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Latter Day Lives features weekly uplifting, faith promoting conversations with high profile members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Latter Day Lives features weekly uplifting, faith promoting conversations with high profile members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.
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Latter Day Lives features weekly uplifting, faith promoting conversations with high profile members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.






Ep. 52 - Kori Andrews - Teacher, Hi-Fiver, Mormon

Kori Andrews has dedicated his life to sharing the Gospel and making it fun, exciting and accessible to all. Kori is a full time seminary teacher. He is also part of the team at Hi-5 Live. Every day, Hi-5 Live hosts a short devotional on Facebook. People share their stories of faith and their testimonies. On this episode, Kori talks about his unexpected mission call, the amazing Pathways education program, how he got in to the church education system, and how Hi-5 Live started, and reaches...


Ep. 51 - Dr. Jennifer Finlayson-Fife - Therapist, Counselor, Mormon

Dr. Jennifer Finlayson-Smith is a therapist, psychologist and marriage expert. We talk about her journey discovering worth and strength as a woman in the church, marriage, intimacy and issues facing today's LDS couples. Dr. Finlayson-Smith is so open and fascinating about her own journey and how she is helping LDS couples have more rewarding marriages.


Ep. 50 - Daren Smith - Producer, Author, Mormon

Daren Smith is an author, filmmaker and producer. We talk about his life, family, film career, his work on BYUtv's Relative Race and how his daily Book of Mormon e-mail has lead to a new book, Daily Mormon. Daren is a great soul with an incredible attitude. You will love his story!


Ep. 49 - Q. Bryce Randle - Disney Animation Editor, Developer, Mormon

Q. Bryce Randle is a Disney Animation Editor and Developer. Bryce has worked on projects such as Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End, Phineas and Ferb, Yo Gabba Gabba!, Kung Fu Panda 3, and Tron: Uprising. We talk about his life in Hollywood, finding other members of the church in the film industry, his family and how being a member of the church affects it all. Bryce is remarkably talented and energetic. This is a great look behind the scenes in to the world of film and television.


Ep. 48 - Megan Bryant - Comedian, Speaker, Mormon

Megan Bryant is a comedian, speaker, author and actress. In this episode, we talk about how she uses improv skills as life skills, her life as a performer, dealing with a recent divorce and how the atonement brings all things together. I was so inspired by Megan and you will be too.


Ep. 47 - Shaun Barrowes - Singer, Pianist, Mormon

Shaun Barrowes is a well known singer who has toured the country with his amazing voice and incredible piano talents. In The Conversation, we talk about his musical family roots, his experience finishing in the top 30 of American Idol, going through a difficult divorce and finding new love. Shaun is so talented and energetic, you will love hearing his story!


Ep.46 - Shaun Parry, Broadway star, philanthripist, Mormon

Shaun Parry is a talented actor, dancer and singer. He has starred in multiple Broadway and touring productions. He runs Promethean International, a non-profit that teaches life skills to impoverished youth throughout the world through the arts. In The Conversation, we discuss his mission, time as a seminary teacher, how BYU lead him to the arts, his Broadway career and his philanthropic efforts. Shaun is a fascinating and inspirational man.


Ep.45 - Portia, Chloe and Krista Rapier - Adopted daughters, sisters, Mormons

Portia, Chloe and Krista Rapier are the daughters of host Shawn Rapier. They were all adopted in to their family at different times and different ages. In this special episode, they share their experiences in the foster care system, the challenges and joys of being adopted and the role of the gospel in their lives and family. These amazing young ladies are beautiful examples of surviving and then thriving through sometimes difficult circumstances. They also show the power of love and God's...


Ep. 44 - Brittany Wiscombe - Writer, Director, Mormon

Brittany Wiscombe is the writer and director of the new film "In Emma's Footsteps". We talk about the filmmaking process, working with family and why telling Emma's story is so important. It is a fascinating discussion with a very talented filmmaker.


Ep. 43 - Abe and Rachel Mills - Family band, Youtubers, Mormons

On this episode, Abe and Rachel Mills of family band and hit YouTube channel Sunshine Mafia talk about how they met, Abe's time in the hit band Jericho Road, their talented family, spreading the gospel and how the Lord has guided them in all of it. They are amazing people living truly blessed lives.


Ep. 42 - Rob Ferre - DJ, Speaker, Mormon

Rob Ferre is a successful DJ, entertainer and corporate speaker. In this episode, we talk about his mission, his time working for Disney and Universal Studios, how to have an awesome wedding reception as well as his own reception, complete with raptors! Rob is fun, open and inspiring. He is sure to make you smile.


Ep. 41 - Kerry Summers - Entertainer, Elvis Tribute Artist, Mormon

Kerry Summers is a magician, ventriloquist, musician and Elvis tribute artist. He is a well known performer who tours all around the world spreading joy with his performances. In this week's episode, we discuss Kerry being an entertainer on his mission, what makes Elvis Presley so special, how being an LDS performer helps share the gospel and so much more. Kerry is fun, open, funny and an all around amazing guy.


Ep. 40 - Keith Stubbs - Comedian, Comedy Club Owner, Mormon

On this episode, my guest is comedian and owner of Wiseguys Comedy Club, Keith Stubbs! We talk all things comedy, Keith's life growing up in the south, family and what national comedians think of Utah. Keith is humble, funny and open.


Ep. 39 - Ryan Snarr - Artist, Singer, Mormon

Ryan Snarr is a remarkably talented illustrator. His drawings of authors, general authorities and all types of public figures capture the personality of the subject. Ryan also spent nine years singing with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. We discuss his experience being in the choir, the inspiration for his art and his newest concept for a theme park: Promised Land. Ryan is a great example of using talents to make the World a better place.


Ep. 38 - Ken and Katie Craig - Husband and Wife, Improv Actors, Mormons

On this episode, we talk to husband and wife improv actors Katie and Ken Craig. We discuss how they met through comedy improv, their time in Las Vegas, their eight beautiful children, Ken's work with LDS Philanthropies and Katie's all female improv troupe, SHEnanigans. Ken and Katie are two of the best people you will ever meet.


Ep. 37 - John and Jenny Dye - Influencers, Newlyweds, Mormons

John and Jenny Dye are an amazing couple. Jenny is a blogger, podcast host and all-around guru of all things in the social media and influencer world. John is the man behind social media and influencer efforts at Boncom / Articulate Agency, the driving force behind the church's marketing efforts. In the episode, we talk about dealing with divorce in the church, falling in love, combining families, the role of influencers, sharing testimonies and so much more! John and Jenny are candid,...


Ep. 36 - Josh Fonokalafi - Comedian, Specific Islander, Mormon

Josh Fonokalafi is a rising star comedian. In addition to being hilarious, Josh is an all-around great guy. In this episode, Josh tells us about growing up, dating, people confusing his race, launching his comedy career and what's next in his life. Josh is open, endearing and so incredibly funny.


Ep. 35 - Steve Soelberg - Comedian, Storyteller, Mormon

Steve Soelberg is a a hilarious comedian. He headlines comedy clubs all across the country. This week we discuss his family, how he gets material, moving from Hawaii to Utah, life as a "mid-single", the importance of laughter and how being a member of the church affects it all.


Ep. 34 - Tyson Abaroa - Author, Iraq Vet, Mormon

Tyson Abaroa is the author of the new book "The Fattest Mormon". We discuss his time serving in the military in Iraq, his inspiration to serve a mission and how he came to write this immensely entertaining book.


Ep. 32 - Meet The Mormons - An LDS MissionCast crossover episode

This week Nick Galieti, host of LDS MissionCast shares his interview with Director Blair Treu, Narrator Jenna Kim Jones and Featured Subject Danny Sorenson, from the latest "Meet The Mormons" film. They talk about how the film came about, the focus of the movie and the impact this whole series has had. It is a fun and inspiring conversation. Special thanks to Nick Galieti for sharing this great interview with us.