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A weekly podcast that goes beyond the headlines to bring you analysis from Israel Policy Forum experts and distinguished guests including policymakers, activists, and academics.

A weekly podcast that goes beyond the headlines to bring you analysis from Israel Policy Forum experts and distinguished guests including policymakers, activists, and academics.


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A weekly podcast that goes beyond the headlines to bring you analysis from Israel Policy Forum experts and distinguished guests including policymakers, activists, and academics.






Why Jerusalem? Why Now?

Israel Policy Pod host Evan Gottesman is joined by Daniel Seidemann for the first in a monthly joint Israel Policy Forum-Terrestrial Jerusalem podcast series focusing on all-things Jerusalem. In this installment, we examine the core issues shaping the conflict over Jerusalem and how some of these problems came to the fore last week in riots there last week. Support the show (


What Happened in Jerusalem?

Lior Schillat, Director General of the Jerusalem Institute for Policy Research, joins Israel Policy Forum' latest briefing to discuss the far-right riot in Jerusalem and the events preceding it. Support the show (


No One Puts Bibi in a Corner

After losing a key Knesset Arrangement Committee vote on Monday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is looking for a way to salvage his premiership and put together a coalition. This time, he is advocating for yet another election, but in a different format: a direct vote for prime minister. All this while his on-again-off-again partner, Naftali Bennett of Yamina, has opened the door of the possibility of forming a “unity government” with the Israeli center-left. Evan Gottesman and Eli Kowaz...


Between Israel and Iran

Wilson Center Scholar Dalia Dassa Kaye discusses the current status of the Israel-Iran conflict and how that dynamic is impacting the policies of the Biden administration and the Gulf Arab states. Support the show (


Israel, Iran, and the Fallout from Natanz

Israel Policy Forum Policy Advisor Shira Efron speaks with hosts Evan Gottesman and Eli Kowaz about the aftermath of a recent Israeli attack on the Natanz nuclear site in Iran and what it says about Israel's posture vis-a-vis Tehran. Click here to register for Israel Policy Forum's upcoming video briefing on the Israel-Iran conflict (Tuesday, April 20). Support the show (


West Bank, Gaza, Aid, Elections

Washington Institute Adjunct Fellow Neri Zilber provides an overview of the state of affairs with the Palestinians, including the resumption of U.S. aid to the West Bank and Gaza, as well as the question of elections. Support the show (


Arab-Jewish Political Integration

Some of the biggest stories out of the March 2021 Knesset election have included the breakup of the Joint List, low voter turnout among Arab citizens of Israel, and the emergence of the United Arab List as a potential kingmaker in Israeli politics. In this program, activist Maisam Jaljuli, co-chair of the board of directors of Sikkuy and a member of the secretariat of Standing Together, examines the future of Arab participation in Israeli politics. Support the show...


The Consequences of Closing a Consulate

Host Evan Gottesman speaks with former American diplomat Ari Gore, who served in the U.S. Consulate General in Jerusalem, about the Trump administration's closure of the mission, ramifications for the U.S.-Palestinian relationship, and the potential for President Joe Biden to adopt a different course with the Palestinians. ExploreRead Support the show (


Trouble in Jordan

Host Evan Gottesman speaks with Israel Policy Forum's Nimrod Novik about the crisis in Jordan, including allegations of a coup attempt, the strained relationship between King Abdullah and Prince Hamzah, and the backdrop of deteriorating Israel-Jordan relations. Support the show (


The Story of IPF Atid

In a special episode of Israel Policy Pod, Shanie is joined by IPF Atid's National Director Adam Basciano, National Chair Jonathan Kamel, and Los Angeles Chair Alex Stabler for a discussion on how the IPF Atid program came to be, what is missing in conversations about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and what you can look forward to seeing from our community in the coming months. Learn more about IPF Atid here. Join the IPF Atid Facebook Group here. Support the show...


Israeli Election Results: What We Know So Far

A day after Israel's fourth election since April 2019, hosts Evan Gottesman and Eli Kowaz parse the early returns of the vote, examine what we know so far, and discuss what could change in the future. Support the show (


Erev Elections

On the eve of the fourth Israeli election since April 2019, hosts Evan Gottesman and Eli Kowaz discuss the issues shaping the campaign. Click here to register for Israel Policy Forum's live Knesset elections watch event. Support the show (


Fourth Time's the Charm

With the March 23 Knesset election fast approaching, Times of Israel Political Correspondent Tal Schneider takes a look at where the different parties stand and whether this fourth election in the span of two years can deliver a more conclusive result for Israelis. Support the show (


'Til Kingdom Come

Host Evan Gottesman speaks with director Maya Zinshtein and producer Abie Troen about their new documentary film, 'Til Kingdom Come, which covers Evangelical Christian support for Israel in the United States. Click here to watch 'Til Kingdom Come. Support the show (


An Ambassador's Perspective

Ambassador Daniel Shapiro shares his insights on the current issues shaping the Biden administration's reorientation of U.S. policy on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Support the show (


Palestinians at the Polls

Washington Institute Senior Fellow Ghaith al Omari examines the Palestinian political landscape in the lead up to elections planned for later this year, as well as the Palestinians' relationship with the Biden administration. Support the show (


Unpacking the Psychological Roots of Conflicts

Host Shanie Reichman is joined by Dr. Eran Halperin to discuss his work on the psychological and emotional barriers to resolving conflicts and how his experiments try to help Israeli and Palestinian societies overcome them. Support the show ( Learn more about Eran Halperin's work ( Support the show (


Israel, Iran, and the Region

Ilan Goldenberg discusses Israel, Iran, the JCPOA, and the future of Israel-Arab state normalization under the Biden administration. Support the show (


No Problem or No Solution?

Host Evan Gottesman speaks with Shira Efron and Daniel Egel of the RAND Corporation about their new study, "Alternatives in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict," examining Israeli and Palestinian responses to five proposed outcomes to the conflict. Read: "Alternatives in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict" from the RAND Corporation Read: "In Search of a Viable Option: Evaluating Outcomes to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict" from Israel Policy Forum Support the show...


A Realistic Reset

What does a realistic reset of U.S. foreign policy on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict look like? Michael Koplow (Israel Policy Forum), Shira Efron (Israel Policy Forum), and Ibrahim Eid Dalalsha (Horizon Center) outline a vision for a new approach under the Biden administration. Support the show (