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72 Hour Hold by Bebe Moore Campbell

On this episode I share my experience of listening to the audiobook version of 72 Hour Hold by Bebe Moore Campbell. Pamela D’Pella is the narrator. She has a wonderful voice that captures the mood of the story. This is the story of Keri Whitmore and her daughter Trina. It starts as Trina is turning 18 and the world is wide and wonderful for her, but a diagnosis of Bi-Polar disorder is about to shake their world apart. In 72 Hour, Hold, Bebe Moore Campbell shines a light on the...


Victor LaValle's "The Ballad of Black Tom" and "Destroyer"

In this episode I am featuring the horror novella "The Ballad of Black Tom" and the graphic novel series "Destroyer" by Victor Lavalle. Click here to read the full show notes In 2019, besides the 26+ books I will read for the podcast, I plan to participate in two challenges: The Langston Hughes “Simple” Stories Reading Challenge The Sherlock Holmes Chronological Reading Challenge


Science For Babies by Chris Ferrie

Chris Ferrie has created an innovative and fun line of books designed to introduce science to babies and when I say babies I mean infants. Chris Ferrie's books use colorful and simple images along with easy to understand language to explain concepts in Quantum Physics, Newtonian Physics, Chemistry and more. These books are designed for parents to read to their infants . By introducing babies to big ideas early, Chris believes that you can spark a lifelong interest in Science. In this...


African American Children's Books From Positive Vibes

For over 20 years I have shopped at Brett Hewitt’s Positive Vibes store in Virginia Beach. One of the key things I know I can find in his store are wonderful books for African American children. Positive Vibes has a wide selection of books that I have given as gifts for nephews, nieces and friend’s children. In this episode I want to feature four children’s books I purchased from Brett’s store. Let’s start with Natasha Anastasia Tarpley’s “I Love My Hair”. This is an excellent book for a...


Cozy Mysteries from V.M. Burns and Barbara Neely

I discuss two cozy mysteries by African American authors that are unique, addictive and fun. Barbara Neely's "Blanche on the Lam" and V.M. Burns "The Plot is Murder". In this episode I talk about the following: www.cozy-mystery.com Diverse Authors: Frankie’s List Read more on I Found This Great Book Barbara Neely's Amazon Page V.M. Burns' Amazon Page


Ten BookTubers To Follow

YouTube is a great resource for everything from videos on how to unclog a toilet to cute pet videos. YouTube is also a great place for readers and lovers of books. There are a group of people who create videos about the books they have and want to read. The name of this community of video creators is BookTube and the people who create these videos call themselves BookTubers. I stumbled upon this community thanks to a Google search for information about a book. Think of BookTube as a giant...


Dwayne Alexander Smith -The Author of Forty Acres and The Unkind Hour

Thriller author Dwayne Alexander Smith joins me to talk about his great book "Forty Acres". A suspenseful page turner that you will not be able to put down. Mix a secret society of black men, modern day slavery and one man's courage and you have the ingredients use by Dwayne Alexander Smith in "Forty Acres" I loved reading this book. The pacing, the suspense and the courage to take on the horror of slavery from a totally new point of view made this book such a great read. In this...


Vengeance Bound by Justina Ireland - Book Discussion

The novel Vengeance Bound by Justina Ireland is very interesting story of a supernatural struggle that involves the Greek mythological figures of the Furies and one young lady. Set in a modern world, Justina Ireland uses the characters and background story of the Furies to paint a suspenseful and thrilling story. Cory Graff is a young lady who just wants to be a normal teenager, finish high school, and kill the one person who did her a very great injustice. However, she has these three...


My 2018 Reading Goals

In this episode I discuss the following: Fiyah MagazineForever VacancyBlack Girl Magic Lit Magazine"Destroyer" by Victor LaValleVengeance Bound by Justina Irelandhttps://www.youtube.com/user/Deliciouswisdomwww.ifoundthisgreatbook.com/subscribe


Kathy Strahs - Innovative Cookbooks For Delicious, Convenient and Fun Meals

Kathy Strahs - Innovative Cookbooks For Delicious, Convenient and Fun Meals Author Kathy Strahs is an innovative author of cookbooks that teach people how to use common items to create wonderful and convenient meals. Kathy shows us how to take that appliance or dish that has been gathering dust and use it to produce some delicious and innovative meals. We learn how Kathy Strahs started her blog and its growth into a published cookbook. Kathy talks about her first book "The Ultimate...


Kenya Moss-Dyme - Horror With a Mean Left Hook

Author Kenya Moss-Dyme joins me to discuss her horror short story collections. When I read Kenya's short stories, I was so impressed by her effective use of surprise in her horror stories (Horror with a mean left hook). I had such a great time talking with Kenya and learning about her writing process and discussing her books. Interview Highlights Kenya shares a bit about the first story she created and how it sparked her interest in writing.We explore why Kenya likes the horror...


Mya Lairis - Innovative Author of Paranormal Romance Literature

Author Mya Lairis brings a new perspective to paranormal romance and dark fantasy. By telling stories from the viewpoint of characters that are usually in the background or sidelines, Mya brings new energy to story lines that have been around for a long time. Interview Highlights We talk about the diversity in Mya Lairis' charactersMya tells us about her history with paranormal and fantasy and why she is interested in characters that are not usually focused on.Mya talks about her novel...


Dahlia DeWinters - Loving Among the Dead and other tales of love and dark fantasy - Episode 29

A self-proclaimed genre hopping author, Dahlia DeWinters, joins us to share her fantastic stories of relationships in the fantastic worlds she creates. From taking the zombie genre and turning it around to showing the world of horror that existed during the time when slavery was the norm in the Americas. Interview Highlights Dahlia DeWinters' Amazon Page https://www.amazon.com/Dahlia-DeWinters/e/B00613T2IQ/ref=sr_ntt_srch_lnk_1?qid=1508676198&sr=8-1 Dahlia DeWinters'...


Eden Royce - Short Story Master of Horror and Dark Fantasy - Episode 28

Eden Royce creates horror short stories that will have you looking at everyone and everything with a suspicious eye. Eden Royce brings a fresh new voice to the Gothic Horror. As a writer and an editor of anthologies, Eden has an impressive body of work you can explore. Eden has also brought her creativity to the science fiction / fantasy world by taking the supernatural and placing it in the most normal of worlds. It was a great pleasure to talk with Eden Royce. Interview...


Steven Van Patten - The Brookwater's Curse - Episode 27

Author Steven Van Patten takes a new and creative approach to the classic vampire tale in his "Brookwater's Curse" series of books. We also discuss his thriller "Killer Genius". Interview Highlights I explain how I almost miss our interview time We talk about Steven's motivation for creating the Brookwater's Curse series Steven describes the history of African Americans in the horror genre and how he is changing that in his books We talk about how different the life of an...


Angela Ferrari - Story Spectacular - Episode 26

Fun Books & Podcast For Children One word best describes the children’s books and podcast by author/illustrator Angela Ferrari and that word is FUN! Angela Ferrari brings a level of energy, fun and love to all her projects that is infectious and will bring a smile to young and old. If you are looking for books for young children that will be fun and engaging then you have found the right person. Also check out Angela’s new podcast “Story Spectacular”. Twice a week Angela will deliver...


Dr Daaim Shabazz - Triple Exclam!!! - The Life and Games of Emory Tate

In the moving biography, “Triple Exclam!!!”, Dr. Daaim Shabazz captures the life and spirit of Emory Tate. A great black chess player whose legacy lives on in his games and the memories of the people who had the honor to know him. The writing in this book is so great that even if you do not follow chess, you will be captivated by the story of Emory Tate’s life. Dr. Daaim Shabazz has produced a book that is informative, entertaining and beautiful. Interview Highlights: Dr. Shabazz shares a...


Anna Redmond - The Golden Arrow - Hippo Reads

A country going through a massive regime change, a shadowy figure who rules the country, two children of an aristocratic family who have two very different visions for the future, this is just part of the fantastic world Anna Redmond builds in her novel "The Golden Arrow". A story of political and religious intrigue set in a wonderfully detailed fantasy world. We discuss how Anna came to write "The Golden Arrow"Anna gives a brief description of the story (No Spoilers) Anna shares how she...


Paulette Harper - Episode 23

Paulette Harper joins me to discuss her first full length novel, "Secret Places Revealed" and her inspiring chronical of her path through the roughest time in her life, "That Was Then, This Is Now, This Broken Vessel Restored". Paulette writes books that bring spiritual water to people in life's deserts. Besides being a multi award winning author, workshop facilitator, speaker and ordained Elder, Paulette is also the owner of Write Now Literary Virtual Book Tours where she helps authors...


Kenesha Williams - Publisher of Black Girl Magic Lit Magazine - Author of Do for Love - Episode 22

Kenesha Williams is an author, editor and publisher who's every work truly captures the meaning of magic. Kenesha is the publisher of "Black Girl Magic Lit Magazine". A magazine dedicated to showcasing speculative fiction that feature black women as the central character. Like Ms. Williams shares in the interview, the stories in the magazine truly do have "black girls who are magical". Kenesha Williams is also the author of "Do for Love". A magical realism story that features Virginia...