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Our goal is to introduce story lovers to independently published authors and to give support and general tips / strategies to those authors during our 'Reviewing Reviews' segments.

Our goal is to introduce story lovers to independently published authors and to give support and general tips / strategies to those authors during our 'Reviewing Reviews' segments.
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Our goal is to introduce story lovers to independently published authors and to give support and general tips / strategies to those authors during our 'Reviewing Reviews' segments.






The Marvelous Mechanical Man by Rie Sheridan Rose an Audiobook Introduction

This week the Indie Beginning Podcast introduces readers to the steampunk adventure The Marvelous Mechanical Man by Rie Sheridan Rose; an audiobook introduction read by Benjamin Franke. This indie read follows Josephene Mann, a strong, independent woman in the 1870’s who begins a life of adventure after quite literally take a job with an inventor named Professor Alistair Conn. Gadgets, mystery and possibly robots may be discovered in this charming dime-novel inspired tale. Tune in next week...


Mermaids, Myths, and Your Manuscript: A Conversation With Indie Author Errin Stevens

This week we speak to indie author Errin Stevens about her novel Updrift, mermaids, using writing to suspend disbelief, and what she wishes she’d known about writing when she started. Errin’s answer is one of the most inspirational shoulda-coulda-woulda answers that I’ve recorded for the Indie Beginning Podcast, so don’t miss it. If you missed last week’s episode where Marie introduced readers to Updrift or would like to hear the introduction again before we begin head over to


Updrift by Errin Stevens an Audiobook Introduction

This week the Indie Beginning Podcast introduces readers to the YA Fantasy Romance Updrift from indie author Errin Stevens. This story follows Kate and her mother Cara as they pick up and head to the ocean for a new beginning, and a new adventure. The story begins with young Kate taking a splash – quite literally – and finding a new friend; a friend unlike any other she has ever had. Mermaids, love, new beginnings… what else could a story lover ask for? Tune in next week when we discuss...


Climate Change and Dystopian Stories: A Conversation with J.G. Follansbee

This week we bring you a discussion with indie author J.G. Follansbee about using climate change as a backdrop for his dystopian tale Carbon Run. If you missed our reading of Carbon Run head over to to listen to episode 33. It can also be found on your preferred podcasting platform. J.G. Follansbee was kind enough to sit down and answer a few questions for our fans. Here’s the list: 1. Since this is an end of the world kind of story, I thought I’d start with a...


Carbon Run By J.G. Follansbee, An Audiobook Introduction

This week we introduce readers to indie author J.G. Follansbee’s dystopian novel Carbon Run about a daughter trying to find her father in a future ravaged by climate change. An accidental fire set ablaze the habitat of an endangered species of bird causing Bill Penn to flee for his life – accidental or not, these deaths amount to a death penalty. What else has global warming inflicted on our planet? Tune in next week when we speak to J.G. Follansbee about his novel. Why did the author use...


Using Music In and To Inspire Your Writing: A Discussion With Indie Author Barbara Quinn

Last week we listened to Marie introduce readers to the indie read The Summer Springsteen’s Songs Saved Me. If you missed that episode, or just want to refresh your memory head back to episode 31. For our discussion we wanted to delve into the depths of using music as inspiration for writing. Also, we wanted to take a look a using music as a healing tool as Sophia from the story used Bruce Springsteen’s music. Barbara Quinn was kind enough to send us her thoughts. Here’s a list of the topic...


The Summer Springsteen’s Songs Saved Me: An Audiobook Format Introduction

This week the indie beginning podcast introduces readers to indie author Barbara Quinn with her indie read The Summer Springsteen’s Songs Saved Me. This story follows Sofia who came home to find her husband cheating and must now let go of her past, find freedom, and mend her broken soul. As is plain to see from the title, this story is influenced by the music of Bruce Springsteen and each chapter is headed by a different song from ‘The Boss’. If you are a fan, like me, this book has its own...


The South East Asia Influence: A Conversation With Indie Author Robert A Webster

Ben and Marie sit down to discuss reviews left for last week’s featured indie beginning, Fossils by Robert A. Webster. If you missed the introduction, head back to episode 29 where you can listen to an audiobook format introduction as performed by Benjamin Franke. Fossils: Viagra, Snuff and Rock ‘n’ Roll follows a group of unlikely geriatric rockers as they travel around South East Asia trying to flee adoring fans, the media, and the music industry in general. No one likes those guys! Being...


Fossils by Robert A. Webster as Read by Benjamin Franke an Audiobook Introduction

It is our goal to bring story lovers and indie authors together through reviews, dialog and unique topic discussions. Sad news in the indie beginning family, Marie’s grandfather Don has passed away and I wanted to take a moment for us to send our thoughts and prayers to Marie and the rest of our family. I’d also like to send my thoughts out to the universe. Living in different states, we weren’t able to visit as much as we’d have liked. It’s hard breaking through that Minnesota ‘Game of...


Small Publishing Starter Houses and When to Move it on Up: A Disscussion With Author John Abraham-Watne

Last week we introduced you to Last Man On Campus by indie author John Abraham-Watne about a young man named Michael Sinclair who heads off to college only to discover a mystery that may change his entire life. We left off just after Michael has listened to an introduction speech by the headmaster and have already been teased a little about the college’s past in a conversation with Michael’s father. Head back to episode 27 to hear the introduction. Author Questions: 1.-What made you...


Last Man on Campus by John Abraham-Watne as Read by Marie Kammerer Franke

Welcome back to the Indie Beginning Podcast where we bring story lovers and authors together through reviews, dialog, and unique topic segments. In honor of all of those who recently graduated high school, and may I say here congratulations to my niece Hannah, we thought that we would bring you a thrilling mysterious tale about a young man just beginning his college career in John Abraham-Watne’s Last Man on Campus as narrated by Marie Kammerer-Franke. Michael Sinclair did not want to...


Primarily Writing in a Secondary Language – A Discussion With Sierra Leone Indie Author Alieu Bundu

This week (Episode 26) we feature an interview with Alieu Bundu, a Sierra Leone indie author that writes primarily in English even though his primary language is Kathemneh. Alieu Bundu is a Sierra Leonean short story writer and novelist. His short stories have been published widely in Sierra Leone and other parts of the world. His novel, Silver Lining which was featured on Episode 25, follows a twelve-year-old boy named Alimu as he struggles through abuse and adversity just to receive an...


Silver Lining by Alieu Bundu an Audiobook Introduction Read by Ben Franke

Welcome to episode 25 with our featured indie author Alieu Bundu and his heart-wrenching read Silver Lining. This audiobook introduction follows a smart twelve-year-old boy named Alimu as he struggles to get an education in a land ravaged by a rebel war. Through abuse and injustice Alimu must fight, survive, and pray to Allah for the strength and fortitude to carry on. Will Alimu achieve his educational dream? This story is a refreshing look at how youth view education and an eye-opening...


The Long and Short of Writing Short Form Fiction: A Conversation with Indie Author Stella Coulson.

Ben and Marie discuss reviews left for Whitby After Dark by Stella Coulson as well as the topic of Short Form Fiction with the author. Novellas and novelettes are gaining in popularity with the rise of kindle and other e-readers (especially since Hugh Howey’s breakthrough tale WOOL) and people are so busy that they just do not have the time for a novel. We also live in a “quick fix” society and may be witnessing the shorter attention spans, at least that is Ben’s belief. What influenced...


Whitby After Dark by Stella Coulson an Audiobook Format Introduction

For our 23rd episode we are bringing you the beginning of Stella Coulson’s Young Adult indie read Whitby After Dark about a young woman who moves to the Gothic small town of Whitby, Yorkshire and discovers a hidden world of vampires, shifters and demons. Her precognitive visions of death lead her to become the target of a serial killing demon. This Indie Beginning is brought to you by shirts by sarah, your one stop shop for all your specialized shirt needs. After the episode please take a...


Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda, a Conversation on Alternative History

If you could go back in time and re-write a historical moment, what moment would you choose? LS Bassen wanted to revisit WWII and more specifically the death of Adolf Hitler in her tale Summer of the Long Knives. (Learn more about LS Bassen here.) In this episode Marie and Benjamin discuss reviews left for the story as well as their thoughts on the topic of Alternative History. Below are a list of topic Questions posed to the author. I posed this question to the Writers Group on facebook...


Summer of the Long Knives by LS Bassen as read by Benjamin Franke

This week we are featuring the indie novel Summer of the Long Knives by LS Bassen as read by Benjamin Franke. After an attack by a band of roving Nazi Brownshirts, Lisel Ganz, an artist's model in Berlin, suffers an injury that gives her the ability to catch glimpses of the future. It is already too late for many, but Lisel now can see that an even greater evil lies ahead. Taking refuge in the home of artist Albert Entrater, Lisel meets Konrad, a Catholic priest involved in a plot to...


Angels, Demons, Faith and Fiction

Angels, Demons, Faith and Fiction. Last week we introduced you Brandy Ange’s young adult fantasy novel Transgression about a daughter who must decide whether to side with angels who want little to do with her or demons who want too much in order to save her father. This episode is brought to you by the wonderful people at the Rapha House Organization. Proceeds from the purchase of Transgression are donated to this important cause. More information can be found at the end of the episode....


Transgression by Brandy Ange an Audiobook Format Introduction

After learning that Angels and Demons are real and among us Achaia is forced to pledge her allegiance. When it's not just her life on the line, but her father's as well, Achaia's options are less than ideal. Forced to choose between angels who want nothing to do with her, and demons who want too much, it's tempting to just let fate decide. This week we bring you Brandy Ange’s Young Adult Novel Transgression, book One in the Kingdom Come Series. Leave a comment or review below and we will...


Author Interview Recap - Subgenres, Outlining, World-building, Editing, and Trigger / Content Warnings

Every so often the lord of calendars brings us a bonus Monday which allows us to bring you a bonus episode. We thought it would be nice to do a recap our Author interviews. Music found in this episode comes from our friend Alto Key. Alto Key is a British indie folk artist, created by singer-songwriter Keian Barton. Barton composes each song at home in Bath, and works with musicians around the world to put the pieces of the puzzle together. Each song found in this episode comes from the...