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Basic AF

Another solo episode, I talk about all the basic things like... how the year is flying by, the weather, baking, Christmas parties, my Starbucks addiction, and wanting a smart watch. So enjoy my raspy voice-- I will be back next week with a Holiday themed episode :) Personal IG - @jennsamo Podcast IG - @justbehonestpodcast


Too Soon for XMAS?

In this episode, Alexis and I catch up with each other and talk about all sorts of things. We talk about what we did for Halloween this year, and how stressful Halloween costumes are. Is it too soon for Christmas decorations? Alexis doesn't think so... We also talk about shows we are currently binge watching. And another topic close to our hearts, boy bands. Follow US: My personal IG - @jennsamo Podcast IG - @justbehonestpodcast


Solo and the City

Hello. I'm back! With all the "um"s "and"s "like"s... In this raw solo episode, I am back and I tell you all about what's been going on with me lately. I talk about going out way too much and getting back to basics with friends & lifestyle routines. I also talk about how I've been feeling about "dating" and all the stresses and (good God) all the the feels... PS: Sorry if this is boring, next week I'll have a guest host. Please Subscribe, Rate, Review! xoxo LINKS: Podcast IG -...



In this episode, Ashley and I are both hungover AF, talk about drinking. What it was like drinking in our 20s verses drinking now. Follow US: IG - @justbehonestpodcast My personal IG - @jennsamo


All About PMS

This episode is all about PMS. Huge warning to any male listeners, this one gets a little graphic. Brittney and I share our embarrassing period stories. We answer some top questions guys have about women and their periods. What does it feel like? Do we want sex when we are on our peroids? All of this plus so much more... Follow US: IG - @justbehonestpodcast Jenn's IG - @jennsamo Brittney's IG - @miss_jedi_princess Funko IG - @miss_funko_pops Cosmo article -...


2 Single Ladies

In this episode, my friend Amanda helps me out by being this weeks guest host. We are two single ladies in 2018, just trying to figure out this whole dating thing. Do dating apps work? Do we hate Bumble? What about speed dating? We talk about our experiences with dating apps, creepy old guys, weird dates, and the "good morning" text. PS: I make Amanda download Tinder during this episode & I think she's back on the Tinder Train. Join The Club: IG - @justbehonestpodcast Twitter -...


Bachelorette Finale RECAP

On this episode, I recap the Bachelorette's season finale. Please listen with a sense of humor. I really enjoyed doing this episode... if you like listening to recaps on shows leave a review to let me know so I can do more. :) Join the Club: IG - @justbehonestpodcast Twitter - @justbehonestpod Facebook Group - Let's Just Be Honest


Disney World is Better

In this episode, I have my friends Brittney and Nick be my guest hosts. We talk about our favorite theme/amusement parks. We define what an amusement park actually is. Brittney and I also do a Disney World questionnaire where we tell you some of our favorite things about the WDW. Join the Club: Instagram - @justbehonestpodcast Twitter - @justbehonestpod Facebook Group - Let's Just Be Honest


Our Favorite Murder

DISCLAIMER: IF YOU DON'T WANT TO HEAR ABOUT MURDER OR TRUE CRIME, THIS MIGHT NOT BE THE EPISODE FOR YOU. In this episode, Alexis and I talk about murder. Are you obsessed with true crime as we are? Listen to us talk about and give our opinion on some popular murder cases. Found out what TV/Movie suggestions we have for you... Also, we each chose a specific murder case to tell to one another. Thank you to the My Favorite Murder (podcast) for being so entertaining and making me want to...


Thirty-One Candles

I can't believe this. They f***ing forgot my birthday! Listen to me ramble on about all the issues I have regarding my birthday. I also took a quiz this week to find out if I am a narcissist... PS: Jake Ryan Forever IG - @justbehonestpodcast Facebook Group - Let's Just Be Honest Narcissist quiz: https://psychcentral.com/quizzes/narcissistic-personality-quiz/


Yo Mama ripped off F.R.I.E.N.D.S

Get ready for you mind to be BLOWN! Alexis and I discuss why we believe How I Met Your Mother and F.R.I.E.N.D.S are basically the same show. Join the club: IG - @justbehonestpodcast Facebook Group - Let's Just Be Honest


Six Degrees of Hollywood

This episode is every different from the others. There's no real topic at hand, just two friends talking about whatever comes to mind. This is a real candid convo between my best friend Kristen and I. Check out & Join the Party: Facebook Group - Let's Just Be Honest IG - @justbehonestpodcast #TeamAniston


Money Can't Buy You Class

In this episode, Alexis and I discuss what we really think about the ladies of Real Housewives of New York. We are not holding back. Check out & Join the Party: IG - @justbehonestpodcast Facebook group - Let's Just Be Honest


Bachelorette RECAP

Let's do the damn thing! Ugh...I already hate myself for using that. This episode is ALL about the season premiere of Bachelorette. I do a total recap from week 1. Follow us on Instagram @justbehonestpodcast


Quickie: Bachelorette Season is Here

On this quickie episode I announce that I will be doing a recap podcast for the premiere of the Bachelorette. There's also some news stories out about a past bachelorette, and "spolier news" that Becca fell in love with 2 men this upcoming season... surprise surprise. Plus I quickly go threw the cast of the men this season and tell you (from just first glance) which guy I would choose. Bachelorette airs this Monday for the 2-hour premiere so get your rosé ready ladies.


IDK my BFF Alexis

In this episode, my friend Alexis joins me to talk mostly about FRIENDSHIP. The different categories and phases of friendships. Listen to find out about how we became such close friends, and how a 15 year friendship can go to hell because of a new boyfriend. We also talked briefly about Alexis going to the zoo and what we think about the Royal Wedding. Follow this podcast on Instagram @justbehonestpodcast


Sick and Solo

Another solo podcast. I talk about being sick, over-rated celebrities, and my top 5 favorite movies. Follow this podcast on Instagram @letsjustbehonestpodcast


Disney Movie Theories

In this episode I have my friends Brittney and Nick join me to talk about one of my favorite topics, Disney Movie Theories. We discuss and debate some of these well known theories along with some I've never even heard of. Was Aladdin based in the future? Does Elsa have a secret twin? Listen to see if you believe in these crazy movie theories and see which ones I debunk... Towards the end of the episode we test our knowledge on some disney trivia. Join the party and follow Let's Just Be...


Game Addiction with Cheryl

This episode of Let's Just Be Honest I have my mother Cheryl on as my guest co-host. We talk about Cheryl's game addiction. When did it start? What game did I get her obessed with play? Am I addicted too? Please subscribe, leave a review, tell your friends... You can also follow this podcast on Instagram @justbehonestpodcast


Horror Movies with Brittney

In this episode I have my firend Brittney come on to talk about one of her favorite things, Horror. We talk about our favorite horror movies and also some that scary the living crap out of us when we were younger. We also played a challenging game of Would You Rather: Horror Edition More Let's Just Be Honest episodes to come! You can follow the podcast on Instagram @justbehonestpodcast