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ManUP Real Talk : Halloween Episode

Greetings good people! Happy Halloween faithful listeners, Do you remember how difficult it was to pick out the perfect costume To go trick or treating...Do i go as Optimus? or Megatron?, He-man or Skeletor?, Luke Skywalker or Darth Vader? imagine adding the weight of picking the costume thats racially appropiate?!? This is what seems to be the new narrative for today's social climate. We also discuss Meagyn Kelly and what she said about what some considered to be a racially...


ManUp Episode: 48

Greetings good people!! In todays episode phillip and myself talk about White Women! White Woman and their uncanny ability to call the Police on black people after catching them in nefarious acts such as, Barbecuing, selling bottles of water and worst of all...napping!! Join us as we discuss what seems to be a growing trend in this day age. Intro: Cant Get Enough - J Cole Theme buy Dotan Negrin and Prismatic Mantis Original version Original Article by...


Manup Episode: 47

Greetings good people, So after a small hiatus your boys are back with another episode!! September had so much jumping off from Eminem beefing with his younger self, the controversy surrounding Serena and her french open loss to Tiger winning his first major in 5 years, it was hard to pick subjects. However, In light of the recent Brett Kavanaugh BS we decided to talk a bit about that and my mixed feelings about Bill Cosby. We also talk about Kanye's recent stint on SNL and keeping the...


ManUp Episode 46

Greetings good people, With school not being in session for more than a few weeks, there has been more than enough stories about bullying. Some of these incidents have involved instances of violence and has even resulted in a death. This is something I cannot wrap my head around. As parents it is ever so important to know whats going on in our kids lives as it may help us help our children deal with situations that they may be facing. Intro by Dotan Negrin and Prismatic...


ManUp Episode 45

Greetings good people!! In today's episode Phil and I talk about how to stop seeking the approval of others.Too often many of us are worried about what other people think when the only real validation you need is your own. Time for some real talk! Intro buy Dotan Negrin and Prismatic Mantis Original version Original Article by David de las Morenas.


ManUp Episode 44

Greetings good people!! We got a fun one for you guys today. On this episode Jason joins Phil and Myself as we share our favorite top ten remixed/remade songs Which songs took the number one spot on our lists?!?....well you'll have to listen and find out! So if you're ready, come along and ride on this fantastic voyage...right here on the ManUp Real Talk podcast. The Podcast for the people!


ManUp Episode 43 pt 2

Greetings good people!! As promised we got part 2 to episode 43 ready to go. Phil, Jason and Myself continue our discussion about the struggles of the black female entertainer and also the consequences of not believing enough not only in our brothers and sisters but in ourselves as individuals. No soapbox was harmed during the recording of this episode! u7t9rhpr


ManUp Episode 43 Pt. 1

Greetings good people!! On todays episode our friend Jason joins in on the conversation with Phil and I. Dr Boyce Watkins believes that Tiffany Haddish is the personification of the Black woman stereotype...I believe he's being a bit harsh, but sadly we seem to be our own worst critics...also...Is Lee Daniels the culture vulture people claim him to be?!?...we talk about that and a lot if you're ready...Lets Go!!


ManUp Episode 42

Greetings good people!! Hope you guys celebrated Dad this past weekend, and I hope you all enjoyed Juneteenth!!...what is Juneteenth you may be asking? only one of the most underrated dates in this country's history. It marks the day that we got our independence!!!...wait a minute...I thought that was July 4th!?...Phil and I discuss this important date on this edition of ManUP.... lets Go! Background track Willy Wonka Pure Imagination trap remix


Episode 41

Greetings good people! The talk of who is the Goat will be a debate that will go on for ever. but when we are making our case for someones greatness should their moral makeup be part of the formula? Is there a time when we should seperate the art from the artist, the music from the musician, the man from the profession? Phil and I discuss that on today's show so if you're ready....LETS GO!


ManUp Episode 40

Happy Memorial good people, In today's episode Phil and myself discuss the utter disregard of the first amendment by the to be honest they didnt say the players couldn't protest...they just cant do it on the know where the protest would be the most effective!.....Its the old out of sight out of mind trick.


ManUp Episode 39

Greetings good people, Jack Nicklaus Vs. Tiger Woods...Boyonce' Vs Michael Jackson...Lebron James Vs. Michael Jordan....who is really the G>O>A>T....Truthfully its a conversation im tired of having and I explain why also I kinda go into a rant about Childish gambino and Kanye (Thanks Phil!!!) all on todays show so if your ready...LETS GO!! Side note: I have to apologize,there were some audio flubs in this weeks recording so... i just wanted to let you guys know..(Im just being real)...


ManUp Episode: 38

Greetings good people! Question....What does a Coffee shop, A fitness center and a Golf Clubhouse all have in common?....give up?...they ALL had incidents where the police were called and people of color was escorted off the property for no apparent reason!! Hard to believe i know I'm joined by Phil and a guest long time friend Mr Fred Latham as we talk about these incidents and a little bit more all on todays show. So if you're ready....LETS GO!


ManUp Episode 37

Greetings good people, Question...Do you have a fovorite child? No?...chances are you're ya self and your children because studies have shown that a large percentage of parents have a favorite child or shows preferential treatment towards one child!... SURPRISE you're a terrible parent??...smh also i come out the closet this week all on today's episode so if you're ready....LETS GO!!


ManUp Episode: 36

Greetings good people, Im joined by Phil and Jason as we discuss some of the anxieties I have about what direction I should send my kids as they prepare for that next step in their life. Is college the only choice or is seeking certification a better alternative? or should i just say screw it and help them launch a youtube channel?!?!....all that and a lil more on today's episode so if you ready....LETS GO! Opening : School Spirit Skit 1; Kanye West (from the College Drop out album)


ManUp Episode: 35

Greetings good people, Today, Mr classic and myself talk about the significance of the continued success of The Black Panther film...also we speak on the sinceless violence that happened in Florida. All this and a lil bit more all on today's if you're ready..LETS GO!! Spoken word: 'White Elephant' by Larita Razor Theme by: Michael Wiley Track provided by: BKNAPP


Episode 34

The release of Black Panther has come and gone and it was an awesome experience...but unfortunately shade was thrown at a fever pithch at the success of the film. Also 17 lives were lost due to the fact a 19 year old... who cant purchase a beer... was able to purchase an automatic rifle and shoot up a school!!....let the rant begin. Spoken word: " Black American" Smokey Robinson Theme track provided by: BKNAPP


Episode 33

Greetings good people!! Black history is in full swing and we are celebratiing this month by featuring some awesome spoken word by some well known poets and some you may not know!! Todays episode we are recovering from an awesome super bowl and we are going to discuss if Brady really is the GOAT?!? also, Justin Timberlake performed at half time and no Janet..smh and Racism is yet alive..we're gonna talk about that and a lil more all on an extra large episode of today's show. SPoken Word :...


Episode 32

Greetings good people!! Today Im Joined by Phillip Hines aka Mr Classic as we discuss Mo'nique and her call to boycott netflix! we also discuss Bill Gates paying off a Seventy six million debt for Nigeria! and if you thought 'Bluetiful' was a bad name for a crayon wait til you here some names of some crayons I found...all on todays show so LETS GO!! Intro by: Michael Wiley Track by : BKNAPP


Episode 31

Greetings good people! A Utah art teacher gets fired for showing his students...wait for it...ART!! H&M came under fire for what some thought was a racially insensitive add and some inevitable changes are coming to your local grocery all that on a midweek edition of the show!! Intro: Michael Wiley Track provided by: BKNAPP