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Episode 24 - Badge Engineering? Who Are You Kidding?

CAR NEWS - NOVEMBER 2017 What a month for car news! The new Tesla Roadster and Truck has caused so much butt-hurtery with fossil fuel fans, but traditionalists can be happy the new Jeep Wrangler is only 0.1% different than the old one. Corvette have gone from poor man's Lamborghini to full on Lamborghini while Lamborghini themselves have gone old-skool Lamborghini. But then Konnegseg have gone an done 277mph done an old road in Nevada. We're living in crazy times and perhaps the new new...


Episode 23 - Are Concept Cars Just A C*cktease?

CAR NEWS - NOVEMBER 2017 Tesla aren't looking so hot right now with their autonomous tech falling behind along with their production schedule and quality control. Worse still, they have come bottom of all electric car manufacturers in the 2017 UK Reliability Survey. We have a good LOOL about the new London T-charge now that diesel vehicles are rightfully being targeted. It turns out Oxford wants to ban all fossil fuel cars, Honda have sold a ridiculous number of 50cc mopeds, and Nissan...


Episode 22 - Is Tribalism Getting Worse For Cars?

The Swedes are in the lead. The Koenigsegg Agera RS has done a run from 0-400-0 faster than you can read this description. Meanwhile, there's some weird changes coming to the UK driving test, we might all be driving around in vacuum cleaners soon, and Andrew gets far too excited about wool interiors. We also don't get why people are squealing about the new UP Gti like One Direction Fans. We ask if something's gone horribly wrong when you see a Rolls Royce Phantom and aren't sure if it's a...


Episode 21 - Should We Stop Defending The Defender?

With the news about 40 year cut offs for tax and MOTs you would be forgiven for being a little excited. Sadly, not all is at it seems and life could be getting harder if you have a highly modified car. We confirm the latest dates governments want to stop selling fossil fuel cars by, woo at the new Honda Urban EV concept, wow at Subaru's latest ring record, and commend the fact we've not had to burn any coal to brew a cuppa for at least one day this year. After that, we tell Defender fans...


Special Episode - Mustang Married 'Murica

Do you fondly remember a time when you had to sit through a friend's photo slideshow of their holiday while they rabbited on about every minute detail as if somehow you're supposed to care? No. Well, here it is in modern form anyway. Here, Chris reflects on his travels in The States where he got to drive the new Mustang on a few road-trips and also got to take a Wrangler Rubicon out wheeling in the Arizona desert.


Episode 15 - Car Finance Isn’t Freedom

We know that feeling when you look at all the hard earned your car is sucking out of your bank account and you wander by a dealer forecourt telling you a few bob a month will see you in something new. Stop right there. We explain why car finance is a trap and play a little game of “Here’s what you could’a bought” which should have you running to the classifieds ready to invest in a classic. Before we get into that though, we reminisce a little with a new segment of Backfired and flash...


Random Humbuggery - EP13 The Lost Episode

We're not ones to usually tempt fate, what with our aversion for controversy and all that. However, we thought we could swerve Lady Luck herself by skipping episode 13 and going straight to 14. Well, the universe works in strange ways and what was almost certainly the greatest podcast ever recorded turned out to be a load of useless garbage due to incorrectly set microphone levels - manipulated in no doubt by evil forces. Anyway, here's Andrew with a summary.


Episode 12 - Get f*cked Nissan!

You want the truth about evil car companies? You can't handle the truth about evil car companies! We open with the long and colourful backstory behind why people call Ford Explorers "Ford Exploders" and then Andrew is let out of his cage to say his piece on why he thinks Nissan has completely lost direction since the French got involved. Sort it out, the French! We then talk about the rather depressing news about Uber's self driving cars and discuss the cost and availability of electric...


Episode 11 - Deloreans Aren't Cool

When this podcast gets to episode 88, you're going to see some serious shizzle. Actually no! We're going to sizzle some shizzle right now, because we ain't afraid of no controversy. Deloreans, not cool, sorry not sorry. Land Rover now have 6-7 vehicles in their range. It's madness. Car insurance is set to rise and you have to be an economics expert to understand why. Motoring Misogyny is back; stop saying women can't drive, you sexist pigs. We also look at Faraday Future who seem to be...


Episode 9 - The Teabagging Incident

It's time for our first ride along of the year and this time round we're broadcasting from the both tiny and tinny inside of Andrew's JDM Jimny. We reflect back on some of the more stupid stories from our car owning past before discussing a little motoring misogyny during Car Fannery Corner. We're on a mission too, an upward assault that a mountain goat would be proud of as we head to the highest village in England to pick up some beer. To finish off, we discuss the surprising safety...


Episode 7 - 2016, You Shall Not Be Missed

This time we're coming at ya from lazy boy like seats of Chris' Grand Cherokee, technically making this the most expensive episode we've made thus far. If that's not good enough, we're being borderline useful by going over some of the biggest automotive events of the year. We also captured our scenic journey through exotic Stoke-on-Trent too, so you can watch this one on YouTube if you want and sort of partake in what would be the most depressing open top bus tour in history. So sit thee...


Random Humbuggery - Special Snowflakes

Remember when we kept calm and carried on? What happened? A nation of stiff upper-lips and orderly queuers seems to have become tainted by a class of motorist who can't see past the end of their own bonnet. Today Andrew has reached breaking point. He's way past eye rolling, there cannot be enough tutting, and the rage induced shaking of his hands makes writing a letter impossible - only one thing left then, a quick solo rant via the medium of podcast. The message, nobody's a special...


Episode 6 - Top Gear Special

If Top Gear was a dessert, it would be a pavlova, so that begs the question, does that mean that the only fair way to describe The Grand Tour is an Eaton Mess? In this episode we tackle a subject so ingrained in car culture that we've dedicated not just the whole podcast to it but an extra half an hour. We go over the history, the memorable moments, and where we are now, while trying to mine our way down to the core of what has made the show so appealing. This episode is quite frankly the...


Episode V - Celicas ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

We're on the road this time round. Coming at you from within the cavernous confines of Andrew's new Suzuki Wagon-R RR. After a shopping list of corrections covering our misspeaking in the past, we ask ourselves, Celicas - what's going on? We also have a right old whinge about the new MINI Countryman, about how obese (and depressed) it's looking. Following that, and a healthy serving of oatcakes, we discuss the forthcoming age of the oligarchical land-yacht and if computers are going to...


Episode 4 - Citroëns Are Wierd

Look at us managing to natter on for less than an hour! For this episode we raise a question absolutely nobody is asking; are Citroëns are too weird for their own good? I mean, we like 'em, but we'd feel a proper plonker driving some of 'em in a few years. Andrew's bought a new car by the way. Can you guess what country it comes from? We also discuss a future where autonomous German cars might be programmed to be just as arrogant as their owners and inappropriate ways to euthanise a...


Episode 3 - Proper Now

We're proper now! This time round, we're asking all the important questions like, are we due a secondhand supercar glut, and does owning a Capri always make you look like a rapist? Dawson's also regales us with tales of a few cars he's spotted in the area, one of which is so interesting he forgets what it is mid-recording. Oh, and it's been five minutes since Porsche last told us they make proper hairy bottomed driver's cars. They do, ya know? Stop laughing.


Episode 2.017643 BETA Release

Crikey! Look at us go. Episode 2 already. We've barely had time to get kettle on. We've found time though - of course we've found time! This time round we finish up going on about our self-important-selves by trying to quickly go over the cars of our past, present, and (hopefully) future. It's harder than you think. We've also made a little change to our format too with tea breaks included for your convenience - a-thankyou-very-much.