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The Definition of Biblical Manhood | Michael Foster

Michael Foster is a Pastor currently residing in South Carolina. He has a penchant for delivering blunt truth tempered with an underlying compassion for his fellow man. He has taken this compassion for reaching others with truth and has recently started his own online ministry for men.This ministry that's run by Michael and his partner, Bnonn Tennant, is called It's Good to Be a Man. Their website has quickly become one of my favorite sources for masculine biblical insight - and it's one...


Hidden Insecurities and How to Overcome Them | Adam Lane Smith

In this episode of the Mancast, Adam Lane Smith returns to discuss the content of his latest book, Slaying Your Fear: A Guide for People Who Grapple With Insecurity. In this wide-ranging (and often jovial) discussion, Craig and Adam uncover the hidden insecurities permeating through humanity in modern times, how to identify hidden insecurities in your life as a man, and the steps that are required from each of us if we are to overcome them on an individual and societal level. Listen, take...


Becoming a Sovereign Man | Robert Kandell

Robert Kandell is an entrepreneur, philanthropist and best selling author. He has taught over 10,000 students in 400 workshops, coaching sessions and lectures how to live the kind of authentic, unhidden life that's required for them to attain absolute sovereignty. In today's podcast, Robert and I discuss the challenges men face today - and their solutions. We talk through dealing with the inception of societal man-shaming, moving from a mindset of scarcity to one of abundance, how to...


What It Means To Be Masculine | Ryan Michler

Ryan Michler is a veteran, husband and father. He's also the founder of Order of Man, which is his primary outlet in his mission to reconnect men from all around the globe with what it means to be masculine. Listen in to our sometimes provocative and always engaging discussion on what it means to be masculine. Show Highlights - The hilarity that ensues when modern brands attempt to portray women as having masculine characteristics - How men must be intentional about defying the myriad...


The Insidious Justifications for Male Mediocrity

In this episode Craig James waxes passionately on the most insidious and prevalent justifications for male mediocrity. Join the Fraternity of Excellence: Get Craig's Book: Follow Craig on Twitter: Craig's Blog: Craig's Newsletter:


The Masculine Entrepreneurial Spirit | Shadeed Eleazer

Shadeed Eleazer is an entrepreneur, coach and social sales architect who has his finger on the pulse of the endless opportunities available to men who are looking to wade into the waters of entrepreneurship. He sits down with me today to discuss the paradigms of modern entrepreneurship and what they mean for today’s entrepreneurs (or anyone interested in becoming one). We discuss the entire gamut of building a business, from concept to amassing your own individual empire. Shadeed drops some...


How to Make Your Marriage Great Again | Adam Lane Smith

Adam Lane Smith is a friend, brother in the Fraternity of Excellence, author, and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT). He specializes in fixing strained marriages by advising husbands and wives on how to properly carry out their distinct masculine and feminine responsibilities in the home. Our discussion today focuses on this masculine/feminine dynamic, with an emphasis on solutions for men to overcome the calamitous behaviors sabotaging their marriages. If you’re married, or are...


How Video Game Addictions Are Destroying Today's Men | Cam Adair

Cam Adair is a former video game addict who has made it a life mission of his to provide education and resources to help those struggling with gaming addictions. One of the ways he does this is by teaching video game addicts - who are predominantly male - to take the passion and purpose they have for gaming and translate it into real world purpose and conquest. Cam has been featured on multiple TEDx Talks. He is the Founder of Game Quitters, the world's largest support community for gaming...


Fountain of Youth Formula | P.D. Mangan

Dennis Mangan joins me to discuss nutrition, training, anti-aging, supplementation and all things related to maximizing a man's quality of life for whatever age he happens to be. Most take a look at Dennis and assume he must live his life at the gym. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. In fact, he only invests an hour into lifting weights every week. His diet and training philosophies allow him to maintain a lean physique, build muscle and strength, optimize his health, stave off the...


A Revolution of Resolutions - New Year Resolutions Done Right

In this episode Craig James returns to resurrect the Mancast. Craig discusses his decision to return to producing content under the Masculine by Design brand before quickly jumping into a hard hitting dialogue that takes the concept of New Year resolutions and turns it on its head. Resolutions are designed for failure. Listen in and find out how to truly get serious about making the life you desire for yourself a reality over the coming year. Join the Fraternity of Excellence:...


This Is The End (The Mancast Bids Farewell)

Craig James brings the Masculine by Design Mancast to a close with the final episode. Not to worry. With every ending comes a new beginning...


The Necessity of Masculine Fathers in Modern Times | Hunter Drew & Rollo Tomassi

Hunter Drew and Rollo Tomassi join Craig James on the Mancast to discuss the pervasive problem of emasculated fathers that are now endemic to western society, along with the steps that must be taken for men to be successful in reclaiming their masculinity for their benefit, the benefit of their families, and the benefit of society. Both of these men are return guests to the Masculine by Design Mancast. Their previous podcasts are the two most downloaded episodes of the Mancast to date....


Developing a Powerful Masculine Presence

In this episode of the Masculine by Design Mancast Craig James discusses what a man's presence implicitly communicates to himself and to those around him. Most importantly, Craig explains how to train yourself to maintain the powerful masculine presence that will be required if you're going to achieve your potential as a man. Most men today carry themselves with a presence that emanates weakness, insecurity and low confidence. If this even remotely describes you, you'll want to be sure to...


Should You Have Sex with Lots of Women Before Marriage

Should you have sex with lots of women before getting married? Craig James answers this common question from two different angles in today's podcast. Join the Fraternity of Excellence: Follow Craig on Twitter:


The Power of What a Father Values

Fathers have seemingly forgotten the power they have to positively influence their families by imparting their values to their children. We can't rely on society, schools, churches, or any other institution to pass down the values and traditions we hold dear to the next generation of our progeny. This is the domain of men,and too many men are derelict in fulfilling this responsibility in modern times. Listen in as Craig James provides a timely reminder of the power fathers have to shape...


Wives Respond to Results, Not Promises

Men often make the mistake of telling their wives about all of their ambitions, thinking that doing so will somehow raise his value in her eyes. The truth is that wives respond to results, not promises. In this podcast Craig James explains this truth and how husbands should live out the principle of results over promises in their marriage. Follow Craig James on Twitter: Get Craig's Free eBook:


The Sexual Plight of Single Christian Men

In this podcast, Craig James bluntly answers a question from a single, Christian listener who's frustrated with God over his lack of sexual activity with Christian women. Many Christian men find themselves on what appears to be the losing end of the competition in the sexual marketplace. But is this really the case? Listen in to find out. Follow Craig James on Twitter: Get Craig's Free eBook:


How to Become More Confident

Men want to know how to become more confident, because confidence is a hallmark in the life of the masculine man. It’s a steroid that anabolizes a man’s presence. In this episode of the Masculine by Design Mancast, Craig James explains what confidence is, why men are so deficient in confidence today, and what we must do to become more confident. Show notes available here: Follow Craig James on Twitter: Get...


The Reclamation of Biblical Masculinity | Jarrett Samuels

What it means to be masculine has been bastardized to the point of becoming impossible for a consensus to be reached within the culture. Sadly, the situation within the Christian church today isn’t much better, as many of its men are relegated to navigating life without a firm grasp of what biblical masculinity entails. My guest on today’s podcast joins me to discuss why Christian men are missing the mark and what it will require of them to reclaim the masculinity they've been created with...


How to Build a Success Mindset | Dylan Madden

My guest on today's podcast is Dylan Madden. He's the owner of, a website that’s specifically designed for the man of action who isn’t content with his current situation in life and is willing to put in the work necessary to improve it. Dylan’s website and his recently published book, Think and Go Hustle, are outgrowths of him completely reshaping his formerly lackluster life through the power of mindset. Think and Go Hustle chronicles Dylan’s struggles attempting to...