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Unfiltered look at sports and life from one of the most opinionated voices in media.

Unfiltered look at sports and life from one of the most opinionated voices in media.


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Unfiltered look at sports and life from one of the most opinionated voices in media.




JIS: Big Papi Roasts Booty Flakes

Big Papi has some strong words for Mike Fiers. The NFL Players and Owners continue to be hypocrites about player safety. We are already gaining a good number of followers on Twitch, but we are still trying to figure out how to use it. "Birds of Prey" was pretty good. We saw one of the worst movies ever last weekend.


JIS: Did Joe Girardi wear a Wire? Back and to the left!

Twitter is all about this Joe Girardi video from whenever the hell it was. Does it matter? Joe Girardi says cheating won't stop. How many times will Astros players be hit this year? Boosie Badazz isn't a huge fan of penis removal. Daniel Tosh, perhaps the most well known troll comedian of all time has pissed off the easily trollable people of Houston.


JIS: The Astros won the 2017 World Series..Shut Up!

I'm not some staunch defender of the Astros, but they won the 2017 World Series. That's not going to change. If the current Astros want people to shut up, win this this year. Aaron Judge is the latest player to rip the Astros. How many times will Astros players get hit this season? We discuss the over/under. A station I almost worked for was sold today.


JIS: Is Aluve's Tattoo That Bad?

Jose Altuve subtly showed off his tattoo today. We will discuss whehter it was so hideous that he needed to shield it from the world. Mike Trout unloads on the Astros. Mike Tomline unloads on ESPN. Is there any chance Myles Garrett is telling the truth about Mason Rudolph? Is "Mr. Nanny" the greatest movie ever? Z Dog has dropped his most fire jam in years.


JIS: The NBA All-Star Game Was Fantastic

The New NBA ASG format was incredible. The first three quarters were ok, but the fourth was great. The MLB Commissioner spoke about the Astros and looked about as bad as Jim Crane did last week. Do you believe Carlos Correa?


JIS: Cody Bellinger dropping bombs

Cody Bellinger dropped some bombs on the Astros today. Kurt Suzuki accuses the Astros of cheating during the 2019 World Series


JIS: Jim Crane Blew It Mightily

Who advises Jim Crane? Whoever that person is should be fired. Today's press conference was a total farce and Crane came out looking like a real putz. The press conference should have never happened. Is it possible for Bregman to ever get his balls back? Since when does Correa have balls?


JIS: The Astros Drama is About To Get Good

The Astros have met with Jim Crane, how will the handle the discussion about cheating? Will they have a company line? Will individual players speak up? Will the embrace the hate or act like snowflakes? So many questions. What awful workouts did you do in high school?


JIS: Marwin Speaks

Marwin Gonzalez is the first Astros position player to speak about the cheating scandal. It's hard to look at him as anything other than the dude who benefitted most from this whole thing. Jilly showed me a video today that reminded me so much of my grandma. Ed Reed is a clown.


JIS: Joel Embiid is a child and MLB Rule Changes

Joel Embiid fancies himself a villain. In reality, he's just a thin skinned, lazy dope. MLB has proposed some wacky post season changes. Some jabroni is suing the Astros because he sucks at baseball. We give big ups to a stripper who fell 15 feet from the top of a pole...and kept twerking.


JIS: The XFL Was Really Interesting

While I was forced to stay at home all weekend, Jilly and I watched the XFL. It was truly a treat. I don't know if it will work long term, but I liked it. We are contemplating teaming up with Twtich for our video stream. Monday is Luther's Birthday! I'm sick of Mr. Rogers.


JIS Special Report: AJ Hinch Apology Watch Along

I’m on the couch. My foot hurts. I’m watching AJ Hinch apologizing. The sound quality on Hinch won’t be great, but I do have thoughts.


JIS: My Ankle is really screwed’s the story.

I didn’t do a live show today bc I can’t make it to the studio.


JIS: The Chiefs Parade and Angry White Dudes

The Chiefs Super Bowl Rally was fun. It was much more fun than the Astros "rally". Philly people are angry that people liked the Travis Kelce speech. An angry white dude is suing over the Super Bowl Halftime show.


JIS: 2 Year Anniversary of Eagles Super Bowl

We were in Minnesota two years ago watching the Eagles win it all. We will remember that day and the events leading up to the big game. Jim Mudd joins us to talk about it. Plus, Hunter Pence is back in Houston. yay.


JIS: The Super Bowl Needs More Cooter Shots

It seems everyone is angry over the Super Bowl Halftime show. Some are angry because it wasnt' "Family Friendly". Some folks are angry at the folks who didn't think it was "Family Friendly". This is not shocking, but the USA Today wrote a crap piece about the non "Family Friendly" Halftime Show. Donald Trump thinks Kansas City is in Kansas. He's not wrong. An angry Kansas City reporter goes off on rowdy Chiefs fans. Rush Limbaugh has cancer. The Twitter seems to be happy about it. We watched...


JIS: Super Bowl 54 Recap

The Chiefs won the Super Bowl. My mom is excited. She claims she knew it all along. I was a Chiefs fan as a boy, so I'm very happy for them. Many of the Philly Andy Reid fans are frauds, but It's impossible to not be happy for him. We look back at some of the Super Bowl commercials and discuss the halftime show.


JIS Special Report: JJ Watt on SNL

JJ Watt hosted SNL. It was meh. We watched Taylor Swift's new documentary. I don't know if there is a more phony person on the planet. Well, other than Lebron who has really douched it up in the wake of Kobe's passing.


JIS: Dusty Baker Will Kick Ass..

Dusty Baker was introduced today and I'm confident in saying he will kick ass in Houston. The issue? If he doesn't win it all, the dopes will blame him. We actually have Super Bowl prop bets today. My dad has a new parody song. It can't be good.


JIS: Remembering the Radio Row Fight

We were listening to the radio today and we heard our former employer at Radio Row in Miami. Evidently, a fight broke out between two professional fighters. We remember the day that everything changed for us at 790. Dusty Baker is officially the Astros manager. We've got the Super Bowl Half Time Prop Bets. Barstool was sold for a gabillion dollars. WTF am I doing wrong? Goldberg from "The Mighty Ducks" can't kick meth.