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Ideanthro Ep 249 - How to monitor stormwater treatment devices

Monitoring the performance of stormwater treatment devices. It's about time we got to this topic in detail (we did touch on it briefly in Episode 185 - An Old Test). On the surface, monitoring the performance of stormwater treatment devices seems simply. Unfortunately it isn't. That's a pit, because it's an important topic. However a little knowledge about monitoring can guide us a long way. In this episode, Darren Drapper joins us to discuss the ins and outs of how to monitor stormwater...


Ideanthro Ep 248 - Zero additional maintenance WSUD 4

Making WSUD affordable. In our opinion it has to be one of the highest priorities for water sensitive urban design at present. To date, one of the best attempts at this has been Manningham City Council's Zero Additional Maintenance (ZAM) WSUD bioretention systems. We have spoken about these previously here and here. In this episode we catch up with Simon Brink from Manningham City Council and Harsha Fowdar from Monash University to discuss the latest ZAM WSUD news; specifically, recent...


Ideanthro Ep 248 - The people of water - Leon Rowlands - Thoughtful and considered

Today we're joined by Leon Rowlands to talk about his journey through the water industry. I particularly wanted to sit down with Leon for this chat because in the years that I have known him I have always considered his style in his work to be really thoughtful and considered. It's a trait that I really respect!


Ideanthro Ep 247 - Thats like WSUD - Dan Pink and timing

Time for another 'That's like WSUD' episode. In his book When, author Dan Pink describes work by Lisa Khan that investigates the relationship between when people graduate and how far up the corporate ladder they climb. Long story short, the strength of the market at the time of graduation makes a big difference. Inspired by this we ask, "does the perception of WSUD at the time someone enters the stormwater industry affect how they relate to the concept throughout their career. Spoiler... we...


Ideanthro Ep 246 - Breaking the cycle of water and complexity

You've probably seen the transition to a water sensitive city diagram from Rebekah Brown. In this episode we use it to explain an idea. We hypothesise that water management in our cities is becoming increasingly complex. We propose that this is a problem that can guide our future water sensitive urban design efforts.


Ideanthro Ep 245 - Thats like WSUD - Simplicity after complexity

Today's episode is inspired by an almost 'passing' comment that Frank Blake (former CEO of Home Depot) made in an interview with Tim Ferriss. Frank explained how, whether in business, sport or life in general, we should be seeking to find the simplicity on the other side of complexity. In this episode we take that concept and relate it back to water sensitive urban design.


Ideanthro Ep 244 - No longer so bad bioretention

Today we jam a concept down your throat for the millionth time. The power of creating bush land style ecosystems in stormwater infrastructure. In this episode we show you a site you've probably never heard of before and argue that it provides a template to rehabilitate the worst cases of unattractive bioretention and detention basins in Australia.


Ideanthro Ep 243 - Shedding light on algae in bioretention

Back in episode 172 we identified shade and leaf drop as ways to stop algae and moss from growing in bioretention systems. Today, we show this at work in a slightly different environment.


Ideanthro Ep 242 - One way crossfall bioretention

Today we visit a streetscape bioretention system with a difference. The road it drains has one way crossfall. We take a look at why this can be a good solution.


Ideanthro Ep 241 - Front of Mind with Leon Rowlands - Erosion and sediment control standards

Today we're joined by Leon Rowlands of Switchback 48 consulting to talk about the Queensland State Government's "recently" changed erosion and sediment control policy and standards.


Ideanthro Ep 240 - Front of Mind with Blair Scott - Working across jurisdictions

Today we're joined by Blair Scott. Blair and I first met in about 2012. At the time he was studying for his masters of integrated water management. He completed his final project with Healthy Land and Water (then Healthy Waterways). These days Blair is a water quality planner with King County in America. Work across jurisdictions to achieve better stormwater outcomes is front of mind for Blair, and ostensibly that's what we caught up to talk about. However it was with about 20minutes to go...


Ideanthro Ep 239 - Front of Mind with Glenn Browning - How to spend a bunch of money on waterways

Time for part 2 of our chat with Glenn Browning from Healthy Land and Water. In this episode Glenn describes four high level methods of prioritising investment in waterway management (i.e. four ways to spend a bunch of money on waterways).


Ideanthro Ep 238 - Front of Mind with Glenn Browning - What risk management teaches us about waterways

Today we're joined by Glenn Browning of Healthy Land and Water for the first of two episodes. In these episodes Glenn runs us through a framework for prioritising waterway management activities that he has been developing. I worked with Glenn at what was then Healthy Waterways in 2014 and I remember the very first iterations of this framework. Since then he has gradually built upon it little by little. In this first episode Glenn tells us how a standard risk management course helped to...


Ideanthro Ep 237 - Front of Mind with Emma James - Overcoming the challenge of urban hydrology

Today we're joined by Emma James. Urban hydrology is front of mind for Emma. We discuss the importance of managing urban hydrology if we want healthy urban waterways. This isn't easy though. On lot practices might be a part of the mix. How do we implement hydrologic management at scale and in a cost effective manner. Join us for this wide ranging conversation.


Ideanthro Ep 236 - Front of Mind with Kim Markwell - Food and excess urban water

I feel like I've waited a long time to have this chat. Our guest today is Kim Markwell. Food and excess urban water is front of mind for Kim. When I first began filming for Ideanthro in early 2016 Kim and I spoke about this idea. Fast forward to 2018 and we finally sat down to chat on camera. We discuss the different scales at which urban food production and beneficial use of excess urban water can occur, as well as the need to embed this thinking and practice within land use planning.


Ideanthro Ep 235 - Front of Mind with Piet Filet - Engagement

Today we're joined by Piet Filet. Engagement and community for professionals is front of mind for Piet. In this conversation Piet draws on his experience running the Flood Community of Practice to discuss how these sorts of communities help to drive better water management practices.


Ideanthro Ep 234 - Front of Mind with Amalie Wright - Swimming in the Brisbane River

You might have heard about the push to make the Parramatta River swimmable again, but did you know that people once used to swim in the Brisbane River. In fact, a lot of people used to swim in the Brisbane River. Inspired by a picture from the 1930's of people swimming in the river near the Indooroopilly bridge, Amalie Wright of Landscapology joins us to talk and stories and community use of waterways.


Ideanthro Ep 233 - Codesign and creek restoration

Recently we have had the pleasure to watch (and film) as a codesign process is applied to a waterway restoration project. What is codesign? Its probably easier to explain what codesign isn't. In standard landscape projects, you typically assemble a design team, develop a concept and then take it to the public for consultation. Codesign flips this around and consults the public early, thoroughly and honestly before any design is produced. Healthy Land and Water is currently using codesign...


Ideanthro Ep 232 - Front of Mind with Floris Boogaard - Swales infiltration high groundwater and heavy clay

Today we're joined by Floris Boogaard. You might remember Floris from that time in The Netherlands when we narrowly avoided being soaked in a storm. Floris joins us to tell us about research that he has completed recently looking at how quickly the stormwater in wadis (AKA swales) takes to disappear after a storm event. Floris has dosed numerous swales in The Netherlands and even completed repeat dosings to investigate the effects of concurrent storm events. You can see footage of...


Ideanthro Ep 231 - Front of Mind with Alan Hoban - When new information changes the landscape

The concept of water sensitive urban design might be more than 20 years old, but we have so much still to learn. Today we're joined by Alan Hoban to talk about how we as an industry deal with new information. This is definitely front of his mind. Should we embrace it and change? Approach it with caution? Howl heresy into the wind? For our discussion, Alan and I draw upon recent research that shows that residential and commercial areas in South East Queensland generate less sediment,...