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The Life in Red Podcast aims to help formulate discussions and conversation around a wide range of topics in a fun way, that regular day people can enjoy and understand! Hosted by Ryan Forsyth.

The Life in Red Podcast aims to help formulate discussions and conversation around a wide range of topics in a fun way, that regular day people can enjoy and understand! Hosted by Ryan Forsyth.
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The Life in Red Podcast aims to help formulate discussions and conversation around a wide range of topics in a fun way, that regular day people can enjoy and understand! Hosted by Ryan Forsyth.




Robin The Silver Cop | LIR on PTSD and Mental Health

On this episode: Robin "The Silver Cop", an Ottawa Police Officer, comes on Life in Red to share his story on how he developed PTSD, the impact being a first responder has on mental health, how he became an advocate and why he is trying to reduce stigma & change the conversation. His girlfriend, Dom, also joins to share her experience living with someone who has PTSD and her own struggles. You can follow him: Twitter: @TheSilvercop1 Instagram: @thesilvercop


Logan Brown | LIR on Music and Life

On this episode: Logan Brown, a singer-songwriter, comes on Life in Red to talk about how he became a full-time musician at a young age, his music, the music industry, and current cultural and societal issues as a mixed-race person. You can follow him and hear his music. Instagram: @loganbrownsound Youtube: Logan Brown Music And Spotify!


Greg Swaine | LIR on PTSD & Workplace Mental Health

On this episode: Greg Swaine, a mental health advocate working on organizational mental health programs, comes on Life in Red to tell his story on witnessing an accident that lead to years of mental health issues, with an eventual PTSD diagnosis. This inspired him to lead a project transforming his workplace's mental health programs, which he now uses to teach other organizations around the world. You can follow him and his mission: Twitter: @IAmStoutheart


Nina Near and Far | LIR on Workplace Mental Health & Social Media

On this episode: Nina Near and Far, an Ottawa based blogger and Master of Science: Management student, comes on Life in Red to talk about her Nina Near and Far blog, the rise in popularity of her social media content, her studies around mental health in the workplace and why she decided to take that societal challenge on. Follow her for all her content: Facebook, Twitter & Instagram: @NinaNearandFar And check out her popular blog:


Alex | LIR on Connection & Identity

On this episode: Alex, Host of the Time For Your Hobby Podcast, comes on Life in Red to talk about his podcast, experience on connecting with people, his hip-hop music, and his struggle to find his identity as a mixed race person. The Time For Your Hobby Podcast is a podcast that interviews people from all walks of life from around the world about their hobbies. You can find it everywhere you get podcasts! Twitter: @tfyhpodcast Instagram: @timeforyourhobby


Anne Khazzam | LIR on Holocaust Education & Antisemitism

On this episode: Anne Khazzam, a Holocaust Educator and Speaker, comes on Life in Red to talk about her experience on the International March for the Living in Poland and Israel, the rise of antisemitism, being a young advocate and speaker, and why Holocaust education is still critically important today.


Maryse Pantalone | LIR on Content & Social Media

On this episode: Maryse Pantalone, a Youtuber and Lifestyle Vlogger, comes on Life in Red to talk about content creation, social media, aliens, ghosts, space and why she decided to capture her life on Youtube. To find her and watch her videos: Youtube: Maryse Pants Instagram & Twitter: @PantsMaryse


SabriNa Lemay | LIR on Mental Health, Struggle and Mindset

On this episode: SabriNa Lemay, an Inspirational Speaker and Life Coach, comes on Life in Red to share her mental health story, overcoming struggle, the power of your mindset, meditation, and advice on what you can do for your mental health. To find her on Instagram:


Danielle Allard | LIR on Music and Art

On this episode: Danielle Allard, an Ottawa based singer-songwriter, comes on Life in Red to talk about music, her writing process, impacts of social media, her passion for the arts and how creativity can positively impact your mental health! To find her music and find her next show, you can follow her: Twitter/Instagram: @daniellejallard And her music is available on all streaming platforms!


Chris Parnell & Sarah Chalke | LIR on Rick and Morty

On this episode: Chris Parnell (SNL, Archer, Anchorman) and Sarah Chalke (Scrubs, Roseanne) come on for a quick chat about Rick and Morty! Rick and Morty season 4 comes out this November on Adult Swim. Rick and Morty is the critically acclaimed and award-winning half-hour animated hit comedy series on Adult Swim that follows a sociopathic genius scientist who drags his inherently timid grandson on insanely dangerous adventures across the universe. Rick Sanchez is living with his daughter...


2019 Canadian Election: Party Platforms & Election Breakdown

This is a shorter clip of the podcast with Caroline O'Neill, an Ottawa based journalist and writer, where we breakdown the 2019 Canadian Election platforms and promises being made by each party. Made for your information and listening convenience. You can also listen to this by listening to the full podcast episode. You can follow her for all her latest work and news on Twitter: @theconeill


Caroline O'Neill | LIR on 2019 Canadian Election

On this episode: Caroline O'Neill, an Ottawa based journalist and writer, comes back on Life in Red again to talk about everything you need to know about the 2019 Canadian Election. We go over the campaign, the controversies, the parties, the candidates for Prime Minister, the main election issues and breakdown the platforms being offered by each party. You can follow her for all her latest work and news on Twitter: @theconeill


Michael Dixon | LIR on Depression, PTSD and Support Groups

On this episode: Michael Dixon, President of the Canadian Funeral Peer Support, Canada's first initiative to support funeral workers mental health, joins us to share his story of abuse, depression, the toll life in funeral services can take and why he decided to start the group. You can get more information on the funeral peer support by visiting: Or by visiting them on Facebook:


Ana Santos | LIR on Gut Health, Mental Health and Microbiome at the Ottawa Podcast Festival

On this episode: Ana Santos, a PhD student in Neuroscience at Carleton University, joins us live from the Ottawa Podcast Festival to discuss her research into our gut microbiome. We talk about her research and findings in studying the gut bacteria, how it affects our overall health, the potential effects it can have on our mental health, and the things we do that can change the bacteria in our gut. You can follow some of her research on Twitter: @ADS_Bunny


Amanda Sterczyk | LIR on Health and Movement

On this episode: Amanda Sterczyk, certified personal trainer, author and Founder of the Move More Institute, comes on to share her books, explain the importance of "moving" to our health, how much it can benefit us, and practical tips that everyone can incorporate into their daily lives for a more healthy lifestyle! You can read Amanda's work by purchasing her books on Amazon! 1. Move More: Your Life Depends On It...


Dr. Alexandra Sisam | LIR on Naturopathic Medicine

On this episode: Dr. Alexandra Sisam, a licensed Naturopathic Doctor, comes on to explain naturopathic medicine, its benefits, her philosophy on health, mental health, diet, nutrition and how it can all help people's overall well-being and health! You can learn more and book an appointment with Dr. Alexandra Sisam: Instagram: @dr.alexandrasisam


Emma Khazzam | LIR on Travel, Nature and Food Science

On this episode: Emma Khazzam, a Food Scientist Student, World Traveler and Nature Enthusiast, comes on to share stories from her travels around the world, Judaism, dyslexia, the science of food and why she became a member of the NatureNEXT program at the Canadian Museum of Nature! Learn more on the NatureNEXT program at the Museum here:


Clarissa Baron & Nick Maillet | LIR on Fringe Festivals and Theatre

On this episode: Clarissa Baron and Nick Maillet, come on to talk about their upcoming show at the Ottawa Fringe Festival, "Happy Birthday, Claire". We also discuss theater, trying to make it as an actor in Canada and the importance of art in today's society. Happy Birthday, Claire runs on select dates June 13-June 23, 2019 at Academic Hall at the University of Ottawa, as a part of the Ottawa Fringe Festival. For more details, showtimes and tickets go to or...


Crystaljoy Parman | LIR on Lyme Disease

On this episode: Crystaljoy Parman, an Entrepreneur, Performance Artist and Lyme Disease Warrior & Advocate, comes on for Lyme Disease Awareness Month, to talk about Lyme Disease, the road to her diagnosis, her health struggles, treatment, why she became a Lyme advocate and her Light Lyme event! You can learn more about her event and Lyme Disease: and contact her:


Susan Allan | LIR on Horses and Therapy

On this episode: Susan Allan, owner of Willaway Farm; an equine facilitated wellness and learning centre, comes on to talk about how horses can be used as a form of therapy, her experiences and results with clients, how it may help, mindfulness and her horse yoga! You can follow and contact her: Facebook: @willawayequineexperiences Instagram: @willawayfarm