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A weekly podcast going beyond the headlines, bringing you the latest details and analysis from Israel and the region.

A weekly podcast going beyond the headlines, bringing you the latest details and analysis from Israel and the region.


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A weekly podcast going beyond the headlines, bringing you the latest details and analysis from Israel and the region.






A New U.S. Strategy for the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Ilan Goldenberg, Michael Koplow, and Tamara Cofman Wittes present findings and recommendations from their recently published policy report, "A New U.S. Strategy for the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict." Hosted by Israel Policy Forum Board Chair Susie Gelman. Download the report here. Support the show (


From Washington to Jerusalem: After the Capitol Hill Attack

Hosts Evan Gottesman and Eli Kowaz speak with Times of Israel Diplomatic Correspondent Tal Schneider about Israeli perceptions of the far-right attack on the United States Capitol Building. Then, the Israel Policy Pod team checks in with Israel Policy Forum Director of Government Relations Aaron Weinberg, who lives and works in Washington, DC. Read Aaron Weinberg's reflection the Capitol Hill attack in JTA:...


Israeli Political Breakdown

With Knesset elections on the horizon yet again and new political parties replacing old ones, journalist Barak Ravid provides insights into the new political landscape taking shape in Israel. Support the show (


Divorces and Marriages: Israeli Elections Update

In our final episode of the year, Eli Kowaz talks to Neri Zilber about Israel's upcoming March elections as the list of parties begins to take shape. Topics include the creation of a new party on the Israeli left led by Tel Aviv-Jaffa Mayor Ron Huldai and Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi's decision to step away from national politics, for the time being, dealing yet another blow to Benny Gantz's Blue and White. Support the show (


Between the Palestinians and the Gulf States

This episode features a recording of our latest Israel Policy Briefing, a discussion between Board Chair Susie Gelman and Hussein Ibish of the Arab Gulf States Institute in Washington on the political interplay between the Palestinian leadership and the Gulf countries in the age of normalization. Support the show (


Morocco, Israel, Western Sahara, West Bank

Host Evan Gottesman speaks with Einat Levi, a researcher at the Israeli think tank Mitvim who specializes in Israel-Morocco relations, about the history of Israel's ties with Rabat, the new normalization agreement between Israel and Morocco, and the impact of U.S. recognition of Moroccan sovereignty in Western Sahara. Support the show (


Two Conversations on the Future of Our Work in 2021

This week's episode includes recordings of two panels from Israel Policy Forum's virtual annual event, with Abner Goldstine, Yossi Klein Halevi, Rabbi Rick Jacobs, Tamara Cofman Wittes, Susie Gelman, and Rep. Ted Deutch, including never-before-released material not featured during the event premiere. Support the show (


The Value of Perseverance

Host Shanie Reichman chats with Gadi Baltiansky of the Geneva Initiative about his decades-long commitment to resolving the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict and unlikely partners in pursuit of a two-state solution. Learn more about his work at Support the show (


Another Israeli Election?

Israeli political journalist Tal Schneider examines the possibility of another Israeli election and the implications it would carry for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Naftali Bennett, Benny Gantz, Gideon Saar, and the Joint List. Support the show (


Israeli Elections, Part 4/?

Just when you thought Israelis were done going to the polls, elections strike again. Evan Gottesman, Eli Kowaz, and Shanie Reichman discuss the prospects of another Knesset election and how different political parties may fare. Support the show (


What's Next for Israel and Iran?

Over the weekend, Iran’s chief nuclear scientist, Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, was assassinated. Iranian officials have blamed Israel, which appears to be behind the operation. Who was Fakhrizadeh, and what impact will his death have on Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons, U.S. foreign policy in the presidential transition period, and the incoming Biden administration’s approach to Tehran? Dr. Raz Zimmt addresses these and other pressing questions. Support the show...


Resuming Ties

Hosts Evan Gottesman and Eli Kowaz speak with journalist Neri Zilber about the resumption of security, civil, and economic ties between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. Support the show (


Israel-Arab State Normalization After the Trump Era

What will happen to the Israel-Arab state normalization process after President-elect Joe Biden takes office? The Mitvim Institute's Dr. Moran Zaga explains. Support the show (


The Chief Negotiator

Host Eli Kowaz talks with Israel Fellow Nimrod Novik about the life and legacy of chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat. Support the show (


What's Next? After the American Presidential Election

This episode features a recording of Israel Policy Forum's latest briefing, featuring a conversation with Policy Director Michael Koplow and Government Relations Director Aaron Weinberg on the future of U.S.-Israel and U.S.-Palestinian relations under the incoming Biden administration. Support the show (


American Elections, Israeli-Palestinian Ramifications

Hosts Evan Gottesman, Eli Kowaz, and Shanie Reichman speak with three of Israel Policy Forum's leading experts—Shira Efron, Michael Koplow, and David Halperin—about how the outcome of next Tuesday's American presidential election could play out in real time for Israelis and Palestinians, shape the debate in Washington around the U.S.-Israel and U.S.-Palestinian relationships, and impact the American Jewish communal discourse on these issues. Support the show...


Twenty-Five Years Later: The Legacy of Yitzhak Rabin

Ambassador Itamar Rabinovich, who served as Israel's envoy in the United States during Yitzhak Rabin's second premiership, joins a special Israel Policy Forum briefing reflecting on the late prime minister's legacy 25 years after his assassination. Support the show (


Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: The View From Europe

Host Evan Gottesman speaks with Hugh Lovatt, a policy fellow at the European Council on Foreign Relations Middle East and North Africa program, about the main issues shaping EU policy on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, including assistance to the Palestinians and Israeli demolitions of EU-funded structures, as well as how the outcome of the American presidential election could impact the European position toward Israel and the Palestinians. Support the show...


What's Next in Israeli Politics?

Washington Institute Adjunct Fellow and Israeli journalist Neri Zilber breaks down the latest political developments in Israel, from coronavirus lockdowns, to anti-Netanyahu protests, and the rise of Naftali Bennett. Support the show (


Lessons From Another Conflict

Evan Gottesman and Shanie Reichman discuss the lessons for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that can be gleaned from the Nagorno Karabakh dispute, as well as Israel's relationship with Azerbaijan and Armenia. Support the show (