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LIVE From The Dean's Den - Is It MLW Or MLU?

Just when you think things at Major League Wrestling couldn't get any more surprising, a former Lucha Underground writer/assistant executive producer has been hired by Court Bauer just as a former Lucha Underground champion is joining the company. We'll tell you who the producer is, his connections not only to Lucha Underground, but one of the most outrageous segments of WWF TV ever. Speaking of outrageous, a former WWF star, who was also involved in an outrageous segement many years...


LIVE From The Dean's Den - The Return

After a two week hiatus for the holidays Steve and Lee are back with the latest news. Wrestle Kingdom, New Japan's annual big show was done in two nights for the second time in two years, but this time without major North American talent. They not only had two good nights, there were title changes, a title challenge and a post match backstage interview/promo/possible shoot. MLW, which Lee covers for Sportskeeda has been taping TV and a name that many people know from other places captured...


LIVE From The Dean's Den - 2020 - The Year In Review And Other News

Note: We will NOT be on for the next two weeks because of the holidays. Please enjoy them safely. Lee Walker will not be on this week. I'm hoping a certain cohost will join me. What a year 2020 has been! We started out normally, then suddenly, because of this virus called COVID-19, in the words of the musical "Hamilton", "the world turned upside down". Not just independent promotions, but even AEW, Impact Wrestling & WWE were looking at the very real possibility of shutting down, so all...


LIVE From The Dean's Den -Snoop Dogg Is Coming To WHERE???

Imagine you're a WWE superstar. Imagine you're one of their titleholders. Now imagine your cousin is a world famous performer. He's even performed your entrance LIVE at WrestleMania. Now imagine in a few weeks your cousin is going to show up on (gasp) THE COMPETITION! Well you already know who we're talking about but what is the reaction at WWE? We'll tell you all about that. At AEW the Inner Circle has been short one member as Santana has been missing for the last few episodes. We knew...


LIVE From The Dean's Den - No Chyna Episode Of "Dark Side"

For the first time in its three seasons in which it has covered the most controversial subjects in wrestling, including the Owen Hart, Chris Benoit and Dino Bravo cases, the Vice program DARK SIDE OF THE RING has run into a roadblock in trying to set up an episode, this one about Joannie "Chyna" Lauer. We have the information as to why this episode has stalled. Why did WWE pull an "indefinate suspension" of Brawn Strowman this past Monday night? There are two schools of thought, one of...


LIVE From The Dean's Den - About Last Friday

I honestly don't know what happened on Friday, so I'm doing it again. This time I will talk about Survivor Series, RAW, some possible TLC stories and the other news that fits in the time slot. --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:


LIVE From The Dean's Den- Get Your Team Over In Two Hours Or Less

(Note: The program was set up several hours before Zelina Vega/Thea Trinidad was released by WWE which is why it is not mentioned in the program description.) If you're working in WWE "Creative" you have just been given one of the hardest jobs in the world. You have less than two hours to complete both your Smackdown Men's and Women's Survivor Series teams AND get the audience to actually care about them before next week's go home show. If working for Vince isn't hard enough, you now have...


LIVE From The Dean's Den - The Reemergence Of Lionel Green

After being released from his WWE contract, the man known as "The Man Of The Hour" seemed to drop off the face of the earth. For someone who was a constant presence on social media, especially Instagram, where he would interact, sometimes insultingly, with the fans who would ask to join in his videos. After what seemed to be an eternity away from not only social media, but wrestling itself, the man known as Lio Rush has returned, and it seems like this is not a temporary return. In other...


LIVE From The Dean's Den - Vince Doesn't Even Like HIS OWN Ideas!

As of episode time there STILL isn't a solid plan for this week's Smackdown! Why is this happening? We'll discuss the apparent issues behind the lack of a solid plan. Also this week we will discuss: These and other stories as the develop over the course of the day. Listen to Steve and Lee expound on these and other stories. --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:


LIVE From The Dean's Den - The Collective Outbreak

For several weeks we talked about the Game Changer Wrestling series of events known as The Collective. Since then at least three of the wrestlers has tested positive for COVID 19. We'll talk about the reports, who has tested positive and what GCW is saying about the situation. The strange case of Joseph Mehan, AKA Joey Ryan, just gets stranger by the day. We'll talk about the latest lawsuit brought by the sleeze invoking performer. In New Japan, the A Block of the G1 Climax ended last night...


LIVE From The Dean's Den - Adolph Vince Is Coming

Note: Lee is off this week, therefore this week's show will only be a 30 minute show. There most likely will not be a show next week. We have talked about Vince Mc Mahon and his anger about the WWE performers making money on third party sites such as Twitch and Cameo. Well news came out today regarding Vince's next move and there was a backlash among fans, who knows what will happen with the boys and girls themselves. Vince apparently has also reset the tenative location for next year's...


LIVE From The Dean's Den -Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes

While there have been some notable additions to Josh Barnett's Bloodsport and some matches have been announced, there has been one major change that could affect an entire bracket. In addition we will also talk about: CHOCOPRO - The countdown is on to Sunday's 50th episode with the epic battle between Team ChocoPro and Team AEW. WARRIOR WRESTLING - The Chicago based promotion is hosting the second half of its Stadium Series events this weekend, although there will have to be a change in...


LIVE From The Dean's Den - Surprises Galore

BUY MY MERCH! This week Lee Walker from will be joining me again. SPOILER ALERT - Word has leaked out about a former WWE champion rejoining the company. SECOND SPOILER ALERT - Another UFC star is hinting at breaking into the wrestling business, but not how you might think. MICKIE JAMES - If you were confused about the ending to her match Monday Night with Asuka, so were we. Well the former Women's Champion revealed...


LIVE From The Dean's Den - Who's Up Next?

Tonight Sportskeeda's Lee Walker joins Steve in The Den and the converstaion should be VERY interesting: NXT UK - WWE's British roster plans to go REALLY old school on their next big idea. JOSH BARNETTE'S BLOODSPORT - The "inspiration" for RAW Underground (Others call it ouright theft) which was cancelled for WrestleMania week due to COVID-19 has been rescheduled and now the second talent has been announced for the knockout or submission only event. WARRIOR WRESTLING - The Chicago based...


LIVE From The Dean's Den - Jim Cornette Did WHAT?

Here's what I'm going to be talking about tonight: JIM CORNETTE - In a strange turn of events, AEW's biggest critic DEFENDS the company he likes to make fun of. JORDYNNE GRACE - Don't feel sorry for the former Knockouts Champion, she has some good things going on, despite the pandemic and the title loss. GATOH MOVE CHOCO PRO - The Japanese company owned and operated by AEW's Emi Sakura made a bold move this week. REY MYSTERIO - The lucha legend & WWE star adds a new item to his...


LIVE From The Dean's Den - Remembering "Bullet" Bob Armstrong

(Note: Halfway through the episode news of the passing of "Black Panther" star Chadwick Boseman broke. I am a Marvel fan as well as a wrestling person) For my listening audience that has never heard my story, I grew up in the days of the territories. My area was run by Verne Gagne and the AWA. It was all I really knew because it was the only wrestling on TV. I knew OF the then WWWF & NWA because of Stu Sacks and my friend Bill Apter, but to me, these were minor league organizations. In...


LIVE From The Dean's Den - The Dome Vs. Everyone

This week the WWE experiment known as Thunderdome made it's debut. I will talk about the look of the dome on TV and what we could expect this weekend for SummerSlam and TV from here on out. Game Changer Wrestling (GCW) the Joey Janela run promotion hosts its next event Saturday and I will talk about the upcoming matches which has some unusual matchups happening. Speaking of unusual matchups, This week's NJPW Strong, in addition to having the New Japan Cup 2020 USA finals has some...


LIVE From The Dean's Den - Both Sides Of The Pacific

A few weeks ago I did a show that was supposed to talk about the resurgance of the Japanese wrestling scene in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to technical difficulties a full episode did not make air. This is my attempt to rectify that situation. Since that episode NJPW has really kicked up their event schedule, but they aren't sticking to Japan. The NJPW Los Angeles dojo is now creating original content and I will talk about that tonight as some interesting people are showing up at...


LIVE From The Dean's Den - Sister Bliss?

Tonight I'm going to cover some items we didn't get to cover Thursday (ERN Presents TNT On BTR, available on most podcast carriers) along with some fresh items. Someone who was named in the Speaking Out movement was none too happy about it. A WWE employee whom we interviewed a few years back has introduced a motivational website and a line of products to go with it. Speaking of WWE, did last week's ending, along with a scene in the Extreme Rules "match" between Bray Wyatt and Braun Strowman...


LIVE From The Dean's Den - Making An "Impact"

For quite a while Impact Wrestling, despite having some top tier talent has been considered the "weak sister" of the wrestling business, despite being the only option to WWE with an actual TV deal. However, multiple channel changes and numerous talent defections made the future of the alternative promotion doubtful, especially once All Elite Wrestling started running. Once the coronavirus hit and basically shut down the industry, and in the case of WWE, forced them to make cuts that they...