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LYS Episode 25: What is Channeling?

"When you are ready to admit to yourself that you are a creation and a creator, you will be ready to embrace all of the potential that is stored within you. When you look at yourselves as powerful creator beings, you hold a quiet confidence within you that enables you to go past where any individual has gone before." - Daniel Scranton On today's show, I invited guest speaker Daniel Scranton to join us and discuss channeling, the shift in the world, and being grounded. Daniel is a healer...


LYS Episode 25: Your Self: High Consciousness Relationships: Finding them, having them, living them

Hello my love! Today is our Season 1 finale of Love Your Self. Soon we will begin season two after a short rest. So of course, we made this a very special show. I have a surprise guest:My soulmate and husband Daniel Scott Today, he and I are discussing high consciousness relationships, soul mate connections, the divine masculine and feminine, what brought us together, and sharing perspectives to widen your experience of love in all aspects of your life. We're also pretty funny together


LYS Episode 24: The power of going beyond Control

Today we're going into the topic of not knowing. So many of us 'want to know' every last step of our experience. How do we get 'there'? How do 'I make everything work?" Control can seem hard to let go of as a result. In today's show, we're going beyond Control to see and FEEL the greater power of awareness.


LYS Episode 23: Moving Beyond Self Sabotage and Embracing Your Power

In my own life, I think there were times I looked around and thought "This is way too easy. Time to balance it out" And then I'd throw a bunch of stuff in my path. (Sometimes I visualize this as tipping a bunch of huge boulders in the road!) I wasn't afraid that I didn't have power. I was afraid I was too powerful. And on some level, I was afraid of the 'game ending.' There was something inside of me concerned with 'balancing out the power, so when things were 'too easy' - I'd make them...


LYS Episode 22: Creating and enjoying high vibration relationships

I didn't have the greatest sleep last night. I was practically ready to throw in the towel this morning on hosting a show. I tell this to my beautiful husband, who lovingly said, "Whatever you need I support you. Also - unlimited hugs." One thing I deeply appreciate about this relationship is it is built on freedom of expression and love. Each day we wake up and choose to embrace the partnership. It is a moment to moment choice that we cherish and respect. If we were to begin to evolve in...


LYS Episode 21: Inner Alchemy and Being Aligned with Self

When you love your Self... Fully, unconditionally as you are right NOW Something amazing happens. You happen. The unique being that is you is finally allowed to emerge. You are a blueprint of inspiration that this world has never seen, and will never see again. And we want to see you play, to see you grow and create... in the way that is truest to you. Now. Now and always. You, in your glory, completely free and uninhibited, is the most beautiful sight to behold. Who knows what will come...


LYS Episode 19: Inner Alchemy: Experiencing a Fuller Love

Hello my friend, we're back from Columbia and ready for today's show on this Valentines day. Now you MAY have heard of us talk about love before ;) ... In today's show, we're exploring how you can experience a deeper love in your life, with yourself, with others, and with the world around you. Love is a powerful word. Love is an even more powerful state of being. The logical mind would not agree with this. To the logical mind, love might seems unpredictable and flighty. However... When you...


LYS Episode 18: Traveling in Columbia

Danielle is Traveling on a bus for this show through the sites and sounds of her travels. Danielle was cut off due to technology halfway through this show but her experience of what entails is recorded. The rest oif the show is a previusly aired podcast which I am sure you will enjoy


LYS Episode 17: Creating Your Reality

Todd is a trained remote viewer and self taught out of body explorer and brainwave entrainment researcher. I love following Todd’s work. For those of you who know him, he runs a center where you can have multidimensional, multi-sensory experiences using a variety of specialized equipment in precise layouts to harmonize the whole self. What I enjoy about Todd and his work specifically is the living example of 'reality crafting' that he lives. I've included a fascinating video below of just...


LYS Episode 16: Inner Alchemy : 27 Soul Perspectives to Lift Your Vibration Part 1

Today on the show, we're exploring 27 Soul perspectives to lift your vibration. IT's a wonderful show if you've been feeling a bit off or out of it on any level. We'll be exploring as many of the perspectives as we have time for during the show. I will be reading excerpts from the book, which was created in a high and full vibrational state, as well as sharing alchemy exercises with you. This show resonates through all of creation - hop on and add your frequency


LYS Episode 15: Inner Alchemy Episode 14: Remembering Past and Future Lifes

Hello love, today on the Inner Alchemy show, we're delving into our 'past and future life'. We say this a little tounge in cheek, as all that ever is, is in this moment here and now. We're used to our linear human perception as we live this life. Meaning, we're used to the idea that time moves in a line, with a past, with a persent, with a future. With this idea, some who are intuitive have felt feelings that "I have lived before". This has led many to search for answers in their past...


LYS Episode 14: Exploring New Earth

Join Danielle Lynn and Mystic and Author Sal Rachele as they explore this New Earth we are living in and how you can find your footing in it. If you have been feeling overwhelmed, out of control, this is a show for you. We're going to explore practical tools, how you can integrate in your day to day life, and more. Come join us!


LYS Episode 13: Question Everything

This is a candid show about throwing off the lid on old beliefs and how to really get to the core of trusting your self. As you do this more and more, you find yourself connected more deeply with your inner power, more at peace with life, and you start to approach life with tremendous clarity. It all begins within, with you.


LYS Episode 12: How to Develop your Intuition, clairvoyance, and inner gifts

Hello my friend, tomorrow on Love Your Self, we'll be exploring developing your psychic, intuitive, and empathic skillset. Everyone has empathic and intuitive connections. It's very much like any 'muscle' - how much are you aware of it, playing with it, tuning in? In tomorrow's show, at 9AM PST, I'll be taking you on an inner journey into your intuitive skill set. This 'mini class' is an updated experience, as many of the 'old rules' about working with energy in our world has shifted,...


LYS Episode 11: "Should you do things you hate doing?"

Hello love, today's show is all about addressing this topic that comes up when we talk about living a life of freedom: Should I do things I hate doing? This came from a discussion I had with a professional healer who felt obligated to deal with clients' 'dark issues', yet felt bad about it. We try to emulate people we look up to, and so many of them have different opinions. Some think to make it in the world, you must 'bite the bullet' and just get things done. Others claim to live all by...


LYS Episode 10: Living your Soul Vision

A soul visionary is someone who has come into this world to live a vision that has never been lived before. You are a soul visionary. I can say this with confidence, as you would not be reading this post otherwise. There are certain tools, teachings, ideas, and people you're drawn to time and time again. You may feel manic at times, with contrasts of euphoria followed by despair - light and dark - orderly and chaos. Walking the razors edge of balance between sanity and complete imagination...


LYS Episode 5 Freedom and inner gifts

Join host Danielle Lynn and world traveling guest Jesse Panama as they go deep within what freedom is and talk about connecting to your inner gifts.


LYS Episode 4: Manifestation

In this show, Danielle explores the topic of manifestation. How do we create in our lives? Is it really hocus pocus magic? What's the difference between following your heart and doing things that are uncomfortable so you grow? Listen to this show to find out!


LYS Episode 2: The Good, The Bad, The Loving

Loving yourself can be a challenge - especially when you seem to make mistakes! In this episode, we explore the idea of mistakes from several different angles, as well as some suggestions on how to love yourself no matter what you're experiencing.


LYS Episode 1: The Power of Loving Your Self

It's the inaugural show of Love Your Self with intuitive guide, Danielle Lynn and you are the guest of honor! We have a special seat just for you, as Danielle and a mystery guest explore topics that include: The power of Loving yourself Opening your heart to your full knowing High vibe living How to tune in to your heartspace Live heart and soul readings And more!