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The podcast where Macintosh & Maud force each other to watch the movies they should've already seen.

The podcast where Macintosh & Maud force each other to watch the movies they should've already seen.
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The podcast where Macintosh & Maud force each other to watch the movies they should've already seen.





It’s become fashionable in the past few years to debate the worthiness of certain Christmas movies in the canon, mainly Die Hard. That discussion, however, often overlooks a Christmas classic that somehow blends It’s a Wonderful Life with monster flicks. There’s a lot wrong with Gremlins - the clunky script, the lost context in editing, and the lackluster acting. But all you need is a cute fuzzy sidekick and some awesome demon puppets, and you’ve got yourself a decent Christmas movie. A...


BONUS: New Movies in November!

November is over, and we’ve got our reviews of new movies we’ve seen in the past month. It was light, but solid, and we’ve got some reviews of: • Bohemian Rhapsody • Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald • Ralph Breaks the Internet Look forward to WAY more in December…. Macintosh & Maud have started a Patreon! Any little bit you can contribute helps, and we have special contributor-only content if you donate at the $2 level, including the final chapters of our Rocky-thon, Rocky Balboa...



It’s the perfect elevator pitch - take the classic Dickens Christmas Carol , inject it with a ton of wicked, dark humor, and cast the master of sarcasm as a new-school Ebenezer. So of course the person you pick to direct this is...the guy who made Superman and Lethal Weapon? This is a textbook example of what can go wrong when a studio forces the wrong group of people to try and make a movie. Donner’s style is sloppy and Murray is fighting back in the only way he knows how - the ad-lib....


MIracle on 34th Street (1947)

Macintosh is the resident Grinch in the Macintosh & Maud extended family. Christmas trees and presents have always brought a little bit of bah humbug out from him. But this Grinch’s heart seems to have grown three sizes this year and watching this Christmas classic just confirms that transformation. 1947’s Miracle on 34th Street is a remarkably natural, relaxed take on the meaning of the holidays and has timeless themes and performances from the majority of its lead characters. There’s no...


Rocky V

Macintosh & Maud have started a Patreon! Any little bit you can contribute helps, and we have special contributor-only content if you donate at the $2 level, including the final chapters of our Rocky-thon, Rocky Balboa and Creed! You can email us with feedback at, or you can connect with us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. If you like the podcast, make sure to subscribe and review on iTunes, Stitcher or your favorite podcatcher, and tell your friends. Intro...


Rocky IV

Sylvester Stallone never imagined making a fourth Rocky film. In fact, it’s entirely possible, based on the lawsuit Anderson v. Stallone, that he may have barely written this one. Just like in that court’s decision though, the core of Rocky still exists in this movie, even though some questionable choices are made (talking robot wife for Paulie, 5-minute Stallone Lambo montage, the synth-iest score that ever synthed, etc.). This is the only movie one of us had actually seen, and Macintosh...


Rocky III

OK, we admit it. We thought this was going to be the beginning of the end for this franchise. I mean, how good can a movie be when it features a Hulk Hogan cameo and a supporting role from Mr. T? Turns out IT CAN BE AMAZING. Rocky III is so much better than it has any right to be, and Stallone’s script and directing are a huge part of it. Not to mention our returning actors and the incredible debut performance of Mr. T. We talk about this and play a super-fun round of “Who Could’ve Been...


Rocky II

Stallone took over directing duties for this sequel and despite a few failed projects and wound up making a worthy successor to the original. It’s not Oscar-worthy, but Stallone tightens up the story and fleshes out some of the things we loved from the original, like Adrian and Rocky’s relationship or Apollo’s character and motivation. Mickey’s a cartoon character in this movie but it doesn’t take away from the goofy charm of Rocky as Stallone settles into the character that would make him a...



Rocky is such a cultural phenomenon that it’s easy to forget it’s really a low-budget, independent slice-of-life drama made on the promise of one compelling actor and screenwriter who had an idea for a story he needed to tell. A $900,000 film wound up grossing over $250 million dollars worldwide and won a Best Picture Oscar against some of the greatest films in American cinema. We can’t say we were blown away by this movie, because it’s not perfect. But damned if it doesn’t charm you into...


BONUS: New Movies for October!

It’s the end of the month, so time for some quick new movie reviews! Find us at: iTunes Google Play Spotify Patreon We’ve hit All Hallow’s Eve, which means it’s time to talk about new movies we’ve seen in October, including: - A Star Is Born (2018) - A remarkable, timeless film destined for Oscar glory - The Old Man and the Gun - A great indie bank heist movie with a stellar cast and perfect Robert Redford swan song - Halloween (2018) - The perfect follow-up to John Carpenter’s original...



Find us at: iTunes Google Play Spotify Patreon Misery is an odd entry in the horror franchise. It’s written like a prestige drama, directed by a comedy and coming-of-age director and features performances by two leads not known for their horror prowess. Yet with all these disparate elements, and despite some odd directing choices, this film holds up remarkably well. It’s no coincidence Silence of the Lambs swept the Oscars the year after this - it’s the first Hollywood prestige horror film,...


Scream 2 (w/ Kalena & Sean!)

Kalena and Sean from TV Dinner join us to talk about the infinitely more meta and still damn fun sequel, Scream 2 ! We get into the sequel’s transformation to a gory whodunit, Kalena’s dad freaking her out with the Ghostface costume and Sean’s epic rating after having NEVER seen the original. Plus, the single most epic list of RPONs (Random Persons of Note) we’ve ever done. Double-check Randy’s rules and make sure the killer’s actually dead - it’s time for Scream 2. Macintosh & Maud have...


BONUS: Scream Redux

Almost a year ago, David a/k/a Macintosh committed the cardinal sin of our podcast - he checked out of a movie. That movie just so happened to be 1996’s Scream. Now, as we continue with horror movies, it’s time for him to re-assess Scream and what the hell happened that fateful day. Enjoy this bonus mini-sode and get ready for our review of Scream 2 next Monday! Macintosh & Maud have started a Patreon! Any little bit you can contribute helps, and we have special contributor-only content if...


A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)

Fred Krueger is an icon of horror. Armed with his homemade glove of knives, the undead killer now haunts the dreams of local teens with no chance of escape. It’s an amazing premise, and it’s almost criminal that Wes Craven totally screws it up with his cheesy writing, atrocious ending and poor, poor casting. The effects are undeniably great and insane, and deserve their place in the pantheon of slasher legends. But this movie can’t get out of its own way half the time. You might say it’s...


Halloween (1978)

This isn’t a perfect movie. In fact it’s sometimes pretty hokey. Most of the cast is fairly unremarkable and unbelievable as teens and the premise is basic at best. Yet Carpenter’s deliberate visual style, ratcheting of tension and unstoppably evil horror villian elevate this movie from B-movie dreck to instant horror classic. And it also helps that Jamie Lee Curtis is nearly perfect in her first movie role, and Donald Pleasance is unique among expository heroes. Enjoy our review of the 1978...


Saw (2004)

It’s October, and in an utter travesty of movie-watching, Macintosh hasn’t seen NEARLY enough horror movies for this, the spoopiest time of year. To fix that, we’re starting off with 2004’s Saw, a movie that was a BIG FREAKING DEAL when it came out, but that Macintosh & Maud have never seen. We discuss the film-school level “justice” of the movie’s ending, the indescribably bad acting of one Cary Elwes, and why writing is crucial to low-budget filmmaking. Macintosh & Maud have started a...


BONUS: New Movies for August/September

In recent weeks, we haven’t reviewed new movies as part of our weekly episodes, and you might think, “maybe Macintosh & Maud decided to stop watching movies.” You’d be wrong. We can’t not go see new movies, and so each month we’re bringing you some quick reviews of brand new movies from two obsessed moviegoers! This month, we discuss: BlacKkKansman (Spike Lee at his absolute best) Crazy Rich Asians (One of the most fun and thoughtful romantic comedies in a long time) A Simple Favor (Really...


Bull Durham (w/ David from Unfollow the Revolution!)

This week we wrap up our sports movies series with David Gossett of Unfollow the Revolution, and discuss the most baseball of all baseball movies, 1988’s Bull Durham. We talk about the very hit-or-miss writing in this movie, play several epic games of “Who Could’ve Been Better?” and drop quotes for one of the most quotable movies of all time. Not to mention hear about how Kevin Costner made a batboy cry… Macintosh & Maud have started a Patreon! Any little bit you can contribute helps, and we...



There’s no good explanation why Macintosh hasn’t seen Jean-Claude Van Damme’s action-star debut. He’s seen his fair share of martial-arts epics, fighting movies and dumb action roles. But other than Street Fighter, there’s a major lack of JCVD in his repertoire. Meanwhile, Maud has watched this at least a dozen times, and now it’s time for her to share this terribly-acted but nevertheless immensely watchable fighting movie. With no budget, 1988 looks and a super-unreliable narrator in the...


The Cutting Edge (w/ Erin from Unabashedly Obsessed, Kids on Bikes!)

Maud has been counting the days to this moment - the moment when Macintosh finally watched the 1992 ice-rom-com The Cutting Edge. But we couldn't just keep the fun to ourselves, so we invited Erin from Unabashedly Obsessed and Kids on Bikes to join in! We talk about our first times watching figure skating, D.B. Sweeney's eerie foreshadowing of Paul Rudd and, of course, the Pamchenko (*flourish with hands*). It's a super fun episode, and stay tuned after the credits as Macintosh gets a little...