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S03E02 - The Path of Ignorance

If you check out any courses aimed at coaches, many of them use the words “be seen as an expert” or “become an influencer” or how about this one, “become a celebrity” as the hook for your ego to say YES. But rarely are the people selling the course an expert at anything but selling that course. (In other words, they are not an expert themselves.) All of those courses have little strategies to trick your clients into thinking your more confident, more experienced, more something so they...


S03E01 - The Making of a Coach

Do you own your stuff without adding a heap of shame and blame? Do you own your stuff without adding a heap of shame and blame? Do you understand your inner journey and how it impacts the outer world? Do you know when you’re triggered and what to do about it? If you answered yes, awesome sauce. You’re on your way to self-mastery and that’s critical to becoming the best Coach you can be. If you answered no… Welcome to Season 3, Episode 1 of Master Coach Mindset™ with Rhonda Britten. This...


S02.5E03 - Items to Reflect On As We End the Year.

Welcome to Season 2.5 – The Holiday Season - Episode 3 of Master Coach Mindset™ with Rhonda Britten. Three simple things you can do to start the New Year right! What You Will Discover: *** P.S. Grab your Free Fearbuster Coaching™ Toolkit at #mastercoachmindset #rhondabritten #fearlessliving #lifecoach #FLICoaches ***


S2.5E02 - Holiday Headaches

Welcome to Season 2.5 The Holiday Edition, Episode 2. In this episode, I share the top three holiday headaches and what to do about them!Welcome to Season 2.5 The Holiday Edition, Episode 2. In this episode, I share the top three holiday headaches and what to do about them! What You Will Discover: - Three things that could ruin your holidays- How to give up the holiday guilt and obligation- The power of a two-letter word and when to use it - Traditions to embrace and release for a peaceful...


S2.5E01 - Holiday Headspace

Welcome to Season 2.5 The Holiday Edition. Here are the top five tips to help you have a joyous and peaceful holiday season. Use these five tips to clear your headspace, destress and find your inner fearlessness. What You Will Discover: - How to be gentle with yourself even if you burn the turkey - Learn to say no to ease family relations - What to do when you feel irritated and stressed - Discover your process so you can take control - Create an intention statement to keep you in the...


S02E18 - Speak to Opportunities and Possibilities [Part 2]

If you want to be the best Coach you could possibly be, listen up. The Eight Coaching Skills I lay out in detail in Season 2 of Master Coach Mindset will ask you to expand your idea of what being a Coach means. And ask you to practice a new way of coaching that will ignite your confidence and create a bigger impact. Welcome to Season 2, Episode 18 of Master Coach Mindset™ with Rhonda Britten. In today’s episode, I tie up the Eight Coaching Skills we’ve been working on in Season 2. Be sure...


S02E17 - Speak to Opportunities and Possibilities [Part 1]

I’m going to show you how to empower someone who has an impossible dream. A dream that seems so far-fetched it would be easy to discourage, disempower and dissuade them from taking a step forward. Instead, your Client with the impossible dream will be on fire with hope and possibilities. You’ll soon learn how dreams are fluid and alive just waiting to be seen for their real purpose. What You Will Discover: Question of the Day: *** P.S. Grab your Free Fearbuster Coaching™ Toolkit at...


S02E16 - Speak To Acknowledge Risk [Part 2]

Ever freeze in the middle of a Coaching Session? Ever get tongue-tied and not sure what to say? Feel like a beginner? These questions and more are answered in this weeks’ episode! Plus, we’re diving deep into Part 2 of a key component necessary for permanent change: ability to take risks. Because if you don’t know where the “choice points” are, or how to coach your Client to recreate the skills necessary to take risks at will…you are not being the most effective Coach you could...


S02E15 - Speak To Acknowledge Risk [Part 1]

Risk is the reason we coach. Risk is the path to changing lives. Risk is at the heart of all movement forward as well as the key to the compassion that makes for powerful decisions. Do you know how to stretch your comfort zone? Do you know that each risk comes with a bundle of emotional attachments and those ties must be broken to carve a new path and a new way of being? Without risk, we stay stuck. Without risk, there is no true growth. Without risk, there is no call for compassion....


S02E14 - Speak To Action Versus Stories [Part 2]

What’s the difference between a fantasy and a dream? How do you ground your Client to take action? What are the five reasons you’d interrupt your Client? Welcome to Season 2, Episode 14 of Master Coach Mindset™ with Rhonda Britten. Today’s episode is Speak to Actions Versus Stories (Part 2) What You Will Discover: - How do you align your Client with their dream - The five reasons you would interrupt your Client - Techniques to shift the story with grace - How to handle your...


S02E13 - Speak To Actions Versus Stories [Part 1]

Have you ever listened to a Client’s story adnaseum not really knowing when or how to interrupt it? Have you ever glossed over a story because it felt “too big” or “over your head?” Maybe you’ve thought, “I’m not a therapist!” I get it. Yet, interrupting is a skill you must matter if you want to move your Client’s from story into action. Listen to this episode to learn how! What You Will Discover: - How to validate your Client's story without indulging it - What is a “bridge...


S02E12 - Speak With No Preconceived Notions

Giving up preconceived notions takes effort because the brain is wired to judge in order to preserve our internal energy. But there is another way. What You Will Discover: - Having no preconceived notions means stepping away from judging - Practicing no assumptions will be exhausting at first but is necessary to show you what’s possible - How to get your Client and yourself out of that "box" of right and wrong - Discover how your brain is wired to judge and how to shift those...


S02E11 - Speak As If They Can Do It [Part 2]

One of the greatest human struggles is between belief and disbelief, confidence and doubt. As a Coach, you must not be seduced to take the easy path of cheerleading but instead, you have an opportunity to grab the roots of disbelief and expose it for the lie that it is. What You Will Discover: - "Speak As If They Can Do It" is not cheerleading - Essential characteristics of a good coaching program - How to stand for your Clients until they can stand for themselves - The power of...


S02E10 - Speak As If They Can Do It [Part 1]

Have you been told the phrase, “You can do it” and didn’t actually believe you could? Me too. Telling your Clients that they can accomplish their goals without a firm footing in reality only creates a false sense of confidence and eventually, more self-loathing and frustration. Welcome to Season 2, Episode 10 of Master Coach Mindset™ with Rhonda Britten. As a Coach, one of your number one jobs (and number one honors) is you have the distinct privilege of (through your questioning) to...


S02E09 - Speak To Clarify [Part 2]

Clarity. There’s never enough of the stuff. It’s so easy to get confused when you’re trying so hard to do the right thing. And it’s so easy to get off track when all the parts of you aren’t aligned. Asking clarifying questions is the key to finding out if all the elements of you are in sync and that leads to clarity, which leads to trusting yourself. Welcome to Season 2, Episode 9 of Master Coach Mindset™ with Rhonda Britten. Today’s episode focuses on “Speak to Clarity.” What You Will...


S02E08 - Speak to Clarify [Part 1]

In today’s episode, I’ll show you which Coaching Tool to use to help a confused client narrow down their beliefs, desires, or choices as well as how to support a Client feel the feelings that are unresolved. Plus, do you know when to interrupt a difficult, highly charged conversation and how to do so gracefully? And what about when to let a Client talk and talk and talk and talk? When you want to make the biggest impact for your Client, you must use the correct Coaching Tool as well as...


S02E07 - Speak Inclusively [Part 2]

Getting distracted during a Session is something we rarely want to admit; yet it happens all too frequently. When we get distracted, we aren’t present. If we aren’t present, it’s tough to speak inclusively. And more importantly, when we’re not present in the Session, we can no longer call ourselves a Coach. What You Will Discover: - The difference between true and fake humility - Why caring for the Client includes taking care of you - How to make sure your Client is including their...


S02E06 - Speak Inclusively [Part 1]

How do you speak inclusively to your Client while at the same time being the “Coach?” When do you take the lead versus take a seat? How do you have authority and compassion? Here’s What You Will Discover: - Using the "Art of Coaching" to be an effective Coach - What it means to "Speak Inclusively" - The critical key for momentum - How to create “team” with your Client - The disempowering aspect of aha’s and insights - Are you teaching a class or are you coaching? - Question of the...


S02E05 - Speak As If They Are Innocent [Part 2]

Today’s episode we’ll be continuing our conversation about Skill #1: Speak as if they are Innocent. Innocence changes everything. Listen to Episode 5 now. What You Will Discover: - Different ways judgment may be seeping in to your Sessions - Disempowering questions and their effect on your Clients - How to be present in your conversations - The rate of listening versus speaking matters - The power of eliminating "you" before a sentence - Potential roadblocks to seeing your...

S02E04 - Speak As If They Are Innocent [Part 1]

Have you ever wished you could be less judgmental? Well, hold on to your hat, because things are about to get serious. Welcome to Season Two. Episode 4. This season I will be sharing the Eight Coaching Skills every Certified Fearless Living Coach learns in the Fearless Living “Life Coach Certification Program.” In today’s episode, I share one of the most critical coaching skills and one of the most difficult to master. And… this skill is the foundation of everything. And I do mean...