mentor once told us this… “If things aren’t going your way in life and you’re trying to find happiness, go out and give to others, make them happy, and in turn, that will bring you more happiness.” We had an amazing in person conversation with Quest Nutrition’s Chief Communication Officer, Bruce Cardenas about being a giver, not a taker in life. Bruce is no stranger to being a giver his entire life. He worked for free for Quest Nutrition for 9 months and didn’t ask to get paid. That...


Finding the Courage to Pursue What you Love Doing in Life with Alan Aragon

“In life, we are constantly doing things to please others, listening to numerous external voices, and ultimately playing it safe. Instead of playing to WIN in life, a lot of people play the game of life to not LOSE.” Do you agree with this or disagree, be honest? We just had an incredible conversation with our awesome and amazing mentor, Alan Aragon, he discussed with us his incredible and gritty story on pursuing what he loves even though it wasn’t the path he was supposed to...


Creating Golden Rituals Within Fitness for More Results

Do us a favor, close your eyes, and picture this… A sword that has double edges. We like to use this analogy within fitness because we feel it can be like a double-edged sword. On one side, it can be a great tool to enhance your mind, body, and health. On the other side, it can be frustrating, overwhelming, stressful, and turn into a vicious cycle. We remember when we first started our fitness journey over a decade ago, there were so many fads and myths, people telling you to “do...


5 Ways to Live a More Fulfilled Lifestyle

Question for you… If you could honestly rate your lifestyle on a scale of 1-10, a 10 being its awesome and badass and a 1 being its boring and unfulfilling, what would you rate it? Eric and I talk a lot about lifestyle and the reason being because we strongly believe everyone is chasing a fun, purposeful, and fulfilled lifestyle. At the end of the day, a fun, purposeful, and fulfilled lifestyle leads to more overall happiness and let’s be honest, we all want more of that. We just...


The Power Behind Being YOU All the Time with Chris Ducker

Who is your favorite super hero? Ours is Wolverine and Spiderman! When you stop and think about it, each of these super heroes have a unique super hero power. Wolverine has his metal claws and Spiderman has his webs. These guys know their superhuman powers and they double down on these strengths. There’s something truly unique and magical about each one of us. We feel we don’t give ourselves enough credit for it or we don’t like to double down enough on what our unique super powers...


Why Putting Your Health First Can Enhance Your Overall Lifestyle with Emily Frisella and Mindy Musselman

One of our big pet peeves are these 3 words…”I’m Too Busy.” Being “Too Busy” = Out of Control and here’s why: When you are “Too Busy” it simply means you aren’t in control of your time. You have no systems and rules in place. Lack of time is a lack of priorities. If you are “Too Busy,” it’s because you made a choice to put yourself in that position. One HUGE “I’m Too Busy” excuse we here is “I’m too busy to not workout” or “I’m too busy to eat healthy.” We are literally about to yank...


How to Create Valuable Content that Stands Out with Ian Cleary

Let us know if this sounds familiar… We tend to hear a lot of statements around content creation and strategy, such as: “It’s all about putting out the most content you possibly can” Or “If you don’t put out content daily then your business will tank” We 100% agree that content creation and strategy is very important, but we feel that a lot of people overdo it. That’s why we had a conversation with the content king, Ian Cleary, so he can answer some questions, and really give you an...


Developing an Environment to Accomplish your Mission, Destiny, and Successes in Life with Nicholas Bayerle

Let’s face it, we all have gone through some shit in our lives. We are firm believers that you have a moral obligation to share your story to inspire others. Picture this… Being 60 pounds overweight, having a fall out with your father, feeling ashamed, guilty, not worthy, and lost for many years. This type of dark path one endures could really do a number on their future and to be honest, not a lot of people would recover from all this. In episode 102, our relentless guest, Nicholas...


The Next Generation of Nutrition and Ending Obesity with Mark Springer and Katie Coles

Quick story: We remember when we first got into being fitness coaches and how fascinating it was learning about flexible dieting. The absolute control you could have with counting your protein, carbohydrates, and fats, and not feeling deprived with restricting certain foods was an absolute game changer. Now imagine this… What if you had a personal nutritionist in your back pocket? Literally you pop out your phone from your back pocket, you’re able to get your dietary changes from a...


Being in Alignment with your Purpose and Gifts in Life

We remember when we put out our first podcast episode on May 13, 2016, about 2 years ago. We thought that nobody would listen to us, what would make our podcast different, and could we consistently put out content each week. Pretty cool to say that we have hit the 100th podcast episode! We personally want to thank you for being a loyal listener and subscriber to the Dynamic Lifestyle Podcast, truly means a lot. We have a ton of great ideas, guests, and value for you going forward with...


Lessons Learned with 30 Online Fitness Coaches

We remember when we first got into online fitness coaching. Crazy how 7 years flies by. We felt like we were on an island, not knowing what to do, how to get started, and how to grow. We made a ton of mistakes along the way and learned a lot of valuable lessons from it. Those lessons we learned has led to us to become impactful coaches and it’s been such a rewarding profession to be able to not only change peoples body compositions and health, but more importantly impacting client’s...


The Netflix of Education and Personal Development with Alex Mehr

Do you like to binge watch Netflix shows? We have always been fascinated by the business model Netflix has. Only $10.99, tons of shows, movies, documentaries... It's hard to beat. What's cool is we had a conversation with Alex Mehr, the CEO of Mentor Box. Mentor Box is using the Netflix model, but instead of receiving access to tons of movies, shows, and documentaries, they are giving you access to videos and workshops taught by top authors, speakers, CEO's, investors, and more. The...


Two Inches From Dying Leads To Being An Impactful Online Fitness Coach with Will Grazione

Would you agree that life lessons could really make or break us? What if we told you we had a conversation with someone that was two inches from dying when he was randomly attacked with a switch blade? This guy that was attacked went through depression and had a lot of mental barriers to get through from the trauma. He then went on to meet his wife, become a father and provider, and that all lead him to be an impactful and caring online fitness coach. Our guest on episode 97 is Will...