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Each month, George Miller interviews LMD authors about their articles and the issues behind them

Each month, George Miller interviews LMD authors about their articles and the issues behind them


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Each month, George Miller interviews LMD authors about their articles and the issues behind them




China's post-communist Communist Party

Our guest in this month's podcast is Jérôme Doyon, a China specialist at the Harvard Kennedy School's Ash Center. In the September edition of the paper Jérôme assesses the Chinese Communist Party in its centenary year and asks, ‘What's left of communism in China?' In the podcast, George Miller asks Doyon how the CCP will retain control in a China with a burgeoning billionaire class and growing income (...) - 2021/09 / Podcast, 2021/09 China


Global semiconductor shortage bites

In this month's podcast, George Miller talks to Evgeny Morozov, writer on technology and politics, and founder of The Syllabus, a knowledge curation initiative. In the August edition of the paper Evgeny has written an article entitled ‘Chips with everything: the technological arms race that will shape our future'. As he explains in the podcast, the current global shortage of computer chips has implications far beyond delays for consumers keen to have a new smartphone or car: semiconductors...


The forgotten chapter of the women's movement

Eastern European women have never received credit for their role in the history of 20th-century feminism, says our guest in this month's podcast, Kristen Ghodsee. In this episode Kristen, a professor of Russian and Eastern European studies at the University of Pennsylvania, discusses her article, ‘When the women's movement went global', which features in the latest edition of Le Monde diplomatique, and explores how women from Eastern Europe made common cause with their sisters from the...


Scotland's long road to independence

In this month's edition of Le Monde diplomatique Edinburgh-based writer Rory Scothorne asks, ‘Is Scotland closer to independence?' A fourth successive victory for the Scottish National Party (SNP) in May's Scottish parliamentary elections suggests it is. In our June podcast, Rory discusses progressive politics in Scotland – past, present, and future – and considers what the SNP needs to do next to advance the independence (...) - 2021/06 / Podcast, 2021/06 Scotland


Netanyahu's war on Hamas

Charles Enderlin, author of ‘The rise and rise of the Israeli right' in Le Monde diplomatique's May edition and long-time Jerusalem correspondent for France 2, has been covering Israeli politics and the wider region for five decades. Shortly after the ceasefire between Israel and Hamas, we asked him to set the events of the past two weeks in context and reflect on what may come (...) - 2021/05 / Podcast, 2021/05 israel


Biden's Middle East challenges

After four years of chaotic foreign policy under Trump, what challenges await the new Biden administration in the Middle East? In this month's podcast, Ibrahim Warde of the Fletcher School, Tufts University, discusses the Biden team's stance towards Saudi Arabia and Israel and, crucially, the prospects of reviving the Iran nuclear deal, which he describes as ‘not dead, but on life (...) - 2021/04 / Podcast, 2021/04 Iran


After Latin America's pink tide

In the 2000s a pink tide of progressive leaders came to power in Latin America and popular confidence in democracy grew. With several countries in the continent going to the polls this year, Le Monde diplomatique's deputy editor, Renaud Lambert, reflects on why this trend did not last and assesses the prospects for change. - 2021/03 / Podcast, 2021/03 Latin America


US bipartisanship is not the answer

With Trump gone and Biden in the White House, American journalist and author Thomas Frank surveys the US political landscape. Will a divided nation come to accept the election result and begin to heal? Why did 10 million more people vote for Trump in 2020 than in 2016? And what will it take for Joe Biden's presidency to be counted a success? - 2021/02 / Podcast, 2021/02 Biden


The financiers who backed Brexit

The widespread belief that the UK's finance industry wanted the country to remain in the EU is wrong. An increasingly powerful sector within the industry was delighted that Leave won. In this month's podcast, sociologist Théo Bourgeron explains why. - 2021/01 / Podcast, 2021/01 UK city


Trumpism lives on

Biden won and Trump lost, but progressives mustn't be complacent, says Jerome Karabel, professor of sociology at the University of California at Berkeley. In this month's podcast, he discusses Trumpism as a force that has reshaped US politics – and will continue to do so long after Trump leaves the White House. - 2020/12 / Podcast, 2020/12 USA, 2020/12 Karabel


China's outlaw armada

China has the world's worst record for illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing. In this month's podcast, award-winning journalist Ian Urbina discusses his own encounter with aggressive Chinese vessels in the Sea of Japan and the wider implications for the world's dwindling fish stocks. - 2020/11 / 2020/11 fishing, Podcast, 2020/11 fishing


America, year 2020

A month before the US election, George Miller talked to author and journalist Thomas Frank at the end of the week that saw the first presidential debate, revelation of Trump's tiny tax bill and his Covid-19 diagnosis. When the present is so chaotic, can an awareness of US history help make some sense of it all? - 2020/10 / Podcast, 2020/10 usa


Politics in the age of evangelical megachurches

In this month's podcast, George Miller talks to Le Monde diplomatique's deputy editor, Akram Belkaïd, about the global rise of evangelical Christianity. Why are evangelical churches growing so rapidly and what does their uncompromisingly conservative political agenda mean for progressive politics? - 2020/09 / 2020/09 evangelicals, Podcast


Brazil: authoritarianism by stealth

This month, André Singer, professor of political science at São Paulo University, updates us on the situation in Brazil, where President Bolsonaro is increasingly undermining his coronavirus-ravaged country's democracy and has his sights set firmly on re-election in 2022. - 2020/07 / Podcast, 2020/07 brazil


Meanwhile, in Minneapolis...

In this month's podcast, Professor Richard Keiser of Carleton College, Minnesota, discusses the mood in his city several weeks after George Floyd's killing by an MPD officer. Is radical change now conceivable? And if demands to defund the police are heeded, what would take its place? - 2020/07 / 2020/07 Minneapolis, Podcast


‘Health inequalities are not inevitable'

‘England is faltering,' says our guest in this month's podcast, Professor Sir Michael Marmot. After a decade of austerity, health inequalities in England are significantly worse than in 2010, when he published his official review, ‘Fair Society, Healthy Lives'. Here he discusses austerity's long shadow and what should be done about it on the other side of the Covid-19 pandemic. - 2020/06 / Podcast, 2020/06 UK


UK Labour: from Corbyn to Starmer

‘The establishment, and the right wing of the Labour Party, couldn't live with something that challenged the politics of interventionism.' This month, Andrew Murray, former senior adviser to Jeremy Corbyn, reflects on some of the contradictions of Corbyn's years as Labour leader. - 2020/06 / Podcast, 2020/06 Corbyn adieu


A new era in Irish politics

In our May podcast, Julien Mercille of University College, Dublin, discusses how Ireland has coped with Covid-19 and the prospects for progressive politics in Ireland on the other side of it. Are nationalist-leftist Sinn Féin a government in waiting? - 2020/05 / Podcast, 2020/05 Ireland


The visual imagination of Steve McQueen

This month, artist and critic Jon Bird discusses the wide-ranging work of filmmaker Steve McQueen, whose major retrospective at Tate Modern was cut short by Covid-19 closure. What preoccupations bind together McQueen's gallery projects and his mainstream movies, including the Oscar-winning 12 Years a Slave? - 2020/04 / Podcast, 2020/04 Steve McQueen


When viruses become pandemics

In this month's podcast, science journalist and expert on pandemics Sonia Shah discusses how a virus such as COVID-19 emerges and spreads, and looks at the deeper causes of pathogens that originate in wild animals. - 2020/03 / Podcast, 2020/03 pandemics