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S3 E17 When You're Right, You Write

This week, we welcome Sci-Fi and Cat enthusiast, Writer ME Lysette to the Castlevania Home Office. After a lengthy discussion about pretty much everything, we focus long enough for M.E. to tell us how she grew up and her intake of media. She gives some advice to people struggling with "writer's block" as well. Finally, she and Handsome Bane give you 9 Christmas films you don't normally think of around this time of year. Now you can spice up those holiday movie marathons with some REAL...


ILaPoW S3 E16 Unsung Holiday Heroes

It's a family affair when the ILaPoW team starts the holiday season off by giving thanks to all the people who don't receive enough shine this time of year. We begin with a lover's spat that gets squashed immediately. They get into the heroes and stories to support their cases. The room is just full of friends and family so this episode probably has more love per capita than any other episode of ILaPoW. And we're just getting started!


ILaPoW S3 E 15 We Got Hats Now

The fellas gather in the CastleVania Home Office to review the 1993 cult classic, "Fear of a Black Hat" starring a bunch of black guys you're sure you've seen before, but can't name (Rusty Cundieff, Larry B. Scott, Mark Christopher Lawrence) who play the group Niggas with Hats in this mockumentary. THERE WILL BE SPOILERS. It's all jokes about the rap game as it was, and the remnants that still somehow shockingly remain relevant today. When a rap group is made to choose between getting paid...


Ilapow S3 E14 How To Help (ft. Lexi The Clumsy Jewelry)

New friend of the show, Alexia of ABCD (Action for Boston Community Development) stops by the office to talk about the organization's services, community involvement and how you can help. Other topics discussed: -Stan Lee's send off -Stone Cold Becky Lynch wanted for murder -Alexia's fandoms -THE THANKSGIVING DODGEBALL GAME/TOY DRIVE KICKOFF at 10am-12pm


ILaPoW S3 E 13 You Can't Disappoint A Picture

An inspired Handsome Bane takes to the streets to talk Levar Burton reads and the wisdom he received from Ken Liu (author of "Paper Menagerie and Other Stories). He also describes his visit with Hudson Henriques and the Level Ground MMA gym in Dorchester. The Thanksgiving Dodgeball game is ON! And only one team can claim the tournament championship. Space is limited. Sign up now. Site: Shop:...


ILaPoW S3 E 12 Aw Hellllll No!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN LOVED ONES!! The team here felt that we never celebrate the holidays and while we're all gearing up to tear South Boston ALL THE WAY DOWN (collecting candy, not public property) we needed a movie to get us in the mood. Netflix graciously presented us with TALES FROM THE HOOD 2. There ARE mild spoilers, so with TFTH2 only clocking in around a total 1:29hr, it's a really quick watch. So check it out and join us for a quick dive into this urban horror anthology. As always you...


ILaPoW S3 E 11 Time to Cosplay the Game (w @MorenaFantasie)

Award-Winning Cosplayer Morena Fantasie stops into the CastleVania Home Office. We talk cosplay (of course) Her fandoms growing up Being a role model Rate old school Ben Cooper costumes Inexpensive yet creative ideas for Halloween costumes (that you and the kids will actually look good in) Also, the lads look for a new project to take on for the end of the year as community outreach.


ILaPoW S3 E 10 You're Toxic (I'm Slippin Under)

The blokes converse about past victories and future endeavors in the realm of obstacle courses. Handsome Bane denounces the taste of beer in favor of hard cider. So that explains his losing battle with belches directly into the mic. Sorry in advance. A deep dive is done on Warren G and Nate Dogg's "Regulate" and it's relation to the many toxic things we enjoyed in the 90s growing up. Join us in the Terrain Race next August by registering here:


ILaPoW S3 E9 Issa Wrap - Up

ILaPoW family member, Nancy Lamerique takes over the show with her friends Nahomie and Kendra to discuss the last season of HBO's Insecure. But before they can even draw breath to speak, they are interrupted by the compelling ANTAGONIST, Ashy Bane. He brings opinions from the smokiest, rustiest pits of Twitter and the clash of the sexes begins. Each character receives an in-depth analysis of their actions and story arc. The panel wraps everything up with theories and their wishes for the...


Ilapow S3 E8 Fantasy Bookin

The Wondertwins continue their conversation from last week by ditching the heavy stuff and talking all about Fantasy Wrasslin'! It's Hell in a Cell weekend, but neither of them is excited about it. So our heroes reach into the Great Beyond and pair up wrestlers from the worlds of the living and the dead. It's WrestleMania Heaven, baby!


Ilapow S3 E7 Who Did You Expect Was Expecting

A family member makes a triumphant return to the Castlevania Home Office. Everyday Rogue takes her rightful seat as the co-host of ILaPoW to talk about all the insane ways her life has changed since becoming pregnant. She tells us about her struggles, triumphs and most importantly THE GENDER OF THE BABY! Get ready to get ready for the newest loved one, y'all.


Ilapow S3 E6 1 - 2-3 BTT Ft. Hudson Henriques

The team welcomes a long time listener and family friend, Hudson Henriques. He comes to talk Jiu-jitsu, cartoons and cheese crackers. The sound cut out at one point, but we were able to scrape together some choice cuts. Wouldn't be an ILaPoW without some issues. We gon' make it.


Ilapow S3 E5 Tales From The Urban Ballet

This episode is all over the place. Literally. We start in the Castlevania Office to explain some stuff. Then, through the magic of recording, we go back in time to a card game that was played in the Castlevania Dining room. Tragically, the sound cuts out and end up back in the office for the dismount. The ILaPoW inner circle does not disappoint. Plenty of one-liners and random outburst to make you look insane on your morning commute. Love, trust and belief.


Ilapow S3 E4 I Net What You Flix Next Summer

Whatupdoe! Our compelling protagonist, HB comes to you from the Castlevania Home Office and with him as usual is Producer/Engineer of the show, Mike Lamerique. On this, the day of his daughter's birthday party, the Bane Man and Lam discuss pandering politicians, yet another set of Angry white guys and how Netflix is literally showing you what they think of you.


ILaPoW S3 E3 Hiya Handsome HWHL

The Bane Man comes to you from the kitchen where he used to give you sage advice, mask and all. He talks about the other thing nobody is mentioning in all the James Gunn mess, explains the term "Happy Wife, Happy Life" all while fixing his laptop. The very laptop he edited and posted this podcast with. Ooh DAMN! Spoilers...


ILaPoW S3 E2 The Future of the POW

Handsome Bane invite the heir to his throne, Jadalyn to the show to do short review of Fan Expo Boston 2018. Jada has harsh words for everyone from the producers of "Coraline" to Amy Jo Johnson's Pink Ranger...again. The girl and her old man discuss how dope the 90s were. And the two weigh in on the new outfits the Disney Princesses wore on the snippet of the new film "Wreck-it Ralph 2.


S3 E1 ILaPoW Third Strike

I gotta level with you Loved Ones, this episode has amazing content with awful sound. We're still trying to get our grits together with the audio. If you can tolerate the noise, we welcome Dart Adams to the Castlevania Office and just kick it about all our fandoms and the history of Boston.


ILaPoW S2 E24 K Bye

It's the season finale of the World's Greatest Nomadic Podcast. We managed to get back into CastleVania but this time we're in the home office. Sporting a sweet Bob Ross original in the background, we got a lot to cover. HB recharges his WhatupDoe batteries and regales us all with tales of his trip to Detroit. The team reviews The Incredibles 2...Deadpool 2 is also mentioned and the two films, while very different, have a lot in common. Everyday Rogue has some info on her life that is going...


ILaPoW S2 E23 Muppets, Puppets And People Conspiracies

This week, the Bane man is still in the motherland, Detroit, MI. He and long time friend and rival, The Crotch-Grabbingly Great Miles Amadeus Prower crack open the DSM-V and diagnose your favorite felt friends. ILaPoW puts Sesame Street through the lens. How does McDonalds rehabilitate criminals? Adam West's Batman ran the cleanest Gotham city to date. But what kinda of cleanser did he use? Was it...ethnic?? Check out Miles's Podcast I, Black Man Podcast here:...


ILaPoW S2 E22 Two Twenty - Two Two

It’s the one year anniversary of It’s Like a Podcast or Whatever and the crew is split. So what better way to celebrate than to have TWO episodes from TWO cities take place on the same day? Everyday Rogue welcomes a true Loved One to the show, Nancy Lamerique as they spin yarns and fight with technology. You will be regaled with such tales as: Nancy’s origin story to America from Haiti K-Rock sort of witnessed a murder while playing Harriet the Spy. Nancy controls the fate of every child’s...