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14: Coby & Ashlynn Mitchell-Reconnection and recovery in marriage after addiciton and betrayal

Coby & Ashlynn Mitchell are inspiring thousands with their heartbreaking and inspiring story of sex addiction, betrayal, recovery, healing, forgiveness and hope. Join them as they tell about their journeys in this episode and others to follow. Follow them on Instagram: @ashlynnandcoby and online at www.ashlynnandcoby.com Song "Only Love" from Mumford & Sons-Wilder Mind Album


13: Chris & Connie Harris-Successful Same-Day Bariatric Surgery Recipients

Chris and Connie Harris are a happily married couple who have each individually struggled with their weight throughout their lives. They each reached a point where their weight was interfering in their lives socially and emotionally and also from a health standpoint where they had to seek professional help to make a change. They both decided with the help of medical professionals to receive Bariatric surgery, which they did, on the same day! They are now inspiring many others to make a...


12: Michaela North, @hungryfitness on Instagram, CrossFit competitor, Olympic weightlifting, Mom to 3 under 3

Michaela North, @hungryfitness on Instagram, with nearly 25K followers and growing everyday, is a mom to 3 under 3, top CrossFit competitor, competes in Olympic weightlifting, and is the real deal! She talks about her struggle with infertility and how that challenge gave her perspective and strengthens her today. She also talks about having a positive body image, why she shared her stretch marks from twins with the world, fitness tips, diet and nutrition tips, the benefits of CrossFit, and...


11: Taking the LIfe Fix Journey Together

In this mini episode I explain how I, along with you, am on a journey to find my Life Fix. We our on this journey together and I am so thankful you are along for the ride! My father's cancer treatment and a recent visit with him has helped me focus on those things that truly matter in life.


10: Helen Dayton-The Power of One! Extraordinary woman of 90 years

The Power of One is real and the difference one life can have on the world is unmeasurable! Helen Dayton is an extraordinary woman who is 90 years young. She was adopted. She's a wife (Dr L Kay Dayton), mother of 10, grandmother to 45, and great grandmother to 80. She has lived a full life of service to God, her family, her church, and her community. She lost two children to illness and talks about what she learned from those difficult and challenging times in her life. She also shares her...


9: John Roberts-Top Hollywood Talent & Brand Manager & Founder of ILovetoSing.com

John Roberts is a top Hollywood entertainment talent and brand manager and founder of ILovetoSing.com. He works with Untitled Entertainment and some of their top clients as well as many others. He discusses his work with artists, musicians, actors, etc, and how to be one's best self. John also discusses the suicide of his sister and business partner and how he was able to move past that challenge and difficult time and find success again. You'll find great advice and a fun listen with this...


8: Justin Harding, Chief of Staff to Governor Herbert (UT)

Justin Harding, current Chief of Staff to Governor Herbert (UT), talks about the challenge of losing his father at age 10, overcoming adversity, finding and succeeding in public service, federal, state, and presidential politics and many more pearls of wisdom and advice for you! Check it out!


7: 2016 New Year's Message and Opportunities for you!

Happy New Year everyone! A short and inspiring message for the 2016 new year with possible opportunities for you!


6: Sascha Ovard-Successful Blogger and Instragram sensation

Sascha Ovard is a successful blogger and Instagram star. She has overcome challenges in her life that have inspired her blog and business. As a mother she also helped foster the talents and amazing success of her two daughters and combined they have millions of subscribers and followers on YouTube and social media. A very nice and genuine person, Sascha will inspire you. SaschaOvard.com @saschaovard on Instagram


5: My 2015 Christmas Message and Thoughts

My Christmas message and thoughts for 2015. Merry Christmas everyone! Another great episode coming shortly! Thank you!!


4: Chris Carriveau-From CBS television to the LIfe Fix show.

Chris Carriveau has been in the film and television industry for over 25 years. He has worked on award winning films and television series and currently works for CBS television. This insightful interview into these industries gives the outsider, or anyone looking at this business, an inside look at what it takes to be successful in Hollywood.


3: Carol Tuttle, Dressing Your Truth Founder, Author

Carol Tuttle was a young mother struggling with the wounds of her past and depression, when she was then inspired to seek treatment which eventually led her to recovery and now a thriving business and books which helps and inspires thousands around the globe.


2: Mary Nickles, News Anchor KUTV 2

Mary Nickles is the morning anchor for KUTV channel 2 in Salt Lake city. She successfully battled breast cancer while fulfilling her duties on air as anchor. She gives real life advice for dealing with the challenge of cancer in a positive way. She also talks about her journey into broadcasting and advice for others looking to join the business. This inspiring interview is worth listening to for anyone!


1: Sid Krommenhoek, Venture Capitalist

Sid Krommenhoek, son of immigrant parents and now venture capitalist and successful entrepreneur, took his company from inception to IPO at a very young age, while dealing with the challenges of personal loss, depression, a young family, and a daughter with a serious medical condition. This inspiring story is well worth the listen for aspiring entrepreneurs and anyone dealing with challenges.


000: My Journey

My journey, struggles, challenges and inspiring events that led me from registered nurse, entrepreneur, and a father to the Life Fix podcast.


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