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Is This Thing On Podcast? New Media. Independent. Unsigned artists. Great Britain. Original music

Is This Thing On Podcast? New Media. Independent. Unsigned artists. Great Britain. Original music


Southampton, United Kingdom




Is This Thing On Podcast? New Media. Independent. Unsigned artists. Great Britain. Original music




Well, that escalated

I’m the one in the middle. It didn’t end well…. “nicktannrocks” GTA Online Well wha a two weeks eh? I’m back with some amazing music you have never heard before and me banging on about stuff. This weeks playlist Dead Reynolds – Lines, Corpulent Provocateur – Brown, Graces Collide …


March on!

This months great playlist looks a little like this Nora Anna - Be Patient, Ella's Boyfriend - Sweet & Vicious, The Zealots - Confess, Kelly and the Saint - Lover and a Rebel, Aiko - Bad Influence, We Three Kings - S'alright, Little Brother Eli - Giving You Up, Eyes Like The Sky - This Aged Ground, Steve Hewitt - Light Gone Out, Slim Paul - Let Me In, Lute - Victim of the Fall, Nick Tann - How Do You Sleep, Aurelia - Haine


February 2020

Here we are again for another snapshot of some of the music that has been sent to me this year so far. Nigel Thomas – Your Fire, Pete Gardiner – Bourbon and the Truth, Dres_, Made up Make Up, Red Vex – Air, Amongst Liars – Over and Over, Stormy …


Happy New Year 2020

Hi all, yes I am back again with a show packed of wonderful music from all over the planet. Make sure you listen all the way to the end as you may miss a gem! This weeks playlist includes Charles Peoples 111 - Creep, Derange - Zero, Nadia Vaeh - Boomerang, Blackelvis - Masquerade, Slaugh - Tears, Nick Tann - Can't Stop Missing You, Flash Fires - Circus Boy. All good nothing bad, subscribe if you want to hear more.


December Special

Well, it’s pretty special just look at the playlist for this week The Mayans – Cow Catcher, Steve Hewitt – Without You, Dom Down Jones – Born Rich ft KT Finess, The Virginmarys – S.O.S.4.U.N.I., Rose Cousins – The Benefits of Being Alone, The Magic Es – Splinters, Gypsy Chicken …


No No November

Back with a show to rock your very socks off! Great tunes and me babbling on about my escapades with "Grand Theft Auto" (NickTannrocks) Outstanding tunes this week, just look at this track list! Yard Arms - Comfortable, Anatoli Tsampa - Everything Different, We Three Kings - Gasoline, Dan Lyon ft. Clemence Quelennel - Biarritz, Little Brother Eli - Love Between Teens, Woven Bird - Saw You In Two, Progulike - Prog 1, Sam Cartier - Electricity, Nick Tann - Parallel Lines, Blackjack Love -...


October 2

Marrius - Back to Strangers, Foxer - Don't Leave a Scar, Kenzi - At The Root, Oh Moses - The Company You Keep, Dres_ - Wake Up, The Bugles - Give UpSara Saville - Love Hate, Zilverback - Breathtaking, Liz Longley - Unraveling


Fresh for October

In these testing times, I would urge all supporters to subscribe to the podcast. I will be getting even busier recording a new album and as much as I would love to push out a new episode every week, I am trying my best to get one out once a month. That does mean that the quality is on high as you can hear from this weeks playlist. Nora Anna - Over The Moon, Go Robot - Gallows, Luna Rosa - In The Centre Of Pride, Milena - Summer of Heat and Spice, Elizabeth Joan Kelly, Jamie R Hawkins - Thank...


Yes I’m still here…

Yes I know it's been a while and if you listen to this amazing episode you will hear why. Nevertheless some outstanding tracks this week including Jim Chorley - There's nothing like your love, Lyra - S.T.A.Y., Dom Down Jones - Hold ME Down, Charmides - Cold Blooded Killer, Skyfever - Burning Hands, Decoster Turn to fire or stone, Nick Tann - Crazy, Alireza Yousefi - Maale Man Bash.


Dan O’Farrell – Accrington Stanley special

This week is a special episode where I get to interview the marvellous Dan O'Farrell, he of Accrington Stanley and John Peel's playlist fame as well as a legend in his own lunchbox with his solo project AND with the amazing Dan O'Farrell and the Difference Engine. We chat about the John Peel days, his record number (surley a record yes?) of live performances and of double bass player Rick Foot. He also performed a live version of "Fill My Lungs" in the studio. It was really something and...


Forgive me Father it’s been nearly 4 weeks since my last episode

What a show and made better by having some top tunes from Spoiled Horse Racer (Eva Avenue) - What a Stunner when he Roll up, Heroine - Afraid, Rat Faced Lewey - Comfortable, Desensitised - Emily, Sally Crosby - Good Enough, Rosalind Harniess - Help Me, Saints of Sin We're on Fire, Nick Tann - Love Lies, High/Low - Road (I'm not superman)


Here comes the …. last podcast in June

An amazing array of fresh new music from all over the planet this week including news singles from This Blue Falcon - Prohibition Park and the stunningly good Anatoli Tsampa - Only a Stranger. Gumshoe - When They Start to Ignite, wowed me and Lillimure - Something, makes me want to visit New York. I played Doyle and The Forefathers - When Will The Children Learn, as a small tribute to BEn Clark who sadly died a couple of weeks ago. I gave favourites of the show Dakka Shanks - Skinhead Boy a...


Flaming June

Lovely music this week, lets hope this weeks show is as popular as last week with the best listening figures this year. Well done you lot! Kicking off with one of my tunes this week, recorded live at the Railway in Winchester then followed Tom Fuller - Doin' Nothin', Webster - Jack, Georgina Fearn - Black Mirror, Ala Ghawas - Ember, The Cazales - She Wants You Dead, Cornelis Gerald - The Art of not giving a Fuck, (We are) Rogues - Hockey Pump, Bang Bangs - In Arms, Mike Vaughan Will We Ever...


Is This Thing on Podcast Maybe

A show so packed that I didn't have space to include one of my tunes! However, I do ask that you visit my website at and have a look around. Top tunes this week from Jenny Stanlei - Oh Sea (mamma ma), Haytor - Sirens, Drew Davies - Man On TheRun, Jelly Cleaver - VI II V, Lyia - I Don't Know, Lillimure - WDYTM, Diane Zook, Nature TV - Moonlight.


Aperil Again.

It's all go this week with more wonderful unsigned independent music from Brian T Parks - Up on the Downs, Omar Addis - Aperture, Baggs - Cellar, The Skys - Communication and me Nick Tann and Coming Home. Probably the best music podcast on the net...



Aperil, geddit? Never mind some of the best music you have never heard this week kicking off with The Family Dickens - Napoleon, Rockets Kings - Atlantic Dreams, Happy Daggers - Hold It Down, Nick Tann - Never Did Me Wrong which may or may not sound like Joe Bonamassa's new single Redemption. What do you think?


Here we are again and a tribute to Tom

Hi music lovers, have I got a show for you! We kick off with Luke Seymour - Hand me Downs, Your Life Or Mine - Better End The Heartbreak, Reason Define - Pointing Fingers, Brocarde - Last supper, Chaz - Poverty Porn, Joe Burger - Halves On A Cigarette and then finishing off with a few words about Tom Caulfield and I finished of with his amazing Good You Got Away.Love you man, you silly sod!


This Thing Is On again…

It's Sophocles, obviously...If you're at a loss as how to listen to this show thats available on ITunes and Spotify, let me knowTold you I would be back soon and what a show with another great line up of great musicians including Dandelion Charm - Stephanie, Nolita View - The Road, Threatmantics - First Things, Rory Kenedy akak Rory's Aspect- Peers, Spookshow Inc. - Little Pill, Nick Tann - First Time


Is This Think On Podcast March is on..

Hi all, some great music this week make sure you subscribe so you never miss out on one of the longest running independent music podcasts on the planet. Running since 20o8 I bring you the best in music you have never heard. This week playlist includes Hail Taxi - Rocket, Elliot Falla and the Blue Valentines - So Easy, he Gallery - Pesticide, Adam Zapp as Aokay - Finally Lost Myself, Drunken Logic - What If I Don't Grow Up?, NO Snow No Alps - Elizabeth I, Nick Tann - Never Did You Harm


Is This Thing on Podcast

Great tracks this week from Dayana - Astray, Waist Deep - Steel Balloon, We Three Kings - Give It To Me Go!, The Virgin Mary's - S.O.S.4.U.I., Tobias in Flight - Killer Voices, Nick Tann - Love Lies LIVE, Naz and Ella - The Gun