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1:45 p.m. — Ask Dr. Burtch: Addison’s Disease

This is a report to correct the audio not being properly attached! Addison's Disease is a fairly common condition in dogs and horses that results from a lack of steroids being produced by the body. It is the same disease in people and is the opposite of the more common (in dogs) Cushing's Disease, where too many steroids are produced by the animal. This is an almost 14-minute discussion of Addison's with Dr. Merrianne Burtch of Pacific Veterinary Specialists in Capitola and is part of our...


German Shepherd Expert Bob Frost

Bob Frost is a longtime German Shepherd breeder and trainer based in Ohio. It's fair to call him one of the custodians of the breed and he is expert on all things German Shepherd Dog. I've invited him to talk about the breed, both purebred and shelter dogs. I am hoping to help people better understand these wonderful animals and somehow reduce the numbers that end up unwanted and in shelters and, sometimes, killed for lack of a home.


1:15 p.m. — Introduction to Pet Insurance

Because of a technical issue on our last program, this interview will run (I hope) this week. Kristen Lynch from the North American Pet Health Insurance Association spends a half-hour answering questions about a subject that can perplex pet owners but is something most of us should be taking more seriously. After doing this interview -- and thinking about having raised thousands of dollars to help pay for emergency care for uninsured pets -- I think one of the hallmarks of responsible pet...


ALDF’s Larris: Florida Voters Could Ban Greyhound Racing

The Animal Legal Defense Fund has joined in a coalition of organizations to support the grassroots campaign to end the cruelty of greyhound racing in Florida. Voters will have a historic opportunity to help thousands of greyhounds this November 2018 by voting “ Yes on 13” for this humane amendment. Here is their page on the topic. For this program, I interviewed ALDF attorney Lindsay Larris. Here is her bio: Lindsay Larris oversees the Legislative Affairs Program in the Animal Legal Defense...


Friday (9/28/18) was World Rabies Day

Friday was World Rabies Day, held annually to improve global awareness of the fatal disease and a plan to eradicate canine rabies, the main cause of human deaths, by 2030. This will be done through assertive canine vaccination programs and immediate care for humans that have suffered dog bites. One of the great public health successes is that people in rich nations rarely worry about dying from rabies. Many don't even worry about vaccinating their pets against the disease, although that is...


Paw’d Cast: Greyhound Friends for Life

We talk about why there is a need to rescue retired greyhounds, how the rescues -- some from Mexico -- take place, how the greyhounds become pets, and why/how you might adopt a retired racing greyhound. This is another "rescued or dead" situation, in many cases. They are also, in case you've never met a greyhound, really sweet dogs and well worth the effort that people put into saving and caring for them. Our guest, Michele Czaja is on the board of directors of Greyhound Friends for Life and...


1:08 p.m. — Hurricane Florence recovery

Rich Crino, HSUS Rich Crino the Humane Society of the United States spends 10 minutes with us discussing his work with animals impacted by Hurricane Florence in Horry County, SC. Here is a video, from Myrtle Beach Online, of a woman who owns 12 cats, and is one of the people who have been assisted by the Humane Society of the United States.


Our Paw’d Cast — Ask Dr. Burtch: Pancreatitis

Dr Merrianne Burtch, Pacific Veterinary Specialists & BirchBark Foundation A half-hour interview with our favorite veterinary internist on a condition most owners -- dog or cat -- hope they never become too experienced with. This has been a perplexing disease for me, but after recording this interview, I feel much more equipped to deal with it, or better yet, avoid it in the first place.


Ask Us Anything with Laura and David August 27 2018 (Harnesses)

Dog harnesses were a favored topic during this "Ask Us Anything" segment


Our Paw’d Cast: How much progress have we made? Nathan J. Winograd, Author and No Kill advocate

This is a fascinating and wide-ranging history of the no-kill shelter movement in America, told by a man who helped create much of that history. The number of animal lives that Nathan's work and influence have saved over the past two decades is certainly in the millions. I would not be doing this program -- or rescuing animals -- if I had never met Nathan Winograd, who will be on this week to talk about the progress that has been made during the 14 years since he founded the No Kill...


When must your dog go to the emergency vet?– Ask Dr. Burtch

When must you take your pet to the emergency vet? Dr. Merrianne Burtch of the BirchBark Foundation and Pacific Veterinary Specialists in Capitola was here for a 5/20 recorded segment. She answers that question, offers a warning about the artificial sweetener xylitol that can kill dogs, as well as snakebite and other emergencies. Here is her blog post on life-threatening substances. Here is the substance of her ER visits post: Here are some pretty clear guidelines for when you should take...


Justice the horse sues his abuser. Is that legal? And if it is what happens next?

On this week's program, we'll talk about the #NotProperty movement in animal welfare, focusing on a lawsuit filed on behalf of an abused horse. In most (all?) states animals are treated as property, not as sentient creatures with feelings, emotions, and the ability to communicate. That limits humans' ability to protect animals and seek redress for the horrible things that are sometimes done to them. But what if animals could sue their abusers in court? That's what the Animal Legal Defense...


1:30 pm — Pet Dermatologist Dr. Samantha Lockwood (Repeat)

This is the first of a series of occasional conversations about something most pet owners don't realize they should care about! What allergists do for people, dermatologists do for pets -- plus ears. Includes details about fighting mange (now easier!), flea allergies, and other conditions owners should understand. Dr. Samantha Lockwood is a California native who has lived all over the state—from sunny San Diego to cold, wet winters near Tahoe. Growing up on a farm in rural northern...


Every Week @ 12:30: Ask Us Anything with Laura Pakis

This is a new weekly segment featuring trainer/blogger Laura Pakis in conversation with host David Coursey. Laura is an experienced Certified Professional Trainer and owner/founder of Acme Canine. This is an expansion of her "Dog-Training-By-Radio" segments that discusses specific training techniques and goals. Want Dog-Training-By-Radio handouts? Click here. Having trained over 5,000 dogs and run a boarding and daycare facility for the past 13 years, Laura focuses her blog, Spike’s Dog Blog...


1:20pm: POMDR: Tuesday’s Volunteer Orientation and Foster Overview

Tracey Pepper will be with us for a few minutes. I hope we can recruit some new Monterey County volunteers and fosters for Peace of Mind Dog Rescue. This is an excellent introduction to fostering! Join us for our next Volunteer Orientation and Foster Overview on Tuesday, August 21, from 5:30 – 7:00pm. The orientation will take place at the POMDR Bauer Center at 615 Forest Ave. in Pacific Grove. All new and current volunteers are invited to attend. If you are considering volunteering, we...


Paw’d Cast: Don’t Distract a Service Dog (Ask First!) And Other Good Manners

Counterintuitively, it's dog lovers and their dogs -- separately and together -- that cause the greatest challenges for service dogs and their owners. When I asked for topic suggestions, a woman who uses a service dog for PTSD support responded about problems caused her and her dog by well-meaning people and/or their dogs. Here's an email I received from Stephanie Fontana, who proposed the topic based on a bad experience she and her service dog recently had in a Costco store, thanks to an...


Paw’d Cast: Study Finds Kids Enjoy Pet Rats over Cats and Dogs

Brett Hodges, founder of RightPet was our guest this Sunday, August 12, 2018. The big thing I learned — since I knew rats are great pets — was to get your pet as a young rat from a breeder! RightPet Study Finds Children Enjoy Pet Rats Over Cats and Dogs Eight-year international pet ownership study also sets the record straight with surprising personality and gender differences between cat and dog people SANTA BARBARA (AUGUST 1, 2018) – RightPet, a top online resource for pet owners to access...


Paw’d Cast: Are dog breed genetic tests accurate? Is behavior genetic or environment?

Dr. Elinor Karlsson Here are the links mentioned in the podcast: muttmix.org where you can now take a "Pup Test" that measures your ability to determine the various mixed breeds that are part of 31 example dogs. The answers are now displayed immediately and you can see how well the original Muttmix study participants did. I stopped even guessing after about six animals. Their citizen science site is darwinsark.org Animal behaviorist Marjie Alonso CDBC, CPDT-KA, KPA CTP and geneticist Dr....


12-1pm: Are dog breed genetic tests accurate? Is behavior genetic or environment?

Dr. Elinor Karlsson Animal behavioralist Marjie Alonso CDBC, CPDT-KA, KPA CTP and geneticist Dr. Elinor Karlsson, who managed the MuttMix Project for the International Association of Animal Behavioral Consultants will be here this week to discuss whether those home DNA tests can really identify the breed of your dog. And what is the impact of genetics on behavior? Expert trainer Laura Pakis and I will do the interview in the "Ask Us Anything" format (please call!) for the entire first hour...


Ask Dr. Burtch: Canine Digestion

This is a wide-ranging interview with veterinary internist Dr. Merrianne Burtch of Pacific Veterinary Specialists in Capitola (across from the mall, also an emergency clinic) discussing canine digestion, with emphasis on diet, fiber, food choice, cancer, parasites and other factors affecting our dogs. Dr Merrianne Burtch, Pacific Veterinary Specialists & BirchBark Foundation Meanwhile, the BirchBark Foundation's three-lecture series on pet health continues Saturday, September 8, in Carmel...