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Two kinky girls discuss BDSM, fetishes, and everything in between

Two kinky girls discuss BDSM, fetishes, and everything in between


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Two kinky girls discuss BDSM, fetishes, and everything in between




Episode 9: Everything But The Kitchen Sink

After another small hiatus, we're back and in this mini-episode we're talking about pervertables. Wooden spoons, meat cleavers and Muse's mouth... Oh my. Email us at and let us know what your favorite pervertable is! If you like the show, give us a rating and subscribe.


Episode 8: The Grrawrr & Muse Show

After a short hiatus, the girls return to a newly painted and upgrade Stu-Stu-Studio to talk pain, sex, and what makes them tick. That's right, Grrawrr and Muse talk about themselves this time! Our Patreon has been updated with five different tiers to choose from, check it out if you're interested in contributing to helping us keep this podcast running. If you become a patron, we will thank you on the show as one of our patrons; Your patronage will also grant you access to Patreon exclusive...


Episode 7: That's What I Call Edgy (with Ittahobi and ACosmicExplosion)

Grrawrr and Muse are joined by Ittahobi and ACosmicExplosion to talk edge play. Do you get excited by danger? Have an appreciation for the R.A.C.K. side of kink? Or are you just curious and want to know what the hell edge play is? Then this episode is for you! Our guests share stories and talk about the things they love most. Please exercise caution and be aware of the risks involved with this topic before engaging in any form of edge play. Thank you to ThatPlace for being our very first...


Episode 6: Roll for Etiquette (with Mytor and LoveToBeBound)

Grrawrr and Muse talk dungeon etiquette with ThatPlace co-owners Mytor and LoveToBeBound. In this episode, we learn some of the ins and outs of running a dungeon and what to expect when you go to a party. If you're interested in attending an event at ThatPlace, check out the group ThatPlace - Oklahoma City on Fet or visit their website for vetting at Thank you to TotallyATree for contributing the awesome title for this episode!


Episode 5: The Safety Dance! Consent & Safety Part Two

Muse and Grrawrr continue their discussion about consent and safety by expanding on what it means to consent and how to be safe when navigating your way through this lifestyle. The girls reiterate the importance of safewords, negotiating your scenes, taking care of yourself and how often you should get tested for STDs.


Episode 4: Bye Felicia! Consent & Safety Part One

So, you've figured out you're kinky and found the community... What now? Whether you're still exploring online or have taken the plunge and attended your first munch, there's a few things you should keep in mind when it comes to personal safety - especially in the age of the internet. Grrawrr and Muse say, "Fuck you!" to toxicity as they discuss consent and safety in this two part episode.


Episode 3: Ready Player 1 (with _Argoth_)

Muse and Grrawrr interview Argoth! Leader of one of the largest munches in their local community, Argoth talks about what a munch is and how to get involved in your community. If you're interested in attending or learning more about the munch mentioned in this episode, check them out on Fetlife: Kinky Coffee Oklahoma edition.


Episode 2: The Gang Makes a BDSM Checklist

Muse made a BDSM Checklist! In this episode: We discuss the importance of filling out a BDSM checklist, what is on the checklist and what sets ours apart from all of the others you would find online. The Checklist is available on Google Docs where you can save your own copy of it to fill out! More information about the Checklist can be found at:...


Episode 1: Hitchhiker's Guide to BDSM

This episode, Grrawrr and Muse discuss BDSM and Kink in a general sense; touching on topics like What is BDSM? and How do I Kink? A bit of a technical note from Muse: As the podcast continues, we will be striving for better sound quality. This is simply our first podcast. You may notice that some tracks appear to be quieter than others because we moved around a bit while recording our first episode. In the future, we will be recording our regularly scheduled podcasts in the area we have...


Teaser Episode

Knot Another Podcast's teaser episode & first recording.