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Inside MTV's 'Siesta Key'


An insider's look at MTV's 'Siesta Key' by people who live there in Sarasota, Florida. Hosted by Laura Finaldi.

An insider's look at MTV's 'Siesta Key' by people who live there in Sarasota, Florida. Hosted by Laura Finaldi.


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An insider's look at MTV's 'Siesta Key' by people who live there in Sarasota, Florida. Hosted by Laura Finaldi.




Finale: Hello from quarantine!

Reporting to you live from quarantine. We missed you guys! Since we last spoke, Anna got a cat, Laura got way more into "Cats" and Alex had a huge, non-socially-distant birthday party! We talk about what our favorite "Siesta Key" stars have been up to since social distancing started and give you an update on the podcast going forward.


S03 E09 & 10: Blend's not so grand opening

This episode had it all. Breakups! A determining the relationship talk! Cowboy hats! Georgia! But most importantly, shrimp kabobs. Laura breaks it all down -- from Ish being on the other side of the camera to Alex's horrible, toxic behavior -- and prepares for next week's finale. Send good vibes to Anna, who has the flu!


S03 E08: Crescent Club truth!

Okay guys we have lots of tea to spill this week on the Crescent Club, who ACTUALLY runs it and what ACTUALLY goes on there. How do we know? We went there ourselves. We also talk about Jared's ex-wife and the word "slut." It's a doozy!


S03 E07: We met Jared!

Yes that's right. Anna and Laura finally went to the watch party at the Sarasota Modern and met Jared and JJ! They were super nice. We discuss that, plus Juliette's altercation with Alex and Alyssa, our frustration at the totally manufactured pregnancy story line and Robby's influencer marketing agency, which is apparently taking over the WORLD!!


S03 E06: That one special relationship

This was a good episode of "Siesta Key" ! Laura and Anna are appreciative of what feels like authentic drama between Juliette and Robby, Alex and Juliette and well, everyone else. We talk about how Garrett should take it easy, Brandon should guard his heart and how Jared should leave Kelsey and Jake be. Plus, Laura can't decide how she feels about JJ's face and Anna tries to speak Norwegian for all of our Norwegian listeners!


S03 E05: "You'll never find a girl hotter than me."

So much vanity in this week's episode! Juliette is really feeling herself, telling Alex he'll never find a girl that's hotter than her. Laura and Anna talk about Alyssa, Robby, Jake and Kelsey's chemistry and Laura's outing to the boutique where Juliette "allegedly" works, Blend Fashion House.


S03 E04: You are not going to Greece

Anna and Laura are convinced Juliette and Robby do not live in the real world. I mean, who asks to go to Greece when you're just starting a new job? We also discuss Crescent Club, Classico, Lemon Tree Kitchen and other Sarasota locations ... and talk about our attempt to interview Pauly Paul.


S03 E03: Juliette would not do well in jail

Can you picture Juliette in jail? Neither can Laura and Anna, but they have the police report from the incident in-studio and are going to read it for you! They also discuss Juliette and Robby's lack of palpable sexual tension, Cara's "hot little evil soul" and Alex's return, which Anna was at least excited about! Laura's new pug puppy Linus is in-studio too, but he doesn't have much to say.


S03 E02: It's an all-out brawl

Laura and Anna recap the chaotic — and violent — second episode of the third season, where Chloe gets her hair extensions pulled and Robby gets excited about Instagram likes. They also discuss what it means to be an influencer and Pauly's recent social media tirade against Juliette.


S03 E01: Madisson's new man

Madisson has a new man, Juliette is a college graduate and we have a new cohost! Laura and new cohost Anna Bryson talk about Madisson and Ish, the tired reality TV trope of chugging wine and seeing Juliette's new boyfriend on Bumble one time.


S02 E12: Bradisson again?

Alex and Juliette are done for now -- thank god -- but it looks like Brandon and Madisson are back together? We think? No one knows for sure, but Laura and special guest, Herald-Tribune breaking news reporter Carlos Munoz, try to figure it out. Plus they talk about their thoughts on the season overall, that glorious ending montage, drink throwing on reality shows and hopes for season 3!


S02 E11: "Carrot" reaches an impasse

Laura is joined by a special guest this week -- Herald-Tribune entertainment reporter Jimmy Geurts! The two of them discuss Alex's highly questionable behavior, Kelsey's sweet tribute to her mom and Jimmy's relief that Laura has taken his place as Siesta Key recapper! Plus, we talk about some of the deeper stuff we'd actually like to see on the show, and whether or not we'd skip work for a week to go to Italy.


S02 E10: "Let's be single together"

Laura is flying solo this week and boy was this a packed episode! Pauly is acting like a caricature straight from a stoned TV writer's dream, Chloe gets in the middle of Cara/Juliette drama and Jared and Brandon are both going after Madisson (uh oh). She ponders when it's OK to get involved with a friend's significant other drama, why Garrett has a point about Cara and Alex and why Jared is going after Madisson when he should be focusing on his damn self. Plus, she tells you where the best...


S02 E09: "I had a lot of hopes and dreams for you"

Finally, Alex and Juliette break up! For now, anyway. We talk about how it seemed inevitable that she would pull the plug. Plus, Madisson schools Tawni, Pauly gets cut out of his trust fund and Alex clearly wanted to sleep with Cara, but he failed. Plus, Laura goes into intense detail about her Bachelor addiction!


S02 E08: "I gotta stay on the low"

We're a little worried about Juliette: She seems emotionally drained and physically exhausted, especially after Shelby's revelations. Meanwhile, Pauly gets picked up for being an idiot, Garrett and Cara are officially going steady, and Jared is medicating his depression and PTSD with alcohol (props to his mom for the intervention, so we're hopeful he'll get the help he needs). Plus, we talk about the Sarasota jail, how bail bonds work, "Heathers" and "Mean Girls"!


S02: Interview with Madisson Hausburg

We talk to Madisson again, about being on the show, her ties to Siesta Key, acting classes in Los Angeles, her relationships and much more.


S02 E07: 'You're the only one saying I should stay with you'

It's an episode with a lot of villains: Ben basically lies to try and head off a bad situation; Chloe basically labels herself judge, jury and executioner; and Alex, good old Alex, somehow manages to manipulate himself out of his "mistake" with Juliette. Is everyone either a villain or a victim?


S02 E06: "Are you going to say you're sorry?"

What a roller coaster! Breaking up is hard to do, especially for Alex and Juliette. Plus, Cara gets vulnerable, Canvas makes up with mom, Madisson and Ben stutter along, and Kelsey/Jared are AWOL. We'll have Maddisson on for a special episode next week, so send us your questions for her!


S02 E05: "I can't wait to tell her!"

It's the Kompo family's big gala, but it seems that Alex and Juliette aren't feeling very charitable towards Cara (big surprise)! Kelsey has to pay for her ill-advised beach visit with Jared and Madisson agrees to be in Brandon's music video for some reason. Meanwhile, Canvas has a real rough time out on the edges.


S02 E04: "Wanna be my girlfriend?"

Welcome to Miami! And, of course, Cara comes along for the lulz, which even we admit isn't really fair to Juliette. Meanwhile, Madisson and Ben are finally going steady; Jared shows he's a bit of a jerk; and Canvas is looking for love.