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The Real Problems With Mermaids

Greetings Good People, Unfortunately because of the climate that we live in I am not surprised at the backlash that Disney has received because of their casting choice for The Little Mermaid. The people that are primarily upset are saying it is not because of the race, it's just because it goes against the tradition of the story. Well, this episode Phil and I talk about the faults of tradition and the REAL story that inspired The little Mermaid... if you have daughters or someone like a...


When We See Us

Greetings Good People, The truth can be a hard pill to swallow sometimes especially when you're to busy choking on denial. but every now and again we have to take a look at things and see them the way they are. One of the biggest conflicts i have within myself is how i really feel about my people and how my people feel about me and on todays episode i discuss that inner conflict with phil as we explore when we see us!!


When They See Us -ManUp Facebook live discussion

Greetings good people In this episode Phil and myself had a facebook live discussion about the Netflix special -When They See Us- Directed Ava Duvernay. Its a 4 part mini-series that exposes the breakdown of our justice system during the trial of five young african amercans also known as the central park five who were wrongfully convicted of the rape and beating of a white female jogger in 1989. I was an emotional mess after watching but its absolutely worth it I highly recommend it if...


Should Mom be celebrated on Fathers Day?

Greetings good people On this episode Phil and I discuss if indeed mom needs to be celebrated on Fathers day...single moms in particular. already have every other holiday on the calendar...cant we have one?!? Empty restaurants, ugly ties and power tools inbound this weekend as we plead our case to let us have our day! PS. To all the single moms out there we understand how hard it can get raising a child/children by yourself and we just want to let you know that we...


5 reasons why your man may be tired of you

Greetings good people!! As promised here is the audio from our live recording we did April 26th on Voices Rising Up Jason joined Phil and Myself as we discuss 5 common problems that frustrate men in their relationship. Ladies I encourage you to listen with an open mind.


Should I Stay or Should I go?

Greetings good people, In light of the tragic killing of Nipsey Hustle, it really got me to thinking about how i feel about my commuity. As much as i love my people and want to see us progress and exceed...there are times when a tragedy such as this really have me questioning how i feel about the hood and how the hood feels about me... Also Kofi Kingston is the new WWE Champion!! Phil and I talk about it on this episode.... R.I.P Nip


The Ladies of H.E.L.P. Outreach Ministries

Greetings good people!, On this edition of ManUp, Phil and I were Joined by Kendra Wiley (My beautiful wife) Jackie Hines (Phil's wondeful wife) Quinethel Brown and Stephanie Barkley Of Faith hope and Charity ministries Church here in Chicago to talk about H.E.L.P. (Healing Every Little Piece) an awesome outreach ministry reaching women both young and old! We definitely enjoyed having the ladies on and look forward to future collaborations! Ladies you definitely want to check this one...


Why men don't like going to church- Part II

Greetings good people, On this edition of ManUp, we go back and explore why men dont like going to church and discuss some unfortunate truths. I'm joined by Phil, Jason and our special guest Chaun Pritchett the co-host of MP3 with the Pritichetts which airs live every Wednesday @ 6:45PM on Trust when I tell you, its' not just because men want to stay home and watch the game.


Colorism: The hidden racism amongst blacks

Greetings good people! On this episode Phil and I will be discussing Colorism: The hidden racism amongst blacks. Its bad enough when other races judge you based on the color of your skin. Its even worse when your own people do it!! If you ever used the term "She pretty for a dark skinned girl" or "All light skinned guys are stuck up" you just may be....A colorist!! (im coining that phrase Truth Incoming!!


Lets Talk about Jussie Smollett and the hurtful truth about Blackface

Greetings good people!! On todays episode, Phil and I chime in on the Jussie Smollet case (Note: at the time of this recording Jussie had not been charged with lying yet...needless to say we kinda called it!) also we talk about Gucci and their blackface sweater shinanigans and dive into the hurtful history of blackface. And....little known black history facts All on today's show!! (SN:Please excuse the sound quality as we were recording from remote locations)


The live Super Bowl pregame show

Greetings good people, Its a new year and a new season of the ManUp real talk podcast!! We're excited to bring our first episode of the year to you guys. This is actually audio from our first Facebook live broadcast. We got some tweaking to do, audio gets a lil shoddy towards the end but I hope you guys still enjoy it! Phil and I were joined by jason as we prepared for the Superbowl (Which sucked) we talked about sports, the polor vortex and I dropped some much needed black history...


Who knew that Charlie Brown was a racist?

Seasons Greetings Good People, The holiday season is in full swing and instead of me perfecting my letter to santa, I find myself with Phil addressing some growing concerns. What concerns you may ask? How about the fact that my favorite holiday tv special has for years, promoted racism, bigotry, bullying and child abuse! Not to mention one of my favorite christmas songs has been an advocate for rape!! Am I crazy?, but those who have ponted out these things definitely are. Also...Peta...


Let's talk about racially appropriate costumes?

Greetings good people! Happy Halloween faithful listeners, Do you remember how difficult it was to pick out the perfect costume To go trick or treating...Do i go as Optimus? or Megatron?, He-man or Skeletor?, Luke Skywalker or Darth Vader? imagine adding the weight of picking the costume thats racially appropiate?!? This is what seems to be the new narrative for today's social climate. We also discuss Meagyn Kelly and what she said about what some considered to be a racially...


White women and 911!

Greetings good people!! In todays episode phillip and myself talk about White Women! White Woman and their uncanny ability to call the Police on black people after catching them in nefarious acts such as, Barbecuing, selling bottles of water and worst of all...napping!! Join us as we discuss what seems to be a growing trend in this day age. Intro: Cant Get Enough - J Cole Theme buy Dotan Negrin and Prismatic Mantis Original version Original Article by...


Let's talk about Brett Kavanaugh and the Katt Williams Kevin Hart beef

Greetings good people, So after a small hiatus your boys are back with another episode!! September had so much jumping off from Eminem beefing with his younger self, the controversy surrounding Serena and her french open loss to Tiger winning his first major in 5 years, it was hard to pick subjects. However, In light of the recent Brett Kavanaugh BS we decided to talk a bit about that and my mixed feelings about Bill Cosby. We also talk about Kanye's recent stint on SNL and keeping the...


Let's talk about bullying!

Greetings good people, With school not being in session for more than a few weeks, there has been more than enough stories about bullying. Some of these incidents have involved instances of violence and has even resulted in a death. This is something I cannot wrap my head around. As parents it is ever so important to know whats going on in our kids lives as it may help us help our children deal with situations that they may be facing. Intro by Dotan Negrin and Prismatic...


How to stop seeking the approval of others

Greetings good people!! In today's episode Phil and I talk about how to stop seeking the approval of others.Too often many of us are worried about what other people think when the only real validation you need is your own. Time for some real talk! Intro buy Dotan Negrin and Prismatic Mantis Original version Original Article by David de las Morenas.


This is the remix episode!

Greetings good people!! We got a fun one for you guys today. On this episode Jason joins Phil and Myself as we share our favorite top ten remixed/remade songs Which songs took the number one spot on our lists?!?....well you'll have to listen and find out! So if you're ready, come along and ride on this fantastic voyage...right here on the ManUp Real Talk podcast. The Podcast for the people!


The struggles of the Black Female entertainer Part II

Greetings good people!! As promised we got part 2 to episode 43 ready to go. Phil, Jason and Myself continue our discussion about the struggles of the black female entertainer and also the consequences of not believing enough not only in our brothers and sisters but in ourselves as individuals. No soapbox was harmed during the recording of this episode! u7t9rhpr


The struggles of the Black Female Entertainer part 1

Greetings good people!! On todays episode our friend Jason joins in on the conversation with Phil and I. Dr Boyce Watkins believes that Tiffany Haddish is the personification of the Black woman stereotype...I believe he's being a bit harsh, but sadly we seem to be our own worst critics...also...Is Lee Daniels the culture vulture people claim him to be?!?...we talk about that and a lot if you're ready...Lets Go!!