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Jammed Up #61 Joe & Ryan

After some personal adventures and vacations for both Joe & Ryan, this episode is a recap of what they've been up too. Very informative in a lot of ways!! Enjoy!


Jammed Up #60 Josh McHale

Probably the most esteemed and gifted storyteller this side of the Mississippi, Josh Mchale is back for another round of stories. As always, you will not be dissapointed. Head back to his other episodes #3 & #25 for more ridiculousness. He's our token wildboy!!! Instagram: @joshmchale Thanks to our sponsor The Trinity Guide Co. For all the tasty beverages.


Jammed Up #59 Nick Price & Cody Holmquist

Nick Price is Lead Sawyer for the Shasta Lake Hotshot Crew and Cody Holmquist is a Heli-Repeller for Price Valley in Idaho. In this episode we discuss the recent and devastating nature of the Carr Fire here in Shasta County. Thanks to these two guys for all the hard work fighting fires and for giving us their time to discuss the things they encounter while risking their lives. Instagram: @nick_price296 & c_holmquist Thanks to The Trinity Guide Co. for keeping our fridge stocked with frosty...


Jammed Up #58 Pickle

Say hello to Pickle Johnson, a 2018 Pacific Crest Trail Thru-Hiker who has recently crossed the half way point. Super cool dude, who hails from Pennsylvania, and a 2016 Appalachian Trail Alumni. PIckle stopped in Redding for a couple days to relax and chill with previous guest Tommy Corey, and 5 other hikers at the Corey compound. It was a great opportunity to get Pickle on to hear how his trip is going. Give him a follow on Instagram @dstonkin to see his PCT pictures.


Jammed Up #57 with Caleb Johnson

For episode #57, we had a friend Caleb Johnson (@calebwho) be a guest host with us while we discussed nothing of importance. No rhyme or reason to our conversational direction, but we had a blast and had some terrible segues! We laughed our asses off and hit a ton of topics.


Jammed Up #56 David Paskowitz

The picture says it all. David might be the most eccentric and entertaining person we've had the pleasure of sitting down with. He comes from a surfing family dynasty. His father started the first and largest surf school in the country and they are well known throughout the surf community. There is an incredible documentary called "Surfwise" that goes in depth on how they influenced surfing and their unique family dynamic. Aside form Surfing, David, is a hilarious, colorful personality, and...


Jammed Up #55 Alex Ross & Vance Staplin

Finally our first remote podcast, and on a boat at that! Thanks to Alex Ross (Owner of The Trinity Guide Co.) for putting us on some Kokanee Salmon, and Vance Staplin (Owner of Vance's Tackle)for driving up from Sacramento to share his knowledge with us. What a great day that was, and so fun to record on a fishing boat while hooking up! If you're looking for a professional fishing guide, whether it be lake or river, give Alex a call. www.thetrinityguide.com/ Instagram: @thetrinityguide...


Jammed Up #54 Janea Perry & Ali Osgood

Janea Perry & Ali Osgood are both female Professional Mountain Bike Racers. They fucking shred, they have potty mouths, they bake cakes, and do screen printing. We had a blast talking with these two, mostly about everything other than Mountain Biking, but we did touch on it a bit! Instagram: @nea128 @aliosgood


Jammed Up #53 Paul Young aka Aquaman

Paul Young is a Professiona Freedivingl Spearfisherman, with many elite achievements within the sport, including three separate World Records. He will be heading out to Portugal later this year for the Spearfishing World Championships. We had a blast hanging with Paul, and getting schooled on a sport we know nothing about. Spearfishing is definitely not for the faint of heart. If you would like to support Paul's trip to the World Championships, you can purchase a custom shirt at...


Jammed Up #52 Michael Caranci & Dan Rhodes (Trout Unlimited)

Thanks again to Michael Caranci & Dan Rhodes, of Trout Unlimited Shasta/Trinity/Cascades, for dropping in and telling us all about what they do over at TU! THey got some great river restoration projects coming up, as well as the Fly Fishing Film Tour later this fall. Head over to TU.org to get more information on how you can help and join the group! Instagram: @troutunlimitedstc


Jammed Up #51 Taylor Smith & SeeSee Kwan

Our friends Taylor Smith & SeeSee Kwan joined us on episode #51 to talk about recent trips to Antarctica, China, Mongolia, and Japan. We had a blast hearing all the stories! @snakebitinyaeye @misskwan @smallandmightyedibles


Jammed Up #50 Jexton Schuppert

Our special guest for episode #50 is Jexton Schuppert, nephew of host Ryan Schuppert. Jexton is a self-professed Dinosaur expert, dreamer, chip lover, and he secretly wants shapeshift into a hawk! Thanks a ton to everyone who has listened to the JAMMED UP Podcast up to this point, and thanks to Jexton for being our guest for #50. There is plenty more coming in the next few months!


Jammed Up #49 Queso

Queso is a good friend of the podcast, as well as accomplished Thru Hiker and Professional Beer Brewer. We run the gamut of topics on this episode, with a ton of life hacks that should be in the Anarchist Cookbook. He is an avid outdoorsman, sort of a hippy, beer enthusiast, pot smoker, vegetarian, and an all around easy great dude. Thanks Queso for being on the podcast!


Jammed Up #48 Craig Marleau (Kickstart Garage)

Craig Marleau is the owner and mastermind of Kickstart Garage, specializing in rebuilding and customizing old and vintage motorcycles. His enthusiasm for cafe racers, scramblers, etc, and his artistic vision has gained him a considerable amount of attention within the custom motorcycle world. Orders for his bikes have gone international, and his reputation has earned him on the invite only list to all the biggest motorcycle shows around the world. Check out his work at...


Jammed Up #47 Alex Ross

If you take anything from this episode, it's "stop googling everything!!" Alex is a professional fishing guide, and an accomplished Jiu Jitsu Black Belt. His whole approach to life is through the lens of Jiu Jitsu, which is nothing but hardwork, suffering and perseverance. What a great epsiode, and we're lucky to have Alex's expertise in both disciplines here in Northern California. For fishing inquiries check out www.thetrinityguide.com or if your interested in learning jiu jitsu as a self...


Jammed Up #46 Ryan Thompson

Ryan Thompson is a friend of the podcast, incredible outdoor landscape photographer, rockclimber, and world traveller!! He poops his pants, farts a lot, does crossfit and is an all around great guy! You can follow him on instagram @rynotime or check out his website and order prints of his photography at http://www.ryanleethompson.com/


Jammed Up #45 Nick Dunne

Nick Dunne is a Professional Freestyle Motocross badass, based in Norcal. He's doing big boy shit, for sure! And he's hilarious! We had a blast, talking about what he does, and some awesome stories. We'll have him on again soon to share some more of his hilarious stories. Photograph by: Haigh Photography


Jammed Up #44 Kat Sweet

Kat Sweet of Sweetlines is back in the studio! She just got done coaching a Women's MTB retreat in Peru for 5 weeks! We got to hear all about Peruvian trails, food and adventures, before we digress into numerous topics such as cannibalistic guinea pigs, and failed taxidermy!


Jammed Up #43 Ali Sarshar

Ali Is back from a couple more adventures! This time he we learned of his Bike Tour across America, and his 3 month trip to Iran. We had a lot of fun catching up, and we had a slightly different tone this time around from his first visit! Go follow Ali's travels on Instagram @HumanPowered360 Enjoy!


Jammed Up #42 Zach Caldwell (Pro Scubadiver)

Return guest, Zach Caldwell, is a Professional Scubadiver, who dives in the name of science. His work has taken him all over the world, diving in some extremely remote places. If you haven't already, go listen to Zach's first episode with us, #5, to learn about who Zach is, and follow up with #42 to see what he's up to now!! IG: @zachrcaldwell