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Bonus Episode - Mockeries - Monkish

Here it is: our never before heard lost episode! We recorded this Tuesday, May 29 and we give our predictions for the NBA Finals and announcements for WWDC 2018. Given that Apple’s iPhone event is tomorrow, September 12, it’s very interesting, and super funny, to listen to our thoughts from back in May. We hope everyone enjoys this bonus episode and thank you again for your support! This episode's show beer is Mockeries by Monkish Brewing. Producer’s note: This is a rough version of the...


Episode 71: Super Extended Beercation - Juice Gymnastics (Batch 2)

Have you ever had one too many beers and thought to yourself "Hey, I wonder what the last episode of the Internet Beer Users podcast would sound like"? Us too! On our final(?) episode we congratulate Apple on a historic milestone, welcome Nick to the modern age of laptop computing, and recount the fateful night that the concept for the IBU podcast was conceived. As we raise up our pours of the second batch of the Cellarmaker X Trillium X Other Half collab Juice Gymnastics, we toast each...


Episode 70: Mama I Made It! - Mr. Burgundy by Mikkeller SD x Hoof Hearted Brewing

On the newest episode of the IBU Podcast, the boys share some interesting new developments on Google Duplex, dissect the new Samsung Galaxy ad, Jay’s immortilization on Daring Fireball, and lament the impending collapse of Twitter after their latest developer-hostile announcement. This week’s show beer is Mr. Burgundy NEIPA by Mikkeler San Diego and Hoof Hearted Brewing. Special thanks to Mike Torres @miketorres ( for providing and Joshua Arnao...


Episode 69: I’m Here and I’m Sour - Horizon Loop by Hudson Valley

Will Jay enjoy Hudson Valley Brewery’s Horizon Loop Sour DIPA (special thanks to Matt @allyourlight (!) after not really feeling the last show beer from them? Is Google’s interface refresh on their upcoming Android P (Peppermint or Popsicle?) OS release a blatant ripoff or truly innovative? Will Google Maps’ upcoming AR walking directions prevent Nick from getting lost when trying to make it to Cellarmaker after a few drinks at Mikkeller? Is Sundar...


Episode 68: Dr. Cook and His Evil Empire - Tripel by Allagash Brewing Company

On the latest episode of the IBU Podcast your favorite craft technology enthusiasts pour out some St. Ides for Ming Chi-Kuo and dive deep into the T-Mobile and Sprint merger (buyout?). Per Jay’s recommendation, the boys (shockingly) sample a non-DIPA - the Belgian-style Tripel by Allagash Brewing Company. On the aftershow, Nick and Jay commiserate over getting ready to record the show now that they both have young children. IBU Podcast Web -


Episode 67: A Damn Good Looking Beer - Hurricane by Tree House Brewing Co.

This week on the IBU Podcast, the boys pour one out for Apple's AirPort routers and reveal what’s in their everyday carry bags. Special thanks to Jeremy, @jlarcheveque (, for this week’s show beer - Hurricane by Tree House Brewing Co. IBU Podcast Web - ( Instagram - @ibupodcast ( Twitter - @ibupodcast ( Nick Instagram -...


Episode 66: Get Better Nick (Milkshake IPA (Double Peach) by Tired Hands and Omnipollo)

On this week’s edition of the Internet Beer Users Podcast, Nick returns from near death to finally sample his white whale with Jay - Tired Hands and Omnipollo’s Peach Double Milkshake IPA. After questioning a famous Apple analyst’s true intentions and laughing at a couple of Alpine fans with too much time on their hands, Jay schools Nick on his iPhone photography and photo processing workflows. Special thanks to Evan @ehvino ( and Paul @pbgoblue...


Episode 65: It's Been a Good Day (Last Week, F$#@*d Around And Got A Triple Double - Other Half x The Answer)

Just wakin’ up in the morning gotta thank God, the Internet Beer Users are back with a new pod! This week the boys drop an update on the Stone vs. MillerCoors drama, laugh at the most ironic Bloomberg article ever, and wonder what the 2019 Mac Pro will look like. The best part? They didn’t even have to use their AK. This week’s show beer is Last Week, F$#@*d Around And Got A Triple Double by Other Half and The Answer. On the after show, Nick and Jay catch up and talk about their kids.


Episode 64: Masters of Their Density (Canniversary 2 - Noble Aleworks)

On this week’s show, your favorite Internet Beer Users share some sad beer news out of San Diego and some exciting tech news out of Cupertino. Our show beer, Noble Ale Works’ Canniversary 2: Another Canniversary! TIPA was graciously provided by listener Jeff @brew_scout (


Episode 63: I Would Not Let That in My House (Citra Double Crush - Moonraker Brewing Company)

On this edition of the Internet Beer Users podcast the boys share some exciting news regarding the 2018 Great American Beer Festival and take a field trip to Chicago for Apple’s spring event. This week’s show beer is Citra Double Crush by Moonraker Brewing Company.


Episode 62: A Ton of Bricks (Pink Fuzz by Toolbox Brewing)

We say this every week, but this week's episode is extremely special. Nick makes an announcement and Jay dishes some advice. This week's show beer is Pink Fuzz by Toolbox Brewing. Special thanks to listener Matt, @justhereforthebeer (, for supplying this week's show beer. On the after show, Nick gives Jay a little encouragement.


Episode 61: The Sidekick Brothers (LGA 2 LGB and LAX 2 JFK, Monkish and Other Half)

On this very special live edition of the IBU Podcast, Jay and Nick reminisce about their beloved T-Mobile Sidekicks while sampling the dual collaborations from Other Half Brewing and Monkish Brewing - “LGA 2 LGB” IIPA and “LAX 2 JFK” TIPA. Special thanks to Jason aka @eazyeades ( for today’s show beers!


Episode 60: G-Juice (Dialed In (w/ Chardonnay & Gewurztraminer Juice) - Trillium Brewing Company)

On this edition of the IBU Podcast, Jay and Nick stumble over German word pronunciations while sharing their favorite YouTube channels. Special thanks to friend of the show @brendonritz ( for this week’s show beer - Dialed In (w/ Chardonnay & Gewurztraminer Juice) by Trillium Brewing Company. On the aftershow Nick shares his all-time favorite Tiny Toons scene.


Episode 59: It’s Almost Like We Planned This Part 2 (4XDH Envie - Parish Brewing)

On this week’s completely spontaneous show the boys discuss the tech world’s first impressions of the Samsung Galaxy S9. They cover its new camera, creepy AR Emojis, and wonky pricing across carriers. Special thanks to listener Dan aka @silverhairedhop ( for this week’s show beer - 4XDH Envie by Parish Brewing Company out of Broussard, Louisiana. On the aftershow, Nick wonders if any of the No Limit Soldiers are craft beer fans.


Episode 58: Break In Case of Emergency (Eliza - Fieldwork Brewing Company)

On this week’s episode Jay and Nick recap their SF Beer Week adventures, debate the merits of Stone’s lawsuit against MillerCoors, and break down Apple Rumor Guru Mark Gurman’s latest Bloomberg article. This week’s show beer is Eliza New Orleans Iced Coffee Imperial Milk Stout from Fieldwork Brewing Co. On the aftershow, Nick practices his new show opening and clues Jay in on the holistic properties of Coconut Milk.


Episode 57: Low Hanging Fruit (Insert Hip Hop Reference Here - Monkish Brewing Co x Trillium Brewing Co)

On this week’s episode Nick recaps his first time at the SF Beer Week Opening Gala and Jay answers some listener mail. This week’s show beer is


Episode 56: The Essence of Orange (No IBUs Given - Alpha Acid Brewing x Track 7 Brewing)

On this week's episode, Nick and Jay talk about the Super Bowl, Nick's birthday weekend, and the launch of SF Beer Week 2018. The HomePod is available for sale today, so the boys discuss the early reviews and whether or not the new smart speaker will have a place in their homes. This week's show beer is No IBUs Given, a collaboration between Alpha Acid and Track 7 Brewing.


Episode 55: Run, Do Not Walk (Pure Juice - Humble Sea x Pure Project)

On this week's episode of the IBU Podcast, they boys share their thoughts on the HomePod. This week's show beer is Pure Juice, a collaboration between Humble Sea and Pure Project. On the after show, Nick and Jay talk about an exciting new feature of the show.


Episode 54: I Still Might be Slightly Hungover (Big Lots by Cellarmaker and Alvarado St)

On this week's episode, Nick has three too many beers at Monkish, Jay introduces a new family member, and they both wonder why Out of This World is not on any streaming video service. Jay goes over his obsession with cord cutting, why he canceled his Hulu Live TV subscription, and how he got over the air HD signal to all devices in his home. This week's show beer is Big Lots, a collaboration between Cellarmaker and Alvarado Street.


Episode 53: No One Is Safe From the Wrath of Jay (Watch This from Offshoot Beer Company)

On this week's show, Jay picks up the latest releases from Alvarado Street and Humble Sea, and Nick shares his recent beer trade story. Nick recently picked up a new Apple Watch Series 3 with LTE and shares his first impression. Jay shares his experience on a recent visit to the Apple Store. This week's show beer is Watch This from Offshoot Beer Company.