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Latter Day Lives features weekly uplifting, faith promoting conversations with high profile members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Latter Day Lives features weekly uplifting, faith promoting conversations with high profile members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.
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Latter Day Lives features weekly uplifting, faith promoting conversations with high profile members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.






Ep. 74 - Heather and Shayne Taylor - Married Couple, Performers, Latter Day Saints

My guests this episode are Shayne and Heather Taylor. Shayne sings in the incredibly popular acapella group Eclipse6. Heather and Shayne write music together and are both heavily involved in running the group. We talk about how they met, how Eclipse6 got together, their performance at the 2002 Olympics, life in a performing group, and how being members of the church affects it all. Shayne and Heather are funny, open and endearing. You will love this episode!


Ep. 73 - Karyann Hoopes - Photographer, Hi Fiver, Latter Day Saint

My guest is the incredibly talented photographer and host of Hi Five Live Temple Tuesdays, Karyann Hoopes. Karyann is very well known for her incredible photos of temples. She and I discuss how she found the gospel as a teenager, working with the church as a photographer, her passion for Hi Five Live, her great love of temples, family, and how being a member of the church affects all. Karyann is so fun, engaging and open. You will love this episode!


Ep. 72 - Jeanette Bennett - Publisher, Entrepreneur, Latter Day Saint

Jeanette Bennett is impressive at every turn. She is the publisher of multiple successful publications and is one of the most connected businesswomen in Utah. In the this episode, we talk about how she got started in journalism, her growing business, her family, and how being a member of the church affects it all. Jeanette is so bright, engaging and candid. You will love her story!


Ep. 71 - Light The World Special Episode

As we celebrate the Christmas season, several Latter Day Saint podcasters have gotten together to share what Light The World means to us. This episode contains special thoughts and stories from Latter Day Lives, Latter Day Saint MissionCast, Mormon News Report, The Next Step Podcast, The Cultural Hall, The Latter Day Saint Nutritionist and Leading Saints. The episode also features amazing music from Garth Smith.


Ep. 70 - Ashley Reeves - Social Media Star, Role Model, Latter Day Saint

Ashley Reeves, known on Instagram as Ashley's Fresh Fix, is a true social media star with thousands of followers. In this episode, we talk about how she got started, her messages of positivity, especially as it pertains to body image, how she uses her following to share the gospel and how being a member of the church affects it all. Ashley is awesome. Her energy is contagious and you will understand why so many women follow her and really look up to her.


Ep. 69 - Greg Thredgold - Author, Speaker, Latter Day Saint

Greg Thredgold has spent his life battling crippling depression. In this episode we discuss what it is like struggling through mental health issues and ultimately what led to his breakthrough. We talk about our Heavenly Father’s plan for those who are struggling. We also discuss his book and how he is helping others through speaking and coaching. Greg is so candid and gives us a glimpse inside the incredibly difficult world of depression as well as a hope for relief. It is a very powerful...


Ep. 68 - Yahosh Bonner - Singer, Performer, Latter Day Saint

Yahosh Bonner is a rising star in the music world. In this episode, we discuss his musical heritage, his love of sports, his own family, the many song projects he has been a part of and how he uses his gifts and talents to spread the gospel. Yahosh is remarkably talented, yet humble, approachable and engaging.


Ep. 67 - Keri Fryer - Recovering Addict, Former Convict, Latter Day Saint

Keri Fryer has been on an an amazing journey through the dark underworld of drug addiction, the legal system, prison and situations few of us can imagine. Her story is a story of the insidious nature of addiction and ultimately the triumph of the atonement, hard work, family love and commitment. Keri is a hero. Please note, this is a frank discussion of addiction that includes some portions that may be inappropriate for younger children.


Ep. 66 - Heidi Tucker - Author, Speaker, Latter Day Saint

Heidi Tucker is a celebrated author and speaker. Her books, Finding Hope In The Journey and Servie's Song have won her awards and put her on the national stage. Heidi's journey to becoming an author is a remarkable example of the blessings that come from following the spirit. It is an incredible story you have to hear to believe. Heidi is funny, open and truly has a great message of hope.


Ep. 65 - Susan Rapier - Global Citizen, Mom, Latter Day Saint

Susan Rapier had a colorful young life. Born in England, she moved to Canada as a baby, to Australia in her young teens and finally to the United States at age 20. In the conversation, we discuss her early life, the church in remote areas, family and how all of these experiences built her faith. Susan is funny, open and has a great story to tell. (Among many other roles, Susan is also the mother of this show's host)


Social media fast update / No show this week

To support the social media fast and because the host of the show is in the middle of a social media fast, there is no episode this week. Instead, Shawn just gives a few thoughts on the fast. Tune in next week for a new episode!


Ep. 64 - Chantelle Squires - Director, Storyteller, Latter Day Saint

Chantelle Squires is the director of the incredible film Jane and Emma. In this episode, we talk about her family, time at BYU, filmmaking career, and the need for strong women in the arts and in the church. Chantelle is so talented, open and passionate about her art. Of course, we also spend a lot of time discussing her amazing movie.


Ep. 63 - Parker Jacobs - Artist, Musician, Latter Day Saint

Parker Jacobs is a remarkably talented artist and creator. In the conversation, we talk about his work on The Aquabats Super Show, Yo Gabba Gabba, Goon Holler and as a designer for Paul Frank. We also discuss growing up as a child actor in Hollywood, his mission, his family and how being a member of the church affects it all. Parker is one of the most creative people out there and yet so grounded and an all around great guy. You will love this conversation.


Ep. 62 - Dallin and Maren Droubay - Husband and wife, Podcasters, Latter Day Saints

Dallin and Maren Droubay are the husband and wife hosts of the podcast Both Of Us. In the episode, we discuss how they met, their missions, marriage, health struggles, children, their awesome podcast and how being a member of the church affects it all. They are such a fun and energetic young couple who are doing a lot of good in the world.


Minisode - An update with Williamson Sintyl

Williamson Sintyl was on the show a few weeks ago. Since then, his Mother suffered a major stroke in Haiti. In this mini episode, Williamson tells us about how he got his Mother here and how we can help. He also updates us on his upcoming dinner and silent auction for Arise Project for Humanity. We will be offering lucky winners the opportunity to attend the event at the Latter Day Lives table.


Ep. 61 - Kurt Francom - Leader, Artist, Latter Day Saint

Kurt Francom is the founder of the non-profit LeadingLDS, an organization focused on building leadership tools for lay leaders within the church. In this episode, we talk about his life in church leadership, ministering, his artistic talents and how being a member of the church affects it all. Kurt is an amazing, energetic and inspiring guy. You will love this conversation.


Ep. 60 - Nate Jones - Author, Actor, Latter Day Saint

Nathan Smith Jones is the author of of the amazing book Dragonkyn. He is also an actor and stand-up comic. On the show, we discuss all of his projects, his upcoming new book and how being a member of the church affects it all. Nate is funny, genuine and so engaging.


Episode 59 - Williamson Sintyl - Survivor, Leader, Latter Day Saint

When Williamson Sintyl was just sixteen years old, a massive earthquake hit his home island of Haiti. Williamson was trapped in a collapsed building for twenty seven hours before being rescued. He soon after found the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and became a member. He has since served a mission, moved to the United States and started a family. He founded the Arise Project For Humanity to help Haitians have a brighter future. Williamson is one of the most exceptional people...


Ep. 58 - Shawn Stevens - Actor, Teen Idol, Latter Day Saint

As a young man, Shawn Stevens became a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. He quickly also became a famous actor with roles on hit 70's and 80's shows such as Eight is Enough, Chips, Buck Rogers, and the Facts of Life. He starred in the ABC family drama The Mackenzies of Paradise Cove. He also had long running parts in daytime dramas Search For Tomorrow and Days Of Our Lives. He starred in the iconic church video Our Heavenly Father's Plan. He then put acting on the...


Ep. 57 - Ganel-lyn Condie - Author, Speaker, Latter Day Saint

Ganel-Lyn Condie is a well known speaker and author. Through books such as "You Are More Than Enough, You Are Magnificent" and "I Can Do Hard Things With God" as well as through speaking to thousands, she has spread the joy and hope that come through the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. In this episode we discuss her book and speaking career, her role in Hi-5 Live, health issues, financial challenges, the loss of her sister and how she has found joy and peace through her trials. Ganel-Lyn is...