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Legacy Company, Startup Culture w/ Peter Gunder and Ryan Rist

We sit down with Peter Gunder, Chief Business Development Officer, and Ryan Rist, Director of Innovation, of American Family Insurance to discuss innovation inside a legacy company, anchoring yourself to the transformational side of things, and competing with startups.


Election Innovation w/ Nimit Sawhney & Hilary Braseth

We sit down with Nimit Sawhney, Founder & CEO of Voatz, and Hilary Braseth, Director of Product, to discuss innovation within the election industry, the SxSW hackathon origin story of Voatz, mindsets learned from previous jobs, and advice to young entrepreneurs.


Philosophies of Innovation w/ Rajesh Vashist

We sit down with Rajesh Vashist, CEO of SiTime, to discuss various philosophies of innovation: the importance of leading with integrity, why revolutions begin at the margins, disruption as a large baseball bat, and the importance of suffering to create a great business.


Creating Great Products w/ Glenn Reid

We sit down with Glenn Reid, creator of iMovie and iPhoto and CEO of Marathon Laundry, to discuss creating great products, creating value during innovation, and why small teams are more successful.


Building A Brand For The Future w/ Christine Specht

We discuss all things innovation, brand building, and sub sandwiches with Christine Specht, CEO of Cousins Subs. Christine has had an interesting career path on her way to becoming CEO and she shares her insights on building team culture, creating a brand for the future, and how to be a visionary leader.


Change is Your Friend w/ Tom Werner

We discuss all things innovation, energy, and leadership with Tom Werner, CEO of SunPower. Tom has had a interesting career on his path towards becoming CEO and he shares his insights on flying high and low, the butterfly test, always being in a growth environment, and much more.


12 Ways to Start Leading and Stop Managing

Want to start leading in the new year? Well, we have curated the 12 best pieces of leadership advice from the guests of the podcast so far. These quotes will give insight on how you best can start leading and stop managing because if you don't lead, who will?


Disrupting the Music Industry w/ Larry Miller

We discuss all things innovation in the music industry with Larry Miller, Director of the Music Business Program at NYU. Larry is a serial entrepreneur having ran his own record label, invented new compression technologies, worked as a voice over artist, running his own music podcast (Musonomics), teaching students, and much more.


Leadership By Wandering Around w/ Dick Leinenkugel

How does one lead by wandering around? Listen to Dick Leinenkugel, President & Chief Beer Merchant of Leinenkugel Brewing Company, discuss what he learned during his time in the Marines, the story of Summer Shandy, and the future of the craft brewing scene.


Turning Crisis Into a Global Engagement Marketing Firm w/ Anne Zizzo

How does one turn crisis into a global company? Listen to Anne Zizzo, founder and CEO, share the unlikely origin story of Zizzo Group, her advice to young entrepreneurs, and her philosophy on the mindset of innovation.


From Startup to Billion Dollar Company LIVE! w/ Cree Founders

How does a company go from startup to a billion dollars? Well, you can hear from 4 people who did just that. Neal Hunter, John Edmond, John Palmour, and Calvin Carter founded Cree which went on to lead the LED lighting revolution and become a billion dollar company.


Fostering The Innovator's Mindset w/ Rachael Meleney & Jon Bohlmann

A conversation with Rachael Meleney, Program Director for RiOT, and Jon Bohlmann, Professor of Marketing and Innovation at NC State.


Solving Problems That Don’t Yet Exist LIVE!

We sit down with 3 young innovators: Nadiyah Johnson, Paula Van Camp, and Efrain Torres. All 3 are pursuing innovation at a young age and in entirely different industries. This episode was recorded live at the 707Hub on Marquette University's campus.


The Lonerider Spirit w/ Sumit Vohra

We sit down for a conversation with Sumit Vohra, Founder & CEO of Lonerider Brewery in Raleigh, North Carolina.


Enabling Student Success w/ Darren Jackson (Part 2)

We sit down with Darren Jackson, former CEO of Advance Auto Parts and education reform advocate.


Putting Microphones On The Edges w/ Darren Jackson (Part 1)

We sit down with Darren Jackson, former CEO of Advance Auto Parts & current education reform advocate.


Don't Wait For The Future, Create It w/ Neal Hunter

We sit down with one of the founders of Cree, current Chairman of Know Bio, and serial entrepreneur Neal Hunter.


Seeing Something Bigger Than The Barn w/ John & Richie Burke

We sit down with the CEO of Trek Bicycles, John Burke, and his son, Founder and President of GoGeddit Marketing and Media, Richie Burke. We discuss the challenges of running their respective businesses, the pressures and privileges of a family business, how to foster an environment where everyone is focused on finding a better way, and how their relationship has changed over time. Enjoy!


The Journey to Innovators on Tap w/ Kate Trevey

We sit down with Kate Trevey and go behind the scenes on the journey to Innovators on Tap and discuss how the Marquette E-Lead program seeks to develop young leaders by encouraging them to think differently and challenge the status quo.


Understanding Trauma w/ Michael Lovell (Part 2)

We sit down with Marquette University President Michael Lovell and discuss his personal connection to trauma, what research has shown about the effects of trauma, and his efforts to help create a community based solution with SWIM – Scaling Wellness in Milwaukee.