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Rachel Gilmore – Success Coach Grounded by Love

Rachel Gilmore is a success coach grounded in love. Everything she approaches, advises or counsels is from a basis of love. This is contrary to society's approach of criticism and judgment. This interview will awaken new methods of problem solving and goal achievement. Listen for the key clues in this interview. Rachel Gilmore Wholistic Love Leader 704-819-3054 Contact: Ed Bracey


Dr. Samantha Phillips – Speaker, Media Personality and Success Coach

Dr. Samantha Phillips has been described as one of the most prolific speakers in the nation. From audiences of millions on national television shows, thousands in large conferences, to small groups and even one on one success coaching, Dr. Samantha has inspired thousands of people to experience extraordinary success in life, business and relationships. Her passion is to see people discover and tap into their purpose and personal greatness. As a result of her miraculous turn around, her...


Carolyn Maul – Life Transformational Coach

Carolyn Maul! A coach who reshapes lives for success by constantly reinventing her strategies and methods based on her environment. As I interviewed Carolyn, I sensed her forecast of what highly skilled performers need TODAY! That is the ability to reshape their methods and their approach to what they are accomplishing. Carolyn is a leader who listens and implements effective methods of success. Carolyn Maul, MS Life Transformational Coach


Kia Bonaparte – Innovation and Marketing Specialist – Bonaparte Think Tank!

Kia Bonaparte and the Bonaparte Think Tank! Wow! Listen as Kia Bonaparte describes her highly unusual background that combines to provide the essence of her business acumen. Kia helps businesses get recognized and known throughout their community. She provides nuggets of wisdom which display her systematic approach which lends her great success each time!!! Contact: Kia Bonaparte Bonaparte Think Tank Innovation and Marketing Specialist


Leah Hanrion – Financial Services Professional and Empowerment Catalyst……

Leah Hanrion!!! What an enlightening interview. Similar to my experience, we both lost a close loved one whose life has encouraged us to sow into the lives of others. We both lead women’s empowerment groups themed to causes we believe in! Listen as Leah reveals her why in life and how she has the seemingly endless energy to run her career and serve our hurting humanity on a daily basis. I love dedicated people and Leah has the commitment that leads others to respond with their commitment...


Jacqui Wahl – Account Executive, Group Sales – HORNETS SPORTS & ENTERTAINMENT

Have you ever wondered about the world of public relations and marketing really work? Jacqui Wahl has a foundation in the fashion industry in New York City and now is a marketing executive with the Charlotte Hornets NBA Basketball team. Since most people have a fear of public speaking and sales, I dug deep into the process that Jacqui followed to develop her personal skills to a higher level. Jacqui provides keen insight and acumen for anyone interested in the cycle of business works. She...


LeeAnn Shattuck- “The Car Chick”

Today I interviewed a woman in a male-dominated sport! LeeAnn Shattuck is a race car driver and an accomplished business woman, television star and producer. Listen as she shares the pure determination needed to succeed in the competitive arena and how she ensures that she never quits. This was one of the most inspirational interviews for me because once LeeAnn revealed the extent of effort needed to succeed in racing, I was immediately captivated…as you will be also. Listen and be truly...


Meryl Hunte – Coach and Advisor from Connecting Kitchen

Today’s guest is Meryl Hunte, a coach and advisor who was challenged in her own household with communicating with her son. Meryl speaks of the challenges and hurdles she had to address and how she found her answers in her kitchen, which she renamed the Connecting Kitchen! Listen how she faced and overcame this seemingly insurmountable challenge and how she recommends we all reconnect with those disconnected from our lives. Meryl is a nutritionist and life coach, combining all her skills to...