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One minute news headline reviews every weekday morning with snarky commentary from the host of Liberty Lighthouse on Mojo50 Radio.

One minute news headline reviews every weekday morning with snarky commentary from the host of Liberty Lighthouse on Mojo50 Radio.


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One minute news headline reviews every weekday morning with snarky commentary from the host of Liberty Lighthouse on Mojo50 Radio.






Liberty Minute - 20210510

Here is your Liberty Minute for day 420 of 15 days to slow the spread of covid while spreading mass hysteria Did you know immigrants that have been ordered deported still have valid work permits? Trump planned to revoke work permits once a final deportation order was signed, but Biden is stopping that plan. Lord Cuomo of New York says that Mets and Yankees fans will be segregated into vaccinated and unvaccinated sections of the stadiums. A new report says that China's emissions are higher...


Liberty Minute - 20210507

Here is your Liberty Minute for day 417 of 15 days of CDC fascism. At yesterday's 70th annual National Day of Prayer, President Biden's proclamation did not mention God. He did mention climate change and racial justice. I guess that just proves climate change and racial justice are the religions of progressives. A double amputee dairy farmer is suing the Biden administration over the American Rescue Plan which provides relief to "socially disadvantaged" farmers...but only if they aren't...


Liberty Minute - 20210506

News headlines for day 416 of 15 days to flatten the curve --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. --- Send in a voice message:


Liberty Minute - 20210505

Here is your Liberty Minute for day 415 of 15 days covid confinement. Happy Cinco De Mayo. Have a taco and some tequila for me. Derek Chauvin has asked for a new trial. Between Maxine Waters' inflammatory remarks and finding out that a member of the jury lied about attending a BLM rally where the Floyd family was speaking, Chauvin probably should get a new trial. In Louisville, a restaurant patron pulled a gun as BLM protesters started harassing diners. This is going to turn very ugly....


Liberty Minute - 20210504

Here is your Liberty Minute for day 414 of 15 days trial of fascism President Joe Biden on Monday formally raised the nation’s cap on refugee admissions to 62,500 this year, but does that even matter when 176,000 people were allowed in illegally? Senator Schumer prepares to use budget reconciliation to legalize millions of Illegal Immigrants. This is a blatant attempt to circumvent Senate rules and ram a progressive bill through without a single Republican vote. It looks like Communist...


Liberty Minute - 20210503

Here is your Liberty Minute for day 413 of 15 days of marxism. A petition with over 2 million signatures and support from Democrat leaders call for $2,000 checks to be sent out monthly. MONTHLY! Do none of these people realize where that money comes from? The Whitehouse says we can expect some transitory inflation. Expect it? You're a little late with your warning. Have you bought gas lately? An Oregon animal rights group seeks to make it illegal to breed or kill animals for food. You...


Liberty Minute - 20210429

Here is your Liberty Minute for day 409 of 15 days to flatten the curve er slow the spread uh until there is a vaccine I mean until we say so. Biden's address to Congress started with political theater. Everyone in that room was vaccinated. Seats were socially distanced, yet everyone was forced to wear masks by House rules. The president took credit for a bunch of things he had very little to do with. He almost ordered you to go get the vaccine. He asked for legislation costing trillions,...


Liberty Minute - 20210428

Here is your Liberty Minute for day 408 of 15 days to spread irrational fear. President Biden will address a joint session of Congress tonight….we'll sort of. Not all 535 members of Congress, their spouses, and guests will attend. Actually, instead of the typical 1600 people, only 200 will be there. I bet it is significantly shorter than typical too. Ooh, and I wonder how much more money Biden will ask for. California’s Office of Election Cybersecurity asked the social media giants to...


Liberty Minute - 20210427

Here is your Liberty Minute for day 407 of 15 days of totalitarianism. President Biden is expected to announce new CDC mask-wearing rules today. Unless he says, "We've been lying, you don't need masks." I don't care. America First Legal, lead by former Trump senior advisor Stephen Miller, is suing the Biden administration over the farm subsidy program that overtly excludes white farmers. You see kids, racism against white people is still racism. Reapportionment of House seats based on the...


Liberty Minute - 20210426

Here is your Liberty Minute for day 406 of 15 days to slow the spread. At the Federal level, a judge has ruled against women who filed a lawsuit against the Biden administration's order to allow trans athletes in women's sports. At the state level, Alabama passed a law baring trans girls from competing in girls public school sports. Pennsylvania has proposed a similar law that der Führer Wolf has said he will block. In Maricopa County, Arizona Senate Republicans now have possession of the...


Liberty Minute - 20210423

Here is your Liberty Minute for day 403 of 15 days to slow the spread. Biden promised the US will cut carbon emissions by 52% by 2030. To give you an idea of how big that is, if we eliminated every car, bus, train, and plane in the country, that would cut emissions by about 20%. Politico has told reporters not to use the word crisis in stories about the border. Nothing to see here. Not a single Senate Democrat voted for an amendment that said we should not fund “any institution of higher...


Liberty Minute - 20210422

Here is your Liberty Minute for day 403 of 15 days to flatten the lie. Mayor Lori Lightfoot says Chicago police may soon need a supervisor's approval to chase a suspect on foot. Oh, that's just brilliant. Biden announced reaching 200 million vaccines given for the virus with an over 99% recovery rate and don't forget your mask even if you're vaccinated. South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem has banned vaccine passports by executive order. A bill headed to the Governor's desk in Tennessee...


Liberty Minute - 20210421

Here is your Liberty Minute for day 4022 of 15 days to flatten the curve. Derek Chauvin was found guilty of all charges yesterday. That's probably a good thing for cities. According to Maxine Waters, anything less called for more confrontation. The president immediately started pushing Congress to pass the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act. Remember that bill? It forces billions of dollars in "reforms" down to your local police department with no way to pay for any of it. A federal...


Liberty Minute - 20210420

Here is your Liberty Minute for day 401 of 15 days to flatten the curve. Minority leader McCarthy is introducing a resolution to censure Maxine Waters over her inciting remarks. Marjorie Taylor-Green introduced a bill to expel Water from the House. The judge in the Floyd-Chauvin case condemned Waters' remarks...but Nancy Pelosi says Waters should not even apologize. The DC medical examiner has reported that officer Sicknick died of a stroke and natural causes, so the only person killed by...


Liberty Minute - 20210419

Day 400 of 15 days to flatten the curve. Mike Lindell's new social media platform, goes live today. CNN's Chris Cuomo says there won't be police reform until "White people’s kids start getting killed." Stoking the flames of racism should help, Chris. Senator Cruz accused Rep. Waters of inciting violence and Rep. Marjorie Taylor-Green introduced a bill to expel Waters, because while in Minnesota, Maxine Waters said to stay in the streets and expect a guilty verdict for...


Liberty Minute - 20210416

Day 397 of 15 days to flatten the curve. The Biden administration is urging the Supreme Court not to take up the legal challenge to the male-only military draft. I thought gender was a social construct? Couldn't a man get out of the draft by putting on a dress and saying he is a woman? Speaker Pelosi said she will not put the bill the expand the Supreme Court by four justices on the floor for a vote, but she also said she wouldn't put impeachment on the floor without bipartisan support. We...


Liberty Minute - 20210415

Day 396 of 15 days to flatten the curve. Governor Ricketts added Nebraska to the list of second amendment sanctuary states with a gubernatorial proclamation yesterday. Democrats in both the House and Senate are preparing a bill to add 4 more justices to the Supreme Court...huh, maybe that is why neither Biden nor Harris would answer questions about packing the court. The still-unnamed police officer who shot unarmed Ashli Babbitt will not be charged. I find it very strange that we still...


Liberty Minute - 20210414

Day 395 of 15 days to flatten the curve. President Biden has accepted an invitation to address a joint session of Congress on April 28th, the eve of his 100th day in office. CNN Business reported that practically everything is getting more expensive in America since the Democrats passed the $1.9 trillion relief bill last month. What?!? You mean inflation is a real thing? President Biden has announced the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan by September 11th. That may be the first...


Liberty Minute - 20210413

Day 394 of 15 days to flatten the curve. Remember when Obama wanted high-density housing in the suburbs? Buried inside the $2.3 Trillion infrastructure proposal is one paragraph that would federalize the real estate zoning of suburbia. Washington DC thinks they can zone property better than your township...oh and suburbs are racist. Representative Rashida Tlaib says that police cannot be reformed and should be abolished...oh, like in Somalia? The Governor of South Carolina has issued an...


Liberty Minute - 20210412

Day 393 of 15 days to flatten the curve. The federal government is spending $60 million a week, there are still millions of unemployed US citizens, and the Biden administration's plan to control immigration is to send money to central know because that has worked so well for decades on end. The South African variant of the Wuhan Flu can "punch through" the vaccine, according to Israel. Oh, look, another reason to be afraid of a virus with a recovery rate over 99%. And how is...