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Episode 86 Interracial Couples [Audio]

Over the course of thirteen years, we’ve encountered a few situations - related to race - that I would say were just completely unfair and wrong. In the early years of our relationship, relatives on both sides did NOT approve of us being together. We stood our ground and made it clear that we would be together no matter what. However, those situations were still very difficult and emotionally hard for us a couple. In this episode we will be offering advice for ways that you, as a couple can...


Episode 85 What To Do When Inlaws Interfere [Audio]

What To Do When Inlaws Interfere If anyone knows how much it hurts when in-laws undermine and interfere, it’s me. There were times when I wished my husband would speak up and defend my status/authority as the wife, and especially, as the mom of our children. What do you do when a relative gives your child something that you never allow them to have? How do you react when your husband’s/wife’s side of the family behaves as though you don’t even exist? Unfortunately not all family members are...


Episode 84 How To Better Communicate With Your Spouse [Audio]

How To Better Communicate With Your Spouse When we exchange words with the person we love most, it can be challenging to know exactly how to react. Communication brings a whole new challenge: interpretation. How do you know the difference between verbal abuse and just being easily offended? In this episode we’ll share personal stories about challenges we face when communicating. Learn how you can benefit from reass


Episode 83 Invest In Your Marriage [Audio]

Invest In Your Marriage Have you ever thought about your marriage as an investment? The more you put in, the more you get out. If your relationship is falling short of your expectations, we recommend spending more time and energy on it. Suggested reading: “One Life Solution” by Dr. Henry Cloud -


Episode 82: Is Resistance Keeping You From A Great Marriage? [Audio]

Is Resistance Keeping You From A Great Marriage? Have you ever wanted to accomplish something great, but it just never seems to happen? We definitely don’t think laziness is the’s resistance! Resistance holds back so many people from completing projects, and it also holds back a lot of couples from living the life they crave. In this episode, we’ll provide tips that we’ve learned on how to overcome resistance. The War of Art by Steven Pressfield


Episode 81 What's Your Communication Style?

What's Your Communication Style? Many husbands and wives have completely different ways of expressing their thoughts and ideas. And that’s okay! It would be boring if we all had the exact same style of talking. However, in this episode, we’ll share some of the personal struggles we’ve gone through with communication and the differences in our cultures.