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S3 E8: The Black Food Experience with Eden Hagos

Eden Hagos is a celebrated host, food writer, and founder of the media and events company, Black Foodie. She's an Ethiopian Canadian with a passion for African and Caribbean cuisine and hosts unique food events throughout Toronto. Her work and notable mentions have been featured in Chatelaine, Essence, Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, and CBC to name a few. Find Eden...


S3 E7: Reflecting Back. Looking Forward.

On the show: #mbafoodconLearn more about the Food Innovation Network and how you can support the upcoming food hall: ---------------------------------------------- Follow Item 13 on Facebook , Instagram and Twitter. esSense 13 is on Facebook , Instagram and Twitter. Don’t forget to subscribe & leave us a review!


S3 E6: Beyond Jollof Rice - Food Media & Representation with Vonnie Williams

Vonnie Williams is a first-generation Ghanaian-American and food writer. After diving in head-first into the world of food media working for a boutique PR firm, Vonnie was frustrated with the lack of minority representation in food media. She’s written for Food & Wine, TASTE and Edible Brooklyn, and is founded, a food and culture website that serves as an unapologetic and sincere space to talk about her experiences. In her free time, Vonnie loves to cook the easiest...


S3 E5: Ivorian Food Culture with Yasmine Fofana, Afrofoodie

Yasmine Fofana is the pioneer when it comes to promoting the culinary scene of Côte d’Ivoire (West Africa). She not only launched the 1st food blog of Côte d’Ivoire in 2012: “Journal d’une Foodie” now rebranded as “Afrofoodie”, she also launched Côte d’Ivoire's 1st Restaurant week: “Abidjan Restaurant Week”. Thanks to her continuous efforts in sharing the Ivorian culinary scene with the world, Yasmine was selected as a Mandela Washington Fellow 2016 under President Obama’s Young Africa...


S3 E4: Content Marketing for Food Businesses with Hey! Dip Your Toes In

Eulanda and Omo are co-founders of Hey! Dip Your Toes In (HDYTI); an award-winning platform which promotes creative digital content with a focus on global travel and food culture. They have worked with leading brands including Coca-Cola, IBM, Etihad Airways, Uncle Ben's, and tourism boards around the world to create content to help tell their unique stories. Their work has been featured in Forbes, Lonely Planet, House of Coco, Culture Trip, Matador Network, CULTURS, Voyage, Blogosphere...


S3 E3: Sierra Leonean Food with Maria Bradford, Maria Bradford Kitchen

Maria Bradford was born in Freetown, Sierra Leone and now lives in Kent, England. She started cooking when she was 9 years old and has always loved cooking for her friends and family. When growing up in Sierra Leone, the dominant career advice was to become an accountant. Until her early 20's, she'd convinced herself that this was the career path for her. She studied for an accounting degree and worked in various finance roles and was unhappy and unfulfilled. Cooking is her calling. She...


S3 E2: Introducing Nigerian Food to New Audiences with Lilian Ryland, Naija Buka Seattle

This week, I chat with owner & head chef at Naija Buka Seattle, a Nigerian food company based out of Kent, Washington State. Her goal is to introduce everyone to the awesomeness of Nigerian dishes. In this episode, we discuss our mutual love/like relationship with Seattle and Lilian's: Food Innovation NetworkFind Naija Buka Seattle online: Tickets to Sunday Rice Traditions event here. Interested in promoting your food product/service/event? Send details in...


S3 E1: We're Back!

We’re Baaaack!! In this episode, I share: Thank you to all who supported the Taste of Foutta Djallon events. Full list of partners here: Tickets for the UNGA side event in NY, on Monday September 23: Find out more about NY Africa Restaurant Week here: Interested in promoting your food product/service/event? Send details in an audio...


Replay: An Introduction to Item 13, An African Food Podcast

Replaying our very first episode where host and founder of esSense 13, Yorm Tagoe, shares her vision for the podcast and what you should expect from each episode. Learn more about her personal background and her why for starting esSense 13 and then Item 13 . Follow Item 13 Podcast on Instagram and Twitter esSense 13 is on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter Don’t forget to subscribe & leave us a review!


Summer Replay: Ghanaian Food Entrepreneurship with Jay Gyebi, Mukasechic

Mukase Chic is a culinary entrepreneur with food blogging & styling, catering, a food bank and food events under her entrepreneurship umbrella. Mukasechic believes African flavour and spices is the best in the world. A Mandela Washington Fellow, she’s written food articles for most Ghanaian magazines, and been featured on CNN Africa and Buzzfeed. Find Mukasechic: Follow Item 13 on Facebook , Instagram and Twitter. esSense 13 is on Facebook ,...


Summer Replay: Getting Customer Experience Right with Maureen Atebawone

Maureen Atebawone, a customer experience specialist, is the founder of Bawoni Consult. After studying in Ghana and Canada, respectively, she made the permanent move to Ghana in 2015 and decided to set up her consultancy to address the rampant lack of service quality in Ghana's hospitality industry. With a focus on Food & Beverage and Lodging businesses within the hospitality industry, Bawoni Consult focuses primarily on providing operational consulting and resources to SMEs within the...


Summer Replay: Healthy Eating the African Way with Cordialis Msora-Kasago

We're sharing YOUR favorite episodes from the past two seasons, all August long in a #SummerReplay13 series. This week, we're replaying the powerful conversation with Cordialis Msora- Kasago, an internationally recognized Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and media spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. A Zimbabwean by birth, she is a firm believer in the impact of cultural diets and lifestyles for positive health outcomes. Through her nutrition consultancy, The African...


Summer Replay: African Food Flavors with Freda Muyambo, My Burnt Orange

We're sharing YOUR favorite episodes from the past two seasons, all August long in a #SummerReplay13 series. First up, is the conversation with Freda Muyambo, a food blogger and writer with expertise in African cuisine and a passion for sharing African culture through food. She often describes herself as having a pan-African palate, having been born and raised in Botswana to Ghanaian parents and traveling extensively across Africa. She has explored culinary cultures across the broad and...


Bonus: Fulani Nomadic Dining with Chef Fatmata Binta

Ahead of our upcoming worldwide tour with Chef Binta, replaying this episode that sheds light on her African food story. Hope to catch you at A Taste of Foutta Djallon later this year. ----- Promoting “Fulani Cuisine to the World”, Fatmata Binta was born and raised in Freetown, Sierra Leone to first-generation Sierra Leonean Fulanis of Guinean descent. She describes herself as the Fulani Chef, a classic nomad. She has traveled to several continents and has worked with many African chefs....


S2 E10: Season Two Recap and Final Thoughts

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S2 E9: Exploring African Coffees with Amani Kiflemariam

Amani Kiflemariam was born in Eritrea and grew up in the Sudan and the UK with a deep appreciation for the social and economic significance of coffee within Habesha culture (Eritrea and Ethiopia, the birthplace of coffee). Amani worked in Finance in London before putting her talents into building Amatte that not only promotes African heritage but also benefits those small-lot farmers who nurture this precious crop. Named after her grandmother, whose name means ‘lead by example’ in her native...


S2 E8: South African Winemaking with Ntsiki Biyela

Ntsiki Biyela grew up in Mahlabathini, a rural village in Kwazulu Natal. Having spent a year as a domestic worker, she was awarded a scholarship to study winemaking in 1999. She graduated in 2003 from Stellenbosch University and joined boutique winery Stellekaya Wines the following year. Ntsiki’s ambition to create her own wines grew following a collaboration with Californian winemaker, Helen Kiplinger, as part of the Wine for the World initiative. She has consulted in France, making wine...


S2 E7: Mental Health & Wellness with Dr. Carol Mathias-O'chez

Dr. Carol Mathias-O’chez is an Psychologist passionate about helping people thrive in all areas of their life. With a Doctorate and Masters in Educational Psychology and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, her in-depth knowledge of learning and teaching, based on developmental and psychological theories provides an understanding of how people think, learn and behave. She focuses on solution-focused therapy aimed at helping children, teenagers, young adults and adults break unhealthy cycles,...


S2 E6: Moroccan Food with Nargisse Benkabbou

Nargisse Benkabbou was raised in Brussels, where she grew up in a strongly food-oriented family that continually nurtured her connection with her roots and country of origin, Morocco. After living in Brussels and Paris, Nargisse moved to London to pursue her education in Politics only to realize that her love for cooking and food was a real passion. After training at Leiths (layth) School of Food and Wine, she started blogging and sharing her Moroccan recipes 'with a twist'. Her work...


S2 E5: Nigerian Food Business with Tokunbo Koiki

Tokunbo Koiki is the founder of Tokunbo's Kitchen, an award-winning food brand bringing a taste of Nigeria to the world. A passionate believer in the power of food to bring people together, she is a leading voice for West African cuisine with regular press features including on BBC and Virgin, and has curated events on food, entrepreneurship and diversity with Google and Facebook. Find Tokunbo's Kitchen online: Follow Item 13 on Facebook , Instagram and...