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ILaPoW S3 E2 The Future of the POW

Handsome Bane invite the heir to his throne, Jadalyn to the show to do short review of Fan Expo Boston 2018. Jada has harsh words for everyone from the producers of "Coraline" to Amy Jo Johnson's Pink Ranger...again. The girl and her old man discuss how dope the 90s were. And the two weigh in on the new outfits the Disney Princesses wore on the snippet of the new film "Wreck-it Ralph 2.


S3 E1 ILaPoW Third Strike

I gotta level with you Loved Ones, this episode has amazing content with awful sound. We're still trying to get our grits together with the audio. If you can tolerate the noise, we welcome Dart Adams to the Castlevania Office and just kick it about all our fandoms and the history of Boston.


ILaPoW S2 E24 K Bye

It's the season finale of the World's Greatest Nomadic Podcast. We managed to get back into CastleVania but this time we're in the home office. Sporting a sweet Bob Ross original in the background, we got a lot to cover. HB recharges his WhatupDoe batteries and regales us all with tales of his trip to Detroit. The team reviews The Incredibles 2...Deadpool 2 is also mentioned and the two films, while very different, have a lot in common. Everyday Rogue has some info on her life that is...


ILaPoW S2 E23 Muppets, Puppets And People Conspiracies

This week, the Bane man is still in the motherland, Detroit, MI. He and long time friend and rival, The Crotch-Grabbingly Great Miles Amadeus Prower crack open the DSM-V and diagnose your favorite felt friends. ILaPoW puts Sesame Street through the lens. How does McDonalds rehabilitate criminals? Adam West's Batman ran the cleanest Gotham city to date. But what kinda of cleanser did he use? Was it...ethnic?? Check out Miles's Podcast I, Black Man Podcast here:...


ILaPoW S2 E22 Two Twenty - Two Two

It’s the one year anniversary of It’s Like a Podcast or Whatever and the crew is split. So what better way to celebrate than to have TWO episodes from TWO cities take place on the same day? Everyday Rogue welcomes a true Loved One to the show, Nancy Lamerique as they spin yarns and fight with technology. You will be regaled with such tales as: Nancy’s origin story to America from Haiti K-Rock sort of witnessed a murder while playing Harriet the Spy. Nancy controls the fate of every child’s...


ILAPOW S2 E22 (pt.1) Crowning the Blerd Gawd

For the ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of ILaPoW, the gang brings you TWO episodes from TWO LOCATIONS! Talk about too much favorite! Handsome Bane goes back to his roots in the Big Oh Boy. There, he meets up with his childhood friend and Detroit Co-host, Blake Lugosi. Also making his official debut to the show he created the music for, Mr. Omari "HirO Beats" Hall. Also here for the first time and for a few impactful mins, Ms Shanti Dee. Extra Special Shout out to Dame Gone Wild for being a gracious...


ILaPoW S2 E21 Relationship Rules

The Truesome Twosome meet in the parking lot of the AMC in Braintree. They talk: New Ms America Rules Enzo Amore's diss record Handsome Bane recounts his interaction with the great Beau Billingslea And the Main Event: The retiring and rewriting of some dating/relationship rules.


S2 E20 Angry Virgins

Don't look upon me. I am hideous. After a long week filled with doubles and birthday party planning, ya boy goes for a workout but the gym does not open until 7am. How ever shall we pass the time? A rare, unkempt Handsome Bane goes it alone for only the second time in nearly a year to bring you down the spiral staircase of society to the murky depths. What awaits us? InCels, or the Involuntary Celibates: A bunch of dudes who think they should have access to women, but are furious they do...


lLaPoW S2 E19 The Royal Rumbowl One - Hit Wonder Edition

This week we welcome Co-Founder of Killer Boom Box and Boston's own music encyclopedia G. Valentino Ball. K-Rock and the Bane-Man dispense with this week's bad news and talk briefly about their weeks. There isn't much time for pleasantries as the crew must get to work on the 30 song One Hit Wonder #ROYALRUMBOWL! The Rules: Two random songs will come out of the bowl. The Trio will vote on a winner based on 1. Commercial success of the song. 2. How "one-hit-wondery" the song/artist was. 3....


S2 E18 The Refresher Course

The Mancave is closed again. So we're out like Da Band when Diddy closed down the studio. Thankfully, friend of the show, Nancy Lamerique opened up her kitchen to us. We really are nomads. We start with a bunch of bummers and eventually climb our way out of the gutter. School Shootings, racist prick lawyers, people screwing up someone else's to further their agenda. Michigan State owes a lot of people money for a terrible thing and everybody'd asking Handsome Bane about it. HUMBUG! Then we...


S2 E17 This is Amurricah

We're back in the Castlevania Mancave for at least another week and the takes are flying. Happy Mother's Day (without disclaimers)!! We're tired of talking about Kanye, but we only have ONE question for him. Our friend Calvin Winbush is embroiled in controversy that he didn't cause. People get things wrong on Twitter and leave it there because of the likes. And interracial blerd dating gets thoroughly discussed.


Ilapow S2 E16 Ask ILaPoW AKA HBD Topanga

The Duo takes it back to the carpod. It's Free Comic Book Day and they got free things to show you. The Bane man tells a story of his kid's heroism. Then the siblings answer a plethora of viewer questions in the first ever #ASKILAPOW and find out some interesting things about each other. There's a birthday being celebrated. Spoiler alert: It's Topanga.


S2 E15 The Consolation Prize

First of all, I want to apologize for getting you guys all ready for a viewer mail episode for it not to happen this week. We could have forced it, but then it wouldn't have been what we WANTED to give you guys. You deserve better. All 3 of you who watch and listen to us. So THIS week, Handsome Bane goes solo-dolo into the city of pod. He introduces the new segment, "What We NOT Gon' Do". He channels his inner Kelen Conley and makes velvety smooth transitions from topic to topic. He also...


S2 E14 Get The Picture

The Duo welcomes a third in Eric Martinez, cosplay and other stuff photographer. We talk Disney trips, Spring not-so-much of a break, Rusev's Twitter Fingers Eric talks about everything from ethical treatment of photo subjects to his introduction and growth in the cosplay photography game. He also gives pointers for those wanting to start. And he gives you some red flags to look out for if you're not sure your photographer is a sleaze ball.


S2E13 Real Rasslin

Twinsies get meet at Franklin Park zoo on a blustery April day to finish their Pro Wrestling chat they began last week. Handsome Bane beats a dead horse and quickly reviews the entire weekend of wrestling in NOLA last week. Rogue takes us back to her high school days when she went from working a camera to producing whole wrestling shows locally. Bane tells why he never pursued an actual Pro Wrestling career after training. Rogue receives a super pleasant surprise. Because friendship.


S2E12 St Aaron's Day

Truesome Twosome continue to tour the costumed world, but this time at Anime Boston. People were interviewed in YouTube Exclusives. Pictures were taken. Bane didn't pay. In today's episode we explore: DMX's music SAVES him from jail? We introduce the segment, "Hey K-Rock Why Do White People..." More Anime Boston talk HB gives his St. Aaron's Day address.


S2 E9 Convince Me Is Anime Good

Soundcloud has been giving me all the issues when it came to posting the completed edited version of ILaPoW 2ep9, so here it is in all it's raw glory. The Duo returns to the Castlevania Mancave to talk anime. Then Bane goes off the rails and makes a shocking confession: he doesn't even like anime. Can Sister K-Rock bring her big brother back to his senses? Can she...CONVINCE HIM?!


S2 E7 Notice Me Senpai ft Chantelle Ramirez

The Twosome return with a vaunted guest, your favorite science teacher Chantelle Ramirez. We talk about what the word racist really means. What other tools could Chantelle use in her classroom before she picks up a gun? How does she keep all relationships in her class appropriate? And for kicks and giggles, we wash all that tough stuff down with a top 5 teachers list.


S2 E7 Are You the Gatekeeper?

The Truesome Twosome reunite and lay down the law on gatekeepers of media and fandoms. Bane recounts his trip to LA. Are you getting the entire #ilapow experience? There could be YouTube exclusives you're missing out on. Vero: ILaPoW


S2 E6 Ladies' Night ft. Nancy Lamerique

S2 E6 Ladies' Night ft. Nancy Lamerique by The Truesome Twosome