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Failure: The Ticket To Success with Miha Matlievski

Miha Matlievski believes failure can be your ticket to success. Miha’s incredible journey from contemplating suicide after going $5M in debt overnight to growing his next business to 8 figures in less than 12 months. His mission is to help break the taboo of failure by exposing it in a healthy way and using the lessons learned to prepare for an epic comeback. It’s time to fail forward!


Expectation Therapy with Art Costello

As an author and speaker and successful entrepreneur, Art offers wisdom as well as tangible tools for success that will help boost your confidence, encourage your journey, and affirm you as you begin to enjoy the freer, more productive life you’ve always longed for. Art currently lives in Austin, Texas with his wife, Beverly. He also has three grown children and five grandchildren. Art’s background includes serving as a Marine in Vietnam, playing college and semi-professional baseball, and...


Forgiveness and Freedom with Brenda Adelman

Brenda Adelman is an award-winning actor with a critically acclaimed one-woman show ( based on her life story) called, My Brooklyn Hamlet. She’s performed and spoken for audiences as diverse as women prisoners, youth-at-risk, for domestic violence trainers and survivors, at colleges and for theaters from London to Los Angeles. She received a Hero of Forgiveness award from the Hawaii International Forgiveness Project. Brenda is a coach and online course creator, teaching entrepreneurs and...


Evergreen Profits with Joe Fier & Matt Wolfe

Joe Fier & Matt Wolfe are the co-founders of Evergreen Profits and absolutely LOVE showing people how simple it really is to get seen online in competitive industries. They get pumped up to share their system of driving targeted traffic that turns into leads and sales to business owners who want to scale (but have failed in the past). They aren't an agency (they're pretty much the anti-agency). They started in business together 12 years ago as bloggers together while working for Matt's...


Influence With A Heart with Ben Gioia

Ben Gioia (“joya”) is a 2X bestselling Author & Speaker who’s positioned global thought leaders, shifted culture at a Fortune 100, created a mindfulness video game, and helps kick-ass, heart-based women change the world. Ben founded the Influence With A Heart™ Movement: a mindful, compassionate approach to leadership & innovation used by more than 20,000 people. Ben launched one of the world's biggest magazines, improved quality of life for people with ALS (i.e. Stephen Hawking) & trains...


The Note Closers with Scott Carson

Scott Carson (aka “the Note Guy) has been an active real estate investor since 2002 and solely focused on the note industry since 2008 where he buys and sells non-performing mortgages directly from banks and hedge funds from banks all across the country. Scott is the CEO of and the creator of the Note Buying for Dummies workshop that focuses on the 3 F’s of Note Buying: The Find, Fund and Flip. He has purchased over half a billion dollars in distressed debt for his own...


Fashion and Style Tips with Style REinventionist Libby Jason

Libby is the author of Style REinventionist: Fashion and Style Tips for the Ageless Woman. A little edgy yet always classy, Libby is routinely sought after for advice on clothing, accessorizing and shopping decisions. Libby’s previous 13-year design company focused on mixing patterns and colors for her high-end, referral-only clients. Her background has also been in skincare and cosmetics for 22 years. Libby can help a client make a great first impression or soften their style to be more...


Your Number One Goal with Jake Ballentine

Jake Ballentine is the author of “Your Number One Goal,” a contributing author in Jack Canfield’s “Living the Success Principles” and the founder of The Speakers, Authors and Coaches Network. He is a national award winning Motivational Speaker who has presented at over 350 events events nation wide. He resides in Sacramento, CA with his wife Caitlin and son Jacob. Links: Speakers, Authors and Coaches Network: free copy of your...


Living A 2nd Chance Life with Jaime McCormick

Jaime McCormick was born in Muncie, Indiana, and the oldest of two brothers, to a single mom trying to raise two kids. Jaime went to 10 different schools in 5 states, finally graduating in Allen, Oklahoma. His brother died the following year, December 8th, 1990 leaving him an only child. In his early teenage years, Jaime was in 4-H raising Australian Sheperds and become National Junior Champion. After graduating High school, he joined martial arts attaining rank of 2nd degree black belt in...


Exploring Mind and Body with Drew Taddia

Drew Taddia, at the age of 18 he packed his bags and moved to California. Over the next 10 years starting out at a Jr College, Drew played at the university level, graduated with a Bachelor of Arts before he continued to travel the world as a professional baseball player. Eventually Drew played in 4 countries, 2 continents, Australia and Germany. As a world traveling professional baseball player, Drew understands how detrimental stress is on the body, which is why he now specializes in...


Storytelling Through Video with Jamie Nudelman

Jamie Nudelman, a former personal trainer and coach, is a video brand designer for online coaches & small business owners. He helps them develop their video content & strategy for social media and YouTube. Jamie’s love for video and design comes from his creativity side, that sparked when he was just a boy. His key focus is centered around storytelling and being able to deliver a powerful message through emotional video. Jamie still focuses his time within the holistic health space which...


Uplifting Women Worldwide with Joya Gallasch

Joya P. Gallasch, is an expert Transformational Teacher, Intuitive, Spiritual Entrepreneur and Self-Love Activist. As a heart-centered Mentor and Retreat Leader she has taught international programs on purpose, transformation and women’s empowerment for more than 25 years. She supports clients who have created external success to transform a health issue, trauma, frustration, burn out, lack of fulfillment and sadness keeping them from experiencing holistic success and living fulfilled,...


Step Into The Spotlight with TSUFIT

Recently featured in Forbes, TSUFIT is the Author of Award-Winning book, Step Into the Spotlight!: A Guide to Getting Noticed. TSUFIT is a former lawyer who has been described by the Toronto Star as “a starburst of energy? bright bubbly and upbeat” and by Publisher’s Weekly as a “coaching dynamo”. Her book has been endorsed by Tom Peters, Jay Conrad Levinson, Jack Trout, BNI founder, Ivan Misner, Les Brown, Al Ries; many other New York Times best selling authors and experts. Formerly an...


The Gift of Adversity with Marcus Aurelius Anderson

Marcus Aurelius Anderson is a Bestselling Author, TEDx Speaker, Keynote Speaker, US Army Veteran, lifelong Martial Artist and High-Performance Mindset Coach to entrepreneurs who are Leaders, CEO’s and Coaches. While preparing to deploy with the U.S. Army, Marcus suffered a severe spinal injury that left him paralyzed. After dying on the operating table twice, the surgeons saved his life, but told him he'd never walk again. With no other option, Marcus started doing some brutally honest soul...


Business Freedom Formula with Paul Maskill

Paul started his first business in 2011. Before he knew it, he was working 60-80 hours a week. Until he realized that he had no freedom and the business needed him to survive. So Paul started systematizing everything. By putting systems, processes and people in place, his revenue doubled to almost $500k while the number of hours he worked dropped below 40. Paul then sold his business for 3x net profit. He’s now back into business ownership as well as an investor and coach focused on helping...


Awaken Your Alpha with Adam Lewis Walker

Adam Lewis Walker is a Lifestyle Entrepreneur, High-Performance Coach and Keynote Speaker. He is also the host of the top-ranked podcast Awaken Your Alpha, interviewing the world’s elite in over 300 episodes since 2014. A former teacher and international pole-vaulter, Adam was attempting to reach the Olympics in 2008 when his career was cut short by a freak accident. During the following two years on crutches, trying to cope with the realisation he would never compete again, Adam hit rock...


You Were Born To Fly with Best Selling Author Daniel Gomez

Daniel Gomez is a John Maxwell Certified Keynote Speaker, Coach, and Sales Trainer. He creates an inspiring, motivating, and genuine environment for the attendees of his speeches and workshops! The audience will leave impacted and changed, taking with them the mindset and skills needed to succeed in their personal and business lives. Daniel's expertise comes from 18 years in the automotive industry leading, inspiring and developing employees to be the best version of themselves. Having...


Born To Fly with Best Selling Author Daniel Gomez

Daniel Gomez is a John Maxwell Certified Keynote Speaker, Coach, and Sales Trainer. He creates an inspiring, motivating, and genuine environment for the attendees of his speeches and workshops! The audience will leave impacted and changed, taking with them the mindset and skills needed to succeed in their personal and business lives. Daniel's expertise comes from 18 years in the automotive industry leading, inspiring and developing employees to be the best version of themselves. Having...


Truth To Triumph with Lily Sanders

Lily Sanders’ life experiences, adversity, talent, humor, and intense compassion has gifted her a purpose to write, influence, and coach others. As a magazine columnist, Lily inspired thousands while writing her own powerful international book, Truth to Triumph: A Spiritual Guide to Finding Your Truth, which has transformed lives. Lily grew up in a domestically violent home and used ballet class as her sanctuary. She realized her dream as a professional dancer and landed interesting gigs as...


The Checklist Mindset with Robert Plank

Robert Plank is an online business coach who would like to help you manage your time, get your life back, and simplify your daily activities. Using systems, checklists, and templates, you can write a book within an hour and become a published author within 12 hours. You can setup a membership site in a single day. Create a blog or podcast in 5 minutes or less, and so much more. Podcast: Book: Course: