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10/6 7 AM: The All 22

We have some strange occurrences here in the morning, from the parking garage to getting coffee. Kap watched the all 22 tape and goes over the Bears offensive struggles. Kap thinks Darnell Mooney isn't a #1 on a good team. Agree? Your calls on the Bears.

10/5 9 AM: Bears, Bulls & Happy Meals?

How will the Bears evaluate and measure Justin Fields at the end of the season? Hood watched some Bulls G league ball and has thoughts. What are the toys you might expect in an "adult happy meal"? Kap & J.Hood Cut of the Day.

10/5 8 AM: Connor McKnight

Shot or No Shot. Best name in sports heard here? 5 things we would like to see change for the White Sox this offseason. Connor McKnight jumps on to talk White Sox end of season

10/5 7 AM: Measured Progress

How can we measure the progress of Justin Fields if it isn't wins? What can we see from him if there are no weapons around him? How can you analyze decision making when he isn't making them or having time to make them? Your calls on the Bears and their QB - is he getting another chance next year regardless of this year's results?

10/4 9 AM: Jesse Rogers

White Sox going in a new direction, Tony LaRussa. Worst Weekends. Jesse Rogers discusses Tony's departure and who's next in line for the job potentially. Kap & J.Hood Cut of the Day.


10/4 8 AM: Albert Breer

Shot or No Shot. We go around the NFL and address what Dan Orlovsky said about Justin Fields and the players around him this year. Albert Breer of SI.com joins the show to discuss Fields and concussion protocol. Animal Stories - Coyote and a Snake bite.


10/4 7 AM: Tony's Retiring

Tony LaRussa is leaving the White Sox, disappointed he is going before what he set out to accomplish. What do you think his legacy was the second time around - did he fulfill his potential? Your thoughts on the outgoing manager, and who should be next. Your calls.


10/3 9 AM: Alex Brown

Former Bear Alex Brown joins the show to give us his analysis of what he saw yesterday. Did Fields improve? How do they fix this? Your calls on the Bears and Fields. Do the numbers matter?


10/3 8 AM: Courtney Cronin

Shot or No Shot. What did Hood just say to Aaron Rodgers about his comments? Final play was a circus. Courtney Cronin talks about the struggle to get into the end zone and the anemic offense. Mitch Update - the final edition.


10/3 7 AM: Giant Loss

The Bears had a tough one slip away yesterday, losing to a team that is eerily similar to them. Knocking out multiple QB's wasn't enough, and the front 7 let the Giants run all day. What can we take away from yesterday? Is Fields improving? What about the HITS principle? Your calls on yesterday's game.


9/30: CFB Value Bet

Jonathan Hood is joined by Gary Segars from www.winningcureseverything.com twitter.com/garywce to discuss the best bests in college football wagers with Value Bet, presented by: Draft Kings!


9/30 9 AM: Friday Folder

We go over what we think Justin Fields and the Bears have to do on Sunday to come out of NY with a W. Wait, it's WHAT day today? Friday Folder, the stories we didn't get to during the week. Tracy Butler with the weekend forecast.


9/30 8 AM: Courtney Cronin

Shot or No Shot. Our picks around CFB and the NFL. Courtney Cronin checks in on the Bears and talks about what she saw on tape. Is Fields even attempting tight throws? We also discuss the injury to Tua last night.


9/30 7 AM: Decisions, decisions

Is Justin Fields decision making getting better? Is Luke Getsy all on his QB? We hear from the Offensive Coordinator and Kap had a former coach on his TV show who was talking about the QB's play. Tua injury last night on TNF was scary, and brings the NFL concussion protocol back into focus.


9/29: Fast Break

Chris Bleck and Jonathan Hood talk about the Bulls and NBA Media Day. The guys also update the latest with Lonzo Ball and his knee. Which teams in the East will make the Playoffs?


9/29 Snorling U

Kap & J. Hood Producer Shea Norling AKA Snorling takes you through his favorite plays ahead of Week 5 in college football.


9/29 9 AM: Fields Day

Justin Fields spoke yesterday at Halas Hall. His answers were noticeably brief, is the media getting to him? Where is Justin Fields amongst Sophomore QB's? Kap & J.Hood Cut of the Day.


9/29 8 AM: Dealbreakers

Shot or No Shot. We officially can bury the White Sox now, is this the most disappointing team in Chicago sports history? Dealbreakers, our game of scenarios. National Coffee Day!


9/29 7 AM: Judge-ing

Aaron Judge hit HR # 61 last night. What does this mean to you? What does it mean for baseball? Your calls on one of the most prestigious records in sports. Steroid numbers count? Your calls and thoughts on and MLB record being tied last night.


9/28 9 AM: Bears and beers

Kap and Hoodie continue their conversation about the Bears and how they're feeling about state of the team and how many games they can win. They also argue with Zederman about his take that out-of-market baseball is more interesting than college football. Plus, more beer talk and Kap's Cut of the Day.